Outsource content or simply write it yourself?

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. Outsource content or simply write it yourself?
  2. Since quality content costs alot (im paying $20/1000 words) i need like 30 articles to kick start my affiliate site. So it'd cost me $600. Instead, if I research properly and write them by myself. I'd save those $600 and I'll be able to invest it on links. Good choice?
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  14. Well you can't do a carpenter's job even though you are a mechanic.
  15. So, I think that pretty much sums up my side of the argument and the advice as well!
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  19. If you have experience writing content and know your way around it, then sure, go for it.
  20. If it's your first time writing and you're serious about this project, maybe you should rethink this idea.
  22. I think it depends on your opportunity cost mostly. Do you have something better to do instead of writing articles that brings in over $600? If the answer is yes, outsource. If the answer is no - do it yourself. ONE NOTE: This is with the assumption that you can write the same if not BETTER quality articles than the writer whos rate is $20 per 1000 words.
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  28. How good is your writing? That's the important question.
  31. Buy 5 top quality articles, and spend $200, see what the content is like, and if you think you can write better,
  32. then give it a shot, if your on a limited budget, your definatly missing out if you don't purchase some seo links
  33. from the marketplace, so keep that in mind
  37. 1 USD = 1 ARTICLE - FOR REAL !?
  38. I agree with Kopra, about "opportunity cost", but also depends on your bankroll, risk tolerance and exposure.
  39. If you have other projects in the pipeline and your wallet is fat, outsource it.
  40. If you have all your chickens in one basket and cash flow is tight, do it yourself.
  41. You're probably somewhere in the middle of those dialectics, so estimate which statement is more true for you.
  42. If you wanted to get really fancy you could do an equation based pro and cons list.
  43. Columns;
  44. Total$ to Expense ratio: Total global cash willing to invest / potential expense. (get a ratio of what your looking at) . if you have $60,000 for business investment and willing to spend $600. That's a 100:1 or 1% risk. If that $600 represents 50% of this particular total project expense, then you would be risking (1% + 1% =) 2% (Or $1200) on this project. So you would have to do 50 shitty investments to become bankrupt.
  45. Opportunity Cost: how much $ or potential $ could I make elsewhere - how much $ per hour i pay to outsource
  46. e.g. $30/hr - $20/hr.
  47. Make sure to average out and include any research time.
  48. Pain threshold: I would add this aswell, how much do you hate this job.
  50. Sure, it's a good choice, but so is outsourcing it.
  51. Depends on how well you write and what your time is worth.
  52. I write most of my articles myself but I'm a native speaker and my time isn't super valuable.
  53. If your time is worth a lot of money, or you're not close to a native speaker, then you're probably better off outsourcing it.
  54. That being said, sometimes I will outsource an article simply because I don't think I would do a good job writing on a particular topic.
  56. Same problem here. I choose to write my own content + hire proofreader. No one understands your niche better than you. I will hire content writer when I'm good enough to "judge" the content. Of course not about grammar as I'm a non-native english speaker but marketing strategy. I know there's good content writers on here but let's be honest there's also many content writters whose their articles did not make any sales. People complaint about that a lot.
  57. A middle ground would be to write the articles and then have someone rewrite/edit it.
  58. Finding a writer that you can trade work with might be a better option though.
  59. If they are filler articles, then you can definitely 100% outsource those to a writer to get those written. You'll need to find a good one though - and once that is established, you can continuously source for filler articles from that writer.
  60. I have found several for $5 for 500 words, and $10 for 1000 words, and they write pretty well - just give them your keyword, or an outline, and they pretty much fill in the blank for you.
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  65. i think 20$/100 words id too costly, you can get the best content provider in our Content / Copywriting section for a cheap cost with good quality. but you have to pick the right seller.
  66. if you have good knowledge about writing you can write your self.
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