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Open Letter to the Bitfinex Hacker

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  1. Open Letter to the Bitfinex Hacker
  3. Hello,
  5. I signed a $5.5M+ deal with Bitfinex (under a pseudonym) - Pastebin here http://pastebin.com/6tD8mfZY  and I’ll tell you:
  7. Do not cut a deal with Bitfinex without me in it. Do not talk with these liars.
  9. Bitfinex lied to you when they offered you a “a more privacy-centric and anonymous way” to be paid http://blog.bitfinex.com/announcements/message-individual-responsible-bitfinex-security-incident-august-2-2016/
  11. In my contract with them, they transferred exactly 5% of 119,756 Bitcoin from the Bitfinex COLDwallet (smooth sailors) into a new wallet. https://blockchain.info/address/36XN5b82ZYVs5nCUBz3PE8LEhaCHEMkxmB
  13. During my business dealings with Bitfinex I’ve found out you might’ve deprived one of the largest criminal organizations a large sum of money and that might be a net positive outcome for humanity depending on your motives.
  15. As you see in my contract I get paid 5% of ANY recovered amount. Since I fulfilled the contract terms, it is valid and it doesn't actually matter who, when or how. Bitfinex owes me 5% already. Remember that the 5% bounty for you is a lie, and a total trap. Also it’s mine already.
  18. You need a genius negotiator to deal with these dishonest people and remember that I and only I can fix it. Here’s what I’ll accomplish for you:
  20. $30M+ in _clean_ money - Totally legal!
  21. Make Bitfinex customers whole (excluding iFinex Inc company and management accounts)
  22. Have a prosecutor shred iFinex Inc, Giancarlo, Phil
  25. If you don’t contact me here’s what I’ll do:
  27. February, 15th, 2017 I will dump a list of thousands of Bitcoin people - One of which is you. I will release it publicly, to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, to tax authorities. Then I sit back and wait. The "community" and its people can thank iFinex Inc for this.
  29. I am not offering a cent for “tippers” during this period who want to put more people on the list.
  31. Contact me here: BM-2cSqi89Xdei7nmW1x7VbwBuPD5W8duCy5V@bitmessage.ch and PGP pub key fingerprint F136 8394 018A DFF7 0AF3 7550 C1DC A5C7 8321 5A72
  33. Follow me here: https://twitter.com/BitcoinNemesis
  35. Warm Regards,
  36. Your Friend
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