Assassination of Mana

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  1. [13:51:06] * Briar continues to juggle as Corona guides him to town
  2. [13:52:49] * Lyle got bored with Tailoring, so he decided to come along with Briar. "Hey, Briar, I changed my mind."
  3. [13:53:26] * Briar tosses the apples in midair and catches them all in his hat.
  4. [13:53:33] <Briar> "I was wondering if you would."
  5. [13:54:23] <Lyle> "Eirene and Terse are sleeping in much more than I expected...although, I guess I'm a little too used to living with people who all got up at the same time..."
  6. [13:54:50] <Briar> "I'm used to getting up earlier, these beds are spoiling me."
  7. [13:57:16] <Giantree> "Um... here we are."  Corona stops mid-movement as she calmly guides the group to the entrance of the town.  "We're actually not... well-liked in town.  Please enjoy yourselves!"
  8. [13:57:53] <Lyle> "So you'll be heading back?  Thanks for showing us the way, Mistress Corona."
  9. [13:58:16] <Briar> "Thanks."
  10. [13:59:34] <Giantree> "Please let me know if there are any problems, okay?  The Mistress told me to ensure that you all enjoy your stay."  With a curtsey, the red-eyed maid backsteps in time to avoid the stones that begin being thrown at her.
  11. [13:59:54] <Lyle> "..."
  12. [14:00:07] <Briar> "..."
  13. [14:00:15] * Lyle GLARES at the people throwing stones, hand on his sheathed sword.
  14. [14:00:32] * Briar avoids eye contact with them.
  15. [14:02:42] <Giantree> Whoever they are they hide behind buildings.  At least it seems like the castle-folk aren't well-liked for... some reason.
  16. [14:03:44] <Briar> "Well, that was rude. I was wondering why Corona didn't put on a cloak or something..."
  17. [14:04:30] * Lyle was about to say something, then realized that Briar was right. "Now that I think about it, it seems a bit odd."
  18. [14:05:42] * Briar heads into town, just like everything was normal.
  19. [14:05:59] <Briar> "Yeah odd."
  20. [14:07:03] * Lyle walks in as well, sizing up the town and looking for places that migh thave something useful.
  21. [14:07:07] <Lyle> (*might have)
  22. [14:09:00] <Giantree> Past the scene at the gates, the town is lively, especially at night.  There seems to be a tavern of some kind where the sounds of drunks can be heard even from outside, but that's nothing to the sheer amount of LOUD coming from the nearby gambling hall.  It's amazing anybody could even stand to stay at the inn so close to it.
  23. [14:09:29] <Lyle> "Well, I see we've found the heart of the town..."
  24. [14:10:20] <Briar> "Wow, this is...well...the total opposite of Wendel."
  25. [14:10:46] <Briar> "Well, almost total."
  26. [14:11:06] <Lyle> "How fitting."
  27. [14:14:31] <Briar> "Shade and wisp are like night and day, I guess their cities match."
  28. [14:14:51] <Briar> "Except Shade is too quiet for this city to fit him."
  29. [14:16:02] <Lyle> "Maybe he put all of that aspect of him into this city, and the result was the quiet Shade we know."
  30. [14:16:19] * Briar shrugs
  31. [14:22:22] <Briar> 2d6 Inquiry to find where he can buy curatives
  32. [14:22:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Inquiry to find where he can buy curatives: 8 [2d6=3,5]
  33. [14:22:52] <Giantree> Actually, the stores are all in one building, fortunately on the other side of town from the gambling hall.  It seems to be quiet over there.
  34. [14:23:39] * Briar heads in that direction. Gambling can wait until afterwards.
  35. [14:23:57] * Lyle follows, taking in the sights of the city as he goes along.
  36. [14:25:11] <Giantree> It's essentially a quiet shack.  The shelves inside are lined with potions and what appear to be foods, with a man at the counter practicing his dancing.  He actually looks painfully familiar, too.
  37. [14:27:15] * Briar goes up to the counter...which is over his head, and states. "Hey, are you related to a Wendel Innkeep?"
  38. [14:27:40] * Lyle has met enough Mr. Motis in Wendel to not even be bothered by this.
  39. [14:28:28] <Giantree> "Aaaah!  Hello, friend!"  This one is fortunately able to speak comprehensibly.  "Of course!  Inns and shops are family businesses, you know!  ... For me and my fifty brothers."
  40. [14:29:15] <Briar> "Fifty, wow."
  41. [14:30:49] <Giantree> "Yes, yes, we get it more often than you think.  Sooo, here for some business?  We have everyone's favorite candy on sale today!"
  42. [14:30:51] <Lyle> "The Moti family is quite influential."
  43. [14:31:45] <Lyle> "...on sale for how much?"
  44. [14:34:01] <Giantree> "Hmmm... we have so many, I'd part with a few for 10 lucre today, each?  Of course that's not all we have, feel free to look around.  Mhm."
  45. [14:34:46] <Lyle> "I'll buy three, then." He'd put down 30 Lucre on the counter.
  46. [14:35:09] <Briar> "I'll buy five then."
  47. [14:35:18] * Briar puts 50 lucre on the counter.
  48. [14:35:27] <Briar> "Wait, make it 4."
  49. [14:35:35] * Briar takes 10luc back
  50. [14:36:01] * Briar thinks of Terse.
  51. [14:36:06] <Giantree> "Sold and sold!"  He smirks a bit at the way the deal changes at the last second, but divides up seven nice, round drops on the counter.  Of course he follows up by dancing some more.
  52. [14:36:18] <Briar> "Do you have anything for poisoning?"
  53. [14:36:22] * Lyle takes his candy, of course, and stuffs it in his bag.
  54. [14:36:35] * Briar takes his candy and stuffs it into his bag.
  55. [14:36:54] <Giantree> "Hmm... for making poison or for curing poison?"  Moti winks, indicating there may just be both.
  56. [14:37:03] <Briar> "Curing."
  57. [14:37:40] <Briar> "First at least. Had a comrade get hit with some recently."
  58. [14:39:32] <Giantree> "Oh! No problem, young friend!"  Giggling, he reaches over to a shelf behind the counter and pulls out some small, red, medical herbs.  "I'd part with these for the same price as those candies, I'd say.  Like a few?"
  59. [14:40:58] * Briar puts 20 luc on the counter. "Two should be enough."
  60. [14:42:00] <Lyle> "What else do you have...?"
  61. [14:42:04] <Giantree> "Certainly!"  Two of them get shoved over.
  62. [14:42:21] * Briar bags them.
  63. [14:42:33] <Briar> "Now for the other type of poisoning..."
  64. [14:42:41] <Giantree> "We deal in some more expensive things, too- to tell the truth, there's a new sale every day, even with SOME rare products every now and then.  Stop by more often!"  He coughs.  "Of course that's the same thing with all the other stores, too."
  65. [14:43:30] * Lyle would nod. "I'll keep that in mind."
  66. [14:44:24] <Briar> "Likewise."
  67. [14:45:06] <Giantree> The shelves show some strange-looking objects, but with the price tags in the hundreds.  A few of them even similar to the scale Lucia MYSTERIOUSLY produced earlier this morning.
  68. [14:46:06] * Briar spots the scale and makes note of how valuable some of the things they craft could be.
  69. [14:46:36] <Lyle> "Do you have any chocolate?"
  70. [14:48:39] <Giantree> He gives another wink.  "Ohhhh, a sweet tooth, eh?"  Shuffling around, he pulls out some packages.  "We have some nice gourmet chocolates here if you can really spare a whole 60.  They're REALLY popular in this town, you know."
  71. [14:49:11] <Lyle> "I'll take just one."  He'd put 60 down.
  72. [14:50:29] <Giantree> "Then it's done!  I hear Gnome is a fan of chocolates if you're in town for a while, eh?"  Another wink, but the exchange is complete.
  73. [14:50:56] * Briar thinks...
  74. [14:51:01] <Briar> "Then give me one as well."
  75. [14:51:11] * Briar puts 60 on the counter
  76. [14:51:57] <Giantree> "You bet!"  Another nicely-wrapped one with PAKKUN on the wrapper.. for some reason, much like the last one, gets gently slid across the counter in exchange.  "I hear if there's gold foil inside the wrapper you may win something... just maybe."
  77. [14:53:05] <Lyle> (Oh god marketing tactics)
  78. [14:54:17] <Briar> "Right now I am over budget, but I'll remember that in the future."
  79. [14:54:26] * Briar gets ready to leave the shop.
  80. [14:59:27] * Briar speaks aloud as he does.
  81. [14:59:43] <Briar> "I wonder if Undine likes chocolate."
  82. [15:00:03] <Giantree> Moti giggles in the background, but goes back to his bizarre dance practice with a "Come again!"
  83. [15:00:19] <Lyle> "Huh, I wonder too."  He'd also walk out, pondering this.
  84. [15:01:09] <Briar> "Well, Lyle we have a little time to spend. Would you like to hit the gambling hall or go hunting?"
  85. [15:01:39] <Lyle> "Hunting.  I don't think I'd be comfortable at all in that noisy gambling hall."
  86. [15:01:58] <Briar> "Heh."
  87. [15:02:20] <Briar> "Well, lets hunt on the path back to the others."
  88. [15:02:44] <Lyle> "Sounds good to me."
  89. [15:04:15] <Giantree> On the way out of town the gambling hall's even louder than it was before.  Fortunately the trail past the gates is quiet.
  90. [15:05:35] <Briar> "If these woods are anything like the willow, you know what to watch out for."
  91. [15:06:08] <Lyle> "Shouldn't be anything too strange here."
  92. [15:06:13] <Briar> 2d6+6 Watching Out for the usual subjects
  93. [15:06:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Watching Out for the usual subjects: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  94. [15:06:50] <Giantree> Like those rabites?  It's okay, they're frolicing behind the bushes by now, not even paying notice to anybody on the trail.  Going deeper would be a different story though.
  95. [15:07:27] <Giantree> There are also footsteps coming from the trail, possibly from town, but it COULD just be drunks going to the castle for a 'visit.'
  96. [15:07:40] <Lyle> "Ready?"
  97. [15:08:15] <Briar> "Ready."
  98. [15:08:22] <Briar> ((behind us or ahead of us?))
  99. [15:08:53] <Giantree> (Behind.)
  100. [15:09:31] * Briar turns around as he readies his whip.
  101. [15:10:05] <Giantree> The footsteps stop; all that's there is the trail.  And rustling bushes.  The rabits still haven't noticed.
  102. [15:10:07] <Giantree> +e
  103. [15:11:00] * Lyle turns around, hand on his sheathed sword. "Charge 'em?"
  104. [15:11:12] <Briar> "Yeah."
  105. [15:11:27] <Lyle> "All right.  On 3."
  106. [15:11:30] <Lyle> "1."
  107. [15:11:36] <Lyle> "2."
  108. [15:11:40] <Briar> "...wait...I could sneak up on them.":
  109. [15:11:41] <Lyle> "3!"
  110. [15:12:01] <Giantree> !
  111. [15:12:14] * Lyle rushes straight for them, too late, Lyle's too much of a Leeroy Jenkins for PLANNING, Briar.
  112. [15:12:46] <Giantree> Still, SURPRISE ROUND!  Four of them were hopping around eating... well, something.  They don't notice until it's too late.
  113. [15:13:16] * Briar moves to as close as he needs tobe and snaps his arm back for a whip at the Rabite.
  114. [15:13:39] <Briar> 2d6+5 Whip it, Whip it Good.
  115. [15:13:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Whip it, Whip it Good.: 15 [2d6=6,4]
  116. [15:13:50] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Briar > Lyle > Rabite x4'
  117. [15:13:51] <Briar> (+22)
  118. [15:13:54] <Giantree> CRACK.
  119. [15:14:31] <Giantree> The rabite reels!  Lyle, then Briar again- surprise rounds are surprise rounds after all.
  120. [15:14:42] <Giantree> The others shuffle around in terror.
  121. [15:16:23] * Lyle rushes in for the Rabite that Briar hit, running in to finish it off. He'd rush in, draw his sword and slice the Rabite in a single motion, then backflip back, cleaning his blade and sheathing it after landing.
  122. [15:17:12] <Lyle> 2d6+6 SLASH!; 27 base damage
  123. [15:17:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, SLASH!: 14 [2d6=3,5]; base damage: 27 []
  124. [15:17:22] <Briar> As Lyle backflips briar would whip right under him, using him for cover.
  125. [15:17:27] <Lyle> (So that'd be 35.)
  126. [15:17:31] <Giantree> SLASH.  The creature EXPLODES INTO BONES.
  127. [15:17:37] <Giantree> ... And a nice RABITE TAIL lands too.
  128. [15:17:42] <Briar> 2d6+5 Hidden Whip, Wing of Dragon.
  129. [15:17:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Hidden Whip, Wing of Dragon.: 9 [2d6=1,3]
  130. [15:18:14] <Giantree> The terrified creature rolls to the side, this time.  The bushes behind the group shuffle a little more.
  131. [15:19:02] <Briar> 2d6+6 Briar turns around and attempts to spot whoever is shuffling those bushes then turns rapidly back to the battle in a flourish.
  132. [15:19:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Briar turns around and attempts to spot whoever is shuffling those bushes then turns rapidly back to the battle in a flourish.: 10 [2d6=3,1]
  133. [15:19:53] <Giantree> The forest is black, so only blackness is in the bushes.  ... Maybe that says something though?  It quickly stops rustling, though there's time to spot a bit of movement.
  134. [15:20:03] <Giantree> Time for Lyle of course.
  135. [15:23:11] * Lyle this time doesn't rush in, since he's close to the Rabites now, and simply walks over and...wait, when did he attack? He drew his sword into an upwards vertical slash so fast that it seems that one instant he was staring down his target, and the next his blade was up in the air. The motion of him cleaning and sheathing his blade would almost seem painfully slow in comparison.
  136. [15:23:23] <Lyle> 2d6+6 Continuing the Rabite massacre; 27 base damage
  137. [15:23:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Continuing the Rabite massacre: 15 [2d6=4,5]; base damage: 27 []
  138. [15:23:31] <Lyle> (36~)
  139. [15:24:26] * Briar darts back after whipping the rabbite.
  140. [15:24:51] <Giantree> It winces in pain.  A LOT of pain.  The other two jump in and see Lyle assaulting their poor comrade, so they try to sink their tiny fangs in.
  141. [15:24:54] <Giantree> 2#2d6+5
  142. [15:24:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2#2d6+5: 15 [2d6=6,4], 14 [2d6=6,3]
  143. [15:25:09] <Lyle> (Looks like they both hit...)
  144. [15:25:22] <Giantree> ... 20 and 19 damage.  They're trying their best to be tough!
  145. [15:25:53] <Giantree> The other one tries to flee... and runs into Briar doing so.  This is the damaged one, of course, but he also tries a fangsink.
  146. [15:25:56] <Giantree> 2d6+5 @ chobin
  147. [15:25:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, @ chobin: 9 [2d6=2,2]
  148. [15:26:17] <Giantree> And is really really scared in his attempt to do so.  Or her.  Can rabites even reproduce?
  149. [15:27:32] * Briar whips at the rabbite at close range and the whip actually tries to wrap around it and slam it on the ground.
  150. [15:27:33] * Lyle would simply block with his arm, the attack not cutting through his hard Drakescale Jacket, but causing him to wince in pain as the fangs DO draw blood under the jacket. (10, 9 damage, so 19 damage total. Lyle is at 37 out of 56 HP.
  151. [15:27:49] <Briar> 2d6+5 Whip it
  152. [15:27:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Whip it: 10 [2d6=3,2]
  153. [15:29:09] <Giantree> The cute, furry creature rolls to the side and attempts to roll into the bushes, out of the way!  ... Of course, he just hurts himself, but still doesn't get wrapped.
  154. [15:30:53] <Lyle> (Welp, my turn...)
  155. [15:31:08] <Giantree> (It is, yep)
  156. [15:31:15] <Giantree> The rustling calms down.
  157. [15:33:38] * Lyle sees the Rabite going into the bushes and decides he doesn't want to let it get away, so he runs over there and draws into a downward slash into the bush that he rolled into. The bush probably isn't thick enough for him to not see the Rabite there if he knows it's there, so it shouldn't be much of a problem hitting it, although the poor bush gets shredded up in the process, sending
  158. [15:33:38] * Lyle leaves and twigs scattering after his blade. Lyle would need to not only get off blood, but some leaves off of his blade before sheathing it, but it doesn't take any extra effort to do so.
  159. [15:33:51] <Lyle> 2d6+6 You can run, but not hide; 27 base damage
  160. [15:33:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, You can run, but not hide: 12 [2d6=2,4]; base damage: 27 []
  161. [15:34:13] <Lyle> (That'd be 33 if it hit.)
  162. [15:34:46] <Giantree> It just barely catches the poor creature, causing it to roll over and... BOOM!  Its tiny fangs pop out as well; both of them, though they're fairly dull.
  163. [15:35:19] <Giantree> The other two look at each other and decide escape would be futile.  One jumps at the Chobin, the other at the Samurai, in a LAST DITCH EFFORT.
  164. [15:35:26] <Giantree> 2d6+5 Briar;2d6+5 Lyle
  165. [15:35:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, Briar: 13 [2d6=4,4]; Lyle: 11 [2d6=1,5]
  166. [15:35:37] <Lyle> "I would rather painlessly end this thing's life than let it suffer as it runs away."
  167. [15:35:45] <Giantree> 18 and 16 if they hit, but I DON'T think the latter does.
  168. [15:36:23] * Lyle manages to sidestep (12 EVA for the win) and then gets himself into a perfect position for slicing the thing on his turn.
  169. [15:37:30] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Briar > Lyle > Rabite x2 | Spoils: RABITE FANG x2, RABITE TAIL x1'
  170. [15:37:41] <Giantree> Briar!  They haven't given the fight up yet.
  171. [15:37:53] * Briar 's wing isn't quick enough to block the tooth and it sinks into his leg. Briar kicks it off. (18-10 damage. 42-8=34)
  172. [15:39:03] * Briar looks at the chobin who bit him. "Oh, so you're finally getting serious." Briar jumps into the air and cracks his whip had onto its head/body.
  173. [15:39:15] <Briar> 2d6+6 WHIP-CRACK!
  174. [15:39:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, WHIP-CRACK!: 11 [2d6=2,3]
  175. [15:39:25] <Briar> (I mean, +5, not +6)
  176. [15:39:41] <Giantree> Either way a NOPE.  The rabite rolls to the side and cowers.
  177. [15:43:03] <Giantree> .. And it's Lyle's.
  178. [15:43:55] * Lyle would make good on his positioning, and would draw straight into a diagonal strike on the Rabite that tried to attack him, then do a sidestep while cleaning the blade to get next to Briar, sheathing after he'd finish moving.
  179. [15:44:22] <Lyle> 2d6+6 Just slash and walk away like you don't care; 27 base damage
  180. [15:44:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Just slash and walk away like you don't care: 11 [2d6=1,4]; base damage: 27 []
  181. [15:45:01] <Lyle> (Looks like he missed.  Oh well.)
  182. [15:45:03] <Giantree> ... Finally, Lyle manages to get unlucky for once.  The rabites roll next to each other and turn tail.
  183. [15:45:36] <Giantree> It's slightly easier to do that because the rustling in the nearby bush subsides, allowing something to jump out.  Something that swings at the two of them with a sharp blade!
  184. [15:45:39] <Giantree> 2d6+4 @ both
  185. [15:45:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, @ both: 13 [2d6=3,6]
  186. [15:46:32] * Lyle is surprised, barely managing to get his guard up to try and block, but it's not good enough to negate the damage, so he would wince as his blocking arm took more damage.
  187. [15:46:34] <Giantree> 21 damage per hit!  What stands there, protecting the two tiny creatures, is a humanoid only a foot or two taller than Briar, wielding a glaive much taller than themselves.  A blue orb floats behind them.
  188. [15:46:37] <Giantree> "..."
  189. [15:47:10] <Briar> "GAH Son of a Goblin"
  190. [15:47:10] * Lyle took 21-10= 11 damage, so he'd down to 26 HP.
  191. [15:47:10] <Giantree> Of course, said humanoid is in a very familiar black cloak, with eye-holes small enough only to allow the person inside to survey the two.
  192. [15:47:44] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | ??? > Briar > Lyle > Rabite x2 (escaping!) | Spoils: RABITE FANG x2, RABITE TAIL x1'
  193. [15:47:59] <Giantree> The rabites don't even TRY to attack any more, they want out of this.  Briar?
  194. [15:48:14] <Briar> 42-(18-10=8)-(21-10=11)=23
  195. [15:48:35] * Briar goes and does what he normally does, goes for the weapon with his whip.
  196. [15:48:52] <Briar> 2d6+6 Steal the Blade. "Give me that!"
  197. [15:48:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Steal the Blade. "Give me that!": 12 [2d6=1,5]
  198. [15:49:03] <Giantree> 2d6+6 like this?
  199. [15:49:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, like this?: 12 [2d6=3,3]
  200. [15:49:15] <Briar> ((Roll off?))
  201. [15:49:29] <Giantree> (Nah, I know how I'll do this)
  202. [15:49:45] <Briar> ((does he really have a 6 in dex or str?))
  203. [15:49:57] <Briar> ((a +6 I mean?))
  204. [15:50:07] <Giantree> (Yep!  Look at how they're going first against you two DEXstacks.)
  205. [15:50:35] <Briar> ((briar only has 4... :())
  206. [15:50:39] <Giantree> The person keeps their grip on the weapon and leans to the side as the whip enters their cloak, pulling out a... small pouch of powder.  The spear-wielder leaps back in shock as it happens.
  207. [15:51:53] <Briar> "Iiiiiinteresting. I wonder how you survived that fall."
  208. [15:52:06] * Briar bags the powder.
  209. [15:53:02] <Giantree> "..."  They steel their position but remain silent.
  210. [15:53:14] <Giantree> 2d6+5 okay, that was taking a while to find, here's escapes for the rabites
  211. [15:53:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, okay, that was taking a while to find, here's escapes for the rabites: 12 [2d6=5,2]
  212. [15:53:24] <Giantree> 2d6+5 er, that was one, here's the other
  213. [15:53:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, er, that was one, here's the other: 10 [2d6=3,2]
  214. [15:53:33] <Giantree> One gets away, the other crashes into a tree.
  215. [15:53:55] <Giantree> Lyle!
  216. [15:54:55] * Lyle seems to be focusing on the enemy, looking for a good chance to hamper his main arm. (he's preparing a Power Break)
  217. [15:55:17] <Giantree> 2d6+5 rabite tries again
  218. [15:55:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, rabite tries again: 13 [2d6=5,3]
  219. [15:56:10] <Giantree> The other rabite gets out of their, fleeing from the site of his poor comrades' deaths.  The cloaked figure, however, swings their spear downward toward the chobin.  The strike is done in a manner hinting at some sort of anger - they WANT that powder back, whoever they are and whatever it is.
  220. [15:56:23] <Giantree> 2d6+6 SLASH
  221. [15:56:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, SLASH: 15 [2d6=5,4]
  222. [15:56:43] <Giantree> ... Holy god that's 27.
  223. [15:57:12] <Briar> 42-(18-10=8)-(21-10=11)(27-10=17)=5
  224. [15:57:13] <Giantree> BEFORE ARM, of course!  As the blade swings down a red orb generates behind the wielder.
  225. [15:57:28] <Briar> "ARG!"
  226. [15:57:32] <Giantree> Their hand stretches out... and pulls back as they backstep and survey the area.
  227. [15:58:22] * Briar pulls out the Pakun Chocolate and noms on it.
  228. [15:59:00] <Giantree> The foil inside is silver.  Shame!  ... But at least it tastes great.
  229. [15:59:42] * Briar leaps back away from the glaive man.
  230. [16:00:13] <Giantree> (+60 HP from that, by the way)
  231. [16:00:22] <Briar> ((hp maxed at 42))
  232. [16:00:49] <Giantree> And Lyle's turn!  Make it hurt.
  233. [16:01:53] * Lyle would take this chance to rush in and strike right for the man's main arm, his blade dispersing some sort of energy which goes into the man before he draws and slashes upward at the man's arm, then would clean his blade and sheathe it, staring the man down. (Power Break goes off, then he does a normal attack.)
  234. [16:02:04] <Lyle> 2d6+6 hit that arm!; 27 base damage
  235. [16:02:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, hit that arm!: 8 [2d6=1,1]; base damage: 27 []
  236. [16:02:20] <Lyle> (fuuuuu.  At least Power break doesn't require a hit.)
  237. [16:03:23] <Giantree> "...!"  The clocked person reels back and holds the glaive with one arm, staggering to do so.  At least they sidestep the following attack, but still struggle.
  238. [16:03:56] <Giantree> Gasping, the one-armed weapon gets brought down on the samurai!
  239. [16:04:01] <Giantree> 2d6+6 @ Lyle
  240. [16:04:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, @ Lyle: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  241. [16:05:55] * Lyle wouldn't have time to even attempt to block, the glaive going down his cheek and slicing his chest. He'd look visibly pretty hurt.
  242. [16:07:03] <Giantree> ANYWAY, that's 29 damage, thank the goddess for power break.
  243. [16:07:27] <Lyle> (Is that before halving?)
  244. [16:07:32] <Giantree> (That's after.)
  245. [16:07:41] <Lyle> (Oh DAMN. o_o)
  246. [16:07:52] <Giantree> (Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  Power Break was a REALLY good idea there.)
  247. [16:08:06] * Lyle takes 29-10=19 damage. 26-19 = ...7
  248. [16:08:20] <Giantree> As the weapon strikes, the blue orb flies out as well and hits him in the face simultaneously!  For 16 M.ARM damage.
  249. [16:08:34] <Giantree> Luck is a wondrous thing, isn't it?
  250. [16:08:52] * Lyle takes 16-10=6 damage...7-6 = 1
  251. [16:09:02] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | ???** > Briar > Lyle | Spoils: RABITE FANG x2, RABITE TAIL x1'
  252. [16:09:18] <Briar> GAH! I GOT to get that away from him.
  253. [16:09:41] * Briar whips back, going by his rule of steal twice, then fight.
  254. [16:09:47] <Briar> 2d6+6 GIVE ME THAT
  255. [16:09:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, GIVE ME THAT: 17 [2d6=6,5]
  256. [16:09:48] <Giantree> As the blue orb strikes, another red one appears.
  257. [16:09:58] <Giantree> 2d6+6 ... Welp.
  258. [16:09:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, ... Welp.: 13 [2d6=1,6]
  259. [16:10:00] * Lyle staggers back a bit, before barely getting himself to stand properly.
  260. [16:10:22] <Giantree> Playing dirty pays off, apparently.  A one-handed grip isn't very strong!
  261. [16:10:27] <Briar> "Lyle, eat that choc, you need it."
  262. [16:11:11] * Briar leaps further away from the now glaiveless man.
  263. [16:11:24] * Lyle would take the chocolate...AND EAT IT. Taking him back to 56 HP.
  264. [16:11:35] <Giantree> Also silver foil.  Awww.
  265. [16:13:41] * Briar hefts the glaive in his hand, feeling its weight.
  266. [16:14:03] <Giantree> "...!"  It's surprisingly light, as evident by the size of its wielder.  It's still pretty big though.
  267. [16:16:23] <Giantree> Fortunately with little strength (and no thief class abilities, no less), they have to IMPROVISE to try to grab their weapon back.  But the robed figure's one good arm stretches out toward Briar to do so, however futile it may be!
  268. [16:16:31] <Giantree> 2d6+1 vs Briar's DEX... yeaaaaah.
  269. [16:16:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, vs Briar's DEX... yeaaaaah.: 8 [2d6=1,6]
  270. [16:16:42] <Briar> 2d6+3 Dex it
  271. [16:16:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Dex it: 6 [2d6=2,1]
  272. [16:16:47] <Giantree> ... Oh.
  273. [16:16:50] <Lyle> oh.
  274. [16:16:54] <Giantree> SNATCH.
  275. [16:17:01] <Briar> (+4 I mean)
  276. [16:17:13] <Briar> "Oh no you don't."
  277. [16:17:21] <Lyle> (ffffff this fight.)
  278. [16:17:22] <Giantree> "..."  Grabbing the weapon they backstep and get a better hold on it this time.
  279. [16:17:35] * Briar whips back, breaking his rule of steal twice, and attempts to take it again.
  280. [16:17:40] <Briar> 2d6+6 GIVE ME THAT
  281. [16:17:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, GIVE ME THAT: 14 [2d6=6,2]
  282. [16:17:49] <Giantree> 2d6+6 oh but they get their DEX this time
  283. [16:17:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, oh but they get their DEX this time: 11 [2d6=2,3]
  284. [16:17:53] <Giantree> OH COME ON
  285. [16:17:59] <Lyle> FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  286. [16:18:04] <Giantree> They're... visibly frustrated.
  287. [16:18:10] <Briar> "That's more like it."
  288. [16:18:17] <Giantree> But it can totally be Lyle's turn now, after that silliness!
  289. [16:18:18] <Briar> "Hey Lyle, try this out."
  290. [16:18:25] * Briar tosses  him the Glaive.
  291. [16:18:37] * Lyle catch. He CAN use REach weapons, after all.
  292. [16:20:02] * Lyle does an experimental twirl of the Glaive to get a good feel for its balance before rushing in and slashing down with it. "How's it feel to be on the receiving end?"
  293. [16:20:17] <Lyle> 2d6+6 EAT IT; I don't even know what tier this thing is goddamn
  294. [16:20:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, EAT IT: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  295. [16:20:45] <Giantree> Not that it matters!  Because they sidestep out of the way... it is a tier 3 with ??? abilities though.
  296. [16:21:15] <Giantree> Curiously, the orbs still float behind them.  And as shouldn't be a surprise at all, Lyle becomes the target now even if their eyes still look toward the powder.
  297. [16:21:48] <Giantree> 2d6+1 foolish samurai warrior
  298. [16:21:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, foolish samurai warrior: 9 [2d6=4,4]
  299. [16:22:30] <Giantree> (... Wait a second, no, brawl is still just STR for DAMAGE, nevermind that!  Still +6.)
  300. [16:22:46] <Giantree> 2d6+6 NOW versus Lyle's DEX
  301. [16:22:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, NOW versus Lyle's DEX: 15 [2d6=3,6]
  302. [16:22:57] <Briar> (or str)
  303. [16:22:57] <Lyle> (Oh.  fff.)
  304. [16:23:07] <Briar> (he can choose which stat to combat with during a disarm)
  305. [16:23:09] <Giantree> (Whichever's higher, yeah)
  306. [16:23:46] <Lyle> (...well, he wouldn't get the Dex bonus from using the sword since he was using the Glaive, so...)
  307. [16:24:00] <Lyle> 2d6+3 Back and forth, back and forth
  308. [16:24:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Back and forth, back and forth: 9 [2d6=3,3]
  309. [16:24:03] <Briar> ((one in each hand))
  310. [16:24:12] <Giantree> (Even with it, wouldn't have helped, hurrdurr)
  311. [16:24:21] <Briar> ((it still counts as holding the weapon, so you keep the static bonus((
  312. [16:24:32] <Lyle> (I'd get penalized for dual wielding, bluh bluh.  Doesn't matter regardless.)
  313. [16:24:35] * Briar whips back, breaking his rule of steal twice AGAIN, and attempts to take it again.
  314. [16:24:40] <Briar> 2d6+6 GIVE ME THAT
  315. [16:24:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, GIVE ME THAT: 9 [2d6=2,1]
  316. [16:24:44] <Giantree> SNATCH!  Again!  Unless Briar wants to steal THREE TIMES they snag the weapon again, and one of the red orbs flies out and hits Lyle in the face for 16 more M.ARM damage for good measure.
  317. [16:24:47] <Giantree> ... Oh, he really did.
  318. [16:25:05] <Giantree> (Also this is the last round of power break, isn't it?)
  319. [16:25:06] * Lyle takes 16-10 = 6 damage, 56-6 = 50
  320. [16:25:15] <Lyle> (Hyup.  Bluh)
  321. [16:25:28] <Giantree> 2d6+6 nope.jpg by the way
  322. [16:25:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, nope.jpg by the way: 10 [2d6=2,2]
  323. [16:25:36] <Lyle> (ffff)
  324. [16:25:44] <Giantree> This is SO SILLY
  325. [16:25:54] <Giantree> At least Lyle didn't have his sword taken!  Anything?
  326. [16:26:42] * Lyle decides it's time to ACTUALLY DAMAGE THIS GUY, so he draws his sword into a diagonal slice while ??? is distracted by LOL BACK AND FORTH, then cleans and sheathes the blade.
  327. [16:26:53] <Giantree> 2d6 bonus ??? roll, also
  328. [16:26:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, bonus ??? roll, also: 7 [2d6=4,3]
  329. [16:27:06] <Giantree> ... Just had to make sure.
  330. [16:27:17] <Lyle> 2d6+6 C'MON HIT; 27 base damage
  331. [16:27:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, C'MON HIT: 16 [2d6=4,6]; base damage: 27 []
  332. [16:27:23] <Briar> ((he took it back))
  333. [16:27:29] <Lyle> (37 damage :3)
  334. [16:28:19] <Lyle> (Water damage, for what it's worth.)
  335. [16:28:30] <Giantree> Hits!  They step back and...
  336. [16:28:32] <Giantree> 2d6 another one
  337. [16:28:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, another one: 7 [2d6=1,6]
  338. [16:28:58] <Giantree> They step back and shake their head, hoisting the glaive up.
  339. [16:29:16] * Briar sighs. Well, the thieving failed, time to actually attack the guy.
  340. [16:29:45] <Giantree> 2d6+6 DC... Let's say 13, escape check
  341. [16:29:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, DC... Let's say 13, escape check: 12 [2d6=4,2]
  342. [16:30:18] * Briar swings his whip at an angle hoping to hit the guy on the side of the head.
  343. [16:30:36] <Briar> 2d6+5 WHIP OH NO YOU AINT GETTING AWAY FROM ME!
  344. [16:30:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, WHIP OH NO YOU AINT GETTING AWAY FROM ME!: 15 [2d6=5,5]
  345. [16:30:41] <Giantree> BAM!
  346. [16:30:49] <Briar> (37 damage)
  347. [16:31:25] <Giantree> The whip hits the person on the side of the head, and their hood as well, provoking a soft grunt.
  348. [16:32:33] <Lyle> "You're not getting away!" He'd try to attack ??? from the side, drawing his sword and slicing horizontally, aiming for their arm, before cleaning and sheathing his blade.
  349. [16:32:46] <Lyle> 2d6+6 Take it like a man; 27 base damage
  350. [16:32:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Lyle, Take it like a man: 12 [2d6=3,3]; base damage: 27 []
  351. [16:32:51] <Giantree> The hood... falls backward, revealing a childish face with shoulder-length hair that's an extremely unnatural, almost purplish color.  Their assailant, as can now be easily seen, has pointed ears with a black earring in each, and some violet markings on her face.  Of course, there aren't any words coming out besides "...!"
  352. [16:33:07] <Lyle> (...)
  353. [16:33:41] <Lyle> (Well, that was a bit hasty of me, I'll just assume Lyle was too busy trying to hit to notice, whatever.)
  354. [16:33:45] <Giantree> That said!  The wielder steps to the side and gasps, still holding the weapon with only one hand.
  355. [16:33:58] <Giantree> (Nah, that's fine, they're still really hostile)
  356. [16:34:19] <Giantree> (... Oh wait that actually hits, whoops~)
  357. [16:34:34] <Lyle> "A woman...huh, reminds me of that sprite woman."
  358. [16:34:36] <Lyle> (Fffff.)
  359. [16:34:43] <Lyle> (okay, 33 damage)
  360. [16:34:59] <Briar> "The way she speaks reminds me of Shade."
  361. [16:35:46] <Giantree> "..."  Shade is nowhere to be found, but the sprite(?) girl steels her position.  Upon closer examination, her eyes are gray and appear to have no pupils, much like the drake rider.. then again it was only Terse who saw that, wasn't it?
  362. [16:35:59] <Giantree> ANYWAY!  They give up trying to escape and swing the glaive in a wide arc again.
  363. [16:36:01] <Giantree> 2d6+4 both
  364. [16:36:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, both: 9 [2d6=1,4]
  365. [16:36:10] <Giantree> And... fall over in doing so.
  366. [16:36:34] <Briar> "Oh no, don't you try that again. Now I have to take your toy away from you."
  367. [16:36:56] * Briar whips the glaive as it arcs back
  368. [16:37:01] <Giantree> The floating red orb maneuvers into their free hand.
  369. [16:37:20] <Briar> 2d6+5 I like your toy. Give it to me.
  370. [16:37:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, I like your toy. Give it to me.: 13 [2d6=2,6]
  371. [16:37:26] <Briar> (+6 I mean)
  372. [16:37:26] <Giantree> 2d6+6 no, it's mine
  373. [16:37:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, no, it's mine: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  374. [16:37:41] <Briar> (14 beats a 13 :p)
  375. [16:37:52] <Giantree> (... Is it really +6?)
  376. [16:37:53] <Lyle> (ffff)
  377. [16:38:13] <Briar> ((Thievery Sleight of hand gives me +1 to thievery. 5 ranks +1 is 6)
  378. [16:38:31] <Giantree> (Oh, yeah, guess I can't say no to that then!  ... Then again steal isn't disarm, is it?)
  379. [16:38:43] <Briar> ((it is opposed))
  380. [16:38:51] <Briar> ((just does not need the initial hit to take))
  381. [16:39:05] <Briar> ((and can take from their person as well as their hands I believe))
  382. [16:39:16] <Lyle> (hmmmm.)
  383. [16:39:25] <Giantree> (I'm just making sure, because reading this over disarm requires special rules and steal is for things that AREN'T being wielded)
  384. [16:39:40] <Briar> ((oh...))
  385. [16:40:06] <Giantree> (I'm gonna go ahead and make that ruling, you can steal but you'd have to actually make the attack to disarm, 'kay?)
  386. [16:41:03] <Briar> 2d6+6 disarm roll then, using the first as a attack
  387. [16:41:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, disarm roll then, using the first as a attack: 14 [2d6=4,4]
  388. [16:41:16] <Giantree> 2d6+6 ... okay now you probably got it
  389. [16:41:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, ... okay now you probably got it: 12 [2d6=1,5]
  390. [16:41:42] <Giantree> Okay, that one isn't really disagreeable.  The opponent is now visibly glaring, even with pupil-less eyes, and just sighs.
  391. [16:41:42] <Lyle> "Give me it again."
  392. [16:42:10] * Briar tosses it to the Gemma Kn-Squire
  393. [16:42:20] * Lyle catch.
  394. [16:44:15] <Giantree> As he catches it, there's a glare from a red, fiery-looking creature and a blue one simultaneously from inside the spear's head.  Of course they disappear into the weapon a second later.
  395. [16:44:36] <Lyle> "...I see."
  396. [16:44:46] <Giantree> "..."
  397. [16:46:44] <Lyle> "I'll give it back, eventually, if you surrender now and agree to answer some questions, but otherwise..."  He points the Glaive at her, ready to strike.
  398. [16:46:52] <Giantree> "..."
  399. [16:47:15] <Giantree> The sprite(?) releases her battle position and just eyes the powder.  Or rather, eyes the chobin who stole it.
  400. [16:47:38] * Briar pulls out the powder. "Like why is this so important?"
  401. [16:47:45] * Briar examines the bag.
  402. [16:47:46] <Giantree> But, afterward, gives a nod in silence.  Which may just bode bad things for the questioning.
  403. [16:48:00] <Giantree> It looks like plain powder and smells like it too.  For the record, it's blue.
  404. [16:48:03] <Briar> "Can you write?"
  405. [16:48:13] <Lyle> "Took the words out of my mouth."
  406. [16:48:39] <Giantree> The sprite steps forward a bit and opens her mouth, revealing her tongue to have a black, magic-looking seal on it.  So, to follow up, another nod.
  407. [16:49:09] <Briar> "Enchanted to Silence. Effective."
  408. [16:50:00] <Lyle> " we even have anything to write with?"
  409. [16:50:39] <Briar> "Stick and dirt always works if there is...wait, I have something."
  410. [16:51:02] * Briar pulls out his handbound journal and pulls out a couple of pages from it and some charcoal."
  411. [16:51:37] <Giantree> With another "..." the attacker nods again, though reluctantly, and waits to be asked an actual question.
  412. [16:51:40] * Briar tosses them on the ground ahead of them.
  413. [16:51:51] <Briar> "Why is the powder so important?"
  414. [16:52:10] <Giantree> Slowly, and barely-literately, the word "MISSION" alone gets scrawled onto the paper.
  415. [16:53:16] * Lyle would blink. "Let me guess, we're going to get a similar answer for why you're silenced?
  416. [16:53:22] <Lyle> (+")
  417. [16:53:43] <Briar> "You were hired to collect it."
  418. [16:53:52] <Briar> "Do you know what it is for?"
  419. [16:54:04] <Giantree> A headshake.  The word "MANA" gets scrawled down after the mention of 'collecting.'
  420. [16:54:31] <Lyle> "O...kay.  So why did you attack us?"
  421. [16:54:33] <Giantree> ... "SPIRIT" follows up.
  422. [16:54:56] <Lyle> "..."
  423. [16:55:18] * Briar thinks of Blue... "Does it have to do with Undine?"
  424. [16:55:20] <Lyle> "Wisp went with Lucia's group that left this morning, right?"
  425. [16:55:38] <Briar> "Yeah. Shade is watching over the others."
  426. [16:55:48] <Giantree> Listening to the mention of multiple spirit names, she gets to work again.  "SHOULD NOT MEET"
  427. [16:56:07] <Briar> "Wait, the spirits should not meet?"
  428. [16:56:10] <Giantree> Nod.
  429. [16:56:12] <Lyle> "Why?"
  430. [16:56:40] <Giantree> The sprite stares for a second, before shaking her head with a shrug.  One finger points to the word "MISSION" again.
  431. [16:57:06] <Briar> "We are questing to retrieve a Siren's lost song, and the other sprite is questing to gain the aid of the spirits. I don't think they all need to be together."
  432. [16:57:21] <Briar> "As long as we keep the two groups apart."
  433. [16:57:36] <Lyle> "That might work..."
  434. [16:57:41] <Giantree> Listening, she nods again, but silently points to the word again.
  435. [16:57:47] <Lyle> "Although I'm still curious as to why..."
  436. [16:58:08] <Briar> "So, I ask again, does this blue powder relate to Undine?"
  437. [16:58:23] <Giantree> One hand reaches out, toward the powder again.  To the question she shakes her head, but it seems like she really wants it.
  438. [16:58:46] * Briar looks at it, and tosses it on the ground.
  439. [16:59:01] <Briar> ((without spilling it))
  440. [16:59:12] <Giantree> Like an animal the attacker quickly scrambles over to grab it, unless something stops her from doing so?
  441. [16:59:29] <Briar> "Do you know why we were attacked by the drake rider on the way here?"
  442. [16:59:38] <Briar> "Was that you?"
  443. [17:00:13] <Giantree> A stare... and then before answering she grabs the now-free bag of powder and closes her eyes, throwing the dust in her own face.
  444. [17:00:54] * Briar blinks as she does that.
  445. [17:00:56] <Giantree> The area is suddenly flooded with overwhelming mana as the body inside the cloak disappears, practically melting, leaving nothing but a pile of clothing on the floor.  As she fades away she gives a wicked smile.
  446. [17:01:09] <Lyle> "...I think we shouldn't have done that."
  447. [17:01:38] <Briar> " I know...I thought it would convince her to tell us more...did she die?"
  448. [17:02:02] <Lyle> "I...don't know."
  449. [17:02:13] * Briar checks the pile of clothing
  450. [17:02:14] <Lyle> "Well, at least I got to keep the glaive, I guess."
  451. [17:02:20] <Giantree> The sprite doesn't seem to be THERE anymore; nor are any of the orbs surrounding her.  Only equipment.
  452. [17:02:32] * Briar collects her equipment.
  453. [17:02:41] <Briar> "It is like...she evaporated."
  454. [17:02:58] <Briar> "I think we might encounter more like her."
  455. [17:03:08] <Briar> "...Assassins."
  456. [17:03:13] <Lyle> "Definitely."
  457. [17:03:40] <Giantree> A black cloak with some faint magical signature is easily obtainable... and probably wearable, too!  It's only a little bigger than Briar's size, and seems like Naida or Breezy could easily wear it.  Not like they've really had a whole lot of interaction, though.
  458. [17:04:13] <Giantree> The glaive is free for the taking as well- the red and blue spirits peek their eyes out.
  459. [17:04:17] <Giantree> Well, to Lyle at least.
  460. [17:04:50] * Briar picks up the papers she was writing on.
  461. [17:04:56] <Lyle> "Hi there.  I've never seen two spirits in a weapon before." Of course, to Briar, he would seem to be talking to the glaive.  Sure, let the crazy talk to his inanimate objects.
  462. [17:05:12] <Briar> "Wait, more spirits I can't see?" (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
  463. [17:05:22] <Giantree> The red one comes first.  <... Huh?>
  464. [17:05:42] <Giantree> <A human can see us?  ... Nah, my imagination.>
  465. [17:06:04] <Lyle> "No, it's not.  I can see spirits."
  466. [17:06:29] <Giantree> <Whatever.  I don't wanna talk to a murderer.>
  467. [17:06:47] <Briar> ((can Briar hear the talking?))
  468. [17:07:03] <Giantree> 2d6 on 5+ he can
  469. [17:07:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, on 5+ he can: 11 [2d6=5,6]
  470. [17:07:07] <Giantree> Then yes.
  471. [17:07:15] <Lyle> "I didn't kill your previous owner"
  472. [17:07:17] <Briar> "She did that to her self."
  473. [17:08:04] * Briar stops for a moment. I heard spirits again. That lightens his mood slightly.
  474. [17:08:04] <Giantree> <... You're kiddin'.  That powder stuff was there for... uh... er... well, I forgot, but still!>
  475. [17:08:27] <Lyle> "...was it for self-termination?"
  476. [17:08:37] <Briar> "If that powder she used was for self...what he said."
  477. [17:10:48] <Giantree> The blue one comes out and sighs DEEPLY.  <That's right.  We weren't wielded by the little one for long, but... well, it's too late now.  It's not like she listened to us.>
  478. [17:11:36] <Briar> "Why would anyone kill themself...doesn't make any sense."
  479. [17:11:38] <Lyle> "Do you know anything more about her mission than what she told us?"
  480. [17:12:00] <Lyle> "Briar, I think she killed herself so that we wouldn't get anymore information from her."
  481. [17:12:04] <Briar> "I mean, I can see sacrificing yourself to save others...but what she did...doesn't make sense."
  482. [17:12:32] <Briar> "Still doesn't make sense."
  483. [17:12:42] <Giantree> The Undine sighs some more.  <Apparently it was a mission from someone we don't even know about.  Her thoughts were clouded.  And... she'd failed her mission.>
  484. [17:13:43] <Lyle> "Assassin orders, from what I've heard, teach their members to value their mission more than their life.  If one fails their mission, they would rather die than live with the disgrace of failing their mission."
  485. [17:13:55] <Briar> "...brainwashing."
  486. [17:14:45] <Giantree> The Salamdo/er peps up.  <Yep!  Awful stuff.  All we know is, well, the little one sure knew how to WIELD us, that's for sure.  We don't even know WHAT those ball things were about.>
  487. [17:15:23] * Briar checks the pile of clothes for anything else, as well as see if the bag of powder is still around.
  488. [17:16:13] <Giantree> Briar knows what he sees in there.  What, thought she went commando?  ... But regardless, the bag is there but empty.  It could store some small objects, at least; also it looks like she was carrying a walnut for some reason.
  489. [17:18:15] * Briar folds the assassin's clothes its, *cough* contents, and all and bags them. He then bags the bag and walnut.
  490. [17:19:56] <Lyle> "Well, if you two don't mind, we'll be holding onto this weapon.  I'm sure myself or someone else would be able to put you to good use."
  491. [17:21:29] <Giantree> The red one spins around.  <Sure!  I'll tell you a secret, kid: Only one of us is really doing stuff at a time, but we both got shoved in here.  Just ask who you want, 'kay?  Can't really help what happened here, and it's not like we could say no even if we WANTED to!> <Indeed.>
  492. [17:22:00] <Giantree> BLACK CLOAK acquired!  MAGIC WALNUT acquired!  B/W PANTIES... maybe we shouldn't go there just yet.
  493. [17:22:04] <Lyle> "Understood.  I look forward to working with you two."
  494. [17:23:04] <Briar> "Spirits in weapons...makes me wonder if the family whip has a spirit in it."
  495. [17:23:15] <Lyle> "You want me to try talking to it?
  496. [17:23:21] <Lyle> (+")
  497. [17:23:30] * Briar carefully hands the whip to Lyle.
  498. [17:23:55] <Lyle> "Hello, anyone in there?"
  499. [17:24:15] <Giantree> There's something emanating from the whip, but it doesn't say anything.  It... almost feels afraid, if there actually IS anything in there.
  500. [17:25:34] <Lyle> "Not very social?  I understand..."  He'd turn to Briar. "I can tell they're in there, but they don't want to reveal themself.  I can't force an unwilling spirit out, so that's all I can really tell you."
  501. [17:25:45] * Lyle would hand the whip back to Briar.
  502. [17:25:51] <Giantree> It feels relieved.
  503. [17:26:15] <Briar> "Ah, well I'll protect the spirit as my family has done the whip for generations."
  504. [17:27:29] <Briar> "I know for a fact that it has saved my family countless times."
  505. [17:31:29] <Lyle> "Well, that's that.  Should we head back to the castle?"
  506. [17:32:22] <Briar> "Yeah, who knows if she was part of a pair....and if someone is heading to the castle to get the others."
  507. [17:32:34] * Briar hurries towards the castle.
  508. [17:32:50] * Lyle would nod before hurrying over as well. "Better safe than sorry."
  509. [17:34:00] <Giantree> A certain somebody is at the front gate, cleaning the outside of the castle.  Her poofy orange ponytail swooshes around as the others approach.  "Oh!  Welcome back, Sir Lyle, Sir Briar.  Did it go well?"
  510. [17:34:46] <Briar> " well as a failed assassination attempt on us could be called."
  511. [17:38:50] <Lyle> "We got a lot of materials...and yeah, nearly killed."
  512. [17:39:32] <Briar> "Yeah, we need to convince Lady Lucia to help us stock up on Chocolate."
  513. [17:39:36] <Giantree> A loud gasp.  "W-Wait, w-what?  That... um... it's safe inside, at least."  Corona lets out a deep sigh with a whisper.  "I'm so glad the Mistress wasn't here..."
  514. [17:40:00] <Giantree> "Please come inside where it's safe.  I'll do my best to make she nothing gets in!"
  515. [17:40:07] <Lyle> "Maybe we'll get a golden ticket..."
  516. [17:40:24] <Briar> "That is only for commerical chocolate."
  517. [17:40:44] <Lyle> "Oh.  Oh.  You meant actually making it."
  518. [17:41:06] <Briar> "Yeah. She and Terse are great at making that kind of stuff."
  519. [17:41:12] <Briar> "Apparently."
  520. [17:42:12] <Lyle> "Well, we know for sure Terse is a good cook..."
  521. [17:42:43] <Briar> "And Cooking is basically Alchemy with Taste."
  522. [17:42:49] <Briar> "And less magic."
  523. [17:43:02] <Lyle> "Indeed."
  524. [17:43:47] <Giantree> "Hehe.  I... um, practiced making chocolate for the Mistress myself."  Leading the two inside, the doors creak closed.  "I could.. make a little?"
  525. [17:45:26] <Briar> "Really? That would be wonderful miss Corona. The Chocolate we bought today was the only thing that saved us from death."
  526. [17:45:38] <Lyle> "Oh?  You must have many talents, to be able to not only clean so thoroughly, but also the ability to cook..."
  527. [17:45:38] * Briar is being humble.
  528. [17:46:06] <Briar> ((since stealing the glaive probably saved them quite a bit))
  529. [17:46:14] <Giantree> "That's only the sort of duties a maid HAS to have!  ... Since I'm the only one who actually does any of it and all."  ;_;
  530. [17:46:41] * Lyle would blink. "Then what are the other maids for?"
  531. [17:46:46] <Briar> "Really? The only one? Does Lady Lucia know?"
  532. [17:47:06] <Briar> "Do you do all of the groundswork too?"
  533. [17:47:51] <Giantree> "They, uh... well, let's just say there's a place where all the old man gamblers who owe debt from Menos go."  She blushes while sweeping along.
  534. [17:48:56] <Giantree> "But um... well... that..."  Blushing even harder, INTO THE KITCHEN.  "Please let me know if you need anything, okay, Sir Briar, Sir Lyle?"
  535. [17:48:57] * Lyle seems to be pondering a bit, then... Blood sucker-> Blood sucker's maids might be blood suckers -> Debt -> Sexy maids -> old men
  536. [17:49:23] * Briar remembers Lucia's comment about blood exchange rate.
  537. [17:49:40] <Lyle> "I...get it.  Unfortunately.  Anyway, we'll be sure to ask you if we need anything, Mistress Corona."
  538. [17:49:42] * Briar ...perhaps the Old Men sell their blood to these maids.
  539. [17:52:51] * Briar retreats to a sitting room to examine the black cloak a little further and wait for the others to wake up.
  540. [17:54:30] <Briar> /session
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