/hpgg/'s VGL Team Organization

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  1. *NOTE for VGL Organizers* This is /hpgg/'s internal organization document. If you're looking for our Tactical Instructions, please see:
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  5. - If you wish to contribute, include the word "league" in your post for maximum visibility.
  8.                                                             [ANNOUNCEMENTS]
  9. VGL12 is currently taking place and in the Group Stage, where we've been placed in Group A alongside /dbg/, /gbfg/, and /aceg/. You can find the times and dates below:
  10. /gbfg/ vs. /hpgg/ - June 22 at 17:00 UTC / 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST
  12. >VGL Stream Page:
  15. There is a poll to determine the preferred Kit to use against /gbfg/:
  18. A preview of our current kits (minus C-BOIZ), courtesy of the fine anon who worked on them:
  21. More information can be found at the following link:
  25. [i. Important Links]
  27. [ii. To Do]
  28. <<Current Community Goals>>
  29. <<General Goals>>
  31. [iii. How Can I Help?]
  33. [iv. Introduction]
  34. <<TL;DR>>
  35. <<Proposal>>
  36. <<Q&A>>
  37. <<Upcoming Tournaments>>
  39. [v. Players]
  40. <<Potential Picks>>
  41. <<Roster - Submissions>>
  42. <<Roster - Final>>
  44. [vi. Tactical]
  45. <<Lineup>>
  46. <<Preset Tactics>>
  48. [vii. Aesthetics]
  49. <<Model Suggestions>>
  50. <<Player Models>>
  51. <<Full Body Models>>
  52. <<Animations>>
  53. <<Uniforms/Kits>>
  54. <<Portraits>>
  55. <<Team Logo>>
  56. <<Stadium>>
  57. <<Ball>>
  59. [viii. Music]
  60. <<Intro Anthem>>
  61. <<Goalhorns>>
  62. <<Victory Anthem>>
  63. <<Chants>>
  65. [ix. Misc]
  66. <<Emote Suggestions>>
  67. <<Slogans>>
  68. <<Nickname>>
  69. <<Manager>>
  70. <<Wiki>>
  72. [x. Match History]
  73. <<VGL11 Friendlies>>
  74. <<VGL11>>
  75. <<MobaBowl 2019>>
  76. <<VGL12 Friendlies>>
  80. [i. Important Links]
  81. >VGL Stream Page:
  85. >Team's Wiki Page (Includes roster, positions, Exports, and match history):
  88. >VGL12 Exports:
  91. [ii. To Do]
  92. <<Current Community Goals>>
  93. + Use the emotes ":ummm:" and ":witchin:" while watching our matches, if you wish.
  96. <<General Goals>>
  97. Quick and dirty list of general goals and tasks. Specifics can be found in appropriate sections.
  98. >Organize this fucking thing.
  100. >If I missed something, or you have suggestions on touching up this document in some way, feel free to let me know. My intent is to provide a clear, easily navigable resource that anyone can use if they are interested in helping our team.
  103. [iii. How Can I Help?]
  104. If you're interested in helping, but not sure how you may able to, this section can guide you to the right place. Whether you're interested in organizing, testing, contributing to aesthetics, music, or tactics, or just making promo material, any help is appreciated and encouraged. Even if you feel that you lack the talent or time, suggestions and ideas will gladly be taken into consideration.
  106. > Organizing
  107. Helping direct people to correct resources; suggestions on better organizing this document or other resources
  110. [iv. Introduction]
  111. <<TL;DR>>
  112. >Vidya football tourney where the players are memes from general
  113. >Models based off of memes are used for player heads/bodies
  114. >Music for when our team scores goals
  115. >Tactics to make our team play well
  118. <<Proposal>>
  119. Basically the /vg/ League is a meme tournament simulated in PES 2017, where /vg/ generals make football teams with their general's memes as the football players, and there are AI vs. AI matches to see which general is the best general. Apart from bragging rights, if the team places high enough, the general can also pick a player they want to put on the /vg/ roster itself for the main 4cc competition, but that's not strictly something you need to be interested in either.
  120. >Main 4cc wiki page:
  124. <<Q&A>>
  125. >Alright, how does it work?
  126. To start, we collect suggestions for a roster, avoiding namedropping and focusing on the memes generated or used within the general. We should also decide on the team should play (hyper-aggressive, defensive, balanced, etc.).
  127. We need music that plays at the start of the match like how national football teams have anthems, and music that plays whenever the team scores a goal. It's generally believed that good music, for both, is that which is both thematic or relevant to their general or the player who scored, and is energetic and hyped.
  129. <<Upcoming Tournaments>>
  130. >VGL12
  131. TBA
  133. [v. Players]
  134. This section is dedicated to compiling the memes that have been generated or used within the general. Above all, avoid namefagging, but plain characters (without an actual meme) should also be avoided. Based on advice from an organizer, "a good meme name associated with a character helps so it's not names like an actual football team." If you have a suggestion for a meme, please consider also adding in a description for how it could be portrayed.
  135. Following the potential picks are the submitted rosters, though in the future, polling for places on the team could be considered rather than voting on entire submitted rosters.
  138. <<Potential Picks>>
  139. :OCs:
  140. >Anon Ymous (Original Anonymous w/ Shades; Undertaker)
  141. >Clumsy
  142. >Ravie
  143. >Treesy
  144. >Levy
  146. :Character Specific:
  147. >Barnaby: "Barnabro"
  148. >Ben: "Ben's Battered Boyhole"; "Dark Lord Ben"
  149. >Charlie: "Charlie Weasley Chandler"; "Dragonsexual"
  150. >Chester: "Prefect Who?"; "Punished Chester"
  151. >Flitwick: "Based Flitwick"; "(((Flitwick)))"
  152. >Ismelda: "SMELLE / ISMELLE"
  153. >Jane: "Eldritch Jane"; "Elder Demon Jane"; "Str8 Outta Azkaban"; "Fati"
  154. >Merula: "The Cutest Witch"; "Merurin"; "Dumbrula / Dumb Bully"; "Wurgh"; "Boop the Snoot"; "Meruposting"
  155. >Penny: "Le Butte Girle"; "Le Merukeks Girl"; "Penni!"; "PTSD Penny"
  156. >Rakepick: "Rapekick"
  157. >Rowan: "(R)owan"
  158. >Snape: "Wingman Snape"
  159. >Tonks: "BadonkaTonks"
  160. >Tulip: "Tulipian Deep State"; "Tulip Joker / Leto"
  161. >Dudley
  162. >Gilderoy
  163. >Ollivander (Disgusted / Not So Disgusted)
  164. >Felix "Review Brah" Rosier
  165. >Bea: "Who?"; "1000 Lurking Beafags"
  167. :General:
  168. >Premature Threadjaculator / IT'S RAW / BAKE IT
  169. >Imperio Your Friends
  170. >Drink Butterbeer / Raise Hell / Love Merula
  171. >Patronus: Newfoundland; Salmon; Orca
  172. >Smithsposting
  173. >depulso2win
  174. >It's Out! / Please Be Patient
  175. >Smackaroos
  176. >"Hufflepuff will rise" OR "Screeching Puff Man"
  177. >Bob Ross / Stephen King / Rowling / Mulan (prompts to Draw, Write, Write Poorly, Commission)
  178. >AUtism (Compilation; i.e. Merupuff+Huffmelda+Pennyrin+Clumsyrin)
  179. >Template Posting (Template with the prompt "When you/she scores/gets scored on")
  180. >Virgin Potter vs ChadMC
  181. >2snek / Sprite (pairings)
  182. >Vaultsexual
  183. >We Have to Meme Him Gay
  184. >Spells: "Fetus Deletus", "Avocado Kebabra"
  185. >*tap tap tap*
  186. >Loving Oats
  187. >Mad Lad Billingsley
  188. >Kotfags / Birbfags / Dogfags (Great Animagus Debate)
  189. >">Jam City"; ">Jam Shitty"; ">JC"
  190. >grr colors
  191. >The Mad Pisser
  193. :Preexisting Memes: (Not started here, but continued here)
  194. >Mr Tom A. Dildolover
  195. >Deh! (Voldemort)
  196. >HOWEVER (Dumbledore) *Already /tv/'s goalie*
  197. >"Haggord" OR "Hargid" (Hagrid)
  198. >C-BOIIIZZZ
  199. >Dobby "Stretches"
  202. <<Roster - Current>>
  203. >Main: The Cutest Witch, Eldritch Jane, Penny!, Anon Ymous, Wingman Snape, DEH!, ISMELLE, Based Flitwick, Barnabro, Tulipian Deep State, HOWEVER
  204. >Subs: Gilderoy, Bob Ross, Dudleychads, Smackaroos, Ollivander, Hufflepuff Will Rise, Rapekick, Charlie Weasley Chandler, Punished Chester, C-BOIIIZZZ, Orca Patronus, Sickleworth the Budgethog
  206. <<Roster - Final>>
  207. Starters: Penny!, DEH!, The Cutest Witch, Eldritch Jane, Anon Ymous, ISMELLE, HOWEVER, Wingman Snape, Barnabro, U DUN IT NAO, NO MORE PRANKS
  208. Benched: Tulipian Deep State, Based Flitwick, WHO?, grr colors, Orca Patronus, C-BOIIIZZZ, Sickleworth the Budgethog, Rapekick, Punished Chester, Gilderoy, Charlie Weasley Chandler, Ollivander
  211. [vi. Tactical]
  212. In general, our preset tactics can be determined independent of the roster, and relies more on the split between defenders, strikers, and midfielders. The only parts of our tactics that are specific to players are which of our players is a Medal Player, who the Team Captain is, and the positions each player plays.
  215. If you're interested in specifics on how PES Tactics work, the following links may help explain or break things down:
  216. >
  217. >
  218. >
  221. <<Lineup>>
  222. The following details the current lineup, medals, Team Captain, and positions of each player. Brief explanations on each can be found here:
  223. >
  225. *Player*                    Medal Status    *Position*
  226. The Cutest Witch            [Gold/TC]           CF
  227. Eldritch Jane               [Silver]            SS/CF
  228. Penny!                      [Silver]            SS/CF
  229. Anon Ymous                  [Bronze]            AMF/SS
  230. Wingman Snape               [Bronze]            CMF/AMF
  231. ISMELLE                     Regular             DMF/CMF
  232. DEH!                        Regular             DMF/AMF
  233. Tulipian Deep State         Regular             CB/DMF
  234. Based Flitwick              Regular             CB/DMF
  235. HOWEVER                     Regular             GK
  237. C-BOIIIZZZ                  Regular             GK
  238. Charlie Weasley Chandler    Regular             CB/DMF
  239. Sickleworth the Budgethog   Regular             CB/DMF
  240. Bob Ross                    Regular             CB/DMF
  241. Gilderoy                    Regular             CB/DMF
  242. Hufflepuff Will Rise        Regular             CB/DMF
  243. Orca Patronus               Regular             DMF/CMF
  244. Punished Chester            Regular             DMF/CMF
  245. Ollivander                  Regular             DMF/CMF
  246. Rapekick                    Regular             DMF/CMF
  247. Smackaroos                  Regular             CMF/DMF
  248. Dudleychads                 Regular             CMF/DMF
  251. <<Preset Tactics>>
  252. This is how the team will actually play out on the field. Consider reading up on the links at the top of the "Tactical" section for further explanation. Informed opinions and suggestions are preferred over meme suggestions, but considering the game is practically RNG, any tactic can get fucked over. If you submit a lineup, please include a description for how you imagine it would work out.
  254. >If you're interested in submitting ideas for tactics, you can use the following link for theorycrafting:
  256. > Example roster/tactical formation based on our Current Tactics:
  258. >Experience with PES settings and tactics:
  261. *Current Tactics:*
  263. Three central defenders at the back supported by two DMFs, 2 central midfielders, one (ISMELLE) high up joining the attack while Snape continues to be a wingman to the strikers up front in the center, who will all push together on a quick counter-attack once they steal the ball back.
  264. For flexibility, bench has fullbacks (RB/LBs) on top of DMF / CMF subs for tired players in case you need to switch up tactics and play with four men at the back.
  267. [vii. Aesthetics]
  268. All things related to how our team looks, or the art associated with our team.
  270. <<Player Models>>
  271. Here you'll find the current status of the models (just the faces/heads; bodies are separate) we are using for each play on the Current Roster, as well as links to preview and download them.
  273. >If you're interested in working on the models, the following links can help provide a basic explanation:
  277. >If you're interested in previewing models available, you can find them here:
  280. >Current FBMs (Now with Final Face Exports!):
  284. <<Full Body Models>>
  285. Though it connects to Player Models, creating FBMs are a difficult and extensive process involving Blender, PES, custom tools, and file work. While the ideal is to create a universal base body model (or two) for our team's heads to plug in to, it may not necessarily become a reality without assistance (inside or outside).
  287. >If you're interested in trying your hand at the process of making FBMs, consider the following link:
  290. >Our current FBMs are:
  291. - (M)Rowan; house colors recolored purple; for all males
  292. - (F)Rowan; house colors recolored purple; for all females
  293. - Merula's model specific to her
  294. - Ismelda's model specific to her
  295. - Dumbledore's model specific to him
  297. >Current FBMs (Now with Final Face Exports!):
  301. <<Animations>>
  302. In PES, there are a variety of options for how a player walks and runs, holds their hands out, and makes kicks. While these may not be too interesting, there are also about 120 animations available to choose from for when a player scores a goal. Each player has two slots for these animations, and some may be fun to see with certain players. For anyone interested, the following link shows each of these celebratory animations for preview:
  305. Currently, animations 31, 46, 60, and 104 have some stated interest for certain waifus, but any other suggestions are welcome.
  306. >Merula: 31, 46, 104 suggested
  307. >Penny: Smug #??
  310. <<Uniforms/Kits>>
  311. The uniform, referred to as the "kit", is a separate texture that's applied to the entire team. It's actually independent of the models themselves, and won't have to be accounted for while adding the models in. It's definitely better to come up with a 2D concept first and then work that into a kit design, but it's nowhere near as complicated as importing models. At a minimum, our team needs two kits for the outfielders, in case there is a kit clash with another team that makes it difficult to distinguish the teams, as well as a single kit for the Goal Keep. A team can have up to nine kits, plus the GK's kit.
  315. <<Portraits>>
  316. Every team has a portrait for their players, which shows up on the tactics screen. The final format for each is a 128x128 pixel .dds file, however, you can submit any image you have in whatever format you have them in (JPG, PNG, etc.) and they can be converted into something that will display in-game. Anything with a transparent background is preferred, but if you'd rather not bother with transparency, I can do also do this myself.
  318. We currently have a Portrait for each of the 23 players on our team, but if you have an image that you'd like to submit for a specific character, don't be discouraged from contributing. Players with multiple Portrait submissions will likely have polls put up as we near our deadlines.
  320. >Link for Current Portraits and Submissions
  324. <<Team Logo>>
  325. Each team has a logo that represents them on their wiki page, and in-game as well. While we currently have a very strong logo, please feel free to submit further ideas. It's a good idea to look at other /vg/ generals' logos to get an idea of how others like to do things:
  328. >Compilation of submitted logos:
  332. <<Stadium>>
  333. Thanks to the hard work of an incredible person in the /vg/L, our home stadium will be the Quidditch World Cup stadium from the game of the same name. Though it is difficult to import into PES, I will include the link here for any interested, alongside an imgur with previews.
  335. >Quidditch World Cup stadium
  338. >Stadium Previews
  339. TBD
  342. <<Ball>>
  343. Another miracle, provided by the VGL aesthetics guys: the Golden Snitch has successfully been made available in PES. This means that we'll be able to use it as our ball for games in which we play the home team (or if another team chooses the ball). You can view the preview of the Snitch here:
  347. [viii. Music]
  348. Each team has music that plays at the start of the match, like how national football teams have anthems, and music that plays whenever the team scores a goal. It's generally believed that good music, for either event, is that which is both thematic or relevant to the general or the player who scored, and is energetic and hyped. While cringey/memey suggestions may be fun at the time, they can deflate the atmosphere of the game, and should probably be avoided.
  349. Music should be related properly to the general's lore or the player's lore (if the music is for a specific player).
  351. To sum up the following sections, Intro Anthems play at the beginning of the match, for about 40 seconds. Goalhorns typically run for 50-60 seconds on stream, and we can have one goalhorn for the entire team, alongside individual goalhorns for different players. However, character-specific goalhorns should focus on the team's strikers, as they are the most likely to score goals. Finally, Victory Anthems play out if the team wins the game, and should be just as energetic as the other music.
  353. Our final Music Export can be found at:
  357. <<Submissions>>
  358. *Intro Anthem*
  359. >FB&WtFT - Hedwig's Theme:
  360. >HPHM Merula's Theme:
  363. *Goalhorns*
  364. :General:
  365. >Harry Potter Meets Metal:
  367. :Character-Specific:
  368. >Anon Ymous (Undertaker Theme Song - You're Gonna Pay):
  369. >Barnabro: Latter half of
  370. >"Deh's could be his laugh remixed" (one suggestion was DEHrude - Sandstorm) -
  371. >Dudley (Willy Wonka - I Want It Now):
  372. >ISMELLE:
  373. >Jane (Bloodborne OST - Orphan of Kos):
  374. >Punished Chester:
  375. >Rapekick (Irish Rovers - Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake):
  376. >Smackaroos or Sickleworth (Kirby Air Ride - Item Bounce):
  377. >Tulipian Deep State (Mongolian Throat Singing - ???)
  378. >Wingman Snape (Erasure - Always):
  379. >??? (Maybe Jane)(The Smiths - How Soon is Now?):
  380. >??? (Stone Cold Steve Austin Classic Theme Song):
  381. >??? (Stone Cold Steve Austin Unused Theme - Raise Hell):
  382. >??? (Sabrina The Teenage Witch Theme; loop?):
  383. >Merula (final minute of Alkaline Trio - Blackbird):
  386. *Victory Anthem*
  387. >Harry Potter OST - Ron's Victory:
  388. >FB&WtFT - Hedwig's Theme:
  391. *Chants*
  392. >Angel Witch (Part near end) -
  393. >Hogwarts School Song:
  394. >We Lose Every Week (or other self-deprecating chants):
  395. >Flitwick Vocaroo: Found!
  396. >5 Cute Facts About Merula webm's audio: Found!
  399. <<Final Picks>>
  400. >Intro Anthem:
  401. FB&WtFT - Hedwig's Theme:
  403. >Goalhorns:
  404. General - Harry Potter Meets Metal:
  405. Anon - Undertaker Theme Song - You're Gonna Pay:
  406. The Cutest Witch - Alkaline - Blackbird:
  407. Penny! -
  408. Jane - Bloodborne OST - Orphan of Kos:
  409. Sickleworth - Kirby Air Ride - Item Bounce:
  410. Deh! -
  411. ISMELLE -
  412. Wingman Snape - Erasure - Always:
  413. Come from Behind - The Smiths - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want:
  415. >Victory Anthem:
  416. Harry Potter OST - Ron's Victory:
  418. >Chants:
  419. >5 Cute Facts About Merula:
  420. >Angel Witch (the chanting near the end):
  421. >Hoggy Warty Hogwarts:
  422. >Based Flitwick
  423. >Expecto My Peepee (Punished Ben #4)
  424. >Oh No Not Again (Punished Ben #4)
  425. >Ten Points from Gryffindor (Punished Ben #4)
  426. >Deh!'s Dehs (short compilation of awkward Voldy sounds)
  427. >We Lose Every Week:
  430. [ix. Misc]
  431. <<Emote Suggestions>>
  432. Most of the teams in VGL have their own emote for use on the cytube channel during competitions. Currently, we do not have one, but any appropriate suggestions are welcome. If you plan on making a suggestion/submission, make sure it is something that would look good at 32x32 or 64x64 pixels. The submissions need to be in .png format, but I can handle that if needed, as well as resizing to the appropriate size. There is no hard limit to one emote per team, so we may have two, but it's best not to push beyond that in consideration of other teams.
  434. The following imgur contains the two images we have submitted as emotes ("Ummm" as ":umm:" and "All is Right" as ":witchin:"):
  438. <<Slogans>>
  439. Though it doesn't appear in-game, each team has a slogan on their wiki page that is used to represent them.
  440. >Current Slogan:
  441. - "Hear Me Wurgh!"
  443. >Slogan Suggestions:
  444. - "...HOWEVER"
  445. - "It will never be over between us."
  446. - "Wurgh!"
  448. - Hogwarts Motto: "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus"
  449. - Hogwarts Motto (Translated): "Never tickle a sleeping dragon"
  451. - Hear Me Wurgh!
  454. <<Nickname>>
  455. Another aspect that only shows up on the wiki, this is just another name that our general can be known by, but usually is never referenced.
  457. >Current Nickname:
  458. - C-BOIIIZZZ
  460. >Nickname Suggestions:
  461. - C-BOIIIZZZ
  464. <<Manager>>
  465. A "manager" for a VGL team comes with fewer requirements than for a 4cc team, but shares some things in common. At its base, a manager needs to keep in contact with their general, and be able to contact the VGL organizers (through their general or the discord). Basic familiarity with the aspects of aesthetics, music, and tactics, as well as PES itself would greatly help, but aren't necessary, so long as at least one person is able to handle those. The wiki contains some advice for New Managers, though not all of it necessarily applies to a VGL manager:
  466. >
  467. >
  469. >Current Manager
  470. /hpgg/'s current manager is Binns, who volunteered for the position in order to help set up a strong base for future VGL tourneys, for possible autopilot use, if no one else wants the position in the future. Currently working on all aspects of managing the team, especially focused on creating Full Body Models for the team. Open to suggestions on anything with regards to the team, and requesting assistance for various aspects.
  471. >Contact info for him is listed on the wiki:
  474. >Prospective Managers
  475. If you're interested in managing, co-managing, or getting more involved with how the team is handled, feel free to mention it in the thread (ideally including "league" as a keyword), or DM the current manager on Discord. The current manager is new, and always looking for assistance, and would like to encourage those who are interested in the position.
  476. The current goal is to provide a basic setup for the team that can be used for all future tourneys without making changes or additions necessary (but not discouraging or turning down such changes or additions).
  479. <<Wiki>>
  480. These are managerial notes, rather than general, but I figured I'd keep them here for completion's sake. Our wiki page:
  482. Referencing the wiki pages for other teams, we can edit this to include a variety of things, but priorities are:
  483. - Updated Export & Music links (when those are finished)
  484. - Adding link to Tactics Instructions (when there's something actually there)
  485. - Adding a photo gallery of our players and their Portraits (when all work on those is complete)
  488. <<Archived Links (Out of Date)>>
  489. >/hpgg/ Full Aesthetics Progress Tracker:
  492. >VGL11 Friendlies - Aesthetics and Music Exports (Out of Date):
  495. >PES Head Exports (Complete, but Out of Date):
  498. >Compilation of submitted kits and 2D mockups:
  502. [x. Match History]
  503. <<VGL11 Friendlies: /vn/ - /hpgg/>>
  504. >
  505. On September 9th, our very first match with /vn/ ended with a 5-1 loss, with Le Butte Girle being our only scorer. However, a variety of issues stemming from a corrupted Tactics Export killed our formation and replaced it with a default tactic with terrible offensive instructions that are known to kill most teams' attacks (tiki-taka). Unfortunately, we were stuck on this tactic for the entire game. Additionally, due to the faulty Tactics Export, none of the characters were in their correct/assigned positions, the most notable being Eldritch Jane as GK (with how PES handles roles/positions, her 'Playable Position' as GK was set to 'C', where actual GKs would have it set to 'A'). This has led Eldritch Jane, and her dedicated fans, to become bullied, as others have lobbied for her removal from the team.
  508. <<VGL11>>
  509. Match Recordings:
  510. /skg/ vs. /hpgg/ -
  511. /mggg/ vs. /hpgg/ -
  512. /hpgg/ vs. /rlg/ -
  513. /tf2g/ vs. /hpgg/ -
  515. Fortunately, we came out of our first match with a win, and have earned 3 points in the Group Stage. While this is a good start, if we want more than just these three matches, we'll need at least one more win, or possibly two draws, to advance to the next stage. We won't be able to rest on our laurels, but our first match was a fun time.
  516. Our second match - against /mggg/ - subjected us to the opposite end of the spectrum of PES's randomness. Many errors were made by both the players and the manager, through panicked changes attempting to patch up the weaknesses that /mggg/ exploited so deftly. Due to this loss, and the massive hit to our Goal Differential, the only way for us to advance (and only to the Survival Round) is to either beat or draw with /rlg/.
  517. Though it wasn't particularly exciting, and was full of managerial mistakes, /hpgg/'s third game in the Group Stage against /rlg/ ended in a 1-1 draw. Fortunately, the draw favored our team due to goals scored in our first match, and secured us a place in the Survival Round. Penny! lived up to her Gold Medal potential with her goal, while a number of other solid attempts were unfortunately rebuffed by /rlg/'s solid defense. In addition to advancing, we almost lived up to the Curse-breaker name, by (almost) breaking the New Stadium Curse (almost, because the Curse "prevents a first win", not "guarantees a first loss").
  520. <<MobaBowl 2019>>
  521. /gbfg/ vs. /hpgg/ -
  522. /hpgg/ vs. /きらら/ -
  525. <<VGL12 Friendlies>>
  526. /ffg/ vs. /hpgg/ -
  527. /hpgg/ vs. /pmmm/ - Unable to locate youtube video, refer to bootleg down below.
  530. <<VGL12>>
  531. /dbg/ vs. /hpgg/ -
  532. /hpgg/ vs. /aceg/ - Link to be added
  534. **Alternate video links to most of our matches can be found here:
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