Meet Me In The Woods Tonight

Dec 10th, 2019
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  1. >Driving though falling snow always reminded you of hyper speed on the Millennium Falcon.
  2. >Or was it hyperspace?
  3. >You can't really recall nor care as you maneuver your way through secluded mountain roads.
  4. >Somehow, your wife had convinced one of her co workers to let the both of you stay in one cabins she owned for a winter vacation.
  5. >You half smile and half frown as country music comes on making you grab her thigh and give it a sharp squeeze.
  6. >"You know I hate country music love." you remark calmly, giving her thigh a quick rub.
  7. >Immediately, you feel her paws and claws wrap around your forearm.
  8. >"I Love country music mister! besides I got us this nice cabin! You can deal with my playlist!" She responds.
  9. >You sneak a peek away from driving to look at your wife.
  10. >She is (and always has been) a mountain lion Anthro, long brown hair drapes her shoulders as she presses her claws into your jacket.
  11. >You playfully swat away the claws and smile.
  12. >She wears long jeans, a thick white button up top, and basic boots that you helped her put on.
  13. >"Yea you got us the cabin. How did you manage that anyway?" you ask as you gently grip her paw in your hand, squeezing it irregularly to make her claws pop out a bit.
  14. >Millie smiles out the window as she rests her chin on her paw, her elbow on the car window sill.
  15. >You had driving nearly 6 hours to get to this cabin.
  16. >"You remember Georgina? the poodle anthro? She offered it to us when I told everyone we were going on vacation" She answers with a wistful smile.
  17. >You nod as you drive, high beams illuminating your way.
  18. >"I thought she hated you though" you respond, clicking the dial on your heated seats one more notch.
  19. >It is cold in the mountains, especially as the sun begins to set.
  20. >You can hear the obvious enthusiasm in Millie's voice as she answers.
  21. >"I thought she did too! But she offered to let us stay at her cabin! How nice is that?" she answers with obvious happiness.
  22. >You only got bits and pieces of the story between Millie and Georgina.
  23. >From what you knew; Georgina, a poodle anthro, had always been upset that Millie outshone her in sales
  24. >Millie is a saleswoman at a medical supply center, and ever since she joined "the team" two years ago, Georgina had been a bitch to her.
  25. >At least you thought she had been.
  26. >Her offering to let you and Millie stay in her cabin was...well, it was downright festive.
  27. >Maybe you had judged her too quickly.
  28. >"In one mile turn left" chirps your phone's GPS as you drive.
  29. >"Ohh I'm so excited Anon! We haven't had a proper vacation since long before the accident!" Millie muses, placing a paw on your thigh.
  30. >You sigh, and focus on the road.
  31. >"Yea Millie, we needed this" you answer after a moment.
  32. >"In half a mile turn left!"
  33. >You didn't want to focus on that.
  34. >Instead, you grip her paw in your hand and squeeze it softly.
  35. >"Yea..." you mumble.
  36. >She squeezes your hand gently, making her claws dig into your skin a little.
  37. >"We'll get through this" she states confidently.
  38. >You swallow heavily and as you turn focus on the road
  39. >"Yea"
  40. >"Turn left" comes the robotic voice of the GPS.
  41. >You follow the instructions and begin following the winding driveway to the cabin.
  42. >"Georgina Said this place has the best view for miles, and I would never see better" Millie chimes happily, still holding your hand in her paw.
  43. >"I hope it's not the best; we have so much more to see" you respond, giving her paw a quick squeeze and you focus on the snow covered dirt driveway.
  44. >You car is not really meant for snow, of course it can drive through it, but you would rather be safe than sorry.
  45. >"Wait wait! Georgina told me to stop around here to turn on the power to the place!" Millie chirps, pulling her paw from your hand and smacking your thigh rapidly in excitement.
  46. >You pull to a stop in the falling snow and look around.
  47. >"Here?" you ask, looking outside.
  48. >Millie has her phone out and is looking at something.
  49. >"Halfway up the driveway in a shack, go inside and flip the lever to restore pour to the cabin" She reads off.
  50. >You look around and see a small shack off to the left.
  51. >"This looks like an elaborate attempt to murder me" you say as you unbuckle your seat belt.
  52. >"And then do what? I can't push the pedals anymore" Millie retorts.
  53. >Fair enough.
  54. >You step out of your car into the falling snow, noting the silence of the night.
  55. >Snow always dampens noise, so all you hear is the soft crunch under your boots as you trudge through the ever deepening snow.
  56. >The door to the shack is unlocked as you pull it open, and you discover a circuit box and a large lever attached to it, toggled to the "OFF" position.
  57. >Without much thought, you flip the lever up and see lights begin to flood through gaps in the wooden planks.
  58. >Nice.
  59. >You make your way back to your car, and kick off as much snow as you can before entering the vehicle.
  60. >"Love...?" comes Millies uncertain voice as you drive towards the lights.
  61. >"Hm?" you respond.
  62. >Millie is quiet for a moment; then responds "I think Georgina tricked me" she says, with notes of sadness in her voice.
  63. >"What?" you respond.
  64. >Then you look at the "Cabin" Georgina let you and Millie stay in.
  65. >It's a three story cabin, all connected with stairs.
  66. >The bottom floor is just access to the rest of the cabin, the second floor being closed off by wood, and the top floor being encased in glass, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.
  67. >It should be an ideal vacation spot.
  68. >Except there is one problem.
  69. >Millie is wheelchair bound.
  70. >More than a year ago, a drunk driver hit your car.
  71. >You came out mostly unscathed.
  72. >She came out with a broken spine.
  73. >After months of rehab, she could feel her legs again; but not move them.
  74. >You stare at the multi layered cabin in both disgust and admiration.
  75. >It is a beautiful cabin.
  76. >But it is a knife in your wife's heart, a cruel joke.
  77. >You slowly pull up to the cabin, looking up at it as it looms over your car.
  78. >Millie can't climb stairs anymore, or even walk.
  79. >To trick a paralyzed co worker into driving 6 hours to a cabin she couldn't get into was beyond you.
  80. >"A-anon....Anon, I'm s-sorry" Millie sputters next to you.
  81. >You look over to see her in tears, frowning while staring at the small wooden spire.
  82. >"We drove so far and I can't even...."
  83. >Her green eyes, full of tears focus on you.
  84. >"I'm sorry Anon"
  85. >That makes you hurt more than ever before.
  86. >More than when you learned your wife would be paralyzed, more than when she struggled to walk only to fall into your arms.
  87. >One day, she might walk on her own again.
  88. >But right now, she would never get up those stairs.
  89. >You breathe deep, and frown at the cabin; feeling more and more anger as you look at it.
  90. >Were you going to let ANYONE dictate your happiness? Georgina wanted to trick you and Millie?
  91. >FUCK THAT.
  92. >"Its perfect" you say as you step out of the car into the falling snow.
  93. >"Babe wha?" is all you hear as you shut the car door.
  94. >You walk around the car and open the passenger door, much to Millie's surprise.
  95. >"Love what are yo-eep!" she gets out as you scoop her up.
  96. >Yes, she might be a 6'1 mountain lion anthro.
  97. >Yes, she might be a deadly apex predator.
  98. >But she is your WIFE.
  99. >Literally nothing else matters besides her happiness as you carry her bridal style up the stairs to the main bedroom.
  100. >She doesn't struggle as you carry her, instead wrapping her arms around you and staring at you in amazement.
  101. >You falter a bit going up the stairs, but are spurred at the start of her deep purring.
  102. >When you lay her down on the bed, you sigh from the effort and smile at her, breathing deep to catch your breath.
  103. >Millie props herself up on her arms and gives you a slow sensual kiss.
  104. >"I'm sorry my love, but that was amazing" she whispers, rubbing a paw across your cheek with slow sympathy.
  105. >You slowly rub her cheek with a hand.
  106. >"Fuck Georgina" you respond, earning a hearty laugh from Millie.
  107. >"We can still enjoy ourselves, fuck that bitch" you continue, standing up and looking out at the woods surrounding the cabin.
  108. >It truly is a gorgeous view.
  109. >"Lemme get the wheelchair and bring everything up"
  110. >Millie stares at you with wonder in her eyes as you head down the stairs once more.
  111. >You wouldn't be able to bring everything up in one trip; but you could bring up a lot.
  112. >First was Millie's wheelchair.
  113. >You take extra care to set it up next to the bed where Millie sits; having propped herself up.
  114. >"Babe bring the food and stuff next, I'll get to working on dinner" she says as she slides herself into her chair.
  115. >You nod silently and head back out into the cold.
  116. >Millie had packed a bunch of food and drinks you you both so that instead of having to leave you could simply stay at the cabin for days.
  117. >You grab the cooler of prepped food.
  118. >Millie had insisted on preparing food for cooking so neither of you would have to worry about meals.
  119. >As you heft the cooler up the stairs you are infinitely grateful .
  120. >When you set to cooler down, Millie is immediately at it, picking through the prepared meals.
  121. >"Hmm, asada? Salmon? Maybe shrimp? What do you think love?" she asks as she sets various semi frozen meals in her lap.
  122. >"Whatever is done fastest" you grunt as you head back down.
  123. >Next for you to bring up is well, everything else, 2 suitcases full of 2 weeks worth of clothes, a few bags of snacks and 2 backpacks with your work laptop, and her work laptop.
  124. >Not an easy task, but one you take a few trips handling.
  125. >Each time you bring more things up, the smell of some sort of seafood cooking wafts through your senses.
  126. >Millie sits in front of the stove in her wheelchair, Humming happily.
  127. >You smile as you collapse onto the bed, having brought up the last of the clothing.
  128. >2 weeks worth of clothes doesn't seem like much when carried a few yards.
  129. >When carried up 2 stories of slippery stairs, it's a bit more.
  130. >You flop onto the bed; having brought everything up and catch your breath for a moment.
  131. >As the smell of cooking garlic hits you, you feel Millie roll her chair next to you.
  132. >"Love? You OK?"
  133. >You nod and glance at her for a moment.
  134. >"I'm good"
  135. >She backs her chair up then scoots it forwards suddenly, using the momentum to shoot herself on top of you.
  136. >A new tactic she learned with her wheelchair to get on you.
  137. >She nuzzles against you,rubbing her face and extravagant bust against you.
  138. >"Y-you surprised me love..."
  139. >You wrap your arms around her in a tight hug, earning loud purring.
  140. >"FUCK Georgina" you half roar, half gasp.
  141. >You aren't out of shape at all.
  142. >If anything, pushing Millie around has helped to get you into shape.
  143. >But carrying her and everything else has taken a toll on you.
  144. >Millie nuzzles you one more and give a quick kiss.
  145. >"My hero" she says before she scoots herself back into her wheelchair.
  146. >As you catch you breathe , you hear Millie wheel herself around the kitchen; the sound of sizzling meat filling the cabin.
  147. >You take one final deep breathe, then sit up.
  148. >The view of this place finally hits you.
  149. >The top floor of the cabin is well above the treetops, letting you look down onto a valley with a town in the center.
  150. >The snow covered landscape looks alien almost, with trees gently shaking in the breeze.
  151. >"Wow" is all you can say as you look out over it all.
  152. >"Georgina might be a bitch, but this place is amazing" Millie comments behind you over the sound of meat cooking.
  153. >You hear a few scraping sounds and then Millie's wheelchair rolling to you.
  154. >"Dinner is served!" Millie chimes happily, passing you a plate.
  155. >Those pre-planned meals were a wonder.
  156. >Salmon, with a bit of pan fried asparagus.
  157. >You're about to dig in when Millie whacks your shoulder.
  158. >"Wha?" you ask, a forkful of food halfway to your mouth.
  159. >"Ditch the dirty clothes!" Millie chastises, pointing to your wet pants, boots and jacket.
  160. >Right, snow plus heat = wet
  161. >You stand and begin taking it all off, trying to ignore Millie's rendition of "it's getting hot in here"
  162. >When at last, you're in nothing more than your undergarments, you sit back down on the bed and then look at Millie
  163. >"Happy?" you ask in annoyance
  164. >"Ohhh yess" she purrs, her tail twitching behind her.
  165. >You freeze and look at her, then smile.
  166. >"Millie, do that again"
  167. >She looks at you perplexed, then you see her tail wiggle again.
  168. >"What's wrong love?" she asks confused.
  169. >You point to her tail, which is still wiggling somewhat.
  170. >"MY TAIL! It's moving!" She gasps, staring at her tail, wiggling it more.
  171. >"It is love! Maybe this is just what we needed"
  172. >Millie smiles at you and wiggles happily in her wheelchair; her green eyes looking you over.
  173. >"So are you gonna help ME undress Mister?"
  174. >You smile and stand, then carefully move her to the bed, where you remove her pants, while she pulls her shirt off.
  175. >As you're about to give her a kiss, a plate is shoved into your face.
  176. >"Dinner first lover boy!" She singsongs.
  177. >You frown, and grab your still steaming plate of food.
  178. >Millie shakes her shoulders side to side, making her breasts wiggle seductively.
  179. >"We will have plenty of time for that Love" your lovely feline cooes, holding her own plate of food.
  180. >"at first! Play later!" she teases.
  181. >You frown but listen to her, eating silently.
  182. >As you eat, you recognize one of the pre planned meals you and Millie had made.
  183. >White wine, lemon and garlic salmon with a rice something (Pilaf...pillow? Whatever. It tastes good)
  184. >Millie bounces happily on the bed in just her undergarments.
  185. >"MMMMMM SO good!"
  186. >You smile as you eat, watching your wife eat happily with a backdrop of snow and frigid mountains
  187. >The view almost makes you shiver; well that and the cold.
  188. >You finish eating and collect Millie's plate from her, setting it in the cabin's sink.
  189. >Yea, you could wash them now, but you just drove 6 hours to a cabin that was supposed to be a joke.
  190. >"Oh OH! Love! com'ere! Georgina is calling with facetime!" Millie calls to you, patting the bed next to her as her phone begins to play some song you don't know.
  191. >No time to question it.
  192. >yYou rush over and get into the bed next to Millie, who at the same time clicks the "Accept call" button on her phone.
  193. >A White poodle anthro appears on her screen, wearing overly frilly pajamas.
  194. >"Hiiiii Millie, enjoying the cabin yet?" she drools, holding her phone while absentmindedly brushing her teeth.
  195. >"Ohhhh yes Georgina! We have enjoyed it throughly" Millie retorts breathlessly.
  196. >You are about to look at her, when Georgina finally looks at her phone to see you and Millie in the cabin bed, both shirtless.
  197. >The messed up bed, no Visible clothes besides Millie's strained bra.
  198. >It looks like you two just finished having a romp in the bed.
  199. >Georgina gags, having shoved her toothbrush too far into her mouth.
  200. >She spits for a moment, coughing.
  201. >You just smile and watch.
  202. >She gives a halfhearted smile after half a minute, having coughed up her lungs.
  203. >"G-good! enjoy *Cough*" the poodle says with a half hearted smile.
  204. >"We most definitely will" Mille responds, reaching a paw behind her back to unhook her bra.
  205. >Georgina cuts the call before she can though and Millie giggles to herself.
  206. >"Proud of yourself?" you ask as you Pull Millie close and kiss her forehead
  207. >She nods and purrs happily.
  208. >"Most definitely" she purrs, looking into your eyes.
  209. >"Good"
  210. >Millie snuggles against you as you pull the covers over The two of you.
  211. >You snuggle against her, savoring her soft fur rub against your bare skin.
  212. >"how do we not get blinded by the sun in the morning" you ask, feeling your eyes begin to shudder.
  213. >Wordlessly, Millie reaches a paw to her sides bedside table, where she grabs a remote and clicks a button.
  214. >Long thick drapes wind down and covers all the windows, leaving you and Millie in near pitch darkness.
  215. >Millie's Purrs fill your chest as she sets the remote back down and you wrap your arms around your wife.
  216. >"I Love you Anon" she purrs, giving you a final kiss goodnight.
  217. >"I Love You Millie" you respond, nuzzling her gently.
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