Mirai Ryuusei

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  1. ❝ The Ryuusei Problem Child. ❞
  4. Name: Mirai Ryuusei
  5. ✖ Moniker: The Vermillion Dragon, THE GORILLA FIST
  6. ✖ Age: 19
  7. ✖ Height: 5'8 feet.
  8. ✖ Weight: 126 LBS
  9. ✖ Hair Color: Black
  10. ✖ Eyes: Dark Brown
  11. ✖ Ethnicity: Japanese
  12. ✖ Quote: どのように不快 - Dono yō ni fukai "How uncomfortable." : "Probably told you I'm lit, come get you a sniff. I'm pure Ryuusei like cocaine in the '80s."
  13. ✖ Occupation: Video GameS, Training, Sleeping in boxes, and wandering
  14. ✖ CURRENT RESIDENCE: Kōchi, Japan.
  15. ✖ MARTIAL ARTS: SAMBO, Southern Ryuzhang, Jeet Kun Do, Arnis, also known as Kali or Eskrimam, Vale Tudo, Ninjutsu and Pencak silat.
  16. ✖ SIBLINGS: N/A.
  17. ✖ ORIENTATION: She finds that sh*t uncomfortable. ( Lesbian. )
  18. ✖ CHI COLOR: Uranian blue
  19. ✖ AFFINITY: 風 Fū 'Wind' & Fire
  20. ✖ PERSONALITY: Mirai dislikes having to work in anything but martial arts and fights because most other things come rather easy. She hates showing emotion to people she doesn't know and be seen as scary or even weird as she prefers having a peaceful, happy-go-lucky and carefree life by playing video games and eating junk food excessively. She often oversleeps or does extensive research into the supernaturals macabre when not training, which earns her the absence from most situations. While not trying to reduce it or work to change it, she is socially awkward preferring to stay away or often becoming cold towards anyone who isn't a close companion of hers. She prefers to watch from a distance and keep to her close circle of friends which is really two girls her age and a Raccoon creature she found. She's labeled as weird by her peers and students her age, though seems to attract everyone anyways much to her dismay.
  22. Powers
  26. Chi Manipulation
  27. ✖ Air Manipulation
  28. ✖ Fire Manipulation
  29. ✖ Enhanced condition
  30. ✖ Energy perception
  31. ✖ Ryuusei Chants
  32. ✖ Supernatural Perception ( The Ryuusei Shiryoku )
  33. ✖ Gate Status: Gate of Air.
  36. Intelligence | ★★★✰✰
  37. Strength | ★★★★★
  38. Speed | ★★★✰✰
  39. Durability | ★★★★✰
  40. Endurance | ★★✰✰✰
  41. Chi | ★★★★✰
  42. Martial Arts | ★★★★✰
  43. Elemental Manipulation | ★★★★✰
  44. Strategy | ★★✰✰✰
  46. |Chi Manipulation: Mirai has the innate ability of manipulating energy produced by the flow of life; Chi. Her control over this energy is so grandiose she's capable of inhaling and exhaling etheric forces on a universal scale which passively pushes her physiology to levels usually thought impossible for a simple human. This has decreased her aging and allowed her susceptible to learning inhuman styles of martial arts to mix with her own. On a basic level, she's capable of making things explode with it, enhancing the strength of her body, augmenting her speed and defending against the many energies of the multi-verse. On an advanced level? Mirai can bend elements, making chi constructs and scaling to levels that have been shown to keep up with god killers.
  47. Ryuzhang ( "Ryuusei Martial Arts" ) Expert: Ryuzhang is a style of Martial arts that has three branches that eventually merge into one.
  48. -|The first branch is known as Karada ( 体, Body ). Which focuses heavily on striking. In fact, the Ryuusei are possibly the best strikers in the multi-verse. Their movements include western boxing, Krav Maga and Muay thai. Their style focuses on no wasted energy in the body. A Ryuusei believes that most martial artist limit themselves by striking with just certain parts of the body. This branch of the martial arts teaches a Ryuusei to utilize the kinetic energy around and within the human body into their strikes for devastating effects. Allowing them, even without chi, to send powerful miniature shock waves of energy through an opponent. Damaging organs and energy-based defenses. This also applies to their movements. Recycled energy is distributed throughout every portion of combat. Thus, they can temporarily redirect the flow kinetic energy around and within their bodies for surreal bursts of speed beyond the supernatural known as Jinsoku ( 迅速, Swift ). Senko specializes in this area.
  49. -|The second branch is known as Maindo ( マインド, Mind ). Which focuses on projecting mental energy to form dense afterimages, clones and other illusion based techniques from the extreme training a Ryuusei's mind is put through. Most never master this but once they do? They have no probably mixing speed with mental strength to both confuse opponents and create openings. Some have even been known to create 'real' clones and attack replications.
  50. -|The third and last branch is called Tamashī ( 魂, Soul ). This branch of Ryuzhang heavily emphasizes the power of their chi. Though, not in the way most would predict. The soul branch specializes in suppression. It teaches Ryuusei to release startling amounts of controlled chi at unsuspecting and/or devastation positions during the fight. That's the sole purpose of the last branch and that's completely suffocating your opponent through a series of hand to hand combat moves and vicious expulsions of both chi or an element. It teaches that combat is a river. And victory is only achieved by forcing your opponent to move with your tide or drown trying to fight against it.
  51. Ryuusei Shiryoku ( “Sight” ): Essentially, the chi starts in their mind and floods their nervous system FIRST. And further evolves as the Ryuusei develops their chi manipulation. Once they’ve mastered the element. The energy flooding their neural pathways merge with the bio-electricity. Giving them not only an immunity to illusions but the ability to utilize vibrations and wavelengths of both physical and ethereal disturbances in the natural flow of cosmic chi. These vibrations paint vivid pictures based on where they originate. Meaning, they can see not only blood flow, neuron movement but the flow of meta-energy
  52. Ryuusei Ōra ( "Aura" ): Due to her chi’s connection with her ancestry and bloodline of masterful chi manipulators. She’s protected from psychic attacks, chi blocking, being sealed, soul attacks and being erased from existence. It’s also what protects her chi from being absorbed without the person doing such being consumed and overwhelmed on a spiritual and physical level as a plethora of unique, different soul frequencies and chi ‘flavors’. This chant is the sole reason the Ryuusei clan is the strongest in terms of manipulating Qi. Being so intune with their ancient ancestors gives the potency of their latent energy a ridiculous multiplier. Not only that but Senko's chi is merged with her mothers. Which viciously enhances her protections against esoteric energies and their usage on her person.
  53. Kanpekina hashi ( "Bridge to perfection" ): Kanpekina hashi represents the four limiters placed on a Ryuusei's life force to prevent its strength from burning its vessel from the inside out. It protects a Ryuusei from themselves. However, masters of the body, mind, soul and chi have managed to find a way to remove these limiters in exchange for unprecedented power. Each release each gate is so paramount. That given enough time they're capable of fighting virtually any supernatural being whilst physically being on par or superior. To the point they enter a form known as THE GLOW. An ascension capable of striking even god! The four limiters represent the four elements: Earth, Fire, air and water.
  54. Adomopathy: As a Ryuusei. Psychometric reflexes seemed to develop at a young age. The requirement to know any and all movements when you only saw a single demonstration trained this. Until, it was something she could execute without going over the image and its movements over and over in her mind. Thus, making her the perfect student - - and the perfect student. Since, she never forgets the styles she takes.
  56. - | Sleytrium Bo Staff - Energy Conducting and Wavelength Manipulation
  57. - | Iosciatine Knives - Completely Transparent, Ener
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