furry quiz p1

Jan 29th, 2017
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  1. so, here are all the answers as anyone noone likes me and i'd anyway never get to 17 or more likes
  3. 1 | 4 years, but I've been active for only about 2 years so far.
  4. 2 | Deaviantart.
  5. 3 | I like the visual appearance of sergals and the background.
  6. 4 | It is a slightly deviated version of a randomly generated name, because i had no idea what to use as i wanted something short and pregnant sounding.
  7. 5 | Possibly a furred dragon, or a clouded leopard, as i find both species a-dorable.
  8. 6 | If that targets my irl friends, i don't even have non fur friends.
  9. 7 | It wasnt exactly a furry con, but i was at Infladance2.
  10. 8 | Nah, i have no mone.
  11. 9 | A good way to blow off steam.
  12. 10 | Yep, sure.
  13. 12 | Mostly gay i guess.
  14. 13 | Well, in RP, yes.
  15. 14 | Wtf are these questions; nah.
  16. 15 | I wouldn't buy a 1000€ suit just to ruin it, but who likes it shall do it all day.
  17. 16 | Yep, for some reason i like feetpaws.
  18. 17 | Yep;no.
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