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  1. Hey
  2. hi
  3. How are you
  4. tired, but okay i guess. you?
  5. Okay
  6. Look I'm sorry about everything
  7. I just want to be friends
  8. relax, i'm not going to give you shit about the past anymore. what's done is done. you seem extremely determined to make amends and be friends, so i guess i can give you another chance
  9. You must have spoken to chris
  10. actually, i haven't. is there something i should know?
  11. Me and are separating
  12. Me and him
  13. what happened?
  14. Long story
  15. i've got time if you do. i'm just clearing the map of wq's to bank paragon caches for 8.2
  16. Let's talk about how have you been
  17. well, i ended things with my girlfriend of 3 years about a month ago, moved into a new apartment about 3 weeks ago, and i'm looking for a new job since my old one doesn't pay enough to cover expenses and gas to travel that far each week
  18. Oh wow
  19. yup, lots of changes recently
  20. I'm sorry
  21. i'm not. it was a long time coming
  22. That's how I feel about me and Chris
  23. But my profile was private
  24. your profile pictures weren't. that's what i had looked at
  25. He's not innocent himself
  26. ?
  27. Long story
  28. i never said you were or weren't innocent. what made you say that?
  29. I'm not innocent
  30. did you cheat or something?
  31. Not sex with anyone
  32. He still rides on the past
  33. cheating comes in different forms, not just sex
  34. rides on the past how so?
  35. True
  36. Things I've done in the past
  37. people have a way of doing that. ashley was pretty good for that a lot of the time
  38. she didn't know how to let things go
  39. Wow
  40. yeah, we wound up arguing pretty consistently for the last year straight until i had finally had enough. the love just wasn't there anymore, and i wasn't happy in the relationship anymore at all
  41. so now you know my story, what's yours?
  42. He's tracking and hacking everything I own
  43. wtf? why?
  44. You tell me
  45. ?
  46. I did things,  sent things to guys
  47. But the tracking was unacceptable
  48. But his friends would be where I was and tell him things that didn't happen
  49. And then chris showed up when I was just having a casual conversation with a friend and he starts blasting everything, I mean everything,  even things before we got married to my friend
  50. Then I got his phone and he's messaging girls. Its okay for him to do shit
  51. yeah, that's just way too far.
  52. He did it to himself
  53. two wrongs don't make a right. if he didn't like how things were going, or you, you both should have just talked out what to do about it at that point
  54. I've had enough for the last time
  55. Like I can't hang out with my friends but he can
  56. This relationship has been upside down and backwards since the get go
  57. what made you stick around and get in as deep as you did then?
  58. I really thought he would change
  59. But I have finally got my head on straight and am doing what's right.
  60. For me and the kids
  61. I want to be able to go have lunch without someone telling chris, oohh marla having lunch with so and so. She's cheating on him
  62. And it be a friendly lunch
  63. He can
  64. And nothing is said
  65. Its total bullshit
  66. if you're separated and he knows you're separated, there's nothing anyone can really say. it's not cheating at that point
  67. Yes but I was talking about before
  68. Or any relationship
  69. That I'm in
  70. We have no trust
  71. I recently lost my mom and I'm dealing with that too
  72. i'm so sorry... 😞
  73. Thank you
  74. Its not easy
  75. i'm sure..
  76. i bet it helps having your sister with you though
  77. It does
  78. Its good to be away for a bit
  79. This is the first time I've been away from the boy's
  80. This long
  81. But chris can go away for a month
  82. But enough about that what do you want to talk about
  83. idk, what sounds good?
  84. Anything
  85. idk. do you still play wow at all?
  86. No
  87. howcome?
  88. Don't have time
  89. not even at night?
  90. Nope
  91. howcome?
  92. And plus I don't want to get back into that addiction
  93. Find shows to watch
  94. I work at a computer all day, I don't want to go home and play on one
  95. Lol fair enough. What do you do for work?
  96. Ambulatory Account Representative
  97. Billing/insurance verification
  98. At the Hospital here
  99. sounds like it's halfway decent money too
  100. Yes
  101. Been there for years
  102. 3 years
  103. oh yeah? good for you, sticking with it. i remember when we first met, you were a stay at home mom. how's it feel to be working full time now?
  104. I love it
  105. I couldn't be a stay at home mom
  106. I mean I could if I had to
  107. But I'd rather be working
  108. the boys are old enough to be in school during the day anyway, aren't they?
  109. Yes
  110. 9 and 7 now
  111. jeez, already?
  112. Yea, they are growing up fast
  113. I'll be 30 this year
  114. yeah, i'll be 29 myself in october. i'm not ready for 30 yet lol
  115. Me either
  116. you meet anyone yet?
  117. What do mean
  118. that you're interested in
  119. No
  120. I just want friends
  121. makes sense
  122. probably still too soon
  123. Yes
  124. I just want friends
  125. you just said that lol
  126. I know
  127. Sorry for that
  128. ?
  129. Just letting you know
  130. i was just curious, i'm not exactly looking for anything atm either
  131. i'm not against the idea of a relationship with someone, but i'm not looking
  132. I want friends to hangout with and go and do things with, like go to the movies, lunch , have drinks when I can drink
  133. you? drink? lol
  134. When I can
  135. what's your poison?
  136. Jack and coke
  137. Long island sweet tea
  138. It was red bull and vodka
  139. vodka does bad things to me
  140. straight anyway
  141. jack and coke is generally my go-to when i have the money
  142. Lol
  143. Yeah
  144. I can drink pineapple rum straight
  145. rum i can do just fine, same with whiskey
  146. Yea
  147. But I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  148. And I can't drink right now
  149. what did that do for you?
  150. and how long until you can?
  151. I've lost 78lbs so far
  152. i mean, what does gastric sleeve surgery do?
  153. Get most of your stomach removed
  154. You ever watch  My 600lb Life show
  155. can't say i have, but i don't remember you being THAT big
  156. I got up to 240
  157. I was 215 before Surgery
  158. I'm at 165 now
  159. awesome
  160. Still have a few more to lose
  161. i wouldn't worry about it too much
  162. if i'm not mistaken, can't you not drink at all after having that kind of surgery?
  163. like ever again, without getting pretty sick
  164. Your not
  165. But a few sips won't hurt
  166. if it's anything like what my uncle had done quite a few years ago, carbonated drinks are out of the question too
  167. like soda, beer, smirnoff, etc
  168. Yea I haven't had a soda
  169. No sweets
  170. sweets shouldn't bother you, i don't think
  171. Not supposed to have them
  172. Supposed to eat alot of protein with vegetables
  173. true, that's healthier
  174. I definitely watch what I eat
  175. I drink coffee some days and I use the Zero calorie sweeteners
  176. I've lost 4 pants sizes and the size I'm in now are getting big
  177. My shoe size went from a 9 1/2 to 7
  178. you're shrinking
  179. Went from an XL Shirt to Small/medium
  180. Depending on the material
  181. nice
  182. I'm almost in a size Small scrub top and bottom
  183. I was in a XL
  184. that's awesome
  185. I'm happy
  186. Well Billy, I'm off to bed
  187. okay, sleep well
  188. Feel free to message me anytime
  189. alrighty, sounds good
  190. I want us to be friends like before
  191. let's take things day by day and see how it goes. you probably know this already, but part of the reason we got as close as we did back then is because i was attracted to you
  192. Oh wow
  193. lol did you really not know?
  194. No I didn't know
  195. and here i thought it was pretty blatantly obvious
  196. But yes we can take things slow
  197. Well apparently I can't read people
  198. But have a good night Billy
  199. Sleep well
  200. you too marla
  201. MAY 27, 2019, 4:14 PM
  202. can i ask what made you so determined to be friends with me again?
  203. Why not
  204. because things ended on a pretty horrible note, and i wasn't exactly the nicest person in your multiple attempts of reconciliation
  205. MAY 27, 2019, 6:01 PM
  206. They did and I'm a forgiving person
  207. I don't hold things over people's heads
  208. Sorry I have been busy
  209. but was there any specific reason besides "why not" that you didn't just decide to move on?
  210. I've always wanted to be friends
  211. why's that
  212. what's so special about me?
  213. You ever watched Chicago Med?
  214. can't say i have
  215. why do you ask?
  216. You remind me of the psychiatrist on that show
  217. I've been told things like that before. I guess I'm just trying to find the underlying reason
  218. Miss talking to you
  219. Why's that? What's to miss?
  220. You were a good friend to me
  221. How so?
  222. You could talk to me
  223. What did that do for you?
  224. It was just nice to have a friend
  225. Have you gotten in touch with any of your other friends at all?
  226. Yea some
  227. Anyone I know?
  228. Iore
  229. MAY 27, 2019, 11:12 PM
  230. ah. how are she and dunphy doing?
  231. Good, she had a baby
  232. I haven't talked to her lately
  233. i think that was a while back. pretty sure she was pregnant before we fell out of touch back when
  234. Haven't talked to her in a while
  235. yeah
  236. You remember Youri?
  237. can't say i do. who were they?
  238. And Mac?
  239. mac sounds very vaguely familiar
  240. Her name was from the Croods
  241. I stay in touch with them
  242. ah. that's cool
  243. I somewhat stay in touch with Randy
  244. haven't talked to randy in forever. i do talk to josh and kitti every so often on facebook though
  245. That's cool
  246. i hear from ryan and tori from time to time as well. they're doing well
  247. That's cool
  248. yep
  249. I see Trents stuff every  once in a while
  250. Do you remember Trent
  251. trent?
  252. aussie dude?
  253. No
  254. i don't remember who you're talking about then
  255. Ok
  256. Who else do you remember
  257. still talk to partyfreak?
  258. No
  259. me neither. he wound up getting together with my ex lol
  260. That douche
  261. eh, it doesn't bother me
  262. Nothing ever went on with me and him
  263. kayla deserves happiness, and if she finds it with him, so be it /shrug
  264. you knew her as velby back in the day
  265. AH
  266. ?
  267. I remember her
  268. i'm not surprised. you two got into it quite frequently back then lol
  269. especially in trade
  270. So many rumors went around about me in WoW that weren't true
  271. only one i ever heard was that something might've been going on between you and party, and it didn't concern me, so i didn't care if it was true or not lol
  272. And nothing ever happened
  273. okay. doesn't affect me either way /shrug
  274. I take that back
  275. ?
  276. 1 thing did happen with a guy I met in wow but it wasn't Partyfreak
  277. oh?
  278. what happened?
  279. I got into a emotional relationship with him
  280. did he know that?
  281. I stood in line for an hour and got an Elvira picture signed for him
  282. that couldn't have been cheap either
  283. No it wasn't
  284. Got him either 3 or 6 months of Loot Crate for his Birthday
  285. One year
  286. And I didn't ask for anything in return
  287. you think that's bad? for the past 3 years, even though i really couldn't afford it, i got ashley something for both her birthday and christmas. also sent her money every once in a while to get something to drink with me during our second year together too. never asked for anything in return, and never got anything, not even offered, and i know she made more than me lol
  288. Damn
  289. Yup lol
  290. I'm sorry you had to deal with that
  291. I mean, that part wasn't even that big of a deal. Money and gifts aren't what I look for in a relationship
  292. Yea
  293. MAY 30, 2019, 1:57 PM
  294. A Whole New World
  295. Sorry, I'm not ignoring you.. I'm just not in a good mindset for talking right now...
  296. Your fine
  297. I understand
  298. MAY 30, 2019, 6:59 PM
  299. not bad. you can definitely tell they've aged a bit
  300. MAY 30, 2019, 8:21 PM
  301. It was supposed to send you the new one
  303. There
  304. i've seen the new movie, i wasn't overly impressed..
  305. Really
  306. I loved it
  307. felt a little too modernized. wasn't a big fan of how they deterred from the original movie either
  308. i was really hoping will smith would do a good job with it, but he just doesn't have the same charisma as robin williams. i found myself cringing through a lot of it
  309. I thought he did a good job with it
  310. in fairness though, robin williams left some pretty big shoes to fill with the genie
  311. Yea
  312. MAY 31, 2019, 12:54 AM
  313. Good ol tomb raider from back in the day lol
  314. MAY 31, 2019, 9:12 AM
  315. Lol
  316. JUN 1, 2019, 12:23 AM
  317. Hey
  318. heya
  319. you're up late
  320. what's up
  321. bueller?
  322. Sry
  323. I'm here
  324. Driving
  325. where are you off to at this hour?
  326. Shreveport
  327. what's in shreveport?
  328. The boardwalk
  329. Going shopping tomorrow
  330. oh, fun. staying with some friends or something, or?
  331. Hotel
  332. how long of a drive is it for you?
  333. 1 1/2
  334. Hotel is free
  335. how did you manage to get it for free?
  336. Chris's military
  337. lol you're still able to use his benefits even though you're separated?
  338. JUN 1, 2019, 2:46 AM
  339. We talked
  340. And I'm giving him one more chance
  341. that's mighty generous of you
  342. what changed your mind?
  343. He sent these while I was at my sister's
  344. I'll have to get them off my other phone
  345. But he sent me flowers
  346. And I told him he has to start trusting me more
  347. he won you back just by sending you flowers? o.0
  348. wish it was that easy for me to get back together with my ex lol
  349. surely there was more to it than just flowers?
  350. We talked
  351. Brb, going to get something to drink
  352. okay
  353. Ok I'm back
  354. wb
  355. whatcha drinking?
  356. Sprite, to take my medicine
  357. oh
  358. for some reason i thought it was a drink drink
  359. JUN 1, 2019, 10:04 AM
  360. No
  361. JUN 1, 2019, 7:09 PM
  362. yeah, it was a bit of a self-"duh" moment when you said that, since you can't really drink
  363. It's okay,  we all have our moments
  364. says the blonde =P\
  365. Yep
  366. JUN 3, 2019, 9:46 AM
  367. Hey
  368. JUN 3, 2019, 11:09 AM
  369. Hey what's up?
  370. Working
  371. Having fun?
  372. JUN 3, 2019, 1:05 PM
  373. Oh yeah
  374. i thought so
  375. Play coin master with me
  376. i don't even know what that is
  377. Game
  378. well i figured that much out lol
  379. when you said "play"
  380. Lol
  381. JUN 5, 2019, 3:31 PM
  382. Boo!
  383. ahhhh!
  384. Lol
  385. what's up
  386. Working
  387. Ready to go home
  388. I'm so tired
  389. how long ya been working today?
  390. Since 8
  391. But I had to give blood this morning
  392. And I'm just tired
  393. you didn't get any cookies or juice or something after?
  394. you're supposed to do that to promote blood cell production and bring your energy back up
  395. Blood work , labs
  396. Sorry
  397. right, but i'm surprised they didn't tell you to do that though
  398. depending on how much they took
  399. i'm assuming they had you fast after midnight
  400. Yea
  401. yeah, they should've told you to eat something with sugar in it
  402. I got an icee
  403. I can't have too much sugar
  404. i get that, i wasn't saying to go overboard and eat an entire box of cookies lol
  405. Right I understand
  406. Lol
  407. JUN 5, 2019, 8:02 PM
  408. You so silly
  409. something like that
  410. Lol
  411. JUN 7, 2019, 10:03 AM
  412. Hey
  413. JUN 7, 2019, 11:49 AM
  414. Hey you 😊 what's up?
  415. Working, wishing I was sleeping
  416. Me too... I'm still really tired..
  417. Same
  418. I have a pretty surefire way of waking myself up though. It either wakes me up or puts me back to sleep trying lol
  419. How do you do that
  420. by taking care of my morning wood πŸ˜›
  421. Omg
  422. lol what
  423. Your bad
  424. i mean.. it's true though lol, that either wakes me up feeling good or i end up falling asleep from wearing myself out too much πŸ˜›
  425. Lol
  426. wouldn't be surprised if you did it too.. you know, minus the wood part lol
  427. Oh I do
  428. dirty girl... and you say i'm bad..
  429. Lol
  430. So when can I call you
  431. what do you mean?
  432. Phone call
  433. No answer
  434. idk, why do you ask?
  435. Why not
  436. idk i'm not really one to sit on the phone anymore and bs with women i'm not in a relationship with or that aren't interested in me in that way if i'm single
  437. would be one thing maybe if you still played wow and we were on discord or skype or whatever
  438. Ok
  439. don't take this the wrong way, but it would just be a little weird for me
  440. Ok
  441. i'm surprised you don't have any interest in getting back into wow, even in a casual sense
  442. Nope
  443. any particular reason specifically? what made you quit in the first place?
  444. Long story
  445. JUN 7, 2019, 5:45 PM
  446. i've got time
  447. JUN 7, 2019, 7:06 PM
  448. I came home and took a nap
  449. Sorry
  450. You're fine
  451. I will tell you tonight
  452. okay
  453. are you heading out or something?
  454. Yea
  455. got a hot date?
  456. JUN 7, 2019, 8:44 PM
  457. No
  458. lol why not?
  459. Went out to eat with the family
  460. chris and the boys or your sister and niece etc?
  461. JUN 7, 2019, 10:25 PM
  462. Chris and the boys
  463. JUN 7, 2019, 11:51 PM
  464. how'd that go
  465. JUN 8, 2019, 1:02 AM
  466. It went good sorry we got some Redbox movies and aere watching A Dog's Way Home
  467. fun
  468. JUN 9, 2019, 6:28 PM
  469. i've got a pickle you can "cook" and plump up πŸ˜‰
  470. Haha
  471. JUN 12, 2019, 2:33 PM
  472. Can't look at it right now. I will when I get out
  473. Ok
  474. JUN 12, 2019, 6:33 PM
  475. that's fucked up
  476. Lol
  477. WED 10:30 PM
  478. Hey
  479. What's up
  480. In Mississippi
  481. What are you doing there?
  482. Had to take Chris's grandmother to go see her sister
  483. Fun
  484. No really
  485. Not
  486. We are stuck outside
  487. While everyone else is inside
  488. why are you stuck?
  489. I thought we were dropping her off
  490. wait what is she doing then?
  491. Seeing her sister
  492. are you really just waiting in the car while she's inside, after driving her across state lines to get there?
  493. they couldn't even invite you inside?
  494. Yea
  495. She's inside with the family and we are outside
  496. Her sister shortly passed away after we got here
  497. chris is there, i'm assuming, right?
  498. that's chris's family, which would make her your family by marriage...
  499. so is she really expecting you to just sit in the car and wait for her to be ready to leave? especially given the circumstances, they should invite you and chris in..
  500. We are outside
  501. And yes chris is here
  502. Chris is even outside
  503. why are you outside though? why won't they let you come in?
  504. what am i even looking at
  505. Chris's grandmother's sisters front porch from the car view
  506. is that chris all the way over there?
  507. Yea and Lucas
  508. Her sister is inside
  509. ah
  510. so why are you in the car by yourself?
  511. We have to work tomorrow
  512. Because I'm pissed
  513. what are you gonna do? i imagine it's gotta be a decent ride back
  514. We have to wait on her hos damn grandmother
  515. His
  516. something tells me you're not gonna get back until really late
  517. Yea
  518. I thought we were dropping her off
  519. if you're good at being quiet and not making a mess, you could probably rub one out to pass time, and deal with some of that frustration /s
  520. Lol
  521. Too pissed
  522. that just adds to the adrenaline and vigor
  523. makes it that much better
  524. and in turn, that much more relieving πŸ˜›
  525. Lol
  526. just sayin, might help
  527. Not even in the mood for that
  528. lol fair enough
  529. was just a suggestion
  530. Well thank you
  531. lol no problem
  532. I've always felt like the outcast in his family
  533. howcome?
  534. His family has never liked me
  535. why?
  536. All the crap
  537. is it something beyond the whole "he/she's not good enough for my baby" bit that in-laws say?
  538. Yea
  539. i mean, that bullshit is on him, not you
  540. His dad even went off on me one time and told me he wouldn't be with you unless you hadn't gotten pregnant
  541. We had already gotten engaged before I got pregnant
  542. His family is something else
  543. It's like I feel I don't belong
  544. Never have from the start
  545. But I don't care
  546. how can you say that to someone your son loves... like what the actual fuck
  547. Yea
  548. I can tell you some stories
  549. go for it if you want
  550. Can't now we just left
  551. oh, are you driving?
  552. No chris is
  553. should try to sleep in the car if you can
  554. I can't
  555. howcome? you're not driving
  556. and need your sleep for work tomorrow
  557. THU 10:24 AM
  558. Hey
  559. I want a discount lol
  560. THU 2:02 PM
  561. oh?
  562. on*?
  563. Anything
  564. what makes you say that?
  565. I didn't know you were going to work for Amazon
  566. neither did i until it was confirmed yesterday
  567. Nice
  568. if you want a discount with them though, go work for them πŸ˜›
  569. Lol
  570. Smartass
  571. from my understanding, my discount is pretty limited anyway, so..
  572. It's ok I was just joking anyway
  573. i know lol
  574. I wouldn't do that to you
  575. lol i wouldn't let you anyway
  576. Lol
  577. THU 8:39 PM
  578. Again
  579. I'm so sick of this shit
  580. what happened now? πŸ˜•
  581. Having to stand outside again
  582. wait, you drove all the way back out there a second time?
  583. what the fuck
  584. why didn't she just stay there last night?
  585. We're at her other sister's house
  586. what for
  587. Dropping her off
  588. are you sure you're dropping her off this time?
  589. I hope so
  590. how far was this one?
  591. A hour
  592. We didn't get back til 2
  593. Last night
  594. and you're what.. central time, right?
  595. CST
  596. Yes
  597. you left at 12:30 my time, so that's a 2 and a half hour drive
  598. is she covering gas costs, with making you guys drive a total of 5 hours last night, and what will be around 2 hours or so tonight?
  599. No
  600. She ain't covering food for her ass or nothing
  601. that's absurd.. like what
  602. We are having to pick up food
  603. jeez
  604. i'd start asking her for reimbursement of some kind, she's costing you a lot of money
  605. and to make you wait as long as you did last night when you had work this morning and outside at that, that's extremely inconsiderate. talk about taking advantage..
  606. THU 10:22 PM
  607. We are back home
  608. She doesn't care
  609. I told him I feel like the fucking outcast
  610. What did he have to say?
  611. He asked her why she told me to wait outside and she said she didn't tell me that
  612. It's like I'm the bad person here
  613. She can't remember anything
  614. How did he react to her saying that to him?
  615. THU 11:44 PM
  616. He got mad
  617. Then he got mad at me but he apologized
  618. FRI 5:16 AM
  619. The fuck did he get mad at you for?
  620. FRI 9:16 AM
  621. For saying what I did
  622. Morning
  623. FRI 11:08 AM
  624. mornin
  625. sorry, was outside cleaning out the car. getting ready to go out for the day
  626. Nice
  627. What are you up to?
  628. Working
  629. Work Monday through Friday
  630. Ah
  631. Almost the weekend for you then
  632. Yep
  633. Are those yours?
  634. You should take a selfie or two for me, I haven't seen you in a while πŸ˜›
  635. Yes those are mine , missing 3
  636. I have 12 right now
  637. About to be 13
  638. Getting this one on the 29th
  639. My freckles are tattoos
  640. Have one where your face isn't blocked by your phone? Lol
  641. Yes
  642. I need to take more
  643. You should, you're cuter than I remember 😊
  644. You have a great smile too
  645. As I am told
  646. The little girl is my niece
  647. Alice
  648. Aww, she's cute
  649. She's a mess
  650. Aww, looks like you two are pretty close
  651. She's my favorite niece
  652. My only niece
  653. So she's your favorite by default πŸ˜›
  654. Yea
  655. FRI 2:45 PM
  656. So how about exchanging music again
  657. ?
  658. Sure
  659. Sorry, at my friend's house for a BBQ atm
  660. Responses may be a bit slow
  661. That sounds fun
  662. Yeah, it's good so far. That's where I was driving earlier when you were sending me selfies
  663. Oh ok
  664. I have plenty on my other phone
  665. I'd like to see them if you want to show me some time
  666. Sure
  667. Let me get off work
  668. First
  669. Okay 😊
  670. That's my coordinator in the back
  671. He's photobombing you there
  672. You also look SUPER thrilled to be there lol
  673. Lol I'm tired
  674. And I'm ready to go
  675. My coordinator is a she
  676. Now I see it after zooming in
  677. You got me
  678. Lol
  679. Here’s a song for you… Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not by Thompson Square
  681. What are you up to?
  682. Watching a movie
  683. Anything good?
  684. Yea
  685. ?
  686. When They See Us
  687. Is what its called
  688. What's it about?
  689. What If is good too
  690. Good Girls and Dead To Me is good
  691. Big Little Lies is good
  692. Dunno if I've heard of those
  693. Big little lies sounds familiat
  694. I watch TV
  695. Should check them out
  696. Ah I usually stream on Netflix, Amazon, or couchtuner. Got rid of cable years ago
  697. Are any of them still current?
  698. It's on Netflix
  699. That's what we use
  700. Which?
  701. All those
  702. Ah
  703. I'll have to check them out later tonight or tomorrow when I get home
  704. Ok
  705. You gonna be up late tonight?
  706. We have cable but when there's nothing else on I check out Netflix
  707. Yes
  708. Okay, we're planning on drinking later. You may or may not get some interesting messages later
  709. Lol
  710. You cool with that?
  711. That's fine
  712. Okay good. I was hoping you'd say that πŸ˜›
  713. Lol
  714. FRI 9:26 PM
  715. Haha
  716. So how good of friends are we? πŸ˜›
  717. Good friends
  718. So you'll show me your boobs?
  719. Maybe
  720. Let's see em then!
  721. Can't right now
  722. At my dad's
  723. Later tonight?
  724. Maybe
  725. Don't get me hard and then not follow through 😜 I've wanted to see what you've been hiding under there for many years now
  726. Really
  727. Oh yeah, I've always thought you were gorgeous
  728. Aww
  729. I should've told you a long time ago, but now you know
  730. Yea
  731. They are a little smaller now
  732. That's okay, I bet they're still just as glorious.. I can't wait to see
  733. Lol
  734. You think I'm kidding lol
  735. I believe you
  736. Good, it's true ❀
  737. How much longer are you gonna be there?
  738. Not much
  739. Where you at
  740. Home
  741. Let the fun begin? 😏
  742. Hmm?
  743. You alive?
  744. Changed your mind...?
  745. Marla?
  746. Hopefully you just fell asleep... Would be pretty amazing to wake up to them in all their big, round, sexy glory... Hint hint
  747. I'm here
  748. Sorry I was on the phone
  749. Everything okay?
  750. Yes
  751. About to get something to eat,  I got a headache
  752. Sorry to hear that
  753. Anything I can do?
  754. I wish
  755. Will you still be showing me your boobs tonight? I've had a hard on for a few hours, waiting to find out...
  756. Could do something together... That would help your headache πŸ˜‰
  757. Is that a yes?
  758. ...?
  759. Marla?
  760. I can't send one tonight
  761. When do you think you'll be able to?
  762. Tomorrow
  763. For sure
  764. Promise?
  765. Don't make me keep this boner waiting for you too long....
  766. Have any sneak peaks/teasers for me in the meantime?
  767. ...?
  768. Maybe something a little revealing..? But not fully
  769. Can I ask you something?
  770. Hope you feel better in the morning...
  771. I hope you're okay...
  772. SAT 11:23 AM
  773. I'm okay
  774. Good morning 😊
  775. How are you today, pretty lady?
  776. Good, I'm gonna be away from my phone for about and hour and a half
  777. Okay. I'm not sure how much longer I'm gonna be at my buddy Mike's house, but hopefully I'll still be able to talk when you're done
  778. Have fun with whatever it is you're doing πŸ˜›
  779. SAT 1:13 PM
  780. I was at Altitude trampoline
  781. Are you telling me you were jumping on a trampoline?
  782. Yes
  783. In slow motion? πŸ˜›
  784. Lol
  785. Did you enjoy yourself?
  786. Yes
  787. Good 😊
  788. What made you decide to go? Just because? Or
  789. Took the kids
  790. Ah fun
  791. Glad you guys had a good time 😊 it's almost time to eat lunch time here, then I think I'll be heading home some time shortly after that
  792. Are we still on for today? Especially after that trampoline image you put in my mind 😜
  793. That looks really good.. home cooked?
  794. No
  795. At a Chinese restaurant
  796. Ooooh
  797. How'd it come out?
  798. Barely ate any of it and I'm full
  799. Lol
  800. Could take it home
  801. I had Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  802. I know, I remember
  803. Unless it's a buffet, you could just take it home with you and have it for lunch tomorrow or something
  804. It's a buffet
  805. Ahh
  806. Yea
  807. Gonna be leaving in 10-15 or so. It's about an hour drive back home, so I may be a bit delayed responding
  808. Marla is waving at you!
  809. God damn... Talk about a handful and a mouthful.... The things I'd like to do...
  810. Can I see them both together?
  811. Later
  812. Mmm... Promises promises... I can't wait..
  813. Ok
  814. That Chinese has made me sick
  815. Oh no... Are you okay..?
  816. Yea
  817. Have some water and rest if you can
  818. I have to go to the grocery store
  819. Have some water at least..
  820. I will
  821. Will you be able to sit/lay down at all when you get back?
  822. Yea
  823. Good, I don't want you to feel sick, I want you to get rest and get better
  824. I'm on my way home now
  825. Ok be careful
  826. SAT 4:31 PM
  827. Where's the fun in that?
  828. I'm home btw. Survived the trip mostly intact
  829. Good I'm glad
  830. Are you still out grocery shopping?
  831. No laying down
  832. Thinking about or doing anything fun while laying down?
  833. How are you feeling?
  834. I can't,  I'm at my dad's
  835. Are you staying there right now?
  836. I remember you telling me you were there yesterday
  837. Is he okay?
  838. SAT 6:34 PM
  839. Just visiting
  840. My sister is in
  841. Ahhh, enjoying yourselves?
  842. Yea
  843. Sorry I fell asleep
  844. Sorry, I was driving, I didn't hear my phone go off
  845. Didn't mean to video call
  846. Lol
  847. feeling any better after your nap?
  848. Yes
  849. good 😊
  850. whatcha up to now?
  851. Nm
  852. super exciting
  853. Yea
  854. i'm so bored... help
  855. What do you want me to do
  856. idk, entertain me? lol
  857. tell me a story
  858. Like what
  859. whatever you want
  860. dealer's choice
  861. Give me a little bit
  862. Okie dokie, I'll be waiting..
  863. SAT 11:29 PM
  864. where'd you poof off to?
  865. Watching a movie
  866. ah
  867. should i wait until you're done then?
  868. Yes
  869. alrighty, will do. hope it's a good one
  870. The Perfection , what my boss suggested
  871. how was it?
  872. Or are you still watching it?
  873. Different
  874. Now I'm watching  Despite Everything
  875. Lol movie night tonight?
  876. Yes
  877. You there?
  878. SUN 2:30 AM
  879. I'm here
  880. SUN 3:31 AM
  881. Hi
  882. SUN 8:38 AM
  883. Sorry, I fell asleep.. good morning sexy beautiful ❀
  884. SUN 5:12 PM
  885. I just woke up
  886. damn, how late were you up? o.0
  887. 3
  888. and you slept for 14 hours? jeez
  889. Lol
  890. I was exhausted
  891. guess so lol damn
  892. so what are you up to today? more trampolines?
  893. No
  894. is that a euphamism, or do you have a tiny kitty next to you
  895. ?*
  896. I have a tiny kitten next to me
  897. awww 😊
  898. did you get a new kitten recently?
  899. No my female cat had kittens
  900. aww, we had kittens years ago when i was still in highschool. ours had kittens too. they're so cute and have a TON of energy lol
  901. Yea they are so cute when they are little
  902. SUN 6:37 PM
  903. What are you doing
  904. Rubbing my dick, care to join me?
  905. Really
  906. Yes really lol
  907. I would but I'm watching a movie
  908. Damn... Maybe next time...
  909. What about that pic you promised yesterday? πŸ˜‰
  910. In a little bit
  911. Mmm... Sounds good..
  912. Ok
  913. SUN 8:22 PM
  914. how's that movie?
  915. It was good
  916. awesome
  917. Did you have fun
  918. of course i did, it felt so good..
  919. Good I'm glad
  920. could have some more fun with the right "motivation" πŸ˜›
  921. could join me too
  922. We will see
  923. oh? when will that be?
  924. I don't know
  925. are you still sending that pic today, or?
  926. Maybe
  927. maybe?
  928. just gonna tease me like that?
  929. Maybe
  930. you're enjoying this, aren't you?
  931. Yes
  932. Don't get mad
  933. so mean
  934. why would i get mad?
  935. You like it
  936. ?
  937. definitely πŸ˜‰
  938. that doesn't mean you shouldn't come through tonight though..
  939. you better 😜
  940. We will see
  941. What do I get?
  942. could show you just how hard i get when i see them...
  943. Pretty big?
  944. 5-6" or so. I'm not pornstar status, but definitely not small either lol
  945. Pretty thick though
  946. So where they at? πŸ˜‰
  947. Nice
  948. Hm?
  949. Maybe when we go back to NJ , I can come see you
  950. I'd definitely like that
  951. Maybe get a hotel room and have some fun?
  952. Why hotel
  953. I have roommates lol. One of them is usually home all the time unless she has a Dr appointment
  954. She huh
  955. Don't get jealous lol. It's nothing like that
  956. Still waiting for those titties btw... πŸ˜‰
  957. Though, you can include more if you'd like..
  958. Like what
  959. Like your ass or your pussy..
  960. Maybe
  961. Would make me think about diving into either one when you're next up here, and I bet the view is amazing
  962. Lol
  963. So what are you waiting for, huh?
  964. Don't you want me to get nice and hard for you...?
  965. I don't know
  966. Why's that
  967. ?
  968. What's on your mind?
  969. Ordering food
  970. Having second thoughts or something?
  971. No
  972. Good ❀
  973. How's dinner going?
  974. Picking it up
  975. Whatcha gettin?
  976. Applebees
  977. Sounds pretty good. I haven't been to one in a long time, but I used to love their ribs
  978. Yes
  979. Yes what?
  980. Yes to robs
  981. Ribs
  982. Oh lol
  983. Yep
  984. Hello there ❀
  985. Hi
  986. Looking pretty cute tonight 😊
  987. I wish
  988. Dont have to wish, you already are
  989. Lol
  990. Why's that funny?
  991. I mean it
  992. Well thank you
  993. I'm over here having an allergy attack
  994. are you okay?
  995. what are you allergic to?
  996. are you alive..?
  997. marla?
  1000. (glad to hear you're alive and okay)
  1001. good night
  1003. I'm still awake
  1004. Any chance of that pic(s) before I go to sleep tonight or before I wake up in the morning..? Getting ready for bed now, and would love some help.. πŸ˜‰
  1005. Yes tomorrow
  1006. Promise?
  1007. Yes
  1008. I promise
  1009. Gonna hold you to that πŸ˜‰
  1010. When should I expect it tomorrow?
  1011. In the morning
  1012. Good. I'm really looking forward to it. Don't forget 😜
  1013. I'm getting really turned on just thinking about it
  1014. I won't forget
  1015. I'm gonna get some sleep so morning can get here faster πŸ˜› sweet dreams when you get there too ❀
  1016. Okay  night Billy
  1017. Sweet dreams to you as well
  1018. Good night 😊
  1019. Lol
  1020. MON 9:07 AM
  1021. Morning
  1022. Good morning 😊
  1023. Sleep well?
  1024. Very, didn't take long to pass out at all
  1025. How bout yourself?
  1026. Same
  1027. Glad to hear it
  1028. You will get pic soon
  1029. Cant wait πŸ˜‰
  1030. How soon is soon? The suspense is killing me... As is my boner from excitement.. ❀
  1031. Very very soon
  1032. Don't tease me too much and make me wait too long now...
  1033. I won't
  1034. ?
  1035. God damn, those are glorious... Wish I could squeeze and suck on those right now...
  1036. Wheres my pic
  1037. I'll give you one as soon as I get home and can do something about those.. πŸ˜‰ 😘
  1038. Ok
  1039. And thank you btw
  1040. Absolutely... I love them.. you just made me so hard, I'm over here squirming because I can't grab it and imagine what I'd like to do to you right now... And what I'll do to you if we're able to get together when you come up.. 😘
  1041. Oh really
  1042. Yes really...
  1043. Mmm
  1044. Mmmm indeed.... πŸ˜‰
  1045. This is between you and me right
  1046. Of course ❀
  1047. Why do you ask?
  1048. Just making sure
  1049. You're safe with me, I just want to have a good time and make sure you do too πŸ˜‰ 😘 ❀
  1050. Awesome
  1051. And now to race home before I explode
  1052. Aww you poor thing
  1053. This is your fault 😜
  1054. Is it? And how did I do th
  1055. That
  1056. Finally flashed those sexy titties for me after teasing me for two days straight...
  1058. You enjoyed every minute of it
  1059. I did, but that doesn't make it any less your fault πŸ˜‰
  1060. True
  1061. Aaand home, now to strip and get a little more comfortable...
  1062. Nice
  1063. Fuck I wish you were up here right now... I'd be sucking your nipples until they got nice and hard, and pounding your pussy from behind so hard and deep, making you gasp and moan so loud... grabbing a fistful of your hair and pulling it tight.. Slapping your ass every few thrusts, making it bright red... I'm so fucking hard for you...
  1064. Damn
  1065. Fuck yeah...
  1066. I have a boney ass
  1067. show me?
  1068. You can't see it
  1069. damn, why not?
  1070. You'd have to feel it
  1071. can't i do both?
  1072. Yea
  1073. i wanna feel it, squeeze it, slap it, and if you're really good, jiggle it
  1074. Lol
  1075. Not much there to jiggle
  1076. i'll find something to jiggle πŸ˜‰
  1077. if not your ass, then definitely those titties
  1078. Lol
  1079. Yea
  1080. MON 1:59 PM
  1081. Hi
  1082. herro
  1083. Have fun?
  1084. you know it.. always do 😜
  1085. Good
  1086. mhmmmm
  1087. just like that
  1088. Lol
  1089. Rawr
  1090. Rawr
  1091. So will you talk to me on phone
  1092. What were you wanting to talk about?
  1093. Anything
  1094. If you wanted to mess around while on the phone, maybe... Otherwise I'm not really big on sitting on the phone
  1095. Ok
  1096. TUE 9:38 AM
  1097. Hi
  1098. Heya
  1099. What's up
  1100. not too much, just woke up about 45 minutes to an hour ago
  1101. you?
  1102. Working
  1103. fun stuff
  1104. i'll be doing that in a few hours too
  1105. Fun
  1106. totally
  1107. TUE 1:31 PM
  1108. TUE 4:53 PM
  1109. Whatchu gettin into over there?
  1110. Off work
  1111. Woo
  1112. Yep
  1113. 9:45 AM
  1114. 11:16 AM
  1115. 1:58 PM
  1116. Whats going on
  1117. Not much, been having a lazy day today
  1118. Nice
  1119. You?
  1120. Busy day
  1121. How's that
  1122. Working
  1123. Oh, figured you meant busier than usual
  1124. Alot accounts
  1125. Gotcha
  1126. Yea
  1127. I'm so tired
  1128. Helps if you sleep at night πŸ˜›
  1129. I did last night
  1130. Why so tired then?
  1131. Idk
  1132. Do you do anal?
  1133. No
  1134. Damn.. you should try it some time, it feels really good
  1135. I have
  1136. What happened?
  1137. Hurt
  1138. Did you use a good amount of lube and massage/stretch it slowly before inserting?
  1139. With fingers and/or a vibrator/dildo?
  1140. Eh
  1141. No
  1142. Did you use anything...? Don't tell me he just went in dry..
  1143. No
  1144. We used lube
  1145. How'd he do it then, if it hurt?
  1146. No foreplay back there first to loosen you up?
  1147. No
  1148. Ah, yeah. That's why it hurt then. Need to ease into it. Can't do it all at once..
  1149. Ok
  1150. I'm not big into anal
  1151. I am
  1152. Ok
  1153. Lol
  1154. Plus the guy had a big c
  1155. Oh this was before Chris?
  1156. You can type cock btw lol. It doesn't bother me
  1157. Yes and I did it with Chris too
  1158. Why'd you do it again if you're not into it? 😜
  1159. Thought it would be different
  1160. And?
  1161. Nope
  1162. Still hurt no matter of size
  1163. I kinda feel like you were doing it wrong
  1164. Maybe
  1165. It's been years
  1166. So you're saying you've gone too long without
  1167. Too long without experiencing the pleasure of having a nice hard dick in your ass and doing it the right way too πŸ˜‰
  1168. Lol
  1169. I've had sex
  1170. Anal and vaginal sex are very different lol
  1171. I know
  1172. Doggy is my favorite position
  1173. I can just imagine, your ass raised in the air, gripping both sides firmly as I plow you from behind... Your tits swaying in motion to each thrust and you moaning so loud for me, begging me to go harder and faster...
  1174. I have a boney ass
  1175. Still grabbable..
  1176. Yes
  1177. Anything else?
  1178. ?
  1179. Anything else you want to ask
  1180. not at the moment, but if you'd like to share, go for it
  1181. Hmm
  1182. Ever had a girl squirt,?
  1183. i have, it's pretty wild
  1184. guessing you're a squirter?
  1185. Only did it 1 time
  1186. well that's just deprivation...
  1187. chris is slacking
  1188. Lol
  1189. Haven't been in the mood
  1190. in the mood or into him?
  1191. Both
  1192. why did you get back together with him then?
  1193. I love him
  1194. go you?
  1195. do*
  1196. Yes
  1197. then what are you doing sending me intimate pictures and talking about getting together to fool around the next time you two come up to jersey?
  1198. that's definitely cheating
  1199. if you love him
  1200. ?
  1201. I'm just annoyed you know
  1202. meaning what
  1203. Tired of it
  1204. of what
  1205. Him
  1206. You mad
  1207. Billy
  1208. no, just disappointed. I'm not emotionally invested, but i don't condone cheating, so what we've been doing ends now
  1209. Ok
  1210. i also think you need to tell him
  1211. Tell him what
  1212. that you sent intimate/revealing pictures to me, and wanted to come see me to fool around the next time he brought you up with him when he visited his family
  1213. Really
  1214. yes, really. he deserves to know the truth.
  1215. are you going to
  1216. Are you?
  1217. how would i even do that?
  1218. ?
  1219. you also haven't answered my question
  1220. You said it would stay between us
  1221. That was before I found out you were cheating. I figured you were just living there and being cordial for the sake of the kids
  1222. Cheating is never okay(under any circumstances whatsoever), and Chris has every right to know. He has no idea you and I even came back into contact again, does he?
  1223. ??
  1224. hello???
  1225. i'm gonna take that as a no, since you're ignoring me
  1226. If you won't say something to him about it, I will.
  1227. I found his number in my old contacts
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