Horse (dom) and Human (sub)

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  1. This is an ongoing role-play between a dominant horse with a thick fat horse cock and his new human slut. Includes massive horse cock and balls, piss, pre docking and balls growth.
  3. It is a lazy Saturday, and I'm bored. Having nothing to do I decide to go out and have some coffee in the shopping mall. Said and done, I dress in simple plain clothes, just a black t shirt and black jeans. I'm 185cm, light brown hair and grey green eyes, working out a bit, so a bit toned. As I arrive, I order some coffee and start watching people. As it's my habit, I primarily look at the crotches of them, trying to guess how big they are.
  5. A huge stallion strolls into the shop and gets into the short line for coffee. You think he must be at least 230cm tall, and built like a draft horse. He looks over the menu as your eyes drift downward, to a pair of sweatpants barely straining to hold in wjat looks like two melons and a very bulging sheath.
  7. The human has always been into stallions, silently dreaming about them for as long as he can remember. There is a rumor that there are one or two in town but he has never seen them before. And now there is is, huge, strong and perfect, so near that he can almost touch him. A faint smell of horse reaches his nose, and he loves it, just this little making him horny and making his cock produce pre. He looks over the stallion, seeing his immense bulge and falls in love instantly, licking his lips, his breathing getting a little heavier.
  9. The stallion takes a step forward as hr moved up in the line, his massive orbs jiggling in his tight pants. As a single drop of drool falls from the staring humans lips, he looks up to see that the stallions eyes are meeting his. A devilish and knowing smiling growing across is face, the soft scent growing ever so slightly stronger in his nose.
  10. He shakes his head and steps out of the line over to the table of his admirer and sits down across from him without asking. Even sitting he towers over the human across from himself.
  12. The human shivers, he has always been very much into big testicles, even when he was a little boy, he had been thinking about testicles covering his face. As he looks - no stares - at the horse, he can't believe his eyes, because this cum factories are by far the largest he has ever seen. The smell does nothing to calm him down of course, doing something with him, making him wanting that stallion more and more. And then, when he sits down across from him, he really stops breathing for a few seconds, failing to bring out a simple word like "Hi"
  14. The man sitting on the other end of the table can feel the warmth of every exhalation coming from the stallions nose across his face. He takes several moments, savoring the expression on the other mans face. "Hello there, I think I have something that you want. Dont I?"
  16. The human still looked at the stallion, now a bit disappointed he could not see that beautiful package anymore, slowly regaining his breath and said. "Hm, maybe, but it's not your coffee"
  18. The stallion leans over the table and motions for the man to do the same. As he leans closer, more scents enter his nose. Not just the musk of a breeding stallion, but the clean sweat of a recent work out, and some natural tones underneath that accent it all further. The rough breath caresses the humans ear. "I saw what you were doing. You'll get it. It's been a couple days since I've gotten to empty these, so I'm going to take you somewhere nearby, and you're going to be my fuck toy until I say you're done. Is that clear?"
  20. The human instantly goes into slut mode by the words he is hearing. The stallion just picked the perfect words to make the man crave to submit himself to him. There was only one thing left to say. "Yes, Sir. Absolutely clear."
  22. "Good girl... now stand up with me and follow  close by my side." The stallion immediately stands up, and as he does, the man leans a bit closer, trying to make the scent last a bit longer. Once again the package straining to be free is clearly visible, and just puts the human deeper into his new trance.
  24. The human man loves to be called girl, cause that's what he is in the deepest of his heart, just a slutty girl that craves to server and satisfy a superior male. He stays close by the stallion, constantly inhaling his strong scent, which makes his mind dizzy and even more slutty, if that's still possible, the only goal in his life now: Make his new Master happy.
  26. I wrap an arm around the meek human next to me, squeezing him closer. I always enjoyed the look on their faces that, no matter how fit they were, they were nothing compared to a draft horse. Even from the side, my huge swinging balls are easy visible, and the outline of my sheath is clear as day. "I know you'll do a good job for me slut." He walks through the mall to the nearest mens bathroom, a slightly secluded one, but definitely not vacant.
  28. I gladly walk alongside the stallion, now even closer to his body. He's so tall and strong. Even if I decided now to run away, he would easily catch me and submit me, probably even against my will. I briefly consider doing that to even make him more dominant but decide against it. From the side, the sheath and balls are even more impressive, him carrying them in front of him proudly. I follow into the mens room, some people in there, wondering what show we will give them
  30. I lean up against the sink counter, both my hands on the edge and let out a long sigh. Another guy in the bathroom gives us a look and a smirk before walking out to go about his day. "Get over here slut. On your knees. " I point at the slightly dirty floor in front of myself, right beneath my stallionhood.
  32. As I hurry to get down on my knees in front of you, I trip over my own feet and tumble to the floor right in front of you, landing on the floor face first. I curse, then get up again, on my knees in front of you. Your massive bulge is right in front of my face now, for the first time I can see the real size of your sheath and your balls, and they are immense. I can't believe my luck but resist the urge to bury my face into your crotch right away, looking up at you, expecting a command. If that's important at all, on my way to the bathroom, I already soaked my own pants through with my pre, having a thick wet spot on my jeans.
  34. "Good girl." I reach down and slide down my tight sweatpants. They strain slightly as the band crosses over my stallionhood. As they fall, a wave of thick musk rolls over you, nearly making your hips buckle and fall to the floor. In your haze you realize I was not wearing any underwear. The member in front of you is even bigger than you imagined, each testicle nearly the size of your head and swollen tight and veiny. The sheath folds over itself slightly, concealing the horsecock completely beneath.
  36. I silently love you for calling me girl and gulp as I see the massive orbs right in front of me now. I can't believe hoe big they are, and as I'm such a big slut for big testicles, I'm having a hard time not burying my face in your sack without permission. The now strong and intensified smell makes me even more submissive. My entire life, my entire universe just reducing to you and your cock and balls. Talking about cock, I look at the sheath and it's wrinkled skin, loving the sight of it, hoping the cock will stay inside for as long as possible so I can play with it for a long time.
  38. I reach forward and grab a fistful of your hair, holding you tightly before stuffing your face in between my member and my massive hanging balls. There is no other scent than my musk. The smooth heavy balls are accented by thick tufts of pubic fur brushing against your face. "Worship them you fucking whore"
  40. I'm so fucking happy as you show your dominant side and push me where I belong, between your cock and balls. I use my hands to hold to your hips and pull myself tightly in there, so my nose goes deep into your skin and your scent. If there's any air left to breathe in there, it's your incredible intense scent. I will smell like you for the rest of my life, probably, but I love it. I also love your pubic hair, touching and tickling my face. Then I start to lick and kiss both your balls and your sheath.
  42. You feel my hand tighten around your hair as I grind your face into my heavy nuts, breathing heavier as you do. A few moments pass before you notice a steady flow of precum begin to leak from inside the sheath and drip down onto your face and hair. I smile and close my eyes as I enjoy the feeling of a new slut buried in my crotch.
  44. Your strong hands hold me right like a strong Master should, keeping me where I belong, on his mighty, superior, massive potent genitals. I keep linking and kissing as I feel something wet and very slimy flowing down into my face. Quickly I realize it's precum, and I love your even more. I'm a precum junkie, never getting enough of it and bathe my face thorougly in your man slime.
  46. "You want my juices dont you? I can tell already you'll be a good little cumslut. You wont be able to take all of it, you pathetic little smooth skins never can." I pull your head away from the world of musk and sex you were in and turn your face up at me, already covered in precum. Suddenly I spit into your face, covering more than you would have ever expected. A moment later I stuff your face into my sheath in one complete movement. Whatever you thought was musk before, its incomparable to right now.
  48. I can only not as you ask me about my fetish of man slime cause an instant later I look into your face, and what feels like a firehose full of spit mixes with the precum on my face. It's a beautiful sight for anyone in the bathroom and I can hear them playing with their own packages. But then, if I thought I was in heaven, I realize it was only a hint of what was to cum as you push my face into your sheath. Your wrinkled skin of your sheath completely covers my face but your push deeper so half my head is engulfed in your cock sheath. Now I'm right at the source of your precum and it pushes into my eyes, my mouth, my nose, into my ears even.
  50. Even though my sheath, you hear low moans coming from the stallion who owns you now. More and more precim flows out, so much that you cant help but begin drinking some. It somehow tastes exactly like my musk smells. It is just one continuous assault on your senses, breaking down any dignity you had left.
  52. The musk keeps filling your senses as you drink more and more precum, your face completely surrounded my sweaty horse sheath. You feel my massive balls rock against you as I shift my position, you can feel the cum gurgling inside them and feel their heat as the get nearer you. An eternity later you feel something in front of you begin to push you away, growing closer and harder. "You better be ready for what comes next girl."
  54. I drink and suck and bathe my face for a very long time, feeling like I'm in heaven, stroking the thick fat balls as they produce more and more cum for me. I'm sure I will smell like your cock and pre forever and I proudly will, making people change sides on the streets as I smell so strong like you. Then there it comes, the thick fat horse cock. It pushes at my face, my nose pushing into the big urethra, directly pumping the pre into my nose.
  56. "Mmmh get in there bitch." The forceful hand holding your hair grinds your nose into my pisshole, slowly in and out as precum fills your nose and forcefully spills into your belly directly, slowly filling you up. You feel everything around you start to twitch as more and more blood flows into the massive stallionhood in front of you.
  58. I push my face harder into your big thick growing horse cockhead, it's so soft and warm and slimy and I love it. Your pre pumps through my nose, down my throat, tasting so goog, and I love it. My face buried into the cockhead it grows in size more and more and pushes against me, my world reducing to just your mighty perfect cock.
  60. You're entire nose fits easily in my cock head as I press you harder and harder into it, grunting as I grind your face against my meat. Your hair and face are completely soaked in my thick, warm pre. You will never be able to get the smell of your new master out of your body. You will never smell like you again, only the horses scent remains. The stallionhold pressed against you grows larger and larger, still soft yet bigger than any cock you've seen already. It barely hangs halfway down my huge, veiny orbs, but is already thicker than your arm.
  62. SIZE, YESSSS. I continue playing and worshipping your cock, loving your strong hands on the back of my head pushing as if you wanted to push my entire head into your cock. I can barely see anything anymore because of the thick layer of precum covering my face. Your precum, my Masters precum, marking me for all eternity like yours. While my face drinks your pre right down into my belly, my tongue licks the cockhead and my hands caress the huge fat cum machines hanging underneath.
  64. The member grows larger and larger, veins throbbing to life along its entire length. The head alone takes up nearly your entire face as it continues to twitch and throb to life. You feel heat spreading from your stomach throughout your body, a warm ecstasy growing stronger as the huge cock in front of you does. "You're a little fuck toy now. You're mine, and I will use you until I am through with you. Then I will throw you away. Is that understood bitch?" The length presses you away from my balls slightly, reaching well over a foot of thick horse meat.
  66. I'm in heaven as my face is docked to the growing horse cock, and I see less and less as the thing grows, filling up my face completely. I have the impression the head is as big as my head now, the cum hole is growing too, my nose even pushing deeper into it as I continue to nose drink your pre. This is utter bliss, worshipping such a fantastic huge horse cock. As you talk about abusing and throwing me away, I almost orgasm just from the words. Disposable fuck toy, that's what I am.
  68. Your face is entirely covered in thick horse goo. Your pants are noticeably wet from your own juices before more dripped down onto them. "You better be ready you unworthy little whore." Almost before you have time to react, you see something flowing through the meat in front of you, the tell tell signs of even more fluid coming out. You expect thicker white warmth, but instead your nose and mouth and throat are immediately filled by a hose of thick, hot horse piss. It floods into your stomach before you even have a chance to breath. It goes on and on and on, a new stench adding to the cacophany of sense.
  70. It hits me completely unawares. Drinking and loving and bathing in your pre, gets replaces from one second to the other by something a lot thinner, and even more smelly. Horse piss! Stinky, yellow horse piss with a pressure like from a firehose floods down my nose. I can feel it filling me up, I can feel my belly bulging with a gallon of horse piss. The pressure is so much that my poor nose can't take it of course and it runs down my body in streams. Still clothed, it adds to the slime of pre, washing me in horse piss from head to toe, a big yellow puddle forming around my legs on the ground.
  72. All your clothes are soaked with horse piss and precum, they're stained and ruined and will never be anything other than the clothes of a stupid little slut. You hear me whinnie softly as the last drops of urine trickle our into you, still forcibly holding you in my wide pisshole. You notice when the flow stops for just a moment that the stallion rod in front of you is fully errect 3 feet of horse meat, thicker than your calves and covered in veins. It throbs against you in time with my heart as precum slowly begins to flow again.
  74. The piss flow continues and continues, my belly bulging more and more as I receive it, becoming your living urinal. Docked so firmly against your monster cockhead, I have no impression how big it is, but I can barely reach your balls anymore so it must be gigantic. I feel your warmth, the throbbing of your cock, your heartbeat, it almost feels as if I was part of your body and I love it. My legs are deep in the puddle of horse piss now, and I enjoy the warm liquid surrounding them, soaking them. After a while, thick pre starts to pump out again, into my face.
  76. "Stand up, if you even can. I need to use my fuck toy." I grip tighter for a moment before tossing you fully to the ground. The piss and cum splash around you, covering you're entire body in a slimy, layer of stench and goo. The stallion towers above you, impossibly large in every way. Precum constantly pours out the end of his cock, big enough that the urethra could fit several fingers into it easily.
  78. As you undock me from your huge fat cock, I need a few seconds to get used to the light, I still can't see much cause my eyes are covered in your mess, and I don't wipe it away. Then it gets all wet and slimy around me as I land in the big puddle of stallion mess, feeling like the sow I am. Still dizzy, it takes a while before I even understand your words and are able to obey, slowly getting up to my wobbly feet, standing in front of you, you so much taller, even your cock towering over me, showering me with more pre.
  80. "Maybe you arent as big a peice of useless garbage as I thought." I pick you up off with both hands, grabbing your hips roughly and putting you on the countertop facing me. You hear feel me undoing your belt and pulling off your pants. Feeling like you're being unwrapped like a new toy. The fat stallion cock sways wildly as I do this, it sways in front of you, slapping across your cheek several times.
  82. I thoroughly enjoy being undresses by such a God, such a perfect creature that I just submitted my entire self to. As your 3 foot horse cock wildly moves and hits my face hard, leaving red spots where the massive impact was. I love it, always have dreamed about getting hit hard in the face by a cock stronger than I. As I'm undressed in front of you, my own human cock is really messy with my precum. Size wise there are no words to describe the diffference.
  84. "Hmmm..." I look down at your rock hard cock. Though it has no comparison to mine, I think it will do for now. "You dont get much use of that thing I bet, do you bitch?" I reach forward and, with casual force, wipe a hand ful of slime off your face, uncovering one of your eyes before slathering it up and down my enormous shaft. "Look down girl." That warm ecstasy rears in your mind again as I grip my cock by the head and slide it over yours. Theres some slight pressure ar the beginning before the entirety of your cock is bottomed out inside my pisshole. You feel the warm lubrication of precum flow around your cock before i tighten around you. You hear low moans and grunts coming from the stallion. As he clamps down, his cock hardening even further, you feel the seal shut and precum starts forcing it's way down your own cockhole.
  86. At first I have no idea what you are up to, but I look down, following your god shaft, seeing you aligning it with my own human little plaything. Yes, it's hard, but the size is nothing. Then, as you push forward, I begin to understand what you're up to and as my cock enters your cumhole, I can't believe what intense feeling the penetration into your cock it makes. I groan out at the top of my lungs, it feels to perfect, my cock going deeper into your slimy cumhole. Then I feel the contraction, and I am close to cum, can barely hold back but don't dare to cum unless I'm told to. Then something happens, my cock is locked inside yours now, and then I feel your pumping pre.
  88. I lean forward towards you, my hot steaming horse breath flooding over your slimy face as I settle your full, meager length into the tip of my three foot equine cock. You feel it pulse and tighten around your own, milking you without even trying. Its driving you crazy. The feel of all the pre over you, the piss soaking your clothes, and the smell of it all together combined with my deep, godly musk. You literally cant think of anything other than pleasing the idol on front of you. You feel precum force it's way the wrong way down your cock, splash after splash flooding your balls.
  90. I'm in heaven, this is just perfect, I can't think of a better place or a better situation in universe than worshipping your god cock. I love to be your plaything as you play with my clit cock and milk it. Even if I wanted, I couldn't cum because of your pre flowing into me with high pressure. I look up at you, your mighty frame your muscles, your face as you smile down on me, knowing I'm your property and that I'm completely in your hands. Then I look down at your cocks one stuck in the other and at my balls, and I can actually watch them grow as they fill with your divine pre cum.
  92. I reach down and grab both your wrists with one hand, holding them back tightly and roughly against the mirror, forcing you to your tip toes or else feeling a tight pain in your shoulder. I lean down to your ear, the wet warmth of my breath rolling over it. "Listen hear you little fuck pig. I'm going to fuck your cock until I cum. This will be pretty soon if I'm being honest, I've not had a proper mare in too long and these boys need emptying. You're pathetic balls after this will be much bigger.. but you wont cum anything but my own seed for the rest of your miserable existence. They probably wont work properly after getting stretched out like they're about to be... oh well...not like youd ever have a mate for them anyways...then once they're nice and full, you'll get a little surprise...." the massive stallion nickers at first, but it grows into a deep, rumbling chuckle as he rocks his hips back, taking your cock all the way out to the tip, precum spilling over it onto your shoes.
  94. I make a weird sound as you hold my arms backwards, putting me in such a position, prostrating me in front of you, in all regards you're so much better than, I bigger, stronger, even your scent. I listen to every single letter of what you say to me, and with every fibre of my being I want your cum and to be your slave and pet for the rest of my life. With my back arched back there and pain in there, with clenched teeth I can only hiss. "Yes, Sir, yes, fill me with your cum, I want to cum YOUR cum for the rest of my life - when I'm allowed to cum, of course" Fill my balls with your gods seed - please." As you pull out, the pre is really like a waterfall flowing down my legs and onto my shoes.
  96. I slowly begin to pump my cock over yours, in and out, nice and slow. You hear deep moans of pleasure come from the stallion fucking you. It feels better then any pussy you ever entered, but there is no doubt that you are the one being fucked here. Your cock is merely another toy being used by your new alpha to get himself off. Your balls are the size of small oranges in a very short period of time. The precum filling you faster than you thought it would. Your gut extending from being filled with piss and slimy pre goo earlier. The musk is telling you that you need to be filled, more than anything else in the world. His pace quickens and you feel his rock hard meat plow into your crotch, rocking your balls back and forth.
  98. It's the best feeling I ever had in my entire life, and I wish it would continue forever and ever, I reach down, feeling my balls as you fuck my cock, and feel them swell and grow. I moan and inhale deeply. "Fuck yes, my God, make my balls grow, make them grow and grow with your pre and cum. Fuck it if I will need custom pants or even be unable to walk!" I move in rhythm with you as you fuck your new toy, your new slave, quicker and quicker.
  100. You hear my breathing get quicker and tougher as my thrusts get more instinctual, fucking your cock hard against the counter, slamming your hips into it. I reach down and give your balls a rough squeeze, feeling how tight they're getting. You feel my cock squeeze down impossibly tight around your human cock. The breath hits your ear again. "Cum you fucking whore, you better throb nice and hard for me. I want to feel you twitch in my cum hole!"
  102. I look up at you with half closed eyes, feeling your giant horse cock thrusting around mine, pre running and running into my hard as a rock but tiny cock. I feel your hands on my balls, and they feel so much bigger now than before, and as you squeeze them I moan with a mixture pleasure and pain. Then I feel your big superior god cock start to squeeze around mine. more and more and more till it starts to hurt, but it feels so good, better than anything in my entire life. With that pressure around my cocks, it gets harder and harder, starting to throb in the rhythm of my heartbeat.
  104. I buck harder and harder, the pre growing thicker and thicker as its forced into your balls, nearly the size of apples now. They gurgle and churn as your cum is mixed with my gooey horse precum. You can feel my cock hole fucking your human member tight and fast, better than any hole you could imagine. You need to cum, you NEED to cum. The musk and stench is all you can breathe, all you can remember. "Do it you little slut, I gave you an order."
  106. I can feel the thick pre flowing into my balls and they still grow with your juices pushing in there and taking over, already much more than my own cum, I feel the balls growing between my thighs and then with your voice again ordering me to cum and with the pressure around my cock I can't hold back anymore. The most intense orgasm takes control of my body and with a loud cry I follow your order and cum like I've never cum in my entire life, shaking and shivering, cock throbbing in yours, totally losing control of myself and just cumming.
  108. You feel my hand grab tightly onto your hips as you convulse, squeezing hard enough that you're sure there will be bruising where my fingers were in a few hours. "Mmmmmmh fuck yes, twitch inside your masters superior cock. Your clit is such a good fuck toy for my pisshole. Good girls, empty those balls of all your pathetic seed." You cum and cum and cum. You feel all of your semen leaving your balls, literally all of it. The only thing left is my precum. Your balls dont feel nearly as stretched, but they do feel much emptier than before. You feel loss as you do, needing them to be big and ripe with my juices. I whine and neigh deeply into your ear as I feel your cum in my cock. You notice through the haze a disturbingly mischevious smile as I buck harder than before, my cock milking your now incredibly sensitive member more than ever. You can tell I'm getting very very close.
  110. I cry out, moaning with them most fantastic orgasm I ever felt in my entire life. The cum flow just doesn’t stop as all seed gets pumped out of my balls, the last orgasm I ever will have in my entre life with my own cum. It feels so good, my eyes complete lose focus and when my orgasm finally stops I would fall to the ground into the mix of piss and pre if it was not for your strong arms holding me and my cock being docked into your god penis. My worthless little clit now is as sensitive as a woman’s clit would be and every movement of your cocks sends shivers of too much pleasure through my entire body. I look up at you, helpless, totally in your hands and in your power as I can see from your face that your orgasm is near,
  112. You feel the tightest my cock has ever been as the bathroom is filled with my deep voice and moans. My breathing is almost ragged at this point, my balls, visibly gurgling with at least a gallon of thick, warm horse seed. My hands grip even tighter, the pain forcing it's way through the haze of ecstasy. As my cock engorges itself even further, filling with cum. You notice the difference between your cum and mine. The bulging is extraordinarily clear. Your cum, all of it, filled maybe a foot of my pisshole. As you realize this, a torrent of hot equine seed floods your cock, forcing it's way many times harder than the precum, and many times thicker. Your balls cant keep up comfortably, even after being stretched. They grow and grow and grow, the pain of them being pushed to the absolute limit unbearable.
  114. The pain is unbearable as your horse cock gets tighter and tighter around my clit cock and compresses my cock and my cumhole to almost nothing. I watch you as you orgasm builds and I can SEE as your cum pushes through your god cock and then into mine. The cum is really thick. Too thick to enter my poor little cumhole, but it doesn't care, it's just too much pressure, and the pain is really unbearable. Tears are running down my face and I start sweating like hell. Then I feel it in my balls. The pain even intensifies as the balls fill and fill, much more than they can hold. They expand, but the scrotum is too small, so it has to expand too, skin getting tight around the balls, as they grow and grow. It's hell, but I groan with pleasure - and pain.
  116. Even as your balls grow and stretch tight, you notice that my own massive orbs dont seem to shrink at all as they deposit load after load into your cock. You feel it bubble and gurgle inside your balls as it fills you completely. The sharp pain turns slowly into searing heat as it spreads across your scrotum and toward s your asshole, your entire lower body being engulfed in this strange heat
  118. As I open my eyes in spite of the pain, filled with tears, I look down at my balls, not believing them. They have grown so much, so unbelievably, as I have always dreamed about my entire life. I can't touch them, cause I'd lose balance if I did, but I really love what I see. The pain is still unbearable, but then it feels like my balls are starting to burn, like they were on fire. Hotter and hotter it gets and I grit my teeth. The burning fiery hell has taken hold of my, or my lower torso. Everything down there gets hot, my balls, my cock, my asshole and everything around it. I cry out, bobbing on my toes with unbearable pain and heat.
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