Oct 2nd, 2012
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  1. [16:47:29] <Plutonis> *Opens up big ol' scroll* Hello there everyone! It's me, your narrator! *waves* Looks like our last chapter ended on a really freaking gloomy note so how about we jump to something not as Grimdark, eh? We are now at the part where our brave heroes accepted Nakapa the Kappa's invite to the Youkai Village to meet their leader, the famed Lady Yuki. The village itself is on the spooky Aokigahara
  2. [16:47:29] <Plutonis> woods, where legend has it that people disappear all the time. Fortunately your friend Kuchiko is serving as a guide. But what happened to that catgirl? Well ask your Daimyo that.
  3. [16:48:36] <AsspulverizinglyHugeNipSlicer> (RRROWR)
  4. [16:48:41] <Plutonis> I mean she's probably on heat so they are getting busy or something.
  5. [16:48:50] <Botherrer> (Somewhere in the universe, your lord is trying very hard not to get violated by a cat girl)
  6. [16:49:21] <Hiramasa> (just turn your head and cough)
  7. [16:50:05] <Leen> (Hitomi is munching the equivilent of popcorn to this. Munch munch.)
  8. [16:50:20] * AsspulverizinglyHugeNipSlicer is now known as AsspulverizinglyBigJapReaver
  9. [16:50:46] * AsspulverizinglyBigJapReaver is now known as MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade
  10. [16:50:52] <Plutonis> In any case, the whole forest is covered in dense fog, and as a safety measure you are all holding hands to each other. Kuchiko leads you to a deeper part of the forest. "Eeeep! Did i turn at the wrong way...? It has been a few months since i left home, so..."
  11. [16:51:10] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> HAVING NO HANDS SUCKS
  12. [16:51:18] * Hiramasa of course spent the day before and the morning making sure he was impeccably dressed and groomed. FULL SPARKLEFORCE IS GO
  13. [16:51:32] <Plutonis> (Kokoro is probably holding you at one of the ends yo)
  14. [16:52:03] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> (Oh yeah, I was about to say 'but then nobody could hold her hand ;~;' but I forgot ends existed)
  15. [16:52:48] <Hiramasa> (sillytree)
  16. [16:53:44] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> "HA! I'm feeling stronger than ever today! If we get lost I can just cut the lost in half! .... Something like that."
  17. [16:53:51] <Plutonis> Rustling sounds come from the bushes. "Uweeeh! What if it's a monster!" yelps someone who is actually a monster as she tries to hide behind Hiramasa.
  18. [16:54:40] * Hiramasa would pat her on the head but welp holding hands and also headmouths. "I'm sure it's not a monster, don't worry~"
  19. [16:55:06] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> "What if it's something to cut in two! That sounds more fun, doesn't it?"
  20. [16:55:17] <Ken> "If it was though it'd probably have sharp teeth."
  21. [16:55:23] <Ken> "And a thousand eyes!"
  22. [16:55:27] * Hiramasa totally has Dogen and Sengai the derpbat out and channeled btw
  23. [16:55:57] * MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade has probably had cutemouse out so she can scavenge for food or something, by the same logic.
  24. [16:56:06] <Hiramasa> "Whatever you are, come out and face us!"
  25. [16:56:20] * Hiramasa looks suitably tough and slash or badass at the rustling bush.
  26. [16:57:01] <Plutonis> It's a pidgey. It chirps around and scratches the ground.
  27. [16:57:27] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> "Looks delicious! Let's get it, Ko-tan!"
  28. [16:57:39] <Kokoro> Kokoro is, indeed, holding onto her father. She tends to limply hang on and drag him through the dirt at times, though. If everyone's holding hands, then not right now!
  29. [16:58:02] <Hiramasa> "Oh. Well."
  30. [16:58:10] <Hiramasa> (maaan sorta want pidgey hmm)
  31. [16:58:33] * MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade doesn't mind because CUTTING THE DIRT FEELS BADASS
  32. [16:59:17] <Hiramasa> "In fact, watch this!" Hiramasa produces a single pink ball from the folds of his clothing and tosses it at the pidgey.
  33. [16:59:25] <Hiramasa> 1d100-15 woosh
  34. [16:59:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, woosh: -8 [1d100=7]
  35. [16:59:38] <Hiramasa> (holy shit it keeps happening)
  36. [16:59:40] <Plutonis> "Hey come on! That ain't cool!" It says while it starts changing its shape... And is hit by the Pokéball.
  37. [16:59:49] <Hiramasa> "Oh OH OH I'M SORRY"
  38. [17:00:07] <Plutonis> Woop. Woop. Woop. DING!
  39. [17:00:15] <Hiramasa> "..."
  40. [17:00:25] * Hiramasa immediately lets whatever it was out.
  41. [17:00:27] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> "Hey, we were gonna eat that!"
  42. [17:00:37] <Hiramasa> "You're a sword, you can't eat things."
  43. [17:00:50] <Ken> "Pfft..."
  44. [17:00:54] <Ken> "..Pffft....."
  45. [17:00:57] <Ken> "Heheh..."
  46. [17:01:01] <Ken> "Heheh..hahahah..."
  47. [17:01:03] <Ken> "BWHAHAHAHAHA!"
  48. [17:01:20] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> Sniff.
  49. [17:01:28] <Ken> "BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  50. [17:01:30] <Ken> "
  51. [17:01:44] <Hiramasa> "Please, forgive me."
  52. [17:01:56] <Hiramasa> "I acted in a matter unbecoming of my station..."
  53. [17:02:45] <MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade> (gata goto choo choo)
  54. [17:02:58] * Ken clutches his sides, roarings in laughter.
  55. [17:03:20] <Hiramasa> (shut up tree)
  56. [17:03:29] * MonstrouslyEnormousWeeablade is now known as Masterwork_Bastard_Sword
  57. [17:03:57] <Ken> (Ah rabu mah stay-shun)
  58. [17:04:10] <Plutonis> Kuchiko hurries to the ball! "Oh dear! You caught a Tengu, my lord! That's... Not good."
  59. [17:05:05] <Hiramasa> (I already said I let the guy out ;;)
  60. [17:05:20] <Hiramasa> (>implying hiramasa would apologize to a boring normal human)
  61. [17:06:05] <Plutonis> (Not IC)
  62. [17:06:16] <Hiramasa> [17:59] <Hiramasa> "..."
  63. [17:06:16] <Hiramasa> [17:59] * Hiramasa immediately lets whatever it was out.
  64. [17:06:16] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ([17:00:25] * Hiramasa immediately lets whatever it was out.)
  65. [17:06:58] <Plutonis> (Sorry)
  66. [17:07:39] <Hiramasa> (It's okay I still love you plutkun)
  67. [17:09:23] <Plutonis> A man in white clothes and a small red hat is released from the ball! He appears to be wearing wooden sandals and has a pair of brown wings on his back. "Gah! Human invaders... Leave this place at once!"
  68. [17:10:23] <Hiramasa> "Again, I apologize most profusely..."
  69. [17:10:30] <Plutonis> He lets out a whistle as Murkrow, Taillow and Spearows start to circle the sky, the fog slowly fading. "Poachers are not welcome on the Aokigahara forest!"
  70. [17:10:58] * Ken wipes a tear from his eye as he recovers. He almost loses it again at Hiramasa apologising however he manages to serious up and regain his composure.
  71. [17:11:42] <Hiramasa> "I am sorry, I did not know the laws of this land."
  72. [17:11:46] * Masterwork_Bastard_Sword shakes toward Ken. "You havin' fun there?"
  73. [17:11:56] <Hiramasa> "Here, the pokeball I used. Please, do with it as you see fit."
  74. [17:12:17] * Hiramasa sets it down, then steps back. He accidentally steps on Ken's foot as he does.
  75. [17:12:46] <Ken> "Oh very muc sooOOOOOOOW!"
  76. [17:13:27] * Ken tries to shove Hira perhaps more roughly than neccissary. "Watch it!"
  77. [17:14:02] <Hiramasa> "Oh, my apologies." Funny, he doesn't sound all that sincere any more.
  78. [17:14:24] <Plutonis> The Tengu sends out a gale wind with a wave of his fan. The ball is slashed in half!
  79. [17:14:30] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Sheesh, Ko-tan, what're we even doin' getting into all this? You still have that thing for Lady What'sherface, right?"
  80. [17:18:57] * Hiramasa shifts from foot to foot, expecting DEATH BY BIRD any second now.
  81. [17:19:23] <Kokoro> "The thing for the Lady? Oh, you mean..."
  82. [17:19:33] <Kokoro> "Clothing, I daresay.
  83. [17:19:33] <Kokoro> And yet, the proportions are...
  84. [17:19:33] <Kokoro> Perhaps, top-heavy?"
  85. [17:19:39] <Plutonis> "Humans aren't welcome on the Aokigahara forest. You will be escorted outside. Be thankful i am in a good mood." He looks really serious while saying that, and Kuchiko finally gets out of her hiding. "Uh... Excuse me... Sir Kaidou?"
  86. [17:20:38] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Nah, I mean the hairpin I fo- .. Oh, that WAS the joke!"
  87. [17:23:41] <Plutonis> "T-they are here invited by Sir Nakapa... And have a gift for Lady Yuki." She bashfully says while holding her hair mouth up. "Nuuu...!"
  88. [17:26:51] <Plutonis> Kaidou the Tengu just crosses his arms. "And what is this gift? As the watcher of the village i have to make sure it's not anything dangerous."
  89. [17:28:24] * Hiramasa nudges Kotan forward
  90. [17:28:27] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Ha! Well I forge some pretty dangerous things - like myself - so you've got a good eye, there! But it's just... here, show 'im, Ko-tan."
  91. [17:28:58] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "We just wanted to come in peace, maybe open some trade, have a few parties..."
  92. [17:29:20] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> For the record what Kokoro was given to hold onto is just a cute little hairpin, forged with MANLY IRON or other MANLY things.
  93. [17:29:53] <Plutonis> How cute and how many it is?
  94. [17:29:57] <Plutonis> *manly
  95. [17:31:35] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> It's about 60% cute, 40% manly. Like it was forged with manly materials to be cute.
  96. [17:31:41] <Plutonis> Kaidou takes the hairpin and examines it for a bit. "Hmm... Well, Nakapa did said he was expecting visitors, and this doesn't look dangerous." He hands it back to Kokoro and whistles at the birds.
  97. [17:32:03] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> It's like if you got your girlfriend a prom dress made of fists.
  98. [17:32:50] <Plutonis> They start to encircle the five of you, grabbing your arms and lifting you to the air! "They will take you to the village. Make sure my trust is not wasted." The Tengu seriousfaces as he turns back into pidgeyform.
  99. [17:32:58] <Kokoro> Kokoro opens her mouth--she's on the verge of explaining how no, in fact, it could be dangerous... But then she remembers the last pointless fight and bites her lip. Literally. She winces.
  100. [17:33:32] * Masterwork_Bastard_Sword is too dumb to notice! "Haha! See, we got nothin' to worry about! Let's go."
  101. [17:34:27] * Hiramasa spends the entire trip praying that the tengu doesn't accidentally drop him.
  102. [17:36:02] * Ken closes his eyes the entire journey and tries to not as scared as he is.
  103. [17:36:11] * Masterwork_Bastard_Sword has no arms!
  104. [17:37:09] <Plutonis> The birdies carry you around until you can see a clearing near the Mount Fuji's base. It's completely enveloped in thick purple mist, but the birds just ignore and start to land down on it.
  105. [17:39:19] <Plutonis> You feel a bit dizzy as the blinding purple mist reaches your faces, but as it dissipates from your eyes, you can feel the ground!
  106. [17:39:36] <Hiramasa> "namuamidabutsunamuamidabutsu"
  107. [17:39:59] <Kokoro> "No, take me higher.
  108. [17:39:59] <Kokoro> Why must you descend before
  109. [17:40:00] <Kokoro> We reach the heavens?"
  110. [17:40:29] * Masterwork_Bastard_Sword GWAHAHAs the whole way.
  111. [17:40:35] * Ken gets on his hands and knees and tries to be subtle about kissing the ground before standing.
  112. [17:42:05] <Hiramasa> "Thank you for your assistance, Sir Kaidou."
  113. [17:42:09] <Hiramasa> "And, uh."
  114. [17:42:31] <Hiramasa> "...yes."
  115. [17:43:12] <Plutonis> The birdies leave around, as the group can finally see the surroundings... It looks like they were left on a village, a really large village that looks remarkably like a human one, but... Well, none of the people there are human. People with horns, people with only one giant eye, people with hair-mouth like Kuchiko, half-beasts like the trio from before, Tengu, walking giant umbrellas and
  116. [17:43:12] <Plutonis> other bizarre creatures.
  117. [17:43:31] <Plutonis> They all stare at you as Kaidou and the other birds leave. Well that's a bit awkward.
  118. [17:44:40] * Masterwork_Bastard_Sword sure doesn't feel awkward, being a fucking talking sword!
  119. [17:44:54] * Hiramasa looks around for any sign of the yokai they know
  120. [17:45:37] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Well, don't see why we're waitin' around! Let's go meet 'er, ah?"
  121. [17:47:08] <Hiramasa> "Y-yes, of course."
  122. [17:47:19] <Hiramasa> "Miss Kuchiko, if you could show us the way?"
  123. [17:47:23] <Plutonis> "...Are those humans?" "Did Kaidou let humans here inside?" "Why is Kuchiko with them?" "They look weird and weak-looking." "Does the Lady know about that?" "Don't touch them, son, or they will eat you." The whispers from the crowd get louder and louder.
  124. [17:48:48] <Plutonis> The poor shy Mawilegirl looks really red from embarassment, and it's on the verge of crying. AGAIN. "Auuu..."
  125. [17:49:37] <Hiramasa> "Deep breaths."
  126. [17:49:40] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Hey now! Who cares what they say? We gotta thing to do."
  127. [17:50:45] <Plutonis> She starts to cry even more as the other mouth grinds its teeth. "Bweeeh!"
  128. [17:50:47] * Ken steams silently in barenly contrained temper. "I'll show them their... raggumfraggum muttermutter."
  129. [17:51:13] <Ken> (weird* not their. Goddamn my fingers)
  130. [17:53:03] <Plutonis> After hiccuping a bit, the poor girl leads you to the largest house in the village. A completely white mansion with various trees made of crystal on its garden. Nakapa is sitting on the front door, snoozing as a snot bubble forms out of his nose.
  131. [17:53:26] <Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "HEYYY! We made it!"
  132. [17:53:59] * Hiramasa hands Kuchiko a handkerchief.
  133. [17:54:51] * Masterwork_Bastard_Sword is now known as Bigblade
  134. [17:55:45] <Plutonis> She snoozes on it, but when the 'kerchief is handed to the second mouth, it's eaten instead. "S-sorry..."
  135. [17:56:53] * Hiramasa shrugs.
  136. [17:57:40] <Plutonis> *Sneezes. The one snoozing is the Kappa there on the porch!
  137. [17:58:31] * Bigblade keeps trying to rouse the kappa with noise alone.
  138. [17:59:37] * Hiramasa pokes him with his jangly buddhist staff.
  139. [18:00:08] <Plutonis> "Snorttt..." He's still zoning off!
  140. [18:00:33] <Hiramasa> Poke. Poke.
  141. [18:02:48] <Plutonis> "W-what!" The bubble bursts as he falls on his back, flailing around like a turtle! "Waaargh! Help!"
  142. [18:03:03] <Hiramasa> "Oh dear."
  143. [18:03:22] <Bigblade> "GWAHAHA! You silly old man! Okay, Ko-tan, wedge me under him and we'll..."
  144. [18:06:04] * Hiramasa assists Kotan and sword in getting the kappa to his feet.
  145. [18:08:00] <Plutonis> He wobbles for a bit after being lifted up. "Ohhh... You are late, you know! I've been waiting here for a long time."
  146. [18:09:00] <Bigblade> "Sorry, sorry! I got a bit too into the craft-work. But I think I did a pretty good job!"
  147. [18:09:04] <Kokorainy> "Your idea of time is distorted."
  148. [18:10:11] <Hiramasa> "I hope you weren't sitting out there all that time?"
  149. [18:10:36] <Plutonis> "Harrumph!" Nakapa dusts himself while opening the mansion's doors. "I was, actually. Don't have much to do so i napped the whole time. Come, the Lady awaits."
  150. [18:11:17] <Hiramasa> "Kokoro, shall I present the hairpin?"
  151. [18:14:21] <Plutonis> The inside of the mansion is incredibly fancy-looking. Ice statues of youkai, human and pokémon are all over the place, with dozens of rooms and a quaint Magikarp pond on the middle of it. Nakapa leads you from the hallways to the second floor, where exists only one large locked room. He knocks on it. "My Lady, the human emissaries have come."
  152. [18:15:42] * Ken gives off an impressed whistle.
  153. [18:15:53] <Ken> "What I would do to live in a place like this..."
  154. [18:15:58] <Bigblade> "Doesn't matter who presents it! It's from ALL of us!"
  155. [18:16:10] <Hiramasa> "Of course."
  156. [18:16:45] <Kokorainy> "If you are so inclined."
  157. [18:18:22] <Hiramasa> "Does anyone else have any objections?"
  158. [18:18:37] <Ken> "Go for it."
  159. [18:19:13] * Hiramasa takes the hairpin and waits to be let in :3
  160. [18:19:24] * Bigblade continues being a sword.
  161. [18:19:57] <Plutonis> The doors open up, and you can feel an unearthly chilly wind coming from there. The room beyond is pure white and blue, the walls filled with scrolls and statues, and a faint glow comes from two volbeat illuminating it. Sitting on a mattress on the middle of the room is a young girl on a white hooded yukata. She appears to have completely blue skin, eyes and hair, and the freezing cold
  162. [18:19:57] <Plutonis> seems to emanate from her. 12"Humans. It has been a while. Nakapa, Kuchiko, i will deal with the two of you later."
  163. [18:20:26] <Bigblade> 1,1"Hi!"
  164. [18:20:36] <Plutonis> The Kappa gives a curtsy nod and leaves, while poor Chiko shivers a bit, really scared of what she meant with 'deal'.
  165. [18:21:46] <Hiramasa> "Lady Yuki, we have brought a present from the human lands."
  166. [18:22:07] * Ken pulls his clothing on tighter, shivering. He steps back and lets Hira do his priest thing.
  167. [18:22:48] * Hiramasa presents the hairpin with a flourish~
  168. [18:24:02] <Plutonis> 12"Please sit down." She pours some cold tea and hands to you guys. Her voice sounds really soothing as she takes the hairpin. 12"Impressive craftmanship. Although i have seen a better one two hundred and fifty years ago."
  169. [18:24:51] * Hiramasa sits, siiiiips
  170. [18:25:29] <Bigblade> "Ha! Well, I'm not that old, and I don't have a body anymore, but I thought I'd at least show off what we can do! Glad it's at least something."
  171. [18:26:09] * Ken takes a seat and sips politely.
  172. [18:27:27] <Kokorainy> Kokoro silently stares. And staaaares.
  173. [18:27:30] <Plutonis> 12"Mankind evolves fast, and someone as old as me knows that. However, i don't think you are here only to present me with that, no?" She puts the hairpin on, and well, it does look cute, even though its covered in cold rime as soon as it touches her hair. 12"We are a peaceful village, and the human world is rife with strife and fighting."
  174. [18:28:35] <Bigblade> Hnnng. "That's for sure! But don't worry, miss, we're not here for anything involving fighting. Well, not directly anyway."
  175. [18:29:04] <Hiramasa> "Personally, I merely wished to talk - I am a scholar, you see."
  176. [18:31:09] <Bigblade> "That too! But I noticed some of your men had weapons with 'em, and the craftsmanship on them wasn't half-bad either. So what'd you think of opening some sort of trade?"
  177. [18:33:02] <Plutonis> 12"Are you? That's good, i love knowledge, and have acquired much of it during my life." She sips the tea, even though you can see it almost freezes when it reaches her lips. 12"Peaceful trade... Can be reached. However we need to earn each other's trust. The young Shiro attacked you, no? A shame, he has the potential to be stronger than me when he reach nine tails..." She stops to
  178. [18:33:02] <Plutonis> giggle for a bit, covering her hand with the yukata sleeve. 12"It will take a thousand years for that though."
  179. [18:33:37] <Bigblade> "Hmph! The only thing strong about him was his head, if you ask me."
  180. [18:34:37] <Hiramasa> "Ahem."
  181. [18:35:49] <Plutonis> 12"Fufufu, kids those days."
  182. [18:38:11] <Hiramasa> "In any case, you mentioned earning your trust?"
  183. [18:39:51] <Plutonis> 12"Yes, and the other Youkai as well. You did entice Nakapa and those two young girls, which is a good start." Siip. 12"However they are only three in a village of two thousand."
  184. [18:40:38] <Hiramasa> "I see, I see. What would you suggest?"
  185. [18:41:12] <Bigblade> "Then what can we do? I AM a blacksmith! And since my customers've been declining lately I could always offer some of my wares here..."
  186. [18:42:13] <Hiramasa> "I doubt a yokai would trust a human weapon though..."
  187. [18:43:52] <Bigblade> "Can't know until we try!"
  188. [18:45:48] <Plutonis> 12"In time. However there are some other things we can start trading. And you can always do favors for us, so we can do favors for you as well." She giggles a bit. 12"Under a strong nation's protection we can even afford to throw away neutrality."
  189. [18:46:44] <Hiramasa> "Hmmm."
  190. [18:48:17] <Plutonis> Her voice turns completely cold then. 12"However know that misplacing that trust has consequences. Those 'statues' you found on the way here can attest to that. I protected this village for centuries, and will do it for as long as i live."
  191. [18:48:54] <Hiramasa> "...In that case, are you sure you want to give us the chance?"
  192. [18:50:40] <Plutonis> 12"You came here expecting that, didn't you?"
  193. [18:51:23] <Bigblade> "Well, it'd be nice!"
  194. [18:52:03] <Hiramasa> "Honestly?"
  195. [18:52:28] <Hiramasa> "I am grateful you were even willing to see us."
  196. [18:52:31] <Plutonis> She turns to Ken and Kokoro. 12"And those two young ones? What do they think?"
  197. [18:54:33] <Ken> "Well..." He taps his chin thoughtfully. "I'd like to avoid being turned into ice. On the other hand support would be nice..."
  198. [18:56:57] <Ken> "I believe it would be beneficial for both of us is we worked together. Who couldn't trust this smile?"
  199. [18:57:01] * Ken smiles widely.
  200. [18:57:16] <Plutonis> 12"Fufufu~" She holds her hand on front of the mouth again. 12"Aren't you a witty one. Very well then. You are guests here, so no need to be afraid. Let us have a celebration of this alliance."
  201. [18:57:17] <Kokorainy> "I think..."
  202. [18:58:25] <Kokorainy> "Like a river of many tributaries." No further answer seems to be coming.
  203. [19:01:57] <Plutonis> After a while you guys are led to the banquet room of the mansion. It looks like Nakapa, Shiro and Kuchiko are there, and so are many other strange Youkai! Strange meats and vegetables of unknown origin are served to each of you, with queer smells wafting from it. 12"Please enjoy the cuisine from this village."
  204. [19:02:51] * Hiramasa eats daintily, of course.
  205. [19:02:59] * Ken waits for somebody else to take the first bite, pretending to blow on it till it cools.
  206. [19:03:06] <Bigblade> "Ahah~!" The sword's probably leaning against a wall or some ;_; thing. "Enjoy it twice for me, would you, Ko-tan?"
  207. [19:03:57] * Ken after confirming that Kira does not turn to ice he tucks in greedily himself.
  208. [19:04:05] <Ken> (Hira*)
  209. [19:05:05] <Plutonis> The foxguy just leers at you guys during the whole banquet, while Nakapa drinks like... Well, a fish. Man. Turtle. Frog.
  210. [19:05:23] <Kokorainy> "It is wise to eat until you are three fifths full. Therefore, I might perhaps eat until I am six fifths full, but to eat beyond being full is folly."
  211. [19:06:18] <Plutonis> Chiko-tan and the other of her species strangely feed their two mouths at once, and a walking one-eyed umbrella drunkenly walks to Norio, winking at him seductively.
  212. [19:06:34] <Hiramasa> (awww)
  213. [19:06:45] <Bigblade> (hnnnng)
  214. [19:07:01] * Bigblade can't wink back due to having no eyes! There's some kinda gesture in there though.
  215. [19:07:35] <Plutonis> 12"Do you have any questions left, scholar?" Yuki says while downing a whole sake bottle. Meanwhile the Umbrella just picks up Norio with her tongue, taking him to a more secluded place.
  216. [19:07:55] <Ken> (He gazes keep into its eye... romantic sparks fly between the two... he leans in close and CUTS HER IN HALF)
  217. [19:08:13] <Bigblade> "Ahahawhoa! Hey Ko-tan, I'll be back soon, don't mi-"
  218. [19:08:25] <Plutonis> Nakapa meanwhile tries to convince Ken to outdrink him, which is harder said then done. Kuchiko leans on Rainy as they keep being timidgirls together.
  219. [19:08:26] <Bigblade> Good thing her mother's dead.
  220. [19:08:34] <Bigblade> ... Wow damn that's really morbid.
  221. [19:08:43] <Hiramasa> " have lived a long time, and seen many things. Do you know of the time when there was no difference between humans and Pokemon?"
  222. [19:08:46] <Plutonis> (Worst husband/father ever)
  223. [19:09:07] <Ken> "Oh yeah! You're on!"
  224. [19:09:48] <Bigblade> (Also what's Rainy doing there?)
  225. [19:10:58] <Ken> 1d20-2
  226. [19:10:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 1d20-2: 9 [1d20=11]
  227. [19:11:54] <Plutonis> 12"That is not known. However, there was a time where there were no difference between Youkai and Pokémon." She sipglurgles.
  228. [19:12:12] <Hiramasa> "There was?"
  229. [19:13:27] <Kokorainy> Kokoro shuffles away from the other timidgirl.
  230. [19:14:07] <Hiramasa> "It seems the more I study, the more I realize I know very little..."
  231. [19:15:14] <Plutonis> 12"It was much before i existed, and there are few answers from it, but before humans existed, there was only Pokémon and the Gods, and then the Youkai... And then the Orochi." She shudders while saying that. 12"The snake is another matter though."
  232. [19:16:31] <Plutonis> Poor Kuchiko. Her second mouth lets out an exasperated tongue, and a man on all fours starts crouching towards Kokoro. Some weird noises can be heard from the room where Norio was taken and Ken is starting to see pink phanpies!
  233. [19:16:32] * Hiramasa nods.
  234. [19:17:07] <Kokorainy> Kokoro shuffles away from him, in turn, too.
  235. [19:17:52] <Plutonis> The man in all fours turns his butt to her direction, stretching it... IS THAT A GIANT EYE THERE?
  236. [19:18:19] <Hiramasa> (oh japan)
  237. [19:21:12] * Ken tries to pet the pretty phanpies.
  238. [19:21:55] <Kokorainy> No fun allowed. Kokoro turned away when she shuffled. His obscene acts remain unseen.
  239. [19:22:11] <Plutonis> They are alcoholic hallucinations, you moron! Of course Ken's hand phases through them and he ends up grabbing the Shirime's eye.
  240. [19:22:18] * Bigblade is now known as Norio
  241. [19:22:45] <Plutonis> "P-please don't mind this place, really..." Kuchiko whispers at her.
  242. [19:23:17] <Ken> "UUUUGH!" DIVES away and washes his hand with the nearest cup of liquid.
  243. [19:23:30] * Hiramasa siiips his tea as things get chaotic.
  244. [19:24:08] <Plutonis> It's a soup plate. Hot hot hot! Meanwhile, things start to get steamy at Norio's private horrible love room.
  245. [19:24:49] <Plutonis> Umbrellas are opened, feet are tickled, accidental tongue cuts and handles are grabbed.
  246. [19:24:54] <Kokorainy> Kokoro sighs wistfully, longing for her home in the woods.
  247. [19:26:06] <Norio> ACCIDENTAL EVERYTHING CUTS
  248. [19:26:11] <Norio> ... No really, they're accidents!
  249. [19:26:13] <Norio> ... Really!
  250. [19:26:29] * castfromhp is now known as Mikaela
  251. [19:26:53] * Ken finds something cold (That isn't lady whatsherface! I don't want to die.) to cool his hand.
  252. [19:27:32] <Plutonis> The asseye guy starts flailing around, i mean they grabbed his eye! He starts flipping out and sending plates everywhere.
  253. [19:27:43] <Norio> (are you SURE you don't want to)
  254. [19:28:42] <Plutonis> 12"Ah, the vigor of youth. You are welcome to look at my personal library, young man, as long as you understand how precious it is to me~." The cup on her hand turns into a block of ice to make sure the message is relayed.
  255. [19:30:44] <Plutonis> Kuchiko looks whistfully to the poor girl. "Y-you are sure you don't want to leave? Your dad isn't here, right? And the others are busy..."
  256. [19:31:22] <Plutonis> Ken finds that lady Yuki's sake dish is really cool as ice!
  257. [19:34:22] <Kokorainy> Her stony reply is simple and definite: "My father will return soon."
  258. [19:35:24] <Plutonis> "Uuu..."
  259. [19:35:48] <Hiramasa> "I- thank you very much, Lady Yuki!"
  260. [19:38:08] <Plutonis> 12"I'd appreciate if you took your friend's paws off my sake though."
  261. [19:39:05] <Hiramasa> "Of course."
  262. [19:39:07] <Hiramasa> YANK.
  263. [19:39:07] <Ken> "aaa- Oh! Yesh. Right. Shorry."
  264. [19:39:18] * Hiramasa gives Ken a dirty look as he yoinks him back.
  265. [19:39:24] * Ken straightens himself up.
  266. [19:39:41] <Ken> "Good shake though!"
  267. [19:40:13] * Ken sucks a finger.
  268. [19:41:17] <Plutonis> After all that, Norio is brought back by the umbrella... The umbrella herself appears to be blushing and without her footwear. How naughty!
  269. [19:41:39] * Norio carries himself like a proper sword. That is to say... being long and sharp. If you catch my drift.
  270. [19:41:46] <Norio> Literally.
  271. [19:43:44] <Norio> "Well, that was one hell of a tour of what life in this village is like! Hey Ko-tan, made any friends yet?"
  272. [19:44:54] <Hiramasa> "Did you enjoy yourself?"
  273. [19:47:20] <Norio> "Quite a bit, actually! Even after working with swords my whole life I didn't know you could use their edges like that!"
  274. [19:48:14] * Hiramasa does his best not to retch into his teacup.
  275. [19:48:23] <Kokorainy> After an unknown amount of time idling around in the corner by herself, Kokoro's father returns. Her only reply to his question is "No."
  276. [19:48:42] <Hiramasa> 1d20+6 will save
  277. [19:48:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, will save: 10 [1d20=4]
  278. [19:48:47] <Plutonis> Poor Kuchiko. She just wanted to socialize and got ignored.
  279. [19:48:48] * Hiramasa retches into his teacup.
  280. [19:49:29] <Norio> "Oh, well, that figures."
  281. [19:50:32] <Hiramasa> "I would thank you if you were never to mention that again."
  282. [19:52:05] <Plutonis> 12"There aren't very young Youkai, really. Kuchiko, Nekode, some others... They are the only ones under fifty here." Yuki siiiips while putting her cup down. 12"Which is where we are getting. Our current population growth is slowing down due to the lack of space. This village can only support that many people."
  283. [19:52:56] * Norio rolls over to Kokoro at some point.
  284. [19:53:21] <Hiramasa> "And you can't just expand your territory?"
  285. [19:53:43] <Kokorainy> Kokoro does not offer any immediate response.
  286. [19:55:23] <Plutonis> 12"And what would humans think of Youkai trespassing their lands? The Satomi clan who ruled everything around this forest was known to use dark magic. They could eventually even break the barrier on this village."
  287. [19:56:58] <Norio> "Well..." Shing, the sword rolls over to Hiramasa. "Hey, what were we doing with the land we took from those pirates, again?"
  288. [19:57:23] <Hiramasa> "Your point is well taken." Hiramasa frowns, then looks over to Norio. "Settling on it, I'd assumed. It's for the daimyo to decide."
  289. [19:58:51] <Plutonis> 12"Pirate land... Like an island?"
  290. [19:59:08] <Hiramasa> "Yes."
  291. [20:01:02] <Plutonis> Yuki thinks for a few seconds. 12"An Island is isolated enough to provide us protection, and if you mean the Shikoku, there is enough space for settlers..."
  292. [20:01:08] <Norio> "That's true! I think he's still getting used to it, though. Don't wanna put the boy through too much stress."
  293. [20:01:32] <Hiramasa> "I shall be certain to discuss it with him."
  294. [20:05:19] <Hiramasa> "Oh, while I'm thinking of matters of discussion - where can I find, ah, Kaidou I think it was?"
  295. [20:06:44] <Plutonis> 12"Kaidou is the official watchman of the village. But he can be found on the outskirts, just look for his birds..." She stops to giggle for a bit. 12"Or recall him to his Pokéball"
  296. [20:07:10] * Hiramasa goes slightly red. "You heard about that, did you? I gave it to him, and he destroyed it."
  297. [20:07:29] * Hiramasa suddenly finds the ceiling VERY INTERESTING. SURE IS A CEILING.
  298. [20:07:40] <Ken> "SNRK.PfffftBWHAHAHAHAHA!"
  299. [20:08:32] * Ken gives Hira a firm slap on the back. "She's got you there."
  300. [20:08:42] * Norio follows suit with Ken, having trouble not cracking up.
  301. [20:09:34] <Hiramasa> "And I wanted to know if there was anything I could do by way of apology."
  302. [20:09:42] <Hiramasa> ceiiiiiiiiling.
  303. [20:10:00] <Ken> "I'd avoid poffins if I were you."
  304. [20:10:12] * Ken slaps his knee and laughs at his own joke.
  305. [20:13:23] <Plutonis> 12"Fufufufu. Oh don't worry... It was a misunderstaning, just like when someone..." She stares at Shiro, who is at the other side of the table and now understandably scared as shit. 12"Attacked you under false pretenses. And as a token of goodwill, some of our goods are open now."
  306. [20:22:21] <Norio> "Then I guess you have MY thanks, for sure! I'll see what I can do about trade on my own end."
  307. [20:22:25] <Hiramasa> "Still, if I get a chance, I'd like to apologize to him. We'll see." Hiramasa nods.
  308. [20:23:35] <Ken> "What he said." He nudges the sword.
  309. [20:27:02] <Plutonis> 12"Now, let us continue to feast and celebrate." She snaps her fingers and the celebration continues all night... Now that a new ally has been made, are our heroes close to achieving EVERLASTING PEACE? Not likely!
  310. [20:27:09] <Plutonis> [/session]
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