DX - Twin Shadows, Part 4

Jan 8th, 2016
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  1. [10:31] <Cherem> The caravan is moving at a decent speed: three sedans in the center, one after the other, and another trailing the others at a distance. The streets aren't completely dead, occasionally there's another motorist on the road, but the sight of three black sedans travelling in a line are enough to keep anybody from cutting into the center or driving too close.
  2. [10:32] <Cherem> Junko and Shizuka, you've been explictly ordered to follow the final, third car, sticking with it like glue. As you know, that's the one containing Himoto's family. Above you, the streetlights dye the road a vivid white and yellow, with patches of darkness swallowing anything that passed through.
  3. [10:32] <Cherem> The plan, as you were told, is to take side-streets until you reach the highway: once you hit the highway, you're expected to drive as fast as possible to Tokyo. Delivering the Himoto "safe and sound" was stressed to you.
  4. [10:35] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian, after getting clearance, enters a empty warehouse. Getting in a truck, he carefully pulls out from the establishement, illegally modified helicopter in tow. Hopping out of it, he seems rather proud of this little marvel as he shows it off to Jamie. Especially glancing at the minigun.
  5. [10:36] <Ian_Goodwill> "I pilot, you're at the gun." He says with a smirk.
  6. [10:39] <Ian_Goodwill> Hopping into the pilot seat and allowing Jamie to get on, he starts the chopper and lifts off, destination highway.
  7. [10:40] <Cherem> The sedans all seem to have four people: one driving, one passenger, and two in the back: in the third one, that's the family. You managed to catch sight of some pistols on the men who stepped into the cars, and they don't look like hte type to just roll over.
  8. [10:41] <Cherem> Ian, as you soar over the city, it's like flying over a small nebula, dotted with streetlights and house-lights, many neighborhoods dyed black by the night. The Highway is very easy to see, but pinpointing the vehicle would be difficult.
  9. [10:42] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka is latched on to Junko with one arm around her and has the other arm extended outwards with her pinky up, gazing wistfully at it.
  10. [10:49] <Tsuboki_Junko> "What exactly are you doing," Junko asks, focus mostly on the road and the SUV in front of them.
  11. [10:49] <Cherem> The cars are moving at a decent pace, obeying the speed limit and keeping on formation. They tend to slip in and out of the darkness easily, and their headlights are dimmed as to make them show up less.
  12. [10:49] <Cherem> However, this isn't enough to stop them from coming into Ian's attention.
  13. [10:50] <Ian_Goodwill> "How are you doing back there?" He shouts at Jami as he makes his approach, Ian, focussing on his senses, enhancing his body beyond its limits, manages to track down the convoy. Not without his heart skipping a beat and a rib bruising.
  14. [10:51] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I'm considering how silly the Queen of England would look during her tea time if she were in the Yakuza and screwed up."
  15. [10:54] <@Mid> "Never better," Jamie grins wildly behind the massive gun.
  16. [10:55] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian lets the Beastie boys blast in the chopper then. "I've found them, we're about to get the drop on them. We need to get the family alive, alright?"
  17. [10:57] <@Mid> "Yeah. So we deal with just the bad guys."
  18. [10:57] * The_Espada_ (IceChat9@57D1CAC1.DF29D44B.CA9F4933.IP) has joined #DXtheGame
  19. [11:03] <Cherem> The convoy finally arrives at the highway, pulling up the on ramp in the direction of tokyo proper. If there's any time to hit them, it's here, where they have no escape.
  20. [11:14] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then turns on a massive floodlight into the convoy, blinding the lead car with it. The ones on their bikes should probably assume something big's about to happen, Ian's ears twitching as they scan for his target.
  21. [11:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> "How the hell did he even get one of those?"
  22. [11:16] <Cherem> The first car swerves dangerously at the light, slowing down to a stop, as the others quickly hit the brakes to keep from hitting each other.
  23. [11:16] <Cherem> There's the distinct sound of guns being cocked, and Ian can hear the young Himoto yelp in confusion as he hits the chair in front of him: gotta wear them seatbelts, kids.
  24. [11:17] <Ian_Goodwill> "They're in the third car. Light'em up as you wish, Jamie. Scare them until they surrender." Ian seems to be enjoying this a bit too much.
  25. [11:28] <Cherem> The gatling gun starts to roil and click, spinning rapidly into action, before the blasting, kicking, roaring sound floods your ears: hope you're wearing ear protection.
  26. [11:29] <Cherem> The bullets bite into and through the car and the pavement beneath it, lighting up that one portion of the road like a very intense, angry firework display, the acid slipping through the plastic and metal of the car to turn the inside into a mushy, plushy mess. Might not want to illuminate it.
  27. [11:30] <Ian_Goodwill> "Damn, Jamie, are you channeling a Vietnam vet or something?"
  28. [11:31] <@Mid> Jamie doesn't seem to notice him, enjoying it too much.
  29. [11:50] <The_Espada_> Dragoon makes a rifle appear in his hands and shoots at the 4th car killing the driver and passenger.
  30. [11:56] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko parks her bike and looks back at Shizuka before stepping off. She walked up to the dirver-side window of the vehicle and throws a punch. Her body is changing as she breaks the glass, body taking on its battle form as she pulls the man right out of the car through the now broken window. "Get out."
  31. [11:58] <Cherem> "What in the unholy-" the man doesn't even have enough time to react before he's grabbed and yanked out.
  32. [12:00] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka blows a kiss as she dismounts,spewing out a stupidly long tentacle out of her mouth. But alas, getting off the bike ruined her aim. "Aaah! I'm getting triggered!"
  33. [12:01] <Cherem> As the R18 appendage launches itself out at the fourth car, the men spill out, partly in reaction to the gunfire, partly because there's a giant shadow trying to kill them. They seem to be luckier than the others.
  34. [12:07] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then lands the helicopter on the road, right in front of the first car. Fetching his rifle, he can't resist but crack a bit of a style at the '90s style gung ho invasion, empty his rifle into the car.
  35. [12:09] <Cherem> The men inside are going for their guns, but they're too shook up by the sudden attack, and no armor can save them from the Hanuman Demon.
  36. [12:24] <The_Espada_> Dragoon runs out of the chopper and up on top of the first car and unloads his gun into the 4th car killing them all.
  37. [12:27] <Cherem> They fall like wheat before a scythe, taken out in the rapid assault. Now, there's only the driver.
  38. [12:28] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka bows to the driver with a smile. "Driver-chan, I humbly suggest you surrender~"
  39. [12:30] <Cherem> The driver hesitates, one hand on his gun, the other on the wheel, "I... " And like that, his hands raise from the wheel, in the air.
  40. [12:30] <Cherem> "What the hell?!" You hear from the backseat Himoto's son, "You're just going to let them do this?!" He sounds incredibly panicked.
  41. [12:31] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian, from his chopper, signals them to hurry up. "Get the family and we're out, this is going to be a lot of attention!"
  42. [12:32] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "We have the family's interests at heart. Let's all hurry out of the car now. No one gets hurt, and soon enough we'll all be going off to safety."
  43. [12:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> While Shizuka plays with the car's passenger, Junko goes about disarming the driver she'd captured. Once she'd taken the gun she gave the guy a none too gentle toss down the highway.
  44. [12:34] <Cherem> The driver goes flying when junko tosses him out, and the passenger steps out slowly, projecting his movements as he does so.
  45. [12:35] <Cherem> The younger Himoto doesn't seem to be calming down in the back, and you're not hearing anything from his mother.
  46. [12:38] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka peeks her head into the car from the driver side. "We're acting on behalf of Himoto-san. You want to see him again, don't you?"
  47. [12:39] <Cherem> The son looks at you as you poke your head in, "You, you what?! What are you talking about, these are his men!"
  48. [12:39] <Cherem> He probably doesn't know anything about his father's plans: as Himoto explained it to you, he was keeping this kind of thing quiet.
  49. [12:41] <Ian_Goodwill> "Y'know, that was a lot of noise, and it's only a matter of moments before another car pulls up!" Ian seems a bit tense now, frowning, the adrenaline slowly dying down.
  50. [12:42] <Cherem> Indeed, somewhere in the distance, the wail of sirens is starting.
  51. [12:42] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "He's presumed missing, and it seems the others are already prepared to bury him and take what power they can. It's not a safe environment to be in. We need to go now. Will you come with us?"
  52. [12:42] <Cherem> "Who the hell do-"
  53. [12:43] <The_Espada_> Dragoon high tails it back to the chopper.
  54. [12:43] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian starts the rotors of the chopper. "Any day now, we'll explain on the way!"
  55. [12:43] <Cherem> The mother finally speaks, eyes closed and hands in her lap, "We have no choice, son." She gives him a very level, cool look, before turning her attention to Shizuka, "We will comply. Completely." As her son starts to protest. "Open the door for your mother."
  56. [12:44] <Cherem> With that, the son grits his teeth and goes for the door slowly, letting his mother out. He almost tries to stare down Junko for a second, before he realizes that's the dumbest thing he could do.
  57. [12:44] <Cherem> It's not without reluctance that they get aboard the helicopter.
  58. [12:44] <Cherem> But they do.
  59. [12:45] <The_Espada_> "want any refreshments?" Dragoon asks in a polite tone.
  60. [12:45] <Ian_Goodwill> "Hold on tight, then, this might get bumpy if they know what they're searching for." Ian then takes off away from the scene.
  61. [12:45] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka gives them both a bow as they exit, then looks to Junko. "Let's go."
  62. [12:46] <Cherem> The younger man gives Dragoon an incredulous look, "Yeah, a beer if you could, what kind of service is this? Who the hell are you people?"
  63. [12:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Right." Junko practically shakes off her transformation before climbing back on her bike.
  64. [12:47] <The_Espada_> Dragoon makes a beer appear and hands it over to him.
  65. [12:47] <Kirishima_Shizuka> Shizuka also gets on the bike.
  66. [12:47] <@Mid> "We're the people who are taking you to your father."
  67. [12:49] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian will then makes his way back to the UGN HQ, trying to keep away from the sirens. Will have to go through a remodal for this thing.
  68. [12:49] <Cherem> The son stares at the beer, taking it carefully, "How in the... What? Dad's okay?"
  69. [12:50] <Cherem> At that, Himoto's wife lets out a deep, relieved breath, "He is safe then. I thought something was strange about him..."
  70. [12:51] <Ian_Goodwill> "...Sorry for the little show, by the way. Sad, but we figure you wouldn't have let us do it the easy way. That, and it's hard to know who's your husband's true allies or not."
  71. [12:52] <Cherem> The flight is easy enough: while some police cruisers seem to notice you, they don't give pursuit. The same can be said of Junko's riding: whoever did this is nobody to be chased openly.
  72. [12:54] <Cherem> Back at the University, there's a detail waiting for you when you arrive. There's enough space to land the helicopter on the roof of the main building, and Greyhound shields his eyes as you descend. Beside him, Himoto is failing to smoke a cigarette, and you can catch him throwing it away and stomping on it before his wife steps out.
  73. [12:56] <Ian_Goodwill> "Hey, erm, Greyhound, didn't give you too much of a headache, right?" Ian hops out of the helicopter. "We've got the family."
  74. [12:57] <Cherem> "Only as much as I'd let him give me," Greyhound responds, Himoto seeming to not notice his words. Seems he's doing that Overed speak again. "A real pain you left me with."
  75. [12:57] <Cherem> The son is out of the helicopter as soon as possible, helping his mother out.
  76. [12:57] <Cherem> Down at the front, they let you, Junko and Shizuka in, just in time to see the helicopter set down.
  77. [13:00] * Tsuboki_Junko brings the bike to a stop and sighs, leaning against the handles as she looks up toward the helicopter.
  78. [13:03] <Cherem> As Himoto's wife steps out, she gives her husband a very stern look, nodding a little as he looks away, "I see, you were not kidnapped. That is... good to hear." She clears her throat, and approaches him carefully.
  79. [13:04] <Cherem> Meanwhile, Greyhound turns away from the family reunion and to the rest of you, "I will contact Shadow Blossom and Beast King: I want you all to escort them tomorrow to the airport. Himoto-san and I have some to an arrangement regarding the Kou Ou."
  80. [13:04] <Ian_Goodwill> "Any clue of what might've happened if we let them go to Tokyo?" Ian seems a bit curious.
  81. [13:05] <Cherem> "Captivity until Himoto returned. Which, having spoken with the man..." Greyhound lets the comment hang, "It would have been unpleasant, knowing the Kou Ou."
  82. [13:07] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian gives a bit of a huff, wincing. "Anyway, I'm still a bit shaken. We kinda went in rolling thunder, y'know. Pleasure working with you, though."
  83. [13:08] <Cherem> "Working with," Greyhound snorts a little, "The Helicopter was impressive. I'm sure the police would wonder where that came from."
  84. [13:09] <Ian_Goodwill> "Yeah, I'll... well, don't worry, that's my problem to handle now." He snickers and shrugs.
  85. [13:10] <Cherem> "Of course," Greyhound nods a little, "As long as it's being used for UGN purposes, we can hardly complain, Goodwill-san. Now, you all need the rest. Please, we will take care of them for the evening, tomorrow evening their flight will be leaving."
  86. [13:12] <Ian_Goodwill> "By the way, Jamie and erm, Dragoon, good job." Ian then casually strides off the side of the building, walking off from it.
  87. [13:13] <Cherem> "Indeed. You can complete your contract with this. Everybody..." Greyhound hesistates for a moment, watching Ian go, "Wins... Hm."
  88. [13:14] <The_Espada_> "what time should i be back to help out?"
  89. [13:15] <Cherem> "We will begin at Eleven. Despite Himoto's claims to the contrary, his flight will be a red-eye."
  90. [13:16] <The_Espada_> "alright i will be back here at 10." A door appears to the right of Dragoon, As he casually walks through it closing it behind him.
  91. [13:18] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian waves at Junko on his trek down, still all 90 degrees-like. "Good job you two, by the way. I hope you don't think we overdid it."
  92. [13:18] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Maybe a little, but I'm used to it."
  93. [13:18] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "It was very inspirational, Ian-chan."
  94. [13:20] <Ian_Goodwill> He blushes at the compliment, brushing it off. "Ah, I just do my job, Shizuka-chan. By the way, Greyhound's gonna contact you, tomorrow we're to escort the family to the airport."
  95. [13:21] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "I wonder what the odds are that it will be uncomplicated."
  96. [13:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I guess I can keep my schedule open."
  97. [13:22] <Cherem> And at that, the two get the voicemail from Greyhound, asking them to report at 11 PM the next night for the flight escort.
  98. [13:23] <Ian_Goodwill> "I knew I could count on you, Junko." Ian lightly bumps her shoulder, before he gives Shizuka a polite bow. "If you need any help with learning the tricks and ropes of the job, I think I've shown my efficiency." Then walks off, on his way back to home.
  99. [13:24] <Cherem> === END SCENE ===
  100. [13:25] <Cherem> And just like that, the next day comes: reporting to Greyhound's office, you find him with Himoto, who is seemingly agitated at how long this is taking.
  101. [13:26] <Cherem> The night has set yet again, but the office is well lit, and Greyhound is sipping his coffee. "Alright then. As we're all here, we will discuss the plan. Goodwill-san, as your helicopter is currently being searched for, a more... subtle method is going to be taken. We will be adopting the Kou Ou's strategy, but our difference is we have competants behind the wheel."
  102. [13:27] <Cherem> "There is an treated SUV in the lot downstairs. We use it normally for extracting agents under fire, but we've had it repainted to a more standard color, as opposed to "police state matte black"."
  103. [13:29] <Cherem> "It has seating for Himoto-san and his family. We will have one driver and one passenger. Beast King, you will take your motorcycle and provide mobile support. We're not expecting anything heavy, if this goes off well."
  104. [13:30] <Ian_Goodwill> "Sounds fair to me." Ian gives a nod as he is briefed, still in his new battlesuit. Apparently he's learned his lesson about ruining suits.
  105. [13:30] <Cherem> Greyhound is all business from the get-go, "That accounts for three of you. Two, if none of you are comfortable with driving. The rest, we have our own vehicles we can use for this operation: the key element is keeping it low-key."
  106. [13:31] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We'll see how long that lasts."
  107. [13:31] <Ian_Goodwill> "Suppose I can drive the van. Dragoon, buddy, wanna get to know each others and be my shotgun?"
  108. [13:31] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "Low key is the best key."
  109. [13:31] <The_Espada_> "Sounds good. Do you an actual shotgun?"
  110. [13:32] <Cherem> "A single car and a motorcycle in downtown Tokyo?" Greyhound smiles a little, but it quickly drops, "Knowing who we are facing though, it is better to try our best and be cautious."
  111. [13:32] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian actually produces one from some kind of compartment on his wrist, apparently shrunking it normally for ease of access. "There you go, then."
  112. [13:34] <The_Espada_> "Was asking if you wanted one but this works as well. Thanks."
  113. [13:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I woulda loved to have nee-chan clinging to me on the back of that motorcycle once." Junko puts her hands behind her head and laces her fingers. "So what are the chances of a problem?"
  114. [13:35] <Cherem> "Hm." Greyhound glances at Himoto, who clears his throat to speak.
  115. [13:36] <Cherem> "The people hunting me, these 'Hunters', are dangerous. They will attempt to capture me, or at the very least kill me. While you have already solidly thrashed them, they have access to incredibly well-trained medical aid. They will surely try to find us, if we are discovered."
  116. [13:39] <Ian_Goodwill> "I'm not exactly planning around that. We're usually good at what we do." Ian stands up, stretching himself. "Ready to move when you are."
  117. [13:39] <Cherem> "Their leader, Sharpshooter, may not seem to wise, but he has connections in the police and underworld." Himoto rubs his chin, "If we are stopped, they will know it is us, and they will come for us."
  118. [13:39] <Cherem> Greyhound nods, "Alright. Any more questions?"
  119. [13:39] <Kirishima_Shizuka> "No questions here."
  120. [13:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I've got nothing."
  121. [13:41] <Cherem> "Right then." Greyhound nods, "Then we will begin!"
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