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  1. League of Legends, DOTA 2, STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, EYE Divine Cybermancy, Crash Team Racing, Crash Bandicoot, Tetris, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Slug,
  2. Spyro the Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Armored Core, Ape Escape, Asteroids, Pac-man, Bomberman, Monster Rancher,
  3. Chrono Trigger, Tomb Raider, PaRappa the Rapper, Street Fighter, Tekken, Diablo, Ace Combat, Marvel VS Capcom, Civilization, Clock Tower,
  4. Command and Conquer, Dance Dance Revolution, Darkstalkers, Dead or Alive, Dino Crisis, Doom, Duke Nukem, Dynasty Warriors, Earthworm Jim,FEAR, Frogger,
  5. The Game of Life, Glover, Gran Turismo, Guilty Gear, Harvest Moon, King of Fighters, Lemmings, MechWarrior, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Mega Man,
  6. Parasite Eve, Pepsiman, Persona 4, Quake III Arena, Samurai Showdown, Shin Megami Tensei, Silent Hill, The Sims, Sim City, Super Mario Bros, Soul Calibur,
  7. Space Invaders, Star Ocean, Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Twisted Metal, Warcraft, Starcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, God of War, Bully,
  8. Prince of Persia, Okami, Katamari Damacy, Dragon Quest, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, Guitar Hero, God Hand, Alien Hominid, Alone in the Dark, Bioshock,
  9. Bioshock Infinite, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout, Fallout 76, Ar Tonelico, Baldurs Gate, Beyond Good and Evil, Bloody Roar, BloodRayne, The Legend of Zelda,
  10. Call of Duty, Castlevania, Metroid, Crazy Taxi, Dark Cloud, Destroy All Humans, Deus Ex, Double Dragon, Dig Dug, Fatal Frame, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm,
  11. Portal, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, GunGrave, Heroes of Might and Magic, Hitman, Just Cause, Far Cry, Manhunt, Max Payne, Monster Hunter,
  12. Assassins Creed, Psychonauts, Rayman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sniper Elite, Tenchu Wrath of Heaven, Tom Clancys Splinter Cell, Tom CLancys Ghost Recon, Time Crisis,
  13. Tribes Ascend, Viewtiful Joe, Yakuza, The Last of Us, Infamous, Minecraft, Terraria, The Witcher, Bloodborne, Nier Automata, Death Stranding, Earth Defense Force,
  14. Halo, Cuphead, Garrys Mod, Life Is Strange, Battlefield, Binding of Isaac, American McGees Alice, Prison Architect, Rimworld, Factorio, Tropico, Pokemon, Pokemon GO,
  15. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, PUBG, Duck Hunt, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto Vice City,
  16. Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Mario Kart, Fortnite, Dark Souls, Wolfenstein, A Hat in Time, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Risk of Rain, Super Smash Bros,
  17. Persona 5, Splatoon, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, Runescape, Fire Emblem, Magic the Gathering Arena, Second Life, Furcadia, Club Penguin, Undertale,
  18. Five Nights at Freddys, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn, Destiny, Warframe, Touhou, Katawa Shoujo, Rainbow Six Siege, For Honor, Etrian Odyssey, Skullgirls,
  19. Titanfall, Fate Grand Order, Apex Legends, Dont Starve, Bad Rats, Ace of Spades, Cheat Engine, Dishonored, Saints Row, Slay the Spire, BattleBlock Theater,
  20. Pit People, Castle Crashers, Brutal Legend, Shadowrun Dragonfall, Shadowrun Hong Kong, Shadow Warrior, XCOM, Killing Floor, Payday the Heist, Postal,
  21. Shovel Knight, Balloon Fight, Joust, Thief, Kirby, Dragons Crown, Wii Fit, Mass Effect, Mass Effect Andromeda, No Mans Sky, Final Fantasy VII,
  22. Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy, Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, Breath of the Wild, SCP Secret Laboratory,
  23. Hotline Miami, FTL Faster than Light, Sleeping Dogs, Shenmue, Grand Theft Auto V, Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Prototype, LISA the Painful,
  24. Dragons Dogma, Resident Evil 4, Resident EVil 7, Resident Evil 2, Dead Rising, Alien Shooter, Dragon Age, Neverwinter Nights, Spore, Mirrors Edge,
  25. Age of Empires, Total War, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing, Luigis Mansion, Dr Mario, Detective Pikachu, Plants VS Zombies, Minesweeper, Text Twist, Zuma,
  26. Bejeweled, Left 4 Dead, MUGEN, Hyperdimension Neptunia, DmC Devil May Cry, Rust, Watch Dogs, Starbound, Kerbal Space Program, Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne,
  27. Euro Truck Simulator, Stardew Valley, One Finger Death Punch, Ori and the Blind Forest, The Wolf Among Us, Outlast, Mark of the Ninja, Bastion, Half-Life,
  28. Hollow Knight, Braid, Game Dev Tycoon, Besiege, Super Meat Boy, Recettear, Amnesia the Dark Descent, Octodad, Stronghold Crusader, Long Live the Queen,
  29. Rayman Raving Rabbids, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Warhammer Vermintide, Shantae, Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War, Hand of Fate, Darkest Dungeon,
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