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  1. Nick: JonBons
  2. Age: 22
  3. Location: Oklahoma
  6. Hi Dslyecxi, I'm JonBons! I'm a software developer with an strong interest in filling all my free time with hours of gaming.
  8. I've been playing ARMA since ARMED ASSUAULT which I picked up due to a couple youtube channels producing content that interested me.
  9. But due to my current hardware at the time I played mostly singleplayer while messing around with the Warfare gamemode and just creating scenarios to fly/mess around in.
  11. I roamed around public servers for a while and eventually landed on my first organized ARMA 2 group, The Art of Warfare.
  12. And it was a great experience that taught me a lot about the community aspect of ARMA and the trials and tribulations of being involved in the leadership aspect of these groups.
  13. I stayed at TAW for three years, growing skills that helped my career and made me a better person.
  15. While I was involved with TAW I got introduced to a couple key people that eventually led me to missing making and scripting who eventually brought me in after the departure of their current sysadmin.
  16. It was then that I got heavily involved with the leadership and the server backend aspect of an ARMA group and it taught me a lot.
  18. At some point I decided that I wanted a more serious but fun experience in ARMA and it led me to step down as sysadmin and began searching and eventually landed at Bourbon Warfare and met a couple awesome people a long the way.
  19. One of their members that I grew close with felt like the community element was lacking and decided to found a new group with a concept like ShackTactical, he asked me and some others to help with certain aspects of starting the group and its where I've stayed for the last two years.
  21. Through Signal Community I was able to build some strong friendships that extended outside of ARMA with other games and lots and lots of tv show/movie watching (seriously, Stargate SG1 takes forever to finish) but all that has come to an end.
  22. The administration has decided we can't maintain the current state of things and that we'll be closing our doors soon.
  24. And that leads me to sending this application, I'm looking for a new community to get involved with and I feel ShackTac would be a good fit for the type of community and play-style I'm looking for.
  27. I know you get this from a lot of people but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you've done for the ARMA community through your youtube channel and through ShackTac's modding efforts.
  29. If you want to check it out I have my GitHub where I've posted some of the projects I've done for ARMA and I also have a YouTube channel where I post ARMA videos and other misc things that interest me.
  34. Thanks for considering my application,
  35. JonBons
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