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  3. '''Pre-Jun 2017'''
  4. >Some nigger guy wants rage after storm, she doesn't want nigger dick, he spergs out because you can't deny pussy to a nigger, tree of logic trolls him over it
  6. '''Jun 2017'''
  7. >Rage after storm(ex-septic) makes video titled race is real
  8. >Andywarski, KrautandTea, Someblackguy, Jeff Holiday & Kisara host livestream bashing her and jerking themselves off
  9. >The following day kraut tweets to kippercentral(Rage's boss) telling them "you might want to look into the views of one of your contributors"
  11. '''Sept 2017'''
  12. >Kraut begins a video series "debunking" race realism
  13. >Prominent alt-right ACADEMICS RESPOND! and destroy his arguments
  14. >This continues for a few months
  15. '''Nov 2017'''
  16. >Kilroy begins around now, a "free speech conference"
  18. '''Dec 2017'''
  19. >Leaks from kraut's "Academic" discord server, released by Edgy/JF/guardian "dedicated to debunking race realist claims" show that the server was aiming at doxxxxxxxxxxing
  20. >Kraut and Jeff Holiday try to pretend they didn't know what was going on
  21. >Further leaks show they are lying cunts
  22. >Kraut in contact with NYC journalist I wonder why, after bashing them repeatedly in the past for their shitty reporting
  23. >Zeph turns coat
  24. >Andywarski disavows and begins his march towards auschwitz 2.0, this time with real gas chambers
  25. >Jim notices the shitstorm and makes his video series, ep 1:
  26. >Sargon gains his new title: The stepfather This later gets upgraded, see below
  27. >Kilroy dies around now, they begin to remove people on the alt right from their conference but still keep their names and faces on the website to sell tickets
  28. >DesTINY begins to sperg out(more than usual) and starts talking about "Ethical CP". Yeah.
  29. >Kraut's personal history exposed. Vibrating nipple clamps, BDSM fetish, having his dick split by him fucking up with an axe, dick kicking fetish and politician mother all disclosed to the public
  30. >JF calls out zeph for his girlfriend asking him to fuck, he responds by saying "I don't care if she's banging other guys, we don't have a sexual connection, we have an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION"
  31. >Jim sends an army of autists to tell hasbro that andy is coming to kill them. Adam Racewarski is born.
  32. >Kraut leaves the internet saying he turned into a monster
  33. >JF gets into a twitter argument with desTINY, desTINY slanders him, JF prepares to sue
  35. '''Jan 2018'''
  36. >Spencer vs sargon and styx in a debate on warski live, sargon gets called out for overinflated intellectual ego, sargon leaves stream because "He's tired" then proceeds to host an hour long livestream on his channel patting himself on the back
  37. >Murdoch Murdoch makes video on how badly destroyed sargon was
  38. >Sargon proceeds to make a new "political movement" Read LARP called the liberalists
  39. >Sargon uses minion Louis LeVau aka Thomas "yellow fever" Nelson to entrap jim on a livestream, Jim turns tables and destroys the both of them by calling their LARPing cult cringy as fuck
  40. >Vee's vore fetish revealed, his mother is tracked down and some autiste in these threads decides to post his deviantart account to his mom for shits and giggles since he's fine with doxxxxxxxxxxing
  41. >Laura loomer vs jim, andy gets redpilled hard on the JQ, some level 99 paladin called Mike Tokes white knights for her
  42. >Styx getting accused of pedophilia by trannypol and joining/associating with the alt-right
  43. >Kraut returns like the kike he is and says it was all a witchhunt and he dindu nuffin, unfortunately for him the twitch channel he returned on was advertising sex dolls on twitch and they decide to (((shut it down)))
  44. >Spencer talks about ethical CP as well
  46. '''Feb 2018'''
  47. >Adam Racewarski and papa JF invites a kike to debate immigration, with predictable results
  48. >Destiny and Pascal Leroux are suspended from Twitter for doxing Tonka
  49. >Destiny ordered his fangirls to mass flag people left and right in a fit of autism
  50. >Vee claims whoever watches Dragon Ball is a pedo, continues to get more spastic as the days progress
  51. >Sargon gets butthurt at the "kick Vee" meme and thinks it's a legitimate deplatforming attempt by the alt-right
  52. >Jared Taylor goes on warski live, a dozen leftists bitch out
  53. >Spergon of Blackdad spergs out at animetranny's chat and calls them "White niggers"
  54. >Jim musters the strength to shitpost all over sargon's head
  55. >Nick J. Fuentes vs Kike, knives are drawn on stream, it's literally Anuddah Shoah
  56. >'Alt Right Leaks' appears on Twitter, posting random screenshots from alt-right Discord servers and, for some reason, making the same grammatical errors as Kraut.
  57. >Jim tells Andy and Tonkasaw they're banned from Israel because the SPLC noticed them, Andy proceeds to call them with his best kike impersonation. Spooky stuff.
  58. >Literal 12 year old ancap destroys the liberalists' arguments
  59. >Tariq "Kang" Nasheed debates Jared Taylor over how the world is run by (((White supremacists))), says his dick is a WMD
  60. >Sargon 'has a conversation with' Andrew Anglin and it's a Spencer 2.0
  61. >Anons continue to message Codrin Stavri "Vee"'s friends and family
  62. >Sargon fears the Enoch
  63. >Sargon continues his fart huffing after being B.T.F.O. by Alt-Hype
  64. >Vee keeps linking /cow/ to prove the alt-right are literally islamic sjws, causing a few liberalist concern trolls to pop up
  65. >Kraut is back on jewtube
  67. >Sargoy reported to authorities for hate speech, vee and sargon actively sperging out over us
  68. >Nick debates a black man who goes full on We Wuz Kangz and shieeet
  69. >Sargon gets notified about being reported and Vee claims he has worse fetishes than vore
  70. >Sargon's CV released, find out he's a literal dish-washing, call-center brainlet who got shit grades (sasuga)
  71. >Joe Biggs and Destiny debate gun control, Destiny pilpuls at the speed of light
  72. >/cow/boys fuck with Vee's channel, get some videos taken down, Vee cries on the Kumite, Tonka and Andy say the evil nazi trolls should be disavowed
  73. >the Anglin/Sarg'n debate gets taken down for hate speech
  74. >Vee streams with a turk, a naked child jumps in, Vee deletes the video
  75. >ShortFatOtaku tripfags
  76. >Vee tries to get goyimergate to attack /cow
  77. >Jimbo sets up a debate with vee
  78. >Vee spends all night and morning arguing with Tonka on twatter
  79. >JF becomes a natsoc
  80. >Kuck&tears and friends keep trying to claim JF is a lolcow
  81. >Vee gets fucked in his own house by Jim so hard he falls off his chair
  82. >Jim no longer apolitical, comes out as an American-Hapa Imperialist
  83. >Tonkafag argues with some spic on a cuck/pol/ stream
  84. >Vee confirms calling the police on Sargon works
  85. >Sargon fucked a Jewess? (CONFIRMED)
  86. >Nazbol contacts Lucy again with this news (I disavow)
  87. >A few septics had an orgy as MundaneCuck watched
  88. >The jewess (((finds us out)))
  89. >Sargon is reported for breaking every law imaginable by NazBol Gang I DISAVOW
  91. '''March 2018'''
  92. >Sargon goes crying to every msm outlet and faggot e-celeb that will listen about how he was locked out of his gmail account for 8 hours
  93. >Warski gets a strike preventing him from streaming for 90 days, gets it overturned almost immediately
  94. >The Bloodapalooza turns out to be a spergshow of highest order. No refunds.
  95. >The Video Anon continues to tease us with his lack of a completed video
  96. >Jim turns up the gas on the the facebook pedo ring
  97. >Sargon has an event where paid actors mob him on stage and hand him an Antifa flag: idpol PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD
  98. >Sargon's capture of the ANTIFA flag provides memetic energy, MSM proclaims him to be alt-right
  99. >Vee and JF battle on Twitter and stream over a period of several days, Gypsy kicks himself at one point
  100. >Sargon and (((Halsey))) have a friendly chat, agree that there's no European culture, Sargon goes off in the comments
  101. >Kraut gets one of his conversations leaked where he cries about losing to the altright.
  102. >Godwinson crashes the liberalist beer hall putsch
  103. >After Sargon steers away from true liberalist principles, Andy starts Liberalist Canada, which carries on true spirit of liberalistism. Anyone worth anything disavows Sargon and joins in.
  104. >Andy copyrights Liberalists™. Sargonites (formerly known as Liberalists) meltdown. Liberalist International in official pro-white grassroots movement.
  105. >Count Cuckula tries to steal Andy's Liberalist joke "he he we're on it too"
  106. >Vee literally losing his shit with Andy
  107. >Godwinson rapes Vee in a debate
  108. >Sargon considering a gofundme for a lawsuit against Andy
  109. >Godwinson shoahs his Youtube and Twitter
  110. >Sargon Vs. Tonka went as everyone excepted, absolutely nowhere
  111. >Kraut comes to /cow/ and gets Eternally B.T.F.O by everyone there
  112. >Vee hosts a stream with Karen and King Of Pol, Nobody watches
  113. >At the same time, LEAVE ME ALONE LEX nigger hosts a stream that is 20x as enjoyable
  114. >Megalodon went apeshit after learning that Vee got erections from vore
  115. >Vee is now a bat from hell that devours humans
  116. >Count Dankula is charged with hate-crime for making his dog do a Hitler salute. I wonder (((who))) could be behind this.
  117. >JF becomes King of the MRAs
  119. Here you go, you lazy hack. Copypasta and add blank lines as needed.
  120. EDIT: You made this... I made this
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