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  1. [19:11:06] <LovecraftMegucaGM> It's five o'clock. Ise, Suzume and Maibari have recently just got out of Oyama Junior Highschool. Despite being a public school, it produces some of the most competitive students in the Okinawa prefecture. Aurora, meanwhile, has only arrived at Ginowan just a few days ago to spend time with her father. All of you happen to be walking roughly the same path.
  2. [19:15:42] <Ise_Tanaka> Ise walks on, her bookbag at her side.
  3. [19:15:51] <Aurora_White> The black haired teenager held a bag to her side, seemingly pretty heavy as it was held low to the ground... "... ... ...", she continued on her stroll down the street, heading to her father's station..
  4. [19:16:40] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Heading down the path, half skipping walk, has her bag slung over her shoulders, wearing the uniform, smiling*
  5. [19:17:04] <Maibari_Chie> is walking home in a good mood, humming some tune to herself.
  6. [19:21:12] <Aurora_White> The black haired goth closes her eyes, taking in a deep breath... Shortly after she opens her eyes, looking up at the blue sky...
  7. [19:22:47] <Maibari_Chie> bored of just walking home walks up to the girl and asks "What are you looking at?", smiling.
  8. [19:27:09] <Aurora_White> "... ... Nothing.", the girl took her glance off the sky and down to Maibari. "Now if you'll excuse me..."
  9. [19:27:13] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Is that to the Goth girl, or me?*
  10. [19:29:04] <LovecraftMegucaGM> ((The goth girl))
  11. [19:29:05] <Maibari_Chie> surprised"Huh? Alright, I was just curious and it boring walking alone. We're going the same way so I was trying to exploit your opening." she says and winks, still smiling at Aurora.
  12. [19:32:02] <LovecraftMegucaGM> A middle-aged adult turns the corner, only to see noble women of the Yamato speaking with a filthy gaijin. You hear him muttering something about how she should go home in broken Engirshu before going on his merry way.
  13. [19:37:00] <Maibari_Chie> irritated, "Hmph, how rude. Aren't you gonna say something to him?"
  14. [19:39:53] <LovecraftMegucaGM> As you continue walking along the path, things begin to rapidly transition. The colors saturate. The clear blue sky and bright sun is replaced with clouds and snow. Birds chirping in the background turn to silence other than the howling wind. Bright green grass becomes ash.
  15. [19:41:19] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "..." *Look around*
  16. [19:41:32] <Maibari_Chie> is pretty freaked out and says "Uh, what's going on?"
  17. [19:42:02] <Ise_Tanaka> Ise looks around, noticing that something is...wrong. Kind of wrong. She steps back. Considers going a different way home today.
  18. [19:42:56] <Suzume_Tsukiko> Stops walking
  19. [19:43:08] <Maibari_Chie> stops walking and asks "None of you are doing this ri... nah that's impossible right? This is just some weird phenomenon right?", holding her bag close to her chest and cowering a bit.
  20. [19:43:22] <Ise_Tanaka> Ise bends down quickly. Runs the grass through her fingers. That's ash, yes.
  21. [19:44:16] * Ise_Tanaka turns around to go home a different way entirely. Perhaps if she takes a semi-circular route...
  22. [19:44:45] <Maibari_Chie> "Hey, where are you going? It might be dangerous to go alone!"
  23. [19:44:48] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "...I...think we'd best go back...maybe a volcano erupted somewhere...and its ash...coming down..."
  24. [19:44:54] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Looks at the other two*
  25. [19:45:37] * Maibari_Chie looks at Tsukiko
  26. [19:45:51] <Ise_Tanaka> "It seems more dangerous to continue together."
  27. [19:45:56] <Maibari_Chie> "Well its probably best if we all stay together at least..."
  28. [19:45:57] <Aurora_White> The girl was lost in thought.. Finally regaining herself, she turns to look..
  29. [19:46:12] <Suzume_Tsukiko> I think so too...
  30. [19:47:23] <Maibari_Chie> "No, if you go alone all kinds of things can happen to you! We should figure out to go some way together. We're all going the same way anyway, right?"
  31. [19:47:37] <Ise_Tanaka> "Are we?"
  32. [19:47:49] * Maibari_Chie looks a little uncertain, looking around the landscape and clutching her bag to her chest.
  33. [19:48:08] <Maibari_Chie> "Well... at least down this road..."
  34. [19:48:10] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "'re in my class arn't you?"
  35. [19:48:15] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *To Maibari.*
  36. [19:48:15] <Aurora_White> The girl looked around before walking closer to the group..."
  37. [19:48:19] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The buildings look completely the same, abeit aged, rundown. You can't see much further past the thick mist.
  38. [19:48:55] <Maibari_Chie> "Uh, yeah. I think I remember most of you from school at least."
  39. [19:49:36] <Suzume_Tsukiko> moves closer to the others.
  40. [19:49:52] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "...lets...try and get to school then..."
  41. [19:50:50] <Maibari_Chie> "...w-well yeah. Maybe there are others too."
  42. [19:51:03] <Aurora_White> The girl continued on, as if not being phased by the change...
  43. [19:51:35] * Ise_Tanaka looks after the girl walking in the mist. She finds the behavior utterly foolish--but it's really not her business.
  44. [19:51:45] <Maibari_Chie> "W-wait! We should stay together!"
  45. [19:52:25] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "Come on, we can't lose her, she might get hurt!" *Chase after her.*
  46. [19:52:37] * Maibari_Chie follows the gothic girl with haste.
  47. [19:52:59] * Ise_Tanaka ... doesn't
  48. [19:53:26] <Aurora_White> The girl was so used to being alone she ignored the others following her and there words.. She continued walking in her high heels.
  49. [19:54:30] <Suzume_Tsukiko> looks back at Ise
  50. [19:54:49] * Maibari_Chie runs up in front of the goth and grabs onto her shoulders.
  51. [19:54:51] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "...come on! We don't want to leave you behind!" *Stops and waves to her to come along*
  52. [19:55:09] <Maibari_Chie> "Cmon, it might be dangerous, we should stay together. Alright?"
  53. [19:55:52] * Ise_Tanaka looks at Chie with a withering expression
  54. [19:56:05] <Aurora_White> "No... I work better alone...", ignoring her pleas, she continues on her walk.
  55. [19:56:16] <Ise_Tanaka> "Do you believe it would be safer further in?"
  56. [19:56:23] <LovecraftMegucaGM> Aurora trips over one of the now many, vainy cracks into the sidewalk.
  57. [19:56:48] * Maibari_Chie just stands back where Aurora moved past her, looking rather dumbfounded.
  58. [19:57:12] <Aurora_White> As she tumbled forward, she dropped her hand bag and outstretched her hands to catch herself before her head smashed against the floor.. Which was thankfully avoided
  59. [19:57:15] <Suzume_Tsukiko> Which way is the mist getting thicker?
  60. [19:57:42] <Maibari_Chie> "Are you sure we shouldn't stick together?"
  61. [19:58:14] * Maibari_Chie goes to help her get up again.
  62. [19:59:02] <Suzume_Tsukiko> (Which way is the mist thicker?)
  63. [20:01:14] <Suzume_Tsukiko> It doesn't look like its thicker any way...maybe its a roll in mist or something...
  64. [20:02:24] <Aurora_White> "Thanks..."
  65. [20:03:08] <Maibari_Chie> "Oh, there's no need to thank me... but at least if you're not gonna follow the others back can I least come with you? I don't like anyone of us going alone here..."
  66. [20:04:35] <LovecraftMegucaGM> You can barely make out a silhouette in the mist, moving around before disappearing.
  67. [20:04:54] <Suzume_Tsukiko> ...I think I just saw someone...
  68. [20:05:37] <Maibari_Chie> "Should we follow them? I don't know..."
  69. [20:05:56] * Ise_Tanaka runs, now. Running is good. Running is a nice, logical choice in this sort of situation. Towards school.
  70. [20:06:17] <Aurora_White> "... ... Do what you want...", the girl stood up, grabbing her bag as she continued on...
  71. [20:07:42] <Maibari_Chie> hearing the footsteps, yells "No! Wait! Stop...!"
  72. 06[20:07:59] * Maibari_Chie turns to Aurora
  73. [20:08:20] <Maibari_Chie> "Uh well she probably ran back to school. Anyway I'm Maibari Chie, don't worry I won't get in your way."
  74. [20:08:49] <Suzume_Tsukiko> ...looks at the others for a second, then runs after the girl whos running, trying not to lose her, worried about her.
  75. [20:09:41] * Maibari_Chie takes a few steps away from Aurora
  76. [20:09:46] <Maibari_Chie> Are you doing that?
  77. [20:09:59] <Aurora_White> Aurora continued on her run, not looking back...
  78. [20:10:33] * Maibari_Chie looks worried for a second but decides to run after Aurora after all.
  79. [20:10:47] <Maibari_Chie> "Oh jeez!"
  80. [20:13:16] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The wailing of the infant grows louder that even Suzume hears it
  81. [20:14:01] * Maibari_Chie just tries to silently follow after Aurora
  82. [20:14:12] <Maibari_Chie> "Aren't you even going to tell me your name?!"
  83. [20:14:36] <Aurora_White> "Aurora White..."
  84. [20:15:29] <Maibari_Chie> "Thanks, A... can I call you Avro-chan? Your name is hard to pronounce..."
  85. [20:15:53] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Slow down...which way are the wails from?*
  86. [20:17:12] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Then continue the chase*
  87. [20:18:09] <Aurora_White> "Call me what ever you want.. My name isn't important."
  88. [20:18:30] <Maibari_Chie> "Ah, thank you again."
  89. [20:19:10] * Maibari_Chie smiles at Avro, thinking she might have met someone rather interesting.
  90. [20:20:14] <LovecraftMegucaGM> Suzume/Ise: You see one of yuor classmates in the far distance  standing, looking up
  91. [20:20:44] * Ise_Tanaka looks up, briefly, to see what her classmate is looking at
  92. [20:21:02] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Looks at her classmate; worried look*
  93. [20:29:35] <LovecraftMegucaGM> You still can't quite make out what she's staring at--but you definitely just saw a giant, chubby hand slam down on her, spilling blood everywhere like a crushed tomato
  94. [20:29:49] <LovecraftMegucaGM> You still can't quite make out what she's staring at--but you definitely just saw a giant, chubby hand slam down on her, spilling blood everywhere like a crushed tomato
  95. [20:30:39] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *...I think that's a fair and logical reason to scream my lungs out*
  96. [20:31:31] * Ise_Tanaka fully seizes the sight that she has just seen and swiftly skedaddles. Because jesus, what the fuck, blood, what the fuck, hoof it.
  97. [20:31:45] * Ise_Tanaka definitely does not yelp.
  98. [20:31:54] <Suzume_Tsukiko> Follow that Ise; stop screaming.
  99. [20:31:58] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The mist begins to recede in the direction you're facing, and you finally see the infant, closer to the size of an elephant. Stretchmarks and puss cover the body, and it turns to face you, it's eyes completely black
  100. [20:33:22] <Aurora_White> The girl continued to run in the opposite direction of the events that began to unfold... She heard the screams... This caused the black haired girl to turn around..
  101. [20:33:41] <Maibari_Chie> "Whoa, whoa!"
  102. [20:33:58] * Maibari_Chie almost runs into Avro.
  103. [20:34:11] <Maibari_Chie> Shouldn't we just run away from that...?
  104. [20:34:29] <Aurora_White> "... ... ... ...", the girl pushes Maibari lightly to the side, running back to see what the hell was going on.
  105. [20:35:11] * Maibari_Chie makes a scared face and goes after her again.
  106. [20:35:52] <Suzume_Tsukiko> (How do you do the italics?)
  107. [20:36:29] * Suzume_Tsukiko running for my life
  108. [20:36:34] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *her
  109. [20:37:52] <Aurora_White> The girl looks toward Suzume who.. seemed to be escaping from something... She thought to herself... Just what was going on?
  110. [20:37:59] <LovecraftMegucaGM> A small, apple-headed chihuahua walks out of the mist, a disappointed look on it's face. "Another one bites the dust." It looks like a normal chiuuahua, except for the small, rotating ink-like blots that rotate over it's fur and it's eyes are glass-like not unlike a doll.
  111. [20:39:09] <Aurora_White> "Eh..?", the girl looks toward the Chiuahua.. "Shouldn't.. you be leaving... I.. think it's dangerous.. around here...."
  112. [20:39:26] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The monstrous baby begins to slowly crawl towards you, a sadistic grin forming at the edge of it's puffy cheeks.
  113. [20:39:53] * Suzume_Tsukiko cries "RUN!" to the other two.
  114. [20:40:29] * Ise_Tanaka hoofs it additionally!
  115. [20:41:01] * Maibari_Chie no longer knows whats going on or what she should do looks confused.
  116. [20:41:37] * Suzume_Tsukiko runs over to Maibari if she doesn't start running, grabs her hand and pulls her along
  117. [20:42:01] <Maibari_Chie> "Whoa, okay I'm running! I'm running!"
  118. [20:42:01] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The little short-snouted taco bell dog turns to Aurora, it's tail wagging. "Hey! You could become a mahou shoujo!"
  119. [20:42:12] <Aurora_White> "Run.. ?", the girl looked to the apple headed beast.. "... Mahou... whata?"
  120. [20:42:15] * Maibari_Chie tries to run on her own
  121. [20:42:54] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Magical girls! All you have to do is make a contract with me!" It leans forward, it's butt in the air like it wants to play with you
  122. [20:44:02] <Aurora_White> "... ... ... If I make this contract... Will you stop talking..?"
  123. [20:44:19] * Maibari_Chie starts weeping and sniffing pretty hard
  124. [20:44:47] <Maibari_Chie> "I just wanted to go home quietly and now what's going on? Someone get me out of here!"
  125. [20:44:52] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Momentarily, yes" it says in a whiney, playful tone
  126. [20:45:17] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "Come on, you can keep going, just keep running!" *Reassuringly to Maibari as we run.*
  127. [20:45:19] <Aurora_White> "Alright... Yes.. to whatever this contract is..."
  128. [20:45:47] * Ise_Tanaka swiftly cuts in
  129. [20:45:54] * Maibari_Chie sniffs and still cries, but keeps on running anyway.
  130. [20:45:54] <Ise_Tanaka> "What are the terms of this contract?"
  131. [20:46:20] <Maibari_Chie> "Its just... I'm no good with this stuff. I just wanna go home..."
  132. [20:46:25] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You become magical girls and get to fight back against evil youma."
  133. [20:46:44] <Aurora_White> "... ... ... Fine, whatever I accept..", the girl just wanted that thing to stop talking.
  134. [20:47:03] <Ise_Tanaka> "Is this obligatory?"
  135. [20:47:21] <LovecraftMegucaGM> 'Yes!"
  136. [20:47:35] <Suzume_Tsukiko> (How close is that baby and have we managed to outrun it yet? Or...hell, is it even getting closer while half of us are standing about talking to the dog?)
  137. [20:47:40] <Ise_Tanaka> "...I don't like the terms of this contract."
  138. [20:48:59] <LovecraftMegucaGM> (It's starting to get awfully close)
  139. [20:49:30] <Aurora_White> The girl looks over to the large baby, finally realizing that was causing the screaming.. Her eyes widen.. but luckily she regains her composure... "Al-alright.. I'll make the contract.. HURRY!"
  140. [20:49:32] * Suzume_Tsukiko keeps on running away, dragging Maibari along and keeping her safe...try to find somewhere we can hide
  141. [20:50:26] * Ise_Tanaka detached from the magical-girl spouting dog and follows after Tsukiko
  142. [20:51:00] <LovecraftMegucaGM> Aurora feels as if her heart was just ripped out from her chest and then haphazardly forced back in, then starts to transform
  143. [20:54:45] <Aurora_White> The girls eyes close as she raised both palms into the air, small white roses on black bands form around her wrists... Her neck glows, forming another black band finished off with a white rose... From her neck downward forms the colar of the dress, a mass of white feathers start from the back of her neck down to the top of her breast... A black gothic dress forms, taking up her knees
  144. [20:54:45] <Aurora_White> and down her arms... Black high-heels take her feet.
  145. [20:54:52] <Aurora_White> "What is.. this..?"
  146. [20:56:07] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The baby freaks out, an irritated look on it's face and charges for Aurora, screaming and engraged
  147. [21:01:19] <Aurora_White> The girl's eyes widen once more as the baby approaches.. But this time, as if instinctively, she holds out an open palm... "FEATHER STORM!", as she yells feathers come forth from seemingly nowhere... They blast forward, ripping through the air as they stab into the infant.. They weren't normal feathers, that's for sure.
  148. [21:03:14] <LovecraftMegucaGM> Small punctures eruopt in it's stomach. Blood spatters out like a hole in a water balloon, shooting itself all over Ise
  149. [21:03:26] * Maibari_Chie still in tears.
  150. [21:03:40] <Maibari_Chie> "Eh? What's going on all of a sudden?"
  151. [21:03:42] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The baby attempts to swat Aurora away
  152. [21:04:35] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Calls back to the dog* "Will this let us stop that...that thing?!"
  153. [21:05:47] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Yup! A contract is all you need."
  154. [21:06:31] <Suzume_Tsukiko> *Look at Maibari for a second* "Don't worry, I'll make sure you're safe, you hide. *Call back* Deal!"
  155. [21:07:21] <Maibari_Chie> "H-hide? But what if there's more out there?! No, I don't want to get found by something like that!"
  156. [21:07:58] <LovecraftMegucaGM> Suzume's eyes start to feel like someone is pressing their thumbs against them. They start bleeding Then the pain stops and you begin to transform
  157. [21:08:04] <Suzume_Tsukiko> "Then stay close; I'll look after you, I promise, you're safe *Reassuring smile*"
  158. [21:08:23] <Maibari_Chie> "A-alright..."
  159. [21:08:26] <Suzume_Tsukiko> (...smiling just as my eyes start bleeding out my face and promising to look after someone...gee...I'm damn reassuring...)
  160. [21:08:28] <Aurora_White> The girl reacted by leaping back from the swat, skidding on the ground with her high heels... With a blob of ink forming in her hand, a quill pen formed... Slashing it forward with the itp out, a large black glob formed and stayed in mid air.. It seemed like she was righting... The black glob quickly expanded as out came forth a storm of hard ink lances that stab into the baby once
  161. [21:08:28] <Aurora_White> more.
  162. [21:08:41] <Aurora_White> -itp +tip
  163. [21:09:23] * Maibari_Chie tries to stand in a safe place where she won't get hurt.
  164. [21:10:11] * Ise_Tanaka grimaces, wipes away the blood. It doesn't work, of course. This will be tiresome to explain.
  165. [21:13:46] * Suzume_Tsukiko transforms; her skin seems to frost over with a thick, deep frost that rapidly grows into an orb of ice, which shatters, flickering snow across the nearby landscape, her skin is now a  pale, almost whiteness and her lips dark red, dressed in pure, ice blue traditional Kimonio with strange, ceremonial markings that imply ice and snow and a red Scarf trails down from around her neck; ice...
  166. [21:13:48] * Suzume_Tsukiko ...trails at her feet, and in her hand a long, thick, Icicle with a pointed tip.,
  167. [21:19:50] <Aurora_White> The girl held the quill pen out once more, slashing it vertically and then a stroke horizontally... Out came another cluster of lances charging through the air at the baby, stabbing into it once more.
  168. [21:20:47] * Ise_Tanaka turns to confront the dog...thing
  169. [21:21:15] <Ise_Tanaka> "Please detail all consequences and/or side effects of accepting your contract."
  170. [21:22:35] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The dog coyly smiles. "There's lots."
  171. [21:23:35] * Ise_Tanaka nods
  172. [21:23:41] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "One side effect is defending yourself against the evil youma instead of horribly dying."
  173. [21:24:21] <Ise_Tanaka> "...This is why most contracts are written."
  174. [21:24:31] <Ise_Tanaka> "And looked over by solicitors."
  175. [21:24:56] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Just before transformation, you may feel something. Not quite pleasant, but then it stops and you transform."
  176. [21:26:08] * Maibari_Chie listens to the conversation but makes sure she isnt in danger.
  177. [21:26:34] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The baby, furious howls and begins attacking Aurora yet again, intent on biting off her head
  178. [21:26:46] * Suzume_Tsukiko covers Aurora
  179. [21:29:20] * Suzume_Tsukiko drives forwards, billowing snow and ice on a frosted wind and grabs onto the babies fist, freezing its arm
  180. [21:30:03] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The baby tries to tackle into Suzume
  181. [21:36:20] <Ise_Tanaka> "...Do we get dental?"
  182. [21:36:51] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Your teeth will always be perfect from then on, so no."
  183. [21:37:11] <Aurora_White> "Now... BEGONE!!", the girl slashed once more with the quill pen... However it was rather rapid... Her hand became a blur as a large cluster of black glob lines continue to appear.. Eventually forming a large circular sphere of black... The large sphere transformed into a large ink sword that came forth and impaled the baby's head...
  184. [21:39:27] <Ise_Tanaka> "...even through old age?"
  185. [21:40:16] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I do not understand your question."
  186. [21:40:49] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The baby lets out a final gasp before dissolving in a puddle of pus and blood
  187. [21:41:45] <Aurora_White> "Never return...", the quill pen vanished in a small gathering of ink as the girl stepped toward the animal and Ise...
  188. [21:42:17] <Ise_Tanaka> "What part of my question do you not understand?"
  189. [21:42:48] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Through old age. They will always be perfect."
  190. [21:42:52] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Always."
  191. [21:43:13] <Aurora_White> "Always be... ... dead you mean..."
  192. [21:43:29] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Anyway, you should totally become a magical girl! You get a free wish eventually!"
  193. [21:43:40] <LovecraftMegucaGM> In the pool of pus and blood you see a glimmer
  194. [21:43:49] <Aurora_White> "The only thing that's.. eternal is death...", the girl looked to the dog... Gritting her teeth.
  195. [21:43:50] * Maibari_Chie runs towards Aurora.
  196. [21:44:04] <Maibari_Chie> "That was awesome, you were so cool!"
  197. [21:44:23] * Maibari_Chie runs into her and hugs her.
  198. [21:44:26] * Ise_Tanaka gives up on interrogating the dog for now, instead muttering to herself:
  199. [21:44:31] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The dog somehow chuckles. "You humans and your idea that death is constant. Amusing."
  200. [21:44:32] <Ise_Tanaka> "Perfection is subjective."
  201. [21:44:34] <Maibari_Chie> "Thanks, thanks for protecting us!"
  202. [21:45:03] * Maibari_Chie still sniffles a little bit, but seems relieved.
  203. [21:45:03] <Aurora_White> "... ... ...", Aurora turns away from Mai and looks to the dog. "Humans? ... What are you, some kind of god to call us that?"
  204. [21:45:37] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The dogs eyes narrow. "Do I look human to you? I think I can call you human seeing as how I'm not."
  205. [21:46:55] <Aurora_White> "Then what are you?"
  206. [21:47:23] <Maibari_Chie> "We're safe now right?"
  207. [21:47:30] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "A cute, fluffy dog. That can talk."
  208. [21:48:15] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I form contracts and grant a wish once a magical girl collects 13 oblivion seeds. Like the one in that pool of blood and piss."
  209. [21:48:53] <Aurora_White> "... Shut up...", Aurora turns her head to Maibari, her expression filled with rage... She turned her gaze back to the dog. "I don't believe  that... ", upon hearing the word Oblivion Seed and .. where the location of it was... "A...wish?", the girl became lost in thought as she approached the pool of blood.. Reaching a hand down to grab her prize.
  210. [21:49:16] <Ise_Tanaka> "Tell me more about the contract."
  211. [21:50:15] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "It's exactly what I said."
  212. [21:50:20] * Maibari_Chie looks at Avro.
  213. [21:50:35] <Ise_Tanaka> "Thats why I want you to tell me more."
  214. [21:50:38] <Maibari_Chie> You don't want to know if we're safe?
  215. [21:50:56] <Aurora_White> The gothic girl holds the Oblivion Seed in her palm... "I can see that you're alive... Why would I need to ask the obvious...?"
  216. [21:51:35] <Maibari_Chie> "But what if there's more nearby?"
  217. [21:51:52] <LovecraftMegucaGM> As she picks up the seed, everything starts to go back to normal.
  218. [21:52:07] <LovecraftMegucaGM> Suzie is gone.
  219. [21:52:22] <Maibari_Chie> "...I guess there isn't."
  220. [21:55:17] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "There's no rush in becoming a magical girl."
  221. [21:55:34] <Aurora_White> The girl closed her eyes, thinking to herself for a minute before a shower of black feathers took over her entire body, quickly dissapearing to reveal her original clothing... A black shirt with a short miniskirt held together with a black belt.. surprising... And black heels.
  222. [21:56:06] <Aurora_White> "I.. don't feel too well... ", Aurora held out a hand toward Ise... "Can.. you help me?"
  223. [21:58:26] * Ise_Tanaka sighs
  224. [21:58:36] <Ise_Tanaka> "I suppose I should."
  225. [21:58:41] * Ise_Tanaka takes White's hand.
  226. [21:58:45] <Ise_Tanaka> "Where do you live?"
  227. [21:59:18] <Aurora_White> The girl's hand began to glow with a immense amount of magic as it passes through her and into Ise..
  228. [21:59:25] <Aurora_White> -a +an
  229. [21:59:32] <Ise_Tanaka> "What the he--"
  230. [22:02:24] <Aurora_White> The girl took in a deep breath, feeling better after that... "Thanks..."
  231. [22:02:38] <Ise_Tanaka> "What?"
  232. [22:02:43] <Ise_Tanaka> "What the hell did you just d--"
  233. [22:02:51] <Maibari_Chie> "I don't know what's going on, what did you do?"
  234. [22:02:54] <Aurora_White> "I don't...know.."
  235. [22:03:00] * Ise_Tanaka cuts off, suddenly, bending over--and vomits
  236. [22:03:11] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Someone did a baaad thing."
  237. [22:03:31] * Maibari_Chie looks disgusted.
  238. [22:03:37] <Maibari_Chie> "W-what?!"
  239. [22:03:45] <Ise_Tanaka> "What--what did you do--"
  240. [22:03:54] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Mutation."
  241. [22:04:34] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Anyway, do you want to become magical girls now?
  242. [22:04:34] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "
  243. [22:04:36] <Aurora_White> "... ... ...", the girl was finally regaining herself and her former personality... She turned away, walking toward her bag and she bent down to pick it up... "I apologize...", the girl's wrist was different.. It held the same white rose band that she had in her magical girl state... except it had a black stone..
  244. [22:05:40] <Ise_Tanaka> "You apologize? Do you even know what you just did to apologize fo--"
  245. [22:06:02] <Maibari_Chie> "I... I don't... I mean what is happening?! Explain it to us properly!"
  246. [22:06:11] * Ise_Tanaka bends over, and is violently sick. Again. This time, even she notices that her vomit...looks a bit odd.
  247. [22:06:30] * Maibari_Chie yells at the dog sounding a bit angry.
  248. [22:06:40] <Aurora_White> "The word "mutation" can't be a good thing... and I don't know what I did.. I know it just isn't good.. but it really isn't my problem now.. It's yours."
  249. [22:07:15] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Wow, that was really comforting of you Aurora."
  250. [22:07:31] <Maibari_Chie> "..."
  251. [22:07:31] <Aurora_White> "Who said I was comforting..."
  252. [22:07:32] * Ise_Tanaka can't talk, too busy gasping for breath.
  253. [22:07:40] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Anyway, I'd recommend becoming a magical girl."
  254. [22:08:08] <Aurora_White> "Don't do it unless you want... that to happen...", the girl lifted her hand up and started pointing toward Ise.
  255. [22:08:14] * Maibari_Chie goes over and tris to hold Ise and comfort her.
  256. [22:08:32] <Ise_Tanaka> "What the hell is this...multicolored..."
  257. [22:08:42] * Ise_Tanaka mutters, too weak to fight Chie off
  258. [22:08:52] <Aurora_White> "But that's my suggestion, do what you want...", the goth continued on her way, walking farther and farther away.. Heading toward the military station.
  259. [22:09:09] <LovecraftMegucaGM> The dog grimly looks at the girls. "Death is the fate of bystanders."
  260. [22:09:19] <Maibari_Chie> "..."
  261. [22:09:28] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "They know you exist."
  262. [22:09:34] * Maibari_Chie just looks concerned at Ise, not listening to the dog.
  263. [22:09:54] <Maibari_Chie> "Are you alright now?"
  264. [22:10:03] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You're tainted, and suddenly shining like a beacon for the youma."
  265. [22:10:22] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "If you want to defend yourself...make a contract."
  266. [22:11:03] * Ise_Tanaka wipes her mouth
  267. [22:11:10] <Ise_Tanaka> "What, and this removes the taint?"
  268. [22:11:31] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "If you wish for it upon collecting thirteen seeds? Sure."
  269. [22:11:55] <Ise_Tanaka> "What kind of...taint is this, anyway?"
  270. [22:11:56] * Maibari_Chie seeing that Ise at least has enough strength to talk back smiles a little to herself.
  271. [22:12:16] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "The other side."
  272. [22:12:30] <Maibari_Chie> "Huh?"
  273. [22:12:35] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Netherworld...chaos...alternate dimension..nightmare..."
  274. [22:12:54] <Ise_Tanaka> "No, I mean--what are the effects of this taint?"
  275. [22:13:37] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You appear on the radar for youma."
  276. [22:14:13] <Aurora_White> The girl's bracelet began to glow... Telling.. Aurora something... She turned around, looking down from the end of the street to the other girls... Noticing a building darkness...  "What is... ..."
  277. [22:14:15] * Ise_Tanaka is beginning to feel a bit better, going back to her usual, stoic self
  278. [22:14:28] <Aurora_White> "MOVE!"
  279. [22:14:37] <Maibari_Chie> "Eh?"
  280. [22:14:38] <Ise_Tanaka> "So, even if we take this contract, we'll still have this taint."
  281. [22:15:01] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Yup. But you can fight back."
  282. [22:15:30] <Ise_Tanaka> "Does this contract have an escape clause?"
  283. [22:15:32] * Maibari_Chie suddenly realizes what was said and runs towards Aurora. Trying to grab Ise and take her with her.
  284. [22:15:32] <Aurora_White> "The hell...", the girl looks over the others.. Up and down.. Noticing that.. the red distortion coming off of them was... from.. them?
  285. [22:16:03] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "A what?
  286. [22:16:04] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "
  287. [22:16:16] <Aurora_White> "It's following you... Mai!"
  288. [22:16:39] <Maibari_Chie> "What?! Noooo~!"
  289. [22:17:04] * Ise_Tanaka starts talking quickly
  290. [22:17:48] <Ise_Tanaka> "A contract's escape clause is a term, condition, or clause which allows a party of said contract to avoid having to perform a contract."
  291. [22:18:17] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You could."
  292. [22:18:24] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You could try, I guess."
  293. [22:18:29] <Aurora_White> "This thing... Those... beasts can see it to.. Can't they?"
  294. [22:18:39] <Maibari_Chie> "Can see what?"
  295. [22:18:39] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Yep."
  296. [22:18:45] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "The taint, silly!"
  297. [22:18:52] <Ise_Tanaka> "Is there an escape clause or isn't there?"
  298. [22:18:57] <Maibari_Chie> "Ugh..."
  299. [22:18:59] <Aurora_White> "It's like throwing meat.. to a lion... right..?"
  300. [22:19:46] <Aurora_White> "Don't make the contract... Don't..."
  301. [22:19:47] * Maibari_Chie stops and falls down to her knees, letting go of Ise and looking down to the ground.
  302. [22:19:51] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You can try not to perform it."
  303. [22:20:06] <Maibari_Chie> "I guess... we have no choice then do we...?
  304. [22:20:16] <Ise_Tanaka> "...Is there an escape clause or isn't there?"
  305. [22:20:16] <Aurora_White> Closing her eyes... Aurora thought of... an alternative... "Keep in contact with me..."
  306. [22:20:31] <Aurora_White> "Call me if there's a beast around... I'll take care of it.. Don't make the contract."
  307. [22:20:33] <Ise_Tanaka> "It's a simple yes or no question!"
  308. [22:20:52] <Aurora_White> "There isn't... I'm right.. aren't I?"
  309. [22:21:08] <Maibari_Chie> "Are  you sure? I mean..."
  310. [22:21:26] <Aurora_White> "I'm sure, I'm sure... Just.. don't do it, ok?"
  311. [22:21:47] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You can retire eventually upon getting the wish."
  312. [22:22:09] <Ise_Tanaka> "What do you mean by 'eventually'?"
  313. [22:22:20] <Aurora_White> "When you die."
  314. [22:22:36] <Maibari_Chie> "...I don't really know but... it doesn't seem like a good idea to take the dog up on that contract..."
  315. [22:23:13] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "No. You can choose to stop."
  316. [22:23:40] <Ise_Tanaka> "And what are the consequences of stopping?"
  317. [22:23:42] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Upon getting a wish, you can retire."
  318. [22:23:50] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You lose your powers."
  319. [22:24:28] <Aurora_White> The girl closed her eyes... "... ... ... Enough of this... I tried to warn you... but.. whatever.. Do what you want..."
  320. [22:24:31] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "This is not some mind game I'm trying to pull. I'm clear-cut. I don't lie. Sheesh."
  321. [22:24:50] <Maibari_Chie> "Give me your number... please!"
  322. [22:25:09] <Ise_Tanaka> "Just because you don't lie, it doesn't mean you're telling the entire truth."
  323. [22:25:23] <Aurora_White> "... ... Fine...", Aurora turned around and walked forward, writing down her number upon a piece of paper she retrieved from her back and gave it to Mai.
  324. [22:25:27] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I don't fudge the truth."
  325. [22:25:39] <Ise_Tanaka> "If a magical girl died, she would 'retire' and 'lose her powers', wouldn't she?"
  326. [22:25:53] <Maibari_Chie> "Th-thanks! Please take care of me."
  327. [22:26:01] * Maibari_Chie bows.
  328. [22:26:18] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Technically, yes. But if you live to make the wish, you can choose to stop and live your life happily."
  329. [22:27:08] <Ise_Tanaka> "Are you saying that I wcould return to the life I had before I encountered magic without consequence?"
  330. [22:27:45] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "No, I'm playing tricks with you." he sighs "Yes, you can."
  331. [22:28:57] <Aurora_White> "... ... ...", Aurora blushed, rearing her head back at Mai's statement... "Umm... Uhh... Fine... Fine.. I will... "
  332. [22:29:29] * Maibari_Chie closes her eyes and smiles at Avro, nodding.
  333. [22:29:31] <Ise_Tanaka> "Which is it, that you're playing tricks with me or that I could return to the life I had before I encountered magic without consequence?"
  334. [22:29:57] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I thought everyone wanted to be a magical gi-I WAS BEING SARCASTIC." The dog growled
  335. [22:30:16] <Aurora_White> "Someone's getting a bit angry..."
  336. [22:30:42] <Aurora_White> "And you don't shut up about contracting.. Why is it so important to you?"
  337. [22:30:54] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I'm just here to give contracts and wishes." whines the dog
  338. [22:31:20] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "So evil youma stop killing people."
  339. [22:31:22] <Aurora_White> "... What's your motive?"
  340. [22:31:30] <Ise_Tanaka> "And, giving contracts, you should have made the terms of the contract clearer from the very beginning."
  341. [22:31:31] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Justice."
  342. [22:31:36] <Ise_Tanaka> "And you still haven't answered my question."
  343. [22:31:46] <Maibari_Chie> "I don't want to die or fight these things... And Avro-chan has said she'd protect me..."
  344. [22:31:47] <Ise_Tanaka> "This is why most contracts are written."
  345. [22:31:58] <Aurora_White> "Justice... HA.. No such thing... ", the girl turned away, laughing to herself...
  346. [22:32:03] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You can return to your life without consequences, and can even choose to blank out memory of having been a magical girl."
  347. [22:32:40] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I doubt a fifteen year old goth girl would understand justice.."
  348. [22:32:59] <Ise_Tanaka> "I see."
  349. [22:33:19] <Aurora_White> "... ... ... No one understands justice... Justice is just an excuse to do things without reason..."
  350. [22:34:03] <Ise_Tanaka> "I will consider your contract."
  351. [22:34:24] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Only girls who use an outdated scene from the 1990s don't understand justice~"
  352. [22:34:49] <Aurora_White> "I just SAID... Ne-nevermind...", the goth girl walked forward before raising a brow to the dog... "I'm.. finished talking to you, dog..."
  353. [22:35:03] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Okay Ise. How about I get rid of your rainbow vomit problem upon forming the contract?"
  354. [22:35:20] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "It's Coopie, btw"
  355. [22:35:28] <Ise_Tanaka> "...What do you mean by 'problem'?"
  356. [22:35:34] <Ise_Tanaka> "Are you saying this isn't a temporary thing?"
  357. [22:35:48] <Ise_Tanaka> "Are you saying that that girl infected me with some sort of permanent ailment?!"
  358. [22:35:52] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Nope."
  359. [22:36:31] <Maibari_Chie> "Well Avro-chan... I'd ask you if I should walk with you home but you'll probably just think I'm in the way..."
  360. [22:37:12] * Ise_Tanaka scowls
  361. [22:37:22] <Ise_Tanaka> "I told you I'd think about it."
  362. [22:37:49] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "Fine. Enjoy getting eated by youma. See if I care." the dog grumbles
  363. [22:38:18] <Maibari_Chie> "Uh, where do you live?
  364. [22:38:24] * Maibari_Chie Chie asks the dog.
  365. [22:38:36] <Aurora_White> Aurora was nowhere to be found.. She had already left.
  366. [22:38:39] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I dunno. I need a place."
  367. [22:38:54] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I guess I"ll goto Ise-sans house."
  368. [22:39:16] <Aurora_White> She had already turned the corner, looking back toward the group from behind the wall... "Shit... ", she continued on with bag in tow..
  369. [22:39:23] <Maibari_Chie> "I wouldn't mind having you around, don't know what my parents would say though..."
  370. [22:39:44] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "You found an adorable plush toy?"
  371. [22:39:58] <LovecraftMegucaGM> "I can find my way inside~"
  372. [22:40:29] <Ise_Tanaka> "No, you won't."
  373. [22:40:52] <Maibari_Chie> "I... I don't think they would buy that... But if you can make sure you wont make any trouble you're welcome to try and stay. I can handle getting scolded for it I think."
  374. [22:40:53] <Ise_Tanaka> "You said yourself that I'm a beacon for these monsters."
  375. [22:41:46] <Ise_Tanaka> "Therefore it is necessary to me that I remove myself from the people I care about in order to keep them fro becoming collaterial damage."
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