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  1. [20:07:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> LAST TIME WE LEFT THE LOVING COUPLE
  2. [20:07:31] <Lorelei> Was this the scene where we kissed?
  3. [20:07:34] <Lorelei> oh wait that's next session
  4. [20:08:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> They spent forever doing a puzzle because the GM underestimated their ability to try to work around doing things the "hard" way, which involved talking to a bunch of frogs and poisoning a dragon, and then they went into the rest of the first floor...
  5. [20:08:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Only to find out that it was infested with bugs.
  6. [20:08:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And no they didn't kiss because apparently they didn't have enough build-up
  7. [20:08:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway
  8. [20:09:34] * Lorelei was daydreaming about kissing. By the way. That should've been obvious.
  9. [20:13:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Okay, did I make immediate descriptions of how this hallway goes?  I really hope I didn't.
  10. [20:13:47] <Lorelei> Even if you did, do it anyway!
  11. [20:13:49] <Lorelei> (but you didn't)
  12. [20:13:53] <Steve> Sure are bugs.
  13. [20:14:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Cool
  14. [20:14:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> So
  15. [20:17:06] <~Aori_Radidjiu> To your right, there's a little hole, that looks like Lorelei could crawl through it, and a big pile of debris a bit past that.  To your left, there's a bend in the hallway and then there's a pair of double doors, with a bunch of...pieces of paper stuck all over it?  It seems to go outside. On the other side from the double doors, still past that bend in the hallway, is a...well, it looks
  16. [20:17:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> like a door, but where the keyhole is, it's painted over.  You'd GUESS it goes to where the hole goes, but with a keyhole painted over...well...and past that is another door, that seems to be...huh.  This door has a KEY CARD next to it, and won't open.
  17. [20:18:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Past that is a door that seems to be wired to some contraption through the ceiling, passing into the room across from it, where presumably the key card door goes?  And then there's a big hole in the floor, past that, that doesn't seem TOO big, maybe if you had something to cover it...Steve actually might be able to jump it, but Lorelei definitely couldn't.
  18. [20:18:20] <Lorelei> Would we know from the layout of the non-demonfied first floor that the left definitely leads outside?
  19. [20:18:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yeah, it does.
  20. [20:18:57] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Er, that is, you'd know that.
  21. [20:19:04] <Lorelei> <3
  22. [20:19:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And there's bugs all over the place, they're mostly annoying, they don't seem to be singling you out or anything, mostly ignoring you, but they're ALL OVER THE PLACE.
  23. [20:20:28] * Lorelei enters clingmode as soon as the narrator - which you are now imagining reading the description out loud in a typical 'ghostly' voice - finishes, letting out an 'eeeek' almost on cue with the bugs swarming around.
  24. [20:21:01] <Roara> (nope. narrator has your aori-impression voice.)
  25. [20:21:14] <Roara> (that's canon now yo)
  26. [20:21:16] <Steve> Nah, fuck that, it's Patrick Stewart.
  27. [20:21:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> <3
  28. [20:21:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway, wat do, gaiz?
  29. [20:21:40] * Steve looks visibly disgusted, but is man enough to keep that the limit of his reaction.
  30. [20:21:40] <Lorelei> (oh, that is a good voice)
  31. [20:22:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> I'm not in a good position to give you guys music so I'll just trust you guys to find some good music yourselves ;_;
  32. [20:22:19] <Lorelei> "... Gross," the little girl finally droopily lets out.  "Let's go..."
  33. [20:22:36] <Steve> (Was there mud in the frog land?)
  34. [20:22:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (brb real quick)
  35. [20:23:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (back.  Bathroom was taken ;_;)
  36. [20:23:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yes, there was mud in the froggy kingdom!
  37. [20:23:58] <Roara> (i choose )
  38. [20:24:47] * Steve contemplates the room. "...Ya know...if we caked ourselves with mud, it would probably provide pretty damn good protection against these things."
  39. [20:26:42] * Lorelei looks on in horror, making a little vomit-impression. "Are... you serious? I mean, they're gross, but that's..."
  40. [20:28:18] <Steve> "What? It's just mud. You've never rolled around in it?"
  41. [20:28:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (inb4 you guys get sidetracked by mud wrestling)
  42. [20:28:55] <Lorelei> "Uh..."  Her eyes say 'of course I have.'  "No way."
  43. [20:29:01] <Steve> (I see no conclusion wherein this doesn'st end with ERP)
  44. [20:29:14] <Lorelei> (I sure hope steve is sub)
  45. [20:29:43] <Steve> (All I'll say is that Steve is a gentleman)
  46. [20:32:48] * Lorelei walks out a bit, holding her nose. "Um, maybe we don't have to do that if we just... don't mess with them?"
  47. [20:34:56] <Steve> Steve stares at her....then looks at the hall. "That...seems...hard."
  48. [20:35:14] * Lorelei shrinks down a little. "Well, if you think so..."
  49. [20:37:20] <Lorelei> ... And just goes back to waiting behind him, because clearly Steve is the player-controlled character in this scene.
  50. [20:42:03] * Steve tries to identifies the various bug types, looking for anything partiuclarly obviously deadly like Black Widows.
  51. [20:42:44] * Lorelei acts tough but is really terrified about being in spider- or bee-presence at all. It shows.
  52. [20:44:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You don't see anything particularly venomous.  Definitely things capable of biting, and hurting, but nothing poisonous.  The most worrying thing is probably the occasional wasp.
  53. [20:44:15] <Lorelei> In fact, does the crawlhole have obvious bugs by - AAAAAAA - it?  Or in it that can be seen?
  54. [20:45:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The crawlhole 1,1seems to be where the wasps are most common.
  55. [20:45:24] <Lorelei> 1,1I hate you so much
  56. [20:46:15] <Lorelei> ... Oh, any centipedes?  Just curious!
  57. [20:46:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a few!  Not any particular concentrations of them anywhere you can see, but obviously there has to be a nest somewhere.
  58. [20:47:28] <Lorelei> Eh, all those sound pretty annoying.  Lore readies the SHOES OF STOMPING +1 for this.
  59. [20:50:03] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Going through the hole? Backtracking for mud?  Kicking in doors?
  60. [20:50:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> WHAT DO?
  61. [20:50:46] <Lorelei> Can we make it to the place where the key card's presumably just sitting out?  Or does the path there involve walking underneath a bunch of be nests or someshit?
  62. [20:50:53] <Lorelei> +e
  63. [20:51:00] <Lorelei> Bee nests.  You can't just be a nest.
  64. [20:51:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Oh, to be more specific
  65. [20:51:34] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The door has a key card READER
  66. [20:51:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You dunno' where the key card itself is.
  67. [20:52:07] <Lorelei> Oh, yeah, it was phrased in a way where it sounded like the key card was there and the door across from it was where the key card goes, okay, that kind of makes sense now.
  68. [20:52:56] * Lorelei looks up to see where BIG MANLY HERO is going, ready to walk out and start stomping if he takes 10 minutes.
  69. [20:53:33] <Steve> "Should probably at least cover up any exposed skin with mud." He returns to the frog room, hoping it isn't locked/they've transformered into enraged hellfrogs.
  70. [20:53:51] <Steve> -er
  71. [20:54:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You go into the frog room
  72. [20:54:15] <Lorelei> "Nnngggh..."  The little girl reluctantly follows, at least glad it doesn't involve ruining her dress.
  73. [20:54:24] <Lorelei> ... it's going to anyway, of course
  74. [20:54:45] * Lorelei waves to the frogs, btw
  75. [20:55:03] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And come into a laboratory full of frogs preserved in formeldehyde, the tile in the room now matching the rest of the building.  All the frogs are the more plain kind you'd find in north america, not any of that colorful tropical shit.
  76. [20:55:14] <Steve> "Um..."
  77. [20:55:17] <Lorelei> "What."
  78. [20:55:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's no frog with a crown on it, either
  79. [20:55:35] * Lorelei is now the frog queen, by that logic. HMPH.
  80. [20:55:49] <Lorelei> "Let's... just go back."
  81. [20:55:56] * Steve inspects the room for anything notably new and potentially useful.
  82. [20:56:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The room is dimly lit, and you see on a single shelf, rather than there being preserved frogs, there are human body parts, hands, feet, parts of an arm, and an entire embryo.
  83. [20:56:17] <Lorelei> GROSS 1,1do they look delicious?
  84. [20:57:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The embryo turns to face Steve with glowing red eyes, making eye contact before the jar it's in turns from a clear liquid to a thicker one, turning redder and redder until it's full of blood instead of preservative.  The rest of the jars in the room follow suit, until you have an entire room full of bloody jars.
  85. [20:57:31] <Lorelei> 1,1That's a yes, isn't it?
  86. [20:57:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a cracking noise.  Then another, then a series of them, before all the jars burst, spewing blood all over the room and leaving bloodied dismembered frogs all over the room.
  87. [20:58:10] <Lorelei> 1,1oh god now I'M getting hungry
  88. [20:58:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Roll  What would be more appropriate...well, this was obviously supernatural, so roll a supernatural check.
  89. [20:58:50] <Lorelei> Unnatural.
  90. [20:58:55] <Lorelei> Does this apply to both of us?
  91. [21:00:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yes.
  92. [21:00:28] <Lorelei> 1d100 44 okay just makin' sure- by the way let me know if 'standing in the doorway' is close enough to get splattered by this
  93. [21:00:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, 44 okay just makin' sure- by the way let me know if 'standing in the doorway' is close enough to get splattered by this: 23 [1d100=23]
  95. [21:01:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Oh, yeah, you both get splattered, hyup.
  96. [21:01:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Doesn't matter where in the room, there's so many jars exploding with blood. that it just becomes irrelevant.
  97. [21:02:37] <Lorelei> Excellent.
  98. [21:02:48] <Lorelei> "Aaah!"  1,1Lick lick.
  99. [21:06:32] <Steve> 1d100 Yummy things
  100. [21:06:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Yummy things: 80 [1d100=80]
  101. [21:06:57] <Steve> What rank was that
  102. [21:07:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Like, rank 4?  And you're hardened like 2 last I checked
  103. [21:08:40] <Steve> Really? That seems like Rank 1 bad movie special effects at worst D: Time to freak out!
  104. [21:08:58] <Lorelei> Yeah, that's 2 -> 3 here.
  105. [21:09:33] * Steve rages at the sh- Nah that's ridiculous, he runs the fuck out of the room in manly fashion.
  106. [21:10:47] * Lorelei stands in the doorway, lapping up the blood like a cat. He probably didn't get to see the couple seconds she looked freaked out during, because as she calmly leaves the room she's just cleaning it all off.
  107. [21:11:17] * Lorelei shuts the door too.
  108. [21:13:09] * Lorelei actually rubs some of it in instead of just drinking it, but eventually reaches the realization that oh god Steve ran off where the fuck could he go
  109. [21:16:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You find him...hell if I know, where do you find him, eh, Steve?
  110. [21:16:33] <Lorelei> Oh no she's just... watching him run off and slowly zombieing behind.  Only matters what direction he ran off in.
  111. [21:20:59] <Steve> Steve is chilling back out at the bottom of the stairwell. None of the directions are safe! THEY ARE ALL GOING TO TURN INTO FROG BRAINS!
  112. [21:22:33] * Lorelei approaches him from behind then, tapping him on a shoulder.
  113. [21:23:05] <Steve> Steve grabs his asssailant's arm, his basic martial training kicking in, and proceeds t- oh fuck, that's a little girl, don't snap it!
  114. [21:23:15] <Lorelei> "Eee!"
  115. [21:23:31] * Lorelei realizes that was a dumb idea.
  116. [21:24:18] <Steve> The piercing shriek of a lass snaps him to attention. "Uh...sorry..."
  117. [21:24:27] <Lorelei> "A-Are you..."  The arm trembles in his manly grip.  "O... Okay?"
  118. [21:24:39] <Lorelei> And THEN TERRY BOGARD BUSTS OUT OF THE WALL AND okay just kidding that doesn't happen
  119. [21:25:51] * Lorelei tries to pull the arm back and turn away, grumbling a bit.
  120. [21:26:12] <Steve> "Okay? We're stuck in a ghostly building full of godknows what fucking hellspawn, they got Biff, who knows if we'll get out, and all of this for no fucking reason. SO EXCUSE ME THE FUCK FOR SAYING I AM NOT OKAY!"
  121. [21:26:30] <Steve> Just kidding, maybe he had a bit more freaking out to get out of his system!
  122. [21:26:51] <Lorelei> "S... Sorry.  I um... I um..."
  123. [21:27:21] <Steve> He lets out a huge primal huff and hangs his head in gentlemanly shame. "No...I'm didn't deserve that..." Oh but she did!
  124. [21:27:49] <Lorelei> She definitely did!  And turns back, sniffling a little.
  125. [21:28:25] <Lorelei> "I... wanna tell you something.  Promise you'll listen and don't be mad, okay?"
  126. [21:29:03] <Steve> Another huff. "Alright."
  127. [21:29:05] <Lorelei> There's a muffled slurp as she turns away to get a couple more blooddrinks in but tries to only do it when he's looking away or something.
  128. [21:29:12] <Lorelei> "Sis..."  Sniff.
  129. [21:29:37] <Lorelei> "Sis came up with this idea as um... a prank to pull on you guys.  And I helped her thinking it'd be fun..."
  130. [21:29:57] <Steve> Given his headhangshames, she has all the time in the world!
  131. [21:30:15] <Lorelei> Licking it off of HIM is the true challenge!  She doesn't try that just yet.
  132. [21:31:14] <Lorelei> "But I didn't think it'd turn out this bad..."  Sniffle sniffle.  "So I'm gonna be mad when we find her, okay?"
  133. [21:31:59] <Lorelei> "But... I watched her do it all, so I might... might know how to get out, maybe..."
  134. [21:32:09] <Steve> "What...what was supposed happen instead?"
  135. [21:32:46] * Lorelei headshakes. "She didn't tell me. She just treated it like it was another one of her dumb weird spells and I thought it wasn't gonna work anyway."
  136. [21:33:40] <Steve> "I suppose even if you told me what would have happened I would never have believed you...since before all of this I didn't believe it COULD no...I'm not mad at you...or her."
  137. [21:36:14] <Lorelei> "Okay... I just.... wanted to say that.  Sorry."  She droops, though she's definitely grinning out of his vision.  Oh, and probably crossing her fingers behind his back too.
  138. [21:36:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Lorelei, roll a self mental stress check
  139. [21:37:07] <Lorelei> 1d100 <3
  140. [21:37:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, <3: 88 [1d100=88]
  141. [21:37:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> MATCHED FAILURE~
  142. [21:37:44] * Lorelei seizes up with a SNIFF. "So uh... I'llbebacktherewheneveryou'rereadybye"
  143. [21:38:00] <Lorelei> And DASHES off back to the bugroom, leaving him to cry by the stairwell.
  144. [21:38:09] <Roara> (quick lorelei)
  145. [21:38:15] <Roara> (get out your death note that will solve everything)
  146. [21:38:25] <Lorelei> (nah I'm saving that for the last session)
  147. [21:39:38] <Steve> (I'll just steal it and ask for your autograph)
  148. [21:41:36] * Steve rises to return to her, but peaks into the old dragon room, opening the door no further than is enough to look inside.
  149. [21:41:55] <Lorelei> 1,1>peaks
  150. [21:42:11] <Steve> (shurrup)
  151. [21:42:19] <Lorelei> (I tease out of love)
  152. [21:42:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's a room with...THE DRAGON IN IT!  Oh wow, the room was different, but the dragon was ba-
  153. [21:42:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Nope
  154. [21:42:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Chuck Testa
  155. [21:42:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It was a taxidermic model.
  156. [21:43:19] * Lorelei ran off 1,1straight into the crawlhole by the way
  157. [21:43:36] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Roll me a squeeze check, of course.
  158. [21:43:50] <Lorelei> 1d100 disaster incoming!
  159. [21:43:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, disaster incoming!: 46 [1d100=46]
  160. [21:43:55] <Lorelei> Yep that's not <33
  161. [21:45:02] <~Aori_Radidjiu> As you go in through the little hole, you manage to make it through, but you bump your head on something after you get through it, and also feel a sharp TUG from the wall.
  162. [21:45:21] <Lorelei> OOPS
  163. [21:46:02] * Lorelei looks to the wall sloooowly, still in panicmode and prepared to get up and run like somebody with an arrow would in their leg.
  164. [21:47:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> First piece of news
  165. [21:47:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The ripped part of your dress has snagged on something, and it managed to wrap itself real good.
  166. [21:47:45] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Second piece of news: 1,1Your head bumped into a wasp nest.
  167. [21:48:16] <Lorelei> 1,1I hope you know I hate you
  168. [21:48:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You see on a table within the room that there's a KEY CARD lying there.
  169. [21:49:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> But first you have to get yourself untangled and try not to get stung too much by the wasps.  You're gonna' need to roll some checks, baby~.  What'll it be?  How do you think you can best get out of this mess?
  170. [21:49:41] * Lorelei makes an effort to RIP AND TEAR the snagged part, there'll be a time for new clothing and, though tha ttime isn't now, not suffering an unspeakable terror is probably more important.
  171. [21:49:49] <Lorelei> HOW2RIP?
  172. [21:50:06] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Just pulling on it?  Make a body check, then~
  173. [21:50:13] <Lorelei> 1d100 oh god this isn't going to go well
  174. [21:50:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, oh god this isn't going to go well: 33 [1d100=33]
  175. [21:50:21] <Lorelei> ... or it's going to be exactly on the dot
  176. [21:50:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> RIP!
  177. [21:50:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> MATCHED MAXIMUM SUCCESS holy shit
  178. [21:50:53] <Lorelei> Let's not even look at what it looks like.  1,1Though since that was the best success possible it probably doesn't tear the whole dress off, huh?
  179. [21:51:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You manage to rip your dress off of the little wirey thing you caught it off, causing it to rip clean down ot the bottom fo the dress, widening the hole, but the rest of your dress is fine.
  180. [21:51:49] <Lorelei> And then a DIVE for the waiiiiiit a second is the panic still on, or do you think it's possible to calm down enough to make a notice at the card?
  181. [21:52:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You're still panicking.  Hell, it's hard not to panic more when these THINGS are surrounding you, buzzing horribly oh god, although since you're pretty hardened on violence it ends up not affecting you
  182. [21:53:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway, speed checks for running to and from the key card
  183. [21:53:15] <Lorelei> 1d100 YES I LOVE SPEED
  184. [21:53:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, YES I LOVE SPEED: 54 [1d100=54]
  185. [21:53:19] <Lorelei> <77!
  186. [21:53:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> And the second?
  187. [21:53:35] <Lorelei> 1d100 of course
  188. [21:53:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, of course: 44 [1d100=44]
  189. [21:53:41] <Lorelei> Dubsuccess!
  190. [21:53:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> MATCHED SUCCESS
  191. [21:53:51] <Lorelei> SEARCH: Any exit besides the crawlspace?
  192. [21:53:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> YOU BOLT TO AND FROM THAT TABLE LIKE LIGHTNING
  193. [21:54:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> No other exit, besides a rather strong looking door that you remember had the keyhole painted over.
  194. [21:54:27] <Lorelei> Yeah, not worth trying.  Re: squeeze?
  195. [21:54:35] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Resqueeze
  196. [21:54:49] <Lorelei> 1d100 this is going to end miserably, farewell nice clothing
  197. [21:54:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, this is going to end miserably, farewell nice clothing: 78 [1d100=78]
  198. [21:54:59] <Lorelei> ... yeaaaah that's about right
  199. [21:55:55] <Steve> (Time to play the fun game of differentiating wasp stings from her 1,1actual boobses?)
  200. [21:55:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You struggle to squeeze through the hole, wasps stinging you as you go, ow ow ow, and then your dress gets caught AGAIN, and this time not on part that's already ripped so it looks like you're going to have to make a new hole if you tear it off, or you could risk wasting more time getting stung and carefully untie it.
  201. [21:56:52] <Lorelei> The player is crying buckets at the thought of this but... eh panic still on, as long as it doesn't look like it'll tear the WHOLE THING off might as well do the least painful thing!
  202. [21:57:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Body
  203. [21:57:07] <Lorelei> 1d100 this will also end poorly
  204. [21:57:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, this will also end poorly: 21 [1d100=21]
  205. [21:57:12] <Lorelei> ... nope I'm lying
  206. [21:57:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You rip it off!  It makes a small hole, but you manage to do it quickly, and it could've been worse.
  207. [21:57:42] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Your poor dress ;_;
  208. [21:58:08] <Steve> (And then it turns out 1,1she's allergic to wasp stings)
  209. [21:58:30] * Lorelei dashes out in a panic. New clothes... later. Maybe she should go up and steal Biff's jacket to wear over it, she thinks, but that'll make it obvious she's not bothered by his, you know, corpse. MAN WHAT A PAIN.
  210. [21:58:33] <Lorelei> Stevetime?
  211. [21:58:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The original hole you got earlier was near your waist, so the extended hole, which goes down to the bottom of the dress, completely exposes your leg and waist on that side.  the other hole is...
  212. [21:58:59] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1d100 how humiliating should it be?
  213. [21:58:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, how humiliating should it be?: 43 [1d100=43]
  214. [21:59:03] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Hmmmmm
  215. [21:59:07] <Lorelei> inb4 reroll + 'clearer'
  216. [21:59:12] <Steve> (V. lewdness Skill of 1)
  217. [21:59:24] <Roara> (aori why are you turning teenaged girls into succubi and tearing little girls dresses off)
  218. [21:59:32] <Lorelei> (if it was dubs it would be super lewd)
  219. [21:59:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's on the other side of your dress from the old hole, around stomach level.  Not too big, at least.
  220. [22:00:06] * Steve finally returns to find a little girl exploding out of the goddamned wall like a hurricane. "HOLYJESUSFU-oh it'" He is as confused as all fuck, which presumably is pretty confused.
  221. [22:00:27] * Lorelei huff huffs a few times and when whips out the keycard.
  222. [22:00:33] <Lorelei> ... -when +then
  223. [22:01:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You're a bit sore from some wasp stings, and your mind is a little duller, maybe from some wasp venom, although it doesn't seem that bad, just ugh, makes you a little sleepy.  They probably use the venom on smaller, weaker things to tranquilize them and lay their eggs while they're knocked out, after all, but you're a big mammal, so it's not enough to knock you out or anything.
  224. [22:02:08] <Lorelei> "Ahhggg.... I wanted to... do something helpful, but it really hurts..."
  225. [22:02:37] <~Aori_Radidjiu> At least you have the key card!
  226. [22:03:17] <Steve> "I...uh...huh..." He grins and HUGS HER, oh god how forward.
  227. [22:03:54] * Lorelei sniffles a little and accepts, clinging tight. ... He didn't wipe the blood off him, did he?
  228. [22:04:26] <Steve> Real men never do.
  229. [22:04:49] * Lorelei makes a little lick off his back. Mmmm.
  230. [22:06:02] <Lorelei> Then swallows it - don't even start - and pulls back, holding out the card.  "Here... maybe we can use this?"
  231. [22:06:29] <Lorelei> Eyes half-closed, she still has to kinda hang onto him a bit to keep from collapsing.
  232. [22:06:45] <Steve> He 1,1TEARS OFF HE- stands up and accepts it, looking genuinely happy. "On we go!" He offers her 1,1HIS P- a piggy-back ride.
  233. [22:06:49] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's a nondescript blue card with a black strip on one side.
  234. [22:07:18] * Lorelei gladly accepts both of those things. ... But only the piggy back ride until they find a nice kitchen table to do it on top of.
  235. [22:07:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Give her the D1,1isciplinary talk on why she should quit being so dumb and hasty)
  236. [22:08:57] <Steve> "But on a serious note, you really shouldn't charge ahead like that...if something had happened to you..." He simply trails off and approaches the door, being weary o' any bugs.
  237. [22:09:38] <Lorelei> "Yeah... I know.  But you were upset and I wanted to leave you alone..."
  238. [22:10:40] <Lorelei> "Just for a little while."  Oh hey, free tastes from this ride, huh?  Might as well scoop some juicy delicious human blood up and get a few licks!  'Course, it's going to get all over her dress like this too, and green doesn't mix that well with red unless it's the holiday season.  Ewww.
  239. [22:14:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> What a filthy, tattered dress you're wearing. :/
  240. [22:14:51] * Lorelei notices that too stop reminding her about it auuu ;_;
  241. [22:15:00] * Steve uses Keycard of Destiny attack on Door of Hate.
  242. [22:16:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> BEEP~.  A light on the card reader flashes green, and the door pops open, not all the way, just out of the frame, mind you.
  243. [22:16:41] * Lorelei prepares eyes of death for when Dracula's minions jump out!
  244. [22:17:09] * Steve takes a deep breath and slowly opens the door to see what horrors await.
  245. [22:23:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's...a room made almost entirely of stainless steel, a bit shiny.  There's some lights, and a steel closet door, along with a big machine on the left that has a bunch of buttons that all look inert.  There's also a device that a morse code transceiver? Hmm.  There's a banner on the right that says W E L C O M E T O T H E F U T U R E in blue on a white background, hung tight to
  246. [22:23:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> the doesn't seem completely straight.  There's also a lot of space in between the letters, it's a weird kind of kerning.
  247. [22:24:14] <Lorelei> "... Weird."
  248. [22:24:50] <Steve> "...Apparently we're in the future."
  249. [22:24:51] * Lorelei looks to the banner, expecting a puzzle that would be easier to do in anything that isn't IRC. And probably gets it.
  250. [22:26:12] <Lorelei> She scoops a fingerful of blood and gives it a good lick, much as one who just ate a whole bag of cheetos would do.  "All these machines... maybe they do something?  Or they might be traps..."
  251. [22:26:38] * Lorelei points an arm over Steve's shoulder to the closet. "What's in there?"
  252. [22:27:36] * Steve opens the closet. With his hand. You expected his foot or something. You're weird.
  253. [22:27:48] <Roara> (why is lorelei a vampire anyway, when did i miss this)
  254. [22:28:15] <Lorelei> (I told you to go look at logs the other day, maybe you should)
  255. [22:28:26] <Roara> (you read them out for aori's sister T_T )
  256. [22:28:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (~)
  257. [22:28:41] <Steve> (Steve sired her during one of their many totally canon sexytimes)
  258. [22:28:49] <Roara> (oh makes sense)
  259. [22:29:42] <Lorelei> (ok I'll read them for you if you want)
  260. [22:29:47] <Lorelei> (it's not like I sleep... but later)
  261. [22:30:04] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Opening the closet door, you see a wardrobe of skintight future catsuits, and...a crayon on the ground?  Hmmm.  It's colored red.
  262. [22:30:22] <Lorelei> ... Catsuits.
  263. [22:30:51] * Lorelei looks on in more terror than she probably would be if Death jumped out.
  264. [22:31:12] <Steve> "Uh..."
  265. [22:31:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> By "catsuits" I mean like skintight maybe-latex suits.
  266. [22:31:32] <Lorelei> You are such.  A.  Pervert.
  267. [22:31:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Not furry suits, those are too despicable for demons to leave laying around.
  268. [22:32:10] <Lorelei> "Is... this some kind of puzzle too?"
  269. [22:32:14] <Steve> "I hope we don't have to wear those...what's this?" He bends down and picks up the crayon.
  270. [22:32:36] * Lorelei isn't going to stay on his back as he bends down, so hops off and prepares to deal with Dracula.
  271. [22:33:00] <Steve> The purity of their love with vanquish any and all draculas.
  272. [22:33:18] <Lorelei> I believe the plural of 'Dracula' is 'Draculae.'
  273. [22:33:22] <Lorelei> Or perhaps 'Draculi.'
  274. [22:33:28] <Steve> Trust me, they're draculas.
  275. [22:33:34] <Lorelei> Okay!
  276. [22:35:46] <~Aori_Radidjiu> So we have a room wtih a closet full of pervert catsuits, a machine hooked up to a morse code transceiver, a banner wtih blue words that have spaced out letters, with a white background, and a red crayon.
  277. [22:35:48] * Lorelei heads to the other side of the room as he observes the crayon, still having to manually hold her dress so as to not expose pantsu. Oh, yeah, her bag's totally open for dropping the crayon in.
  278. [22:35:50] <~Aori_Radidjiu> I'll just sit back and wait.
  279. [22:35:58] <Lorelei> He picked up the crayon you goof.
  280. [22:36:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> I know
  281. [22:36:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> I'm just restating all the components of the room.
  282. [22:36:17] <Lorelei> Okay, was just makin' sure you caught the cue to have silent hill monsters jump out.
  283. [22:36:31] <Lorelei> Silent Hill monsters ALWAYS jump out when you pick up something important.
  284. [22:36:48] * Lorelei stares point-blank at the banner, muttering.
  285. [22:37:05] <Steve> Silent Hill monsters don't possess the proper muscles to jump, they kind of crawl.
  286. [22:38:11] * Miyuki is now known as Anise
  287. [22:38:36] * Steve takes the crayon over to the morse code transceiver area to see what all that shit is about. Mostly because it's not like he just knows morse code off the top of his head. Also he's only ever seen the transceivers on black-and-white shows.
  288. [22:40:24] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's hooked up to the machine.  There's some wiring from the machine that goes into the intersection of the wall behind it and the ceiling, presumably going into the hallway.  You DID see a door hooked up to a wire before, so this is likely linked to it.
  289. [22:40:25] * Lorelei forms an exclamation point over her head and whispers a "THAT" with some incomprehensible mutterings, but walks over to the closet. "I um..."
  290. [22:40:38] <Lorelei> "..."  Shuffle shuffle.
  291. [22:41:29] <Lorelei> "I'm gonna go change; watch for monsters, okay?"
  292. [22:42:33] <Steve> "Change into wha-" Fucking catsuits. "" Begin gentleman defender mode as he faces the door, prepared to go full-out martial Steve on something.
  293. [22:42:45] * Lorelei zips into the closet, seemingly confident that's going to be in her size and not... you know, sized for a grown woman.
  294. [22:43:40] <Lorelei> Shuffling and muttering noises aplenty in there.
  295. [22:43:44] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a variety of sizes, including one that fits you perfectly.
  296. [22:43:54] <Roara> (god damn it aori)
  297. [22:45:12] <Lorelei> Mutter mutter "Oooh, I REALLY don't want to wear this."
  298. [22:45:16] <Lorelei> 1,1Does it have a tail?
  299. [22:45:40] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1No, of course not.
  300. [22:45:57] <Lorelei> 1,1Well you said it was a CATsuit, so it either has the ears or the tail.
  301. [22:46:37] <Steve> 1,1                                     
  302. [22:47:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Oh I just meant the slang for any skintight suit, really, but if you REALLY want it to have those it has 'em.
  303. [22:47:33] <Lorelei> 1,1Nah that's gross, it just made it sound fetishier than it is.
  304. [22:48:05] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Besides being a skintight suit it's not all that fetishy, really.
  305. [22:49:04] <Lorelei> Sounds like the shuffling stopped but she's still whispering and mumbling and all kinds of crap in there.  Seems to be getting heated arguing with herself.
  306. [22:49:48] * Steve is a gentleman!
  307. [22:49:58] * Lorelei is the worst lady ever.
  308. [22:51:22] <Steve> She isn't THAT ter-whoamIkiddingshe'samonster.
  309. [22:51:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Steve roll Notice
  310. [22:52:00] <Roara> (can i roll notice too)
  311. [22:52:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (If it makes you feel good, but you won't get anything out of it.)
  312. [22:52:27] <Roara> 1d100 ok
  313. [22:52:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Roara, ok: 13 [1d100=13]
  314. [22:52:30] * Lorelei creaks the door open.
  315. [22:52:53] <Steve> 1d100
  316. [22:52:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, 1d100: 5 [1d100=5]
  317. [22:52:59] <Lorelei> Creaaa "They WHAT"
  318. [22:53:19] <Lorelei> "Ah er um I mean... thanks... for... waiting."
  319. [22:53:39] <Lorelei> "... But just a second."
  320. [22:53:51] * Lorelei closes the door again and goes back in. "I think I put it on wrong."
  321. [22:54:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Since you rolled that well on your notice, you can hear her through the door.
  322. [22:54:16] <Lorelei> oh ok I can move in here
  323. [22:54:44] * Steve is a gentleman! A red, red gentleman.
  324. [22:54:46] <Lorelei> "No, but I was giving them to you in the first place... doesn't that mean I won?"  Whisper whisper whisper.  It's kind of grumbly too.
  325. [22:55:00] * Steve is a confused, red, red gentleman.
  326. [22:56:26] <Lorelei> "YES!"  She stammers inside the door.  Totally psycho, talking to herself.  "... Oh, well if you can't undo that then why didn't you ASK me first?"
  327. [22:56:37] <Lorelei> Okay now she's barely whispering at all.
  328. [22:57:22] <Steve> "Um...are someone?"
  329. [22:57:25] <Lorelei> "ACK!"
  330. [22:58:07] * Lorelei scrambles around "Fine, I'll think about it for later," this time in an actual whisper that he can still hear.
  331. [22:58:19] <Lorelei> The door creaks open.  "Sorry... I didn't want you to hear that..."
  332. [22:58:32] <Lorelei> Sniff.  "S-Sometimes when I'm scared I-I talk to myself..."
  333. [22:58:45] <Lorelei> "You think it's weird, d-don't you?"
  334. [22:59:26] * Steve avoids eye contact. "Well I mean plenty of people do that...but...the things I was hearing...didn' make any sense? Maybe I was just missing a lot of the context..."
  335. [23:00:05] <Lorelei> "Oh, I was just writing a story in my head and thought it'd be fun!  Hee hee... I'll tell you about it later."
  336. [23:00:07] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Lorelei is in a skintight black suit.  It fits her pretty well, although she's a little young for it to make her look extra curvy or anything like that, pervert.  It's just a suit.  It fits her snugly, like a glove, and has a zipper on the back.
  337. [23:00:16] <Lorelei> OH.
  338. [23:00:20] <Lorelei> Oh you didn't mention that part.
  339. [23:00:32] <Lorelei> In that case she opens the door while standing with her back facing him.
  340. [23:00:39] <Lorelei> "Nevermind that though.  Could you... zip me?"
  341. [23:01:25] <Steve> "" Ziiiiiiip.
  342. [23:01:31] <Kain> (Pffff)
  343. [23:01:39] <Lorelei> (>Kain actually watching)
  344. [23:01:41] <Lorelei> (HA HA HA HA)
  345. [23:01:47] <Lorelei> (I walked right into that one)
  346. [23:02:24] * Steve pauses, assuming Lorelei is going to spontaneously combust because hellsuit.
  347. [23:02:27] <Lorelei> "Thanks.  Um... don't stare or anything, okay?"
  348. [23:02:42] * Lorelei stuffs her old dress in her backpack and puts that on, too.
  349. [23:02:47] <Lorelei> The backpack, that is.
  350. [23:03:22] <Steve> "O-of course not. We should probably be solving this puzzle..." He slinks over to the transceiver, looking for some sort of guide as to using it.
  351. [23:03:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a note near the transceiver
  352. [23:03:51] <Lorelei> "Right.  Um, maybe that crayon has to do with that over there..."  She points to the banner.  "The letters look weird, don't they?"
  353. [23:04:01] <~Aori_Radidjiu> "Code is behind the bulletin", it says.
  354. [23:08:03] * Lorelei is staring at the banner, leaving Steve alone to read the note. "Maybe we're supposed to... write something to make it say something different?"
  355. [23:08:54] <Lorelei> "Welcome... to... the..."
  356. [23:09:45] <Lorelei> "Eff... you... tee... yoo... arr... ee..."
  357. [23:10:05] <Steve> (Bulletin == banner?)
  358. [23:10:22] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (Indeed)
  359. [23:10:50] <Steve> "Says the code is behind the banner..."
  360. [23:10:54] <Lorelei> "Flu... tru... oh!"
  361. [23:11:07] <Steve> "Which odd place for it to be."
  362. [23:11:17] * Lorelei ducks down and tries to see if there's a way to peek behind it. Or lift it or something.
  363. [23:11:27] <Lorelei> Preferably the former.
  364. [23:11:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's stapled to whatever's behind it, so ripping it off isn't easy, and it's a bit high for Lorelei to reach.
  365. [23:12:19] * Lorelei looks around for a footstool or something to stand on, letting him do it himself if he wants.
  366. [23:13:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Whatever the case, you rip it off and see some circles and rectangles indented into the little bulletin behind the banner.
  367. [23:15:55] * Lorelei considers running off but decides that's too risky and just peers.
  368. [23:16:19] <Lorelei> "Are those... letters?"
  369. [23:17:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> rectangle rectangle rectangle circle rectangle rectangle circle circle rectangle circle
  370. [23:17:34] * Lorelei becomes a question mark. Boy scout material, right there.
  371. [23:18:10] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (brb)
  372. [23:24:33] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (back)
  373. [23:24:38] <Lorelei> (Hi!)
  374. [23:24:44] <Roara> (hi!)
  375. [23:25:29] <Steve> (GORILLA MATING)
  376. [23:26:11] <Steve> What are the relative sizes of the rectangles and circles? And is it a vertical or horizontal rectangle?
  377. [23:26:52] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Horizontal rectangle
  378. [23:27:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The circles are about one-third the size of the rectangles.
  379. [23:28:02] <Steve> "...I don't know much about Morse code, but from what I remember they use dashes for the long beeps and circles for the short ones...but...does that mean this is just the answer itself, unrelated to the message on the board?" Fucking haunted power plants.
  380. [23:29:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1I made this puzzle really simple so that you guys would waste less time on it, because if I gave you an actually complicated puzzle it'd take forever.)
  381. [23:29:55] <Lorelei> "Why would there be a crayon...?"
  382. [23:29:59] <Steve> (Six sessions later we finally decided to just type in the answer)
  383. [23:30:13] <Lorelei> (All six of them were spent doing the nasty in the closet)
  384. [23:30:23] <Lorelei> (They're only like what, 3 or 4 years apart?  It's totally fine!)
  385. [23:31:27] <Steve> (When in haunted Rome...)
  386. [23:32:22] <Lorelei> "... But I guess we can try that first."
  387. [23:33:43] <Roara> (lewd)
  388. [23:33:51] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1the crayon was just to make rubbings on the banner and see the bumps through it that way.)
  389. [23:34:22] <Lorelei> (holy god you are so bad at puzzles)
  390. [23:34:37] <Lorelei> (I was totally ready to make letters in between the letters)
  391. [23:35:13] <Roara> (that was so lewd)
  392. [23:35:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (I could do something like that, but I figured since you guys would take forever with my puzzle no matter what, I figured I'd make it easy so we could move on)
  393. [23:35:50] <Lorelei> (AND NOW WE ARE)
  394. [23:35:56] <Roara> (next puzzle: <Aori> make a mind check <Lorelei> *nat 100* <Aori> ... eh, you figure it out anyway)
  395. [23:36:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway Steve, gonna' put in dem dots and dashes?
  396. [23:36:39] <Lorelei> ^
  397. [23:36:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1It's morse for "OPEN", btw)
  398. [23:37:00] <Lorelei> (1,1not "SESAME")
  399. [23:37:35] * Steve beep beep beep bip beep beep bip bip beep bips it up
  400. [23:37:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's a click from the hallway.
  401. [23:38:29] <Lorelei> "... Huh."
  402. [23:39:29] <Roara> (i'm p sure ---.--..-. is myer)
  403. [23:39:45] <Lorelei> "That can't be it... you can put the crayon in here if you want.  We'll need it for later, right?"
  404. [23:39:56] * Lorelei spins around and holds out the backpack like an excited schoolgirl with an open backpack.
  405. [23:40:09] <Roara> (lewd)
  406. [23:40:32] <Steve> "Who knows!...If it came from back outside, are we supposed to wear the suits to get by the bugs?" Steve feeds the crayon to the backpack demon.
  407. [23:41:05] <Lorelei> "Oh... I never thought about it like that!  But... maybe."
  408. [23:41:23] <Lorelei> "It's really tigh- erm."
  409. [23:41:30] * Lorelei blushes furiously.
  410. [23:41:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (O is ---, P is .--., E is ., N is -., but huh, that same combination CAN make Myer, bluh.)
  411. [23:42:00] <Lorelei> (cuties)
  412. [23:42:03] <Roara> (that's why spaces are important :D )
  413. [23:42:07] <Steve> "I suppose I should replace these rags I'm wearing..." Consequently, it would hide is wounds. D:
  414. [23:42:16] * Lorelei thirsts.
  415. [23:42:32] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Very thirst.
  416. [23:42:41] <Lorelei> "Yeah... I think my dress got tore up more though."
  417. [23:42:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's tight, but not uncomfortably so.
  418. [23:43:01] <Steve> Steve goes to the lewdsuit room and very casually derobes to his manly boxer briefs and dons the hero suit. In public. Because gentleman have no shame. That part may not be right, but fuck it, he wants to move on.
  419. [23:43:09] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's easy to forget you're wearing anything.
  420. [23:43:17] <Lorelei> It's like you're wearing
  421. [23:43:19] <Lorelei> nothing at all
  422. [23:43:23] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There is, in fact, a Steve-shaped suit.
  423. [23:43:32] <Lorelei> "I'll wait over here..."
  424. [23:43:37] * Steve looks to what was presumably a Biff-shaped suit.
  425. [23:43:43] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Well, "sized" would be a better term for it, anyway.
  426. [23:43:45] * Lorelei waits over by the door. The other door, not the closet door.
  427. [23:43:53] <Roara> (aori can i make another notice check)
  428. [23:43:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Go for it.
  429. [23:44:01] <Roara> (yay)
  430. [23:44:04] <Roara> 1d100 notice o/~
  431. [23:44:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Roara, notice o/~: 66 [1d100=66]
  432. [23:44:12] <Roara> (o-oh dear... a matched failure :< )
  433. [23:44:15] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Sure is a session.
  434. [23:44:33] <Kain> (/clap)
  435. [23:44:36] <Steve> There is a Biff-sized suit, yes? D:
  436. [23:44:41] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Yes.
  437. [23:45:01] <Roara> (if i'd passed my notice check i'd wonder if there were larissa/dj sized suits too)
  438. [23:45:16] <Steve> 1d100 Ninja punch the closet door in anger at losing his bro.
  439. [23:45:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, Ninja punch the closet door in anger at losing his bro.: 57 [1d100=57]
  440. [23:45:23] * Steve hurts his hand.
  441. [23:45:33] <Roara> (but i guess since i failed i'll just go over here and stare at th line where steve was in boxer shorts D: )
  442. [23:45:39] <Roara> (boxer briefs, sorry)
  443. [23:45:56] * Lorelei 'eep's at the noise of doors getting punched! Auuuu.
  444. [23:46:13] <Steve> (Boxer briefs and boxer shorts are different you ruffian)
  445. [23:46:23] <Roara> (i legitimately thought it said boxer shorts ok)
  446. [23:47:01] * Steve steps back outside, rubbing his knuckles. "Let's go." Does he look manly and epic in his suit or more like a creepy alien that doesn't know what human males are supposed to look like?
  447. [23:47:29] <Lorelei> "Aha!  I wouldn't mind k-"  Steve comes out to see Lorelei mouthing to herself and she shuts up as soon as he does.
  448. [23:47:52] * Steve gives her a noticeable odd look but says nothing.
  449. [23:48:22] * Lorelei gives him an awkward smile. "It looks.... g-g-g-g-g-"
  450. [23:48:27] <Lorelei> Holding back a laugh.
  451. [23:49:20] <~Aori_Radidjiu> He reminds you of a power ranger or something like that.  Or just a superhero who didn't bother making their skintight suit fancy-colored or embellished and went with plain, skintight black.
  452. [23:49:33] <Lorelei> Okay, that's actually pretty hot.
  453. [23:49:50] <Lorelei> What she's holding back is not a laugh, but a fangirl squeal as she spins around and heads out the door.  "L-Let's go."
  454. [23:50:05] <Lorelei> Maybe a little minor breath of 'kya~' comes out.
  455. [23:50:08] <Lorelei> Maybe.
  456. [23:50:21] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It occurs to you that you'd be that hot if you only actually had a figure or something.  :/
  457. [23:50:43] <Lorelei> ... Don't go giving her ideas.
  458. [23:51:06] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway, going to wiredoor?
  459. [23:51:13] <Lorelei> Hai!
  460. [23:51:35] * Lorelei leads the way in fact, almost forgetting about her wound(s) and trying to walk instead of limping. Still a little limpy though.
  461. [23:53:16] <~Aori_Radidjiu> It's pretty sparse, there's a desk and a chair behind it, some windows with blinds behind them, no light going through, a few boards and chairs and tables, presumably some kind of storage.  On the desk there's a jar of candies. Heart-shaped candies, in fact.
  462. [23:53:55] * Lorelei perks up, and then immediately back down.
  463. [23:54:55] <~Aori_Radidjiu> There's not really anything else of note in this room.
  464. [23:55:55] <Lorelei> Lorchan runs out before he can enter, looking over to the hole in the floor.  Are those 'boards' big enough to cover that?
  465. [23:56:13] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Hyup!  They're pretty thin, though.
  466. [23:56:38] <Lorelei> So thin that only somebody with impossibly high speed in this system could cross them, huh?  Clever design.
  467. [23:57:24] <Lorelei> But somebody else would have to actually lift them.  Ha ha!  She's at the entryway ready to explain.  "Um, there are a lot of boards in there..."
  468. [23:59:00] <Lorelei> "On the desk..."  Drooop.  "... I heard those taste terrible.  We should probably leave them there."
  469. [23:59:33] * Steve stares.
  470. [23:59:55] * Lorelei shrinks and steps aside.
  471. Session Time: Thu Mar 14 00:00:05 2013
  472. [00:03:34] <Lorelei> Far enough aside to go out into the hallway with the bugs and shit while letting him enter the room.
  473. [00:03:35] * Steve walks in and lets out a guffaw upon seeing the candies. "They'd taste like chalk and dust even if they weren't probably caked in more lairs of dust!"
  474. [00:04:00] <~Aori_Radidjiu> The jar doesn't have a single speck of dust on it, and is also sealed.
  475. [00:04:08] <~Aori_Radidjiu> You can see your reflection in it.
  476. [00:04:30] * Steve mutters to himself. "Most be the work of the sorcery used to make them....even outside of a place like this."
  477. [00:04:50] <Steve> *Must
  478. [00:05:43] * Steve retrieves a few boards, hoisting them over his shoulder in manly style if he isn't mauled by board demons first.
  479. [00:05:43] * Lorelei enters the room, shaking her head. "Wanna try them then?"
  480. [00:06:15] <Steve> "I wouldn't eat anything from this place."
  481. [00:06:20] <Lorelei> "... Okay."
  482. [00:06:26] <Lorelei> "Then I can..."
  483. [00:06:38] * Lorelei walks up and grabs the jar, reeling an arm back.
  484. [00:06:54] <~Aori_Radidjiu> No traps connected to the jar.
  485. [00:07:13] <Lorelei> "... Do this!"  Unless stopped she flings it at whatever wall's furthest from Steve.  The whole jar.
  486. [00:07:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> CRASH, the jar shatters, spilling out candies...
  487. [00:08:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Which all dissolve into thick, rich blood.
  488. [00:08:22] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1The tastiest looking blood Lorelei has ever seen.
  489. [00:08:31] * Lorelei glares at the remains and brushes her hand together. "... Good riddance. They..." Gulp.
  490. [00:08:44] <Steve> "See? Don't trust food here!"
  491. [00:08:59] <Steve> "Not that candy is really food to begin with..."
  492. [00:09:10] <Lorelei> "Um... You... think you can carry those boards by yourself?  See if they're big enough to cover the hole, I-I'll be right there."
  493. [00:09:56] <Steve> "Sure, probably best to stay away from the bugs if we can help it." He departs none-the-wiser to create the Stevesgate Bridge.
  494. [00:10:31] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Steve roll notice
  495. [00:10:47] <Steve> 1d100 No
  496. [00:10:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, No: 92 [1d100=92]
  497. [00:12:40] * Lorelei lags behind a moment later, wiping her mouth.
  498. [00:13:47] <Lorelei> 1d100 meanwhile...
  499. [00:13:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, meanwhile...: 82 [1d100=82]
  500. [00:14:11] <Lorelei> ... Yeah nevermind, that's 'stays in the room.'
  501. [00:18:06] <Lorelei> In fact the door shuts while he's hard at work.
  502. [00:32:10] * Steve was building a bridge. D:
  503. [00:32:39] <Lorelei> After 22 whole minutes, guess it seems like the process wasn't... abridged.
  504. [00:33:16] <Steve> Killing Biff? Excusable. That joke? No.
  505. [00:33:19] <Roara> (lewd)
  506. [00:33:28] <Lorelei> <3
  507. [00:37:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway, gonna' let Lorelei know you're done?
  508. [00:37:41] <Steve> Oh...there were no problems... D:
  509. [00:37:48] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ICly
  510. [00:37:51] * Steve knocks on the door.
  511. [00:38:03] <Lorelei> 1d100 conceal
  512. [00:38:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Lorelei, conceal: 2 [1d100=2]
  513. [00:38:15] <Lorelei> "Mmm!  Coming!"
  514. [00:38:31] <Steve> See now he was expecting to end up fighting the bug king after the boards started making a high-pitched piercing sound or something like that.
  515. [00:38:50] <Lorelei> Totally believable.  He has every reason to expect that.
  516. [00:39:30] <Lorelei> A much more formidable foe disguised as a little girl opens the door, wiping her mouth BEFORE doing so.  And apparently totally hiding all the slurping and other noises coming from the corner of the room.
  517. [00:39:43] <Lorelei> "Sorry... I had to, um..."
  518. [00:40:11] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 
  519. [00:40:19] * Lorelei tries to exit the room and shut the door behind without him looking in nice blank post.
  520. [00:40:25] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Steve, could you contest her conceal with a notice
  521. [00:40:44] <Lorelei> 1,1I don't think he's gonna beat 2
  522. [00:41:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1Technically, a higher roll, so long as it passes, is better, as long as it isn't 1.
  523. [00:42:09] <Steve> 1d100 NOTICE MAGIC
  524. [00:42:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Steve, NOTICE MAGIC: 79 [1d100=79]
  525. [00:42:11] <Lorelei> 1,1Okay that's what I thought
  526. [00:42:15] * Steve remains woefully ignorants.
  527. [00:42:28] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Sadfully.
  528. [00:42:30] <~Aori_Radidjiu> ...sadly
  529. [00:42:34] <Lorelei> Cutie.
  530. [00:42:38] <~Aori_Radidjiu> sadfully isn't even a word
  531. [00:42:39] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Shit I'm tired.
  532. [00:42:42] <Lorelei> It is now!
  533. [00:42:53] <Lorelei> "There wasn't a... nevermind."
  534. [00:42:58] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Anyway you guys are crossing the makeshift bridge, right?
  535. [00:43:10] <Steve> (I'm starting to suspect this isn't going to end with Steve having an adorably insane waifu and instead it'll end with him being an adorabbly stuffed-trophy husband)
  536. [00:43:15] * Lorelei looks for permission to go first, being the lighter of the two.
  537. [00:43:41] * Steve nods. "I'll stay here and keep the boards steady. I should at least be able to jump if something goes wrong after you've crossed."
  538. [00:43:47] <Lorelei> (1,1Actually I'll confirm for you right now if they both survive it's 100% the former, the latter will never happen)
  539. [00:44:02] <Steve> (Score)
  540. [00:44:05] <Lorelei> "Alright... I'll be careful."
  541. [00:44:19] <~Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1At least, that's how she intends it.)
  542. [00:44:27] <Lorelei> (1,1Yeah so it'll probably be both)
  543. [00:44:32] <Lorelei> Need anything to cross?
  544. [00:44:32] <Botherer> (1,1Dun dun dun.)
  545. [00:45:07] <Steve> (I think I can take the loli /fistfight)
  546. [00:45:14] <~Aori_Radidjiu> Naw, so long as Steve spent time fortifying it and shit it should be fine.
  547. [00:45:26] * Lorelei carefully balances across, then~
  548. [00:45:29] <Lorelei> UNTIL DRACULA ATTACKS
  549. [00:45:36] <Roara> (lewd)
  550. [00:45:42] <Roara> (fucking lewd jake)
  551. [00:45:46] <Lorelei> Now uh, what was even at the other side again?  ... It was like, a door or something, right?
  552. [00:45:53] <~Aori_Radidjiu> She crosses into the disappointing land of SESSION END
  553. [00:45:53] <Lorelei> The hole was infinitely more interesting than the door if so.
  554. [00:46:05] <Lorelei> CAN WE FINALLY MEET UP AT THE NEXT ONE?
  555. [00:46:12] <~Aori_Radidjiu> YOU SHOULD
  556. [00:46:16] <Lorelei> FUCKING GOOD
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