Rodina's group play

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  1. "Don't be in such a hurry," Rodina said with a giggle, "there's plenty for everyone."
  2. Naked men crowded around the young blonde girl, their erections pointed threateningly at her, like a ring of spears. A few rubbed against her cheeks and lips and in her blonde hair; all so eager for her attention. Far from looking threatened, the young socialist smiled excitedly. She was naked as well and seated on her knees. She turned her head this way and that, giving little affectionate kisses to the probing members that bombarded her.
  4. The only article of clothing she wore was a red folding cap. Her body was pristine and fit, with hardly a hair beneath her head on her milky white skin. Rodina's nostrils were assaulted by the combined musk of many men and she felt intoxicated. As one pressed in close she pressed her lips to one of her anonymous suitor's hanging testicles and inhaled the scent of his dick.
  6. "Hmmmmmnnnn..." she moaned, reaching up to wrap her small hand around its middle. "Are you guys all ready?" Grunts of impatient affirmation spurred her on to reach up and grasp another bulging prick with her other hand and begin pumping. Excitement trembled in Rodina's chest as she lavished her tongue on the ballsack of her nearest patron, dragging it up the underside as she tilts her head back. It isn't long before she hears a low groan and feels something hot and wet splash onto her upper arm. She turns her head, shocked, but pleased. Her eyes rise up and she smirks. "You really couldn't wait, huh?" She releases him to lick his fingers clean of his sticky gift and he's immediately replaced by another with a bit if jealous jostling.
  8. Both pairs of the little socialist's lips are glistening. The taste of cum left her already wet lips drooling and she's already eager for more. This time the dick she grabs she guides carefully into her mouth. At first she tries to ease it in, but of course he won't have any tepid welcome. The man takes her by the nose and Rodina's eyes burst open as he jams his dick down her throat. The bulge in her esophagus is plain to see as he begins to fuck her mouth. Helpless Rodina can just choke and drool around the thing's girth as it violates her. She manages to slip her tongue out over her teeth to slide back and forth against the underside of her anonymous companion's shaft and tease at his swinging nuts. All the while her hands are still hard at work milking the jizz from the others surrounding her.
  10. Yet industrious as the youthful Marxist is, some still cannot wait. She's so light in their hands as they pick her up, ravenous as wolves, to use her body as they please. Rough fingers spread her pussy open and soon a pair of tongues are invading the pink folds hidden within. She arches her back and moans around the cock plunging down her throat. Spit and precum spilt out past her lips and down the sides of her face and she shuddered with pleasure. The already high moan rose into a squeal of delight as another rough face pressed in between her cheeks to tongue her asshole. Cum splashed across her shoulder and flat chest in great clinging clumps and she writhed with delight.
  12. Suddenly strong hands seized both sides of her head. The male violating her throat hunched over her and groaned, heaving a few ropes of thick cum down into Rodina's belly. She drank it down gratefully, greedily, in great gulps. Slowly he pulled back, sliding free, with Rodina sucking powerfully at him as through reluctant to let the giver of such thick cum escape. The head pop's free with a loud, wet "SMOCK!" sound. Glistening strands of spit and cum connect her panting mouth to the cock drifting away from her, but she only has a moment to admire the sight before another boner replaces it.
  14. Some unshaven face was pressed against her mound and sucking wetly at her tiny clit. Rodina's back arched more and more, pressing her hard nipples upward as her peak nears. Her head swims. Sweat rolls down the valley of her spine. She can't help her rolling, rocking hips as someone's tongue repeatedly plunges into her pucker while another sucks relentlessly on her hooded pearl. Hot seed splatters across her stomach and chest to roll slowly down her side like melted wax.
  16. When she cums her whole body rocks with a sudden shudder. Eyes rolling back, leg's extending, for a few moments she's rendered into a thoughtless cock sock. The Soviet's lithe body rolls in a wave of climactic pleasure and signals vaguely to be let down. Once on the floor she's leaning forward on her hands, coughing and panting for breath as cum rolls down her chest. Her pussy is still twitching and drooling on the floor beneath her. "I'm all right," she coughs and wipes her mouth on the back of her forearm, "just needed to catch my breath." Rodina's small, pink tongue moistens her lips and can't help but smile when she finds they taste like cock. Grinning, she looks up at the plethora of potent pricks arrayed around her. "Alright, comrades, who's next?"
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