what peace means

Jul 5th, 2015
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  1. i basicly quite selling cocain n likewise stuff to go n do computer stuff and i relize now that what mather and what makes life wonderfull is the small things like mornin coffe, reading an magazine while sittin on the can , hacking just lookin at my terminal , haveing small,long chats with z0x,psy n all others just havin an good times with good friends and doin what i love too do just code n hack n crack n watch my series ,buying coffe at starbucks or eating at kfc with your daughters family i found one part of peace my soul is happpy atm money is just an number .
  2. just walkin around in cyberspace and knowing that u could hack any system,anyone, if u just belive in ur self and spend time, yeah 90% of all hacks dont get posted here on clearnet , but i know that i and many others feel the same way
  4. this is hacker poetry by PH1K3
  5. expect more doe,alot more
  7. custome code is the way i roll
  9. if we must die we will be sure to give em hell first
  10. ~PH1K3
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