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  1. Buer Loader is a new modular bot written to answer the question: “What software would I use myself?”. This solution combines a new approach to implementation and technologies used. The bot is written in pure C, and the panel is in .NET Core, which allows you to get the maximum performance of both the server side and the client.
  5. Features Buer Loader:
  7.     The programming language is C. This allows the bot to be independent of language components and to be lightweight. Weight varies from 55 kb to 60 kb. The bot extension is Win32 EXE.
  8.     Launch is guaranteed on operating systems Windows 7 x86 / x64 - Windows 10 x86 / x64 (as well as server analogs).
  9.     The work of the loader is carried out from the surrogate process of the trusted application.
  10.     Work with C&C (control panel). All information is transmitted in encrypted form both to the panel and from the panel.
  11.     Ability to specify a backup domain.
  12.     Support https connection.
  13.     Running Native .EXE x32 and x64 (on x64 Windows only) in memory.
  14.     Running Native .DLL x32 and x64 (on x64 Windows only) in memory.
  15.     The ability to update the bot from the panel - both after the crypt, and after the rebuild.
  16.     Support for modules. Modules will be added over time.
  17.     Work with User privileges.
  18.     Moving after launch. Several ways of fixing in the system.
  19.     Protecting loader files. Experimentally.
  20.     Process recovery. Experimentally.
  21.     There are techniques for determining the launch in the sandbox.
  22.     The bot does not function in the CIS.
  26. Control Panel Features
  28.     .NET Core MVC technology. Easy installation on Ubuntu / Debian Linux family of servers.
  29.     Statistics on bots. Counters: online, living, dead and total.
  30.     Real-time update of the list of bots.
  31.     Downloaded files are stored in encrypted form. Access to them is carried out by access token to this file.
  32.     File download counter.
  33.     The filter for creating a task allows you to select countries, bit depth of the operating system, bot rights and the number of logical CPU cores.
  34.     Ability to pause a task.
  35.     Set performance limit.
  36.     Detailed information on a task with automatic updating.
  37.     Guest access to task statistics.
  38.     The server does not process API requests sent from the CIS.
  39.     Screenshots:
  43. The price of this solution: $ 400 (from 02.10.19).
  45. Work with a guarantor at the expense of the buyer is welcome.
  47. After confirmation of payment, everything necessary to start work is issued.
  49. Also, the client can get help in setting up and consulting on the operation of the product.
  53. Updates: Updates regarding bug / bug fixes are free.
  55. Rebild to new addresses: $ 25. No more than two addresses per user.
  57. Modules: paid separately.
  59.  Full analysis of Buer:,-new-russian-loader-on-the-market-with-interesting-persistence/(opens in a new tab)
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