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  1. Plot:
  3. The plot takes place in Fallenmoure, Alaska. An isolated town ran by the leader of an obscurely murderous cult leader named Elijah Ashbourne. He suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and enjoys attention. At the age of 8, he began to grow a fascination for hurting things, thusfore he began to dabble in torturing and killing animals . This gradually caused his fascination with murder to grow to bigger things. In High School, he was the popular kid, his secrets hidden. The bully. He had a large following then, feeding his ego and his need to be noticed. The older he grows, the more he craves that attention. He began to make people do things to "confess their love" to him. Leave your wife, leave your husband,leave your parents ect. But then it goes further when he realizes that he can get away with such things and it turns into a full on cult. One day, someone that he wanted to recurit turned him down, causing him to fly into a rage - accidentally killing the woman with one lethal punch to the head. He loved it, however, he still needed to get rid of a dead body. He disposed the corpse by letting it soak in hydrofluric acid. After realizing that he wouldn't get caught in such a dense town, his murderous tendencies grew and he couldn't stop. He becomes addicted and gets his followers to start doing some of the killings for him. He tells them that it's because he "loves" them, but it's only because he liked being in charge and seeing people destroy their life for him. Anyone that tries to leave had better pray that they make it an inch out of the door before he comes for them. A few followers have already faced the fate of being tortured with steaming needles to the eyes or their skin being flayed.
  5. We're still piecing this together.
  10. Sebastian Arkwright was born to Pamela and William Arkwright  in Cheshire, England. His father was a doctor, his mother a teacher - which placed them in the upper middle class social ranks. For the most part, Sebastian lived a promising life. Both he and his 2 siblings were well taken care of giving everything that they needed to succeed by their mother. Their father, however, was a different story. He was a negligent drunk that only cared for his work and climbing the social status race. He abused his children, beating them and most of the time drugging them just to put them to sleep.  Their mother had plans to leave him and stay with her sister until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Pamela refused treatment as her children were forced to watch their mother suffer as they suffered from the hands of their father themselves. Her cancer began to spread to vital organs, causing the disease to become terminal. 1 year and 2 months passed, their mother had succumbed to the deadly disease due to complications. The beatings from William grew worse. He had broken Sebastian's arm along locking them in the cellar without support or any food at all for days. Sebastian's older sister was a diabetic, and for those days she was refused insulin as well as any meals to keep her held down. Because of this, she went into insulin shock. Due to it being left untreated, she went into a diabetic coma, suffering brain damage which ultimately lead to her death. Sebastian and his remaining sister had just about enough of this torture and made plans to run away as soon as their father released them. The next day, William allowed to them come out; he witnessed his daughter's corpse and the putrid smell that surrounded it. Not knowing how he would explain this and knowing that this would send his social status spiraling down, he tried to hide dispose of the body and asked his children for help. Sebastian and Amelia refused, leading to their chance to escape.
  13. They spent days on end searching for places to stay before they ran into a man named Elijah Ashbourne. Elijah seemed like a genuinely nice man, but he had something sinister in his eyes and Sebastian knew it, even at 16 years old. But they had no where else to go and therefore too Elijah up on his offer when he gave them a place to stay. Together, they moved to Fallenmoure, Alaska where things would change for the worst.
  17. Connection with Kassandra - Sebastian meets Kassandra after he's spent a few years in the cult with Elijah. He's 23 at the time when Kass and Mallory are brought into the community. They we're exposed to Elijah's manipulations and figured that it would just be somewhere for them to stay. Sebastian takes a liking into Kassandra, learning the reasons that she and her sister came to Fallenmoure Alsaska in the first place. A pedophile Uncle, overly religious parents that didn't believe a word that they said. He decided that he would look after Kassandra and try to shield her from the things that she'd witness during her stay.
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