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  1. 1) if a woman doctor is a good thing, that will be because it is good for girls and boys to see protagonists who are women - hopefully it will help them grow up with healthy attitudes. BUT that is true whether or not fuck boys get really upset. Their rage does not deliver a substantive material benefit to a single person. We would in fact be better off if this were a world in which that response of theirs didn't exist, so it's hard to celebrate it.
  3. 2) To the extent that this extra media representation delivers a win and "empowers" anyone, what it really does is give them a slightly better platform in our existing system, which is capitalist and unjust. It doesn't create a single extra job, or enlarge the pool of resources that is to be shared among the many, or ensure that this sharing will be more equitable. Maybe it makes it more likely that young girls can grow up to be successful, but it doesn't make room for more 'successful' people, or recalibrate our ideas of what success can be. If this gets us one more female ceo, pardon me for giving no shits.
  5. 3) the buzz around the piss baby tears puts me on edge because it feels like we are celebrating a 'win', and that makes me think about that adage about how if you serve the left a bunch of table scraps they will behave like they've had a three course meal. Honestly if these sexist tweets give you a chuckle, fine, whatever, but they have been greeted with fandom's typical hyperbolic glee, which just makes me wonder what the fuck world these people live in, because as far as I know it's still the one where these fuck boys will make an extra twenty cents to every woke girl's dollar
  7. 4) I remarked on twitter that we seem to be jumping through all sorts of hoops to paint these fuck boys as just flat out dumb - there are a lot of tweets skewering them for supposedly complaining about how a female doctor is "unrealistic" but I literally cannot find a tweet from an actual fuck boy making that specific complaint. I worry we are just convincing ourselves that our enemies are too stupid to warrant concern. But this isn't a problem of differing IQs, it's a problem of differing values. Theirs are bad and wrong and we would be better off articulating why than just slapping each other on the back for being so much smarter and better than them.
  9. 5) I have a 5 but Sophie  will kill me if I stay on my phone any longer
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