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  1. Oh man this was way harder than I expected. He's my best shot at capturing my thoughts:
  3. What types of music do you listen to most often? (more than one is fine)
  4. In rough order:
  5. * Funk & Soul
  6. * Progressive rock
  7. * Psychedelic rock
  8. * Bebop-era Jazz
  9. * Modern Jazz
  10. * Electronic
  11. * Hip-hop
  13. What types of music do you not like, if any?
  14. I'm open to most genres, there are bands or songs that I don't like but I can't think of anything specifically.
  16. What are five musicians/bands that you really like?
  17. * Steely Dan
  18. * Louis Cole
  19. * Snarky Puppy
  20. * Guthrie Govan
  21. * CHON
  22. * King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  24. What are five songs that you really like to listen to?
  25. * Thinking (Live Sesh) - Louis Cole (
  26. * We Like It Here - Snarky Puppy (
  27. * Vehicle - The Ides of March (
  28. * Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquoi (
  29. * Autumn Leaves - Cannonball Adderley (
  31. What are five guitar based songs that you think would be really cool to be able to play?
  32. * Josie - Steely Dan (
  33. * Signe Unplugged - Eric Clapton (
  34. * Fluffy - CHON (
  35. * Shadow of your Smile [Live 72] - George Benson (
  36. * Frogville // Airplane Mode - Cory Wong (
  38. What are you looking for from guitar lessons? (Just something to get you started? Longtime teacher? A specific skill you need help with?)
  39. I'm looking for an evaluation of where I'm at, and then a plan to improve my mechanics and get me to a point where have the skills
  40. to practice intelligently and continually improve. I'm at least looking for continual lessons for the medium term, maybe long term.
  42. What are your long term goals for guitar?
  43. * Read sheet music on guitar (can read sheet music but can't translate it to guitar right now)
  44. * Build good fundamentals and a practice plan so I'm set up with tools to continually improve
  45. * Built a repertoire of my favorite songs that I can play on guitar
  46. * Get to a point where I can transcribe and play rythmn or lead guitar on almost any song so I can competently play guitar when I jam with my friends rather than just sax.
  48. What would you like to accomplish in *our* time together?
  49. Building a plan and getting started on achieving my long term goals.
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