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  1. I was silenced for giving out my personal information (such as a facebook account in particular). However, in the post I was silenced for I did not mention my name or anyone else's facebook name.
  2. Excerpt:
  4. jess i was just looking at amandas on your fb and i think i found juicedlime via process of elimination [br]bc i dont think shes Mz ShOrTi or a girl from harlem or your sister so
  6. I could not have possibly endangered myself or anyone else with this post. For example, there is nobody on facebook named Mz ShOrTi, hence this rules out one of the names I could have given out to recieve this warning.
  7. Another name mentioned was "Amanda". An excerpt from a U.S. census website:
  9. "There are 630,344 people in the U.S. with the first name Amanda."
  11. Me simply saying that a user's first name is Amanda would not have given enough information to narrow down her facebook account.
  13. The third person I mentioned was "a girl from harlem". According to citydata for Harlem, New York, New York, in 2008 Harlem had a population of around 215,753. Once again, this is not enough information to narrow down a single individual and endanger them.
  15. I think I have made a fair point that the post I was silenced for did not harm anyone, and silencing me did not help anyone. It would be great if I could have this silence erased from my record.
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