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  1. {*******************************************************************************
  2. procedure GetJavaString(javaString: integer; var pascalString: string; maxLength: integer);
  3. By: BenLand100
  4. Description: Returns a string from a javaString with a specified  maxLength. Do
  5.              not let it overflow, bad things will happen.
  6. *******************************************************************************}
  7. function GetJavaString(javaString: integer; maxLength: integer): string;
  8. Begin
  9.   Writeln('b1');
  10.   SetLength(result, maxLength);
  11.   Writeln('b2');
  12.   SetLength(result, SmartStringFromString(javaString, result));
  13.   Writeln('b3');
  14. End;
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