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Swordfish's Dream Computer

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Nov 16th, 2019
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  1. Swordfish's Dream Computer (Fishtro)
  3. Apps:
  4. Pro vector graphics editor (Illustrator)
  5. Pro raster graphics editor (Photoshop)
  6. Pro publishing app (InDesign)
  7. Web editor with live view (Dreamweaver)
  8. Collaborative online office suite (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides)
  9. Web browser (Firefox)
  10. E-mail client (Outlook, Apple Mail)
  11. Video viewer & converter (Quicktime Player, MPEG Streamclip, VLCPlayer)
  12. IRC Client (X-Chat Aqua)
  13. Discord
  14. Steam
  15. NameChanger
  16. Digital audio workstation (GarageBand)
  17. Pro video editor (Final Cut Pro X)
  18. Local music player (iTunes)
  19. Cloud music player (Spotify)
  20. Document viewer (Preview)
  21. Text editor (TextEdit)
  22. SketchUp
  23. Audio recording & editing (SoundStudio)
  24. Image upsampling (PhotoZoom, Topaz AI Gigapixel)
  25. Cloud storage and sync (Google Drive/Google Backup & Sync)
  27. OS features:
  28. Dock (not taskbar)
  29. Quick Look
  30. Spotlight
  31. Exposé
  32. Miller column view
  33. Global font dialog
  34. Global color dialog
  36. OS use basics:
  37. ***End user should never need to use command line for any reason***
  38. All keyboard shortcuts in all apps based on Command key, not Control key
  39. Static menu bar at top of screen, not in each window
  40. Apps do not quit with no windows open
  41. Apps should follow OS design guidelines
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