#PastebinMonday 10/21/2019

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  1. The Tetris Effect Edition
  3. Hey guys, how’s it goin?
  5. It’s really hard to reflect on the week that was with the captivating action that was this year’s Classic Tetris World Championship. First maxout in bracket history, first back-to-back maxouts in bracket history, first double-maxout in the same game in bracket history—and that was all in the same match! Seven-time champion Jonas Neubauer was knocked out earlier than in any CTWC ever and wunderkind Joseph Saelee became a back-to-back champion. It was absolutely captivating to watch take place all weekend long. I really could not get much work done. Congratulations to everyone who participated! (I don’t think I’ll ever put the required amount of time into a game I do not feel passionate about to get onto that kind of stage.)
  7. The Pokemon Puzzle Challenge tournament group stage is done! And on schedule! We are now down to six players. Four of them are vying for cash prizes! Since the difficulty is ramping up, I am giving the players a week to prepare. I will be attempting to stream my own preparation this week. I actually haven’t had any opportunity to play games for an extended period of time in a while so it will be interesting to see if I can get myself freshened up for the S-Hard rounds. I’m about to have some really tense rounds in the coming weeks.
  9. In real life news, I keep getting roped and guilt-tripped into helping my mother with her various Craigslist finds. This time, though, we found a bunch of old office chairs that were abandoned. I found one that bears a strong resemblance to the one that has been leaning on me for a few years. It’s worse for wear, but at least it’s upright. Now I won’t look like I’m constantly on tilt anymore. I mean, yes, the game may tilt me, but now my chair won’t.
  11. That’s my life story for the week. Until next time, everyone, thanks for reading!
  13. --Cards
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