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  1. [u]Hyakuji 2.0 Template[/u]
  3. [b][u]Character Name:[/u][/b] Yamitsuki "Yami" Von Kaiser Metatron
  4. [b][u]Gender:[/u][/b] Male
  5. [b][u]Age:[/u][/b] 72,000, because of time looping.
  6. [b][u]Height:[/u][/b] 7 feet tall exactly!
  7. [b][u]Weight:[/u][/b] 200 pounds, almost all muscle.
  8. [b][u]Theme Song:[/b][/u] One-Winged Angel (From Advent Children)
  10. [b][u]Description or Image of Character Appearance:[/u][/b]
  12. The first thing normal people look at on Yamitsuki is his birthmark, a terrifying skull on his cheek. It looks like a tattoo, but he was born with it. It scares people and makes them afraid of him pretty easily. Yami has silvery hair like moonlight spun into thread, but has roses weaved in constantly, to prick him with their thorns to keep him alert until it's time to sleep and he takes them out. He wears a trench-vest with the Japanese word "Shin" on the front lapels, which is worn over his dragon-scale armor with a demon face sculpted into it. Because of his blood, Yami has a pair of blank angel wings that emerge from his shoulders, and the feathers are actually rusty knives because he doesn't oil them enough. He wears a samurai hakama with a chrysanthemum pattern weaved in and wears samurai sandals too. Because of his Eyes of Hell's Gates, Yami has one eye red like blood and one eye that constantly shifts colors but has the pattern of two crossed katanas in the middle.
  15. [b][u]Occupation:[/u][/b] Student, Chronosavant
  16. [b][u]Grade Level:[/u][/b] Freshman
  17. [b][u]Powers/ Abilities:[/u][/b]
  19. Forsaken Blood:
  21. Yamitsuki was originally descended from angels, but demons made him kill his also-angel girlfriend so he fell and became a demon himself. The power of his blood made him afraid to use his powers for a long time, so he trained to be a samurai in Tokyo, but he always kept his father's holy revolvers hidden in his clothes too. But his divine and demonic blood made him a target for a vampire, and when Yamitsuki was bitten, he became a vampire too, which made his blood even stronger. As a result of all this, Yamitsuki has angel powers like firing light beams, but also demon powers like using fire and darkness, and he can turn into a bat.
  23. Sharpshooter Samurai:
  25. Yami, afraid of his blood's powers, trained with his revolvers and got katanas too. Because switching weapons when he needed to was dangerous in battle, Yami had them forged together. He wields two katanas, one in each hand, and they have his father's holy revolvers in the hilts. Over time, as Yami killed people, the swords became demonic, especially because he was part-demon himself. They always burn with black fire along the blades, except when he keeps them in their sheathes. They're so evil that they'd possess anyone else who used them, but Yami is protected because of his strong will and his fathers' holy revolvers. They shoot blessed bullets made of platinum that Yami produces himself.
  27. Blood Magic:
  29. Yami's blood has a lot of power in it, and is ancient and powerful because it has angel blood AND demon blood, with vampire corruption later on too. If Yami drinks blood from somebody, he gets 10 times more powerful for the next hour. But because he keeps his body in shape by working out all the time and fighting, Yami is super-sculpted, and has a 98% muscle mass by weight, so he isn't a weak wizard.
  31. Sacred Hellfire:
  33. Yami is part angel and part demon, so he has access to a special power nobody else does called Sacred Hellfire. It burns anything because its holy and unholy at the same time.
  35. Hacker Skills:
  37. Yami learned a lot about computers and can hack into anything because he's so good with them.
  39. Ace Pilot:
  41. Yami was caught back in the time of dinosaurs for a few centuries becuase of his time loops and he invented the world's first giant mecha to keep himself safe, though he wound up fusing it with a Tyrannosaurus Rex eventually when it was super-damaged in a fight against time travelling demons that possessed 200 velociraptors at once. Yami can control his mecha, the Behemoth, with his thoughts alone.
  43. Super Learning:
  45. Yami knows a lot of skills because he's lived a super long time, but his Eyes of Hell's Gates let him learn any skill or action just by watching them for a few minutes. This makes Yami a powerful wizard who can cast anything.
  47. Speech Languages:
  49. Yami knows Japanese, Chinese, English, German, and Russian. He also knows how to speak Babylonian, Latin, and Martian, because he met aliens in the past who visited him because he was earth's best candidate who taught him how to speak it so he could be an interpreter in the future. Because he lived with dinosaurs for so long, he also knows how to talk to them and be understood.
  51. Galaxy Destroyer Stardust Dragon Style:
  53. Yami was learned his martial arts by watching lots of fights from all over the world, until he made his own style by putting together everything that did something the best. He can throw hadoukens and do the Shun Goku Satsu.
  55. Super Handsome:
  57. Yami is so handsome and good-looking that women get suspicious of each other and fight over him, something he always hates when it happens. He's tried to make this stop by sometimes wearing a mask or hood.
  59. Destiny:
  61. Yami is destined the save the whole world someday, Nostradamus told him himself, but Yami doesn't know when, so he's always worried about when the trouble might come.
  64. [b][u]Equipment You Have:[/u][/b]
  66. Yami's a computer genius too, so he always has an Alienware laptop he built himself with him.
  68. Yami has the Jewels of the Planet, one of each birthstone that are said to be the most beautiful and pure versions of those jewels in the whole world. They each have a special power of their own, and Yami keeps them embedded in his fingerless leather gloves.
  70. January: Garnet: Lets Yami control the weather.
  71. February: Amethyst: Gives Yami psychic powers.
  72. March: Aquamarine: Lets Yami breath underwater.
  73. April: Diamond: Gives Yami super-strength.
  74. May: Emerald: Lets Yami become Gigaplex Yami, having ultimate power for 10 minutes a year.
  75. June: Pearl: Gives Yami the power to see 5 seconds into the future.
  76. July: Ruby: Lets Yami teleport.
  77. August: Peridot: Gives Yami control over plants.
  78. September: Sapphire: Lets Yami take away someone else's powers.
  79. October: Opal: Lets Yami make lasers out of light.
  80. November: Topaz: Gives Yami control over nuclear radiation.
  81. December: Turquoise: Lets Yami heal people.
  83. The Behemoth:
  85. Yami's mech he fused with a T-Rex to make a cyborg. It can transform into a motorcycle he rides around when he needs to get someplace fast, but The Behemoth can become tall as a skyscraper when Yami needs it to be. The Behemoth has a lightsaber chainsaw-whip and its own special nuclear reactor Yami built and perfected over time, so it has infinite energy to power itself with.
  88. Stock Billionaire:
  90. Yami, because of his time loops, knew how businesses would turn out in the end, so he made 500 billion dollars off the stock market. He gives lots of it to his friends if they need cash.
  93. [b][u]Residency Request:[/u][/b]
  96. [b][u]Schedule:[/u][/b]
  97. Homeroom Teacher: Hiro
  98. 1)Advanced Demonology
  99. 2)Survival Studies
  100. 3)The Arts
  102. [b][u]Personality Description:[/u][/b]
  104. Yamitsuki Von Kaiser Metatron wants to be normal and wishes everyone wouldn't only envy his power and try to take advantage of him and make him do what they want.
  106. [b][u]Personal History:[/u][/b]
  108. Yamitsuki Von Kaiser Metatron has had a long, painful life. He was a descendant of angels, but demons made him kill his girlfriend who was also an angel, so Yamitsuki was banished from heaven. Before he was thrown out though, he was given his father's holy revolvers and one of his eyes.
  110. When he first came to earth in the 1990's, Yami didn't know what to do, but wanted revenge on demons for what they did to him. So he killed any demons he found, but this got the attention of the president of a wrestling company in America. Yami became a champion wrestler, but he was too good. The president wanted to get rid of him and slander his image, because the fans only cared about Yami and none of the company's other fighters. The president was a vampire, so he bit Yami to make him unable to fight, but that only made Yami stronger. Yami fled the wrestling company anyway, afraid of giving in to his new bloodlust.
  112. Yami keeps many secrets, and one of them is how he got stuck flinging through time over and over. He'd be randomly taken to one point in time, live there for a few hundred years or centuries, and then get taken somewhere else. This continued for 71,899 non-consecutive years. Eventually, it stopped, but he'd learned all kinds of things from civilizations all over the world, or even from before humans existed.
  114. 100 years ago in the past, it stopped, and Yami knew it. So he found himself living in Japan, and eventually helped found Hyakuji behind the scenes. He wanted to rest for a while, but realized he'd never experienced being a high school student before, so he disguised himself and started being a freshman.
  116. [b][u]Mashed Potatoes?[/u][/b]
  118. [spoiler]If you haven't figured out this whole thing is my (Pancake Mix's) deranged idea of a prank yet...well, you have now. If you're reading this, staff, I recommend gettting in on the fun and acting like you need a "second opinion" on the profile and asking someone else to take a look at it.[/spoiler]
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