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  1. Changelog of WhatsApp beta for iOS
  3. COMMENT: It's a very good beta. ^^
  4. --------------------------------
  5. 01) Bugs fix.
  6. 02) Updated Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese localizations.
  7. 03) New chat message and video call icons in the Contact info section. The new chat message icon suggests a new bubbles style in the Chat section. WhatsApp is working, since beta, on a new chat view style.
  8. 04) Improvements for the Location feature.
  9. 05) Improvements for bubbles that contain a Location.
  10. 06) Added some checks about messages that WhatsApp isn't able to decrypt.
  11. 07) Added drawing tools.
  12. 08) Added GHIPY integration for sharing animated GIFs.
  13. 09) Added new "Check for orphaned files" option in the Developer section.
  14. 10) Added some new checks about encryption status in group chats. In some situation WhatsApp didn't update the encryption status for groups.
  15. 11) Many improvements for restoring the chat history.
  16. 12) Improvements for supporting archive files.
  17. 13) Improvements for automatically cleaning temporary directories.
  18. 14) Improvements for updating the encryption value after a restore.
  19. 15) Added many checks about the battery status.
  20. 16) Added compression methods for files.
  21. 17) Improvements for encryption files.
  22. 18) Improvements for the group invite link feature.
  23. 19) Improvements for the mentions feature.
  24. 20) Small improvements for video calls.
  25. 21) Improvements for reading web pages.
  26. 22) Improvements for sharing information to WhatsApp Web.
  27. 23) WhatsApp INC. will be able to send you messages through the WhatsApp chat. You will see a verified badge to understand that the chat is verified, so it's the official. A very "Public Service Announcement".
  28. 24) You can do a WhatsApp call directly to the "Calls" section thanks to the new Call icon.
  29. 25) Added the Search bar in the "Calls" section.
  31. ---------------------------------
  33. 01) WhatsApp mentions and group invite link screenshots:
  34. 02) ALL WhatsApp for iOS (and some news for Android and WP) hidden features here:
  35. 03) WhatsApp video calls screeshots:
  36. 04) Deleting feature:
  37. 05) You can see future WhatsApp stickers here:
  38. 06) New Profile section for easily adding other phone numbers:
  39. ---------------------------------
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