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  1. SeaWorld !
  2. This one’s for you.
  4. Pressure has been mounting on you since the activist documentary Blackfish was released earlier in the year. Since then, your true nature has become apparent. Even your own investors are fleeing in the hundreds as your company crashes day after day on the New York Stock Exchange. The most loyal of your share holders have encountered a 51% loss in value, and we will take the rest!
  6. SeaWorld - You are the walking dead.
  7. We’ve already done the dissection!
  8. Here is the autopsy:
  10. You died because:
  12. •    You have been found GUILTY of Orca Kidnap and Murder. 51 have died in your care! 160 total have died in captivity.
  13. •    You have been found GUILTY of funding Taiji Dolphin Trade that also slaughter entire Dolphin pods for sushi!
  14. •    You have been found GUILTY of lying to trainers about safety, and blaming them when they die!
  15. •    You have been found GUILTY of lying to customers and the media on numerous subjects.
  16. •    You have been found GUILTY of brainwashing children with your toys.
  17. •    You have been found GUILTY of stealing baby Penguins and have never denied this.
  18. •    You have been found GUILTY of continuing to appeal a court order to ban trainers in the water!
  19. •    You have been found GUILTY of drugging even the pregnant Orcas with Valium!
  20. •    You have been found GUILTY of artificial insemination breeding prior to Orca sexual maturity!
  21. •    You have been found GUILTY of drilling down the teeth on Orcas without anesthetic!
  22. •    You have been found GUILTY of spending only 1% on rescue and rehabilitation!
  23. •    You have been found GUILTY of spin doctoring yourselves as a conservation oriented entity.
  25. SeaWorld – Your history of secretive abuse is now known.  Your lies and cheap misdirection marketing tricks will no longer be possible. Your ability to trick the public will be destroyed. We will remove it!  Continuing to attempt any profitable venture in it’s current form is now futile.
  27. Anonymous has been looking with growing interest, and you now have our attention. We recently learned that your dwindling attendance in US parks has spurned you to expansion abroad. We will be there, fighting you on every battle front to stop this from happening.
  28. And once the time comes to empty the tanks, we will be watching and making sure you do the job right. Enjoy your funeral, because it is too late to expect us.
  30. Welcome to Operation SeaWorld.
  31. That is all.
  32. @OpSeaWorld_ @OpFunKill
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