My Lightning Lesbian Kain't Bee- I'm Sorry I Won't Start

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  1. [14:39:45] <@Kain> An undefined period of watching cartoons later, Lenore finds herself freed from the strange vision of Nat's inner world! Nat has probably curled up to go to sleep or something in the meantime.
  2. [14:39:53] <@Kain> But it seems there's still daylight outside.
  3. [14:41:17] * Lenore makes sure Nat's not sleeping on the window where she'll roll off or anything, and then it occurs to her that since they don't got shit to do, maybe she should head off to Conde Petie~! She pulls a notepad out of her hat, scribbles down a "I'm going to Conde Petie by Chocobo I'll be back either tonight or tomorrow, don't worry~ -Lenore" for Nat, and then heads out TO THE CHOCOBO
  4. [14:41:18] * Lenore STABLES
  5. [14:42:49] <@Kain> It's a quick jaunt to the Chocobo Stables, and after paying a small fee you saddle up! It's a short ride to the town of the dwarves. Well, it's more like... a large building, really, nestled on the mountains between Black Mage Village and Madain Sari.
  6. [14:43:51] <@Kain> Your chocobo navigates swiftly over the mountain path, where a group of the dwarves, those moogle-sized, green-skinned, bulbous-jawed little fellows, greet you with a "Rally Ho!"
  7. [14:45:09] <Lenore> "Rally Ho~! ☆"  She dismounts with a wave~
  8. [14:48:13] <@Kain> The city of the dwarves is a... curious sort of place. As you walk in you see the ceremonial chamber they use for weddings, a large open area with their precious Kirkboat suspended over a pit of water, with the sun beaming down in just the right place from a high window. A dwarf in a white robe is wandering around, and beyond him you can see pathways and stairs leading towards the commercial
  9. [14:48:13] <@Kain> and residential parts of the town. It's not a very big city...
  10. [14:49:09] <@Kain> (Oh, it should be noted the boat is not actually floating on the water, it's raised on wooden platforms one uses to get over to it)
  11. [14:49:21] <Lenore> (I got to Conde Petie in IX~)
  12. [14:49:43] <@Kain> (Or WAS there a pit of water in conde petie, I forget now)
  13. [14:49:49] <@Kain> (Oh well!)
  14. [14:49:55] <@Kain> You know the drill.
  15. [14:50:19] <@Kain> Numerous dwarves are here and there, where do you go first?
  16. [14:50:29] * Lenore walks up to the dwarf in the white robe. "Rally Ho~! I was wondering if you could help me find something around here, good sir~! ☆"
  17. [14:53:58] <@Kain> The dwarf looks up at you,tugging at his bishopy sort of hat to keep it on as he cranes his neck so high. "Ah, yes, how kin aye help ye, wee lass?"
  18. [14:56:01] * Lenore pulls out the notebook where she scribbled the runes down. "Do you know if there's anything like this or" Pageflip "this around here? These are basically a few related magical runes, and this one" She's pointing to the second one she got "said that the last one would be around here! So, I figured I'd ask and see if anyone had seen it around, before I go snooping around or anything
  19. [14:56:01] * Lenore silly!"
  20. [15:08:15] <@Kain> Father David: "Lessee..." he squints at the runes. "Aye, aye, I think I ken what yoor talkin' aboot. This way, lass."
  21. [15:09:17] <Lenore> "All right, thanks!"  She starts following along, a few sparks going off her first step but nothing past that~.
  22. [15:12:31] <@Kain> He waves you over, walking back downstairs and leading you through the area, to, through some passages, and soon, you're not quite sure where you are anymore, except for the fact that you're going down. You've left the sunlight-bathed areas of town, now in a sort of solemn, abandoned set of halls. The priest has taken a torch out now, and lit it.
  23. [15:13:26] * Lenore snaps her fingers, making a little floating electric spark that follows her along as she goes to illuminate the area.
  24. [15:15:03] <Lenore> "So, what is this place, anyway?"  Her voice is a little more shushed now that she's in such a daaaark place.
  25. [15:18:41] <@Kain> Father David: "They say long, long ago, our people came from tae dark lands below tae earth, nae blessed by the warmth of tae sun. And this dark place was tae shelter they built when they first saw tae light of tae sun and knew not what joy it brought."
  26. [15:20:11] <Lenore> "Mmmm, I see!  That's pretty interesting!"  She makes a mental note to tell Ammy about this place when she sees her next~
  27. [15:20:18] <@Kain> He leads you into a rather large, empty room... but you notice something immediately. The floor, the ceiling, the walls, they're corner to corner, edge to edge inscribed with complex, nonsensical glyphs.
  28. [15:22:08] <Lenore> "Whoa!  These are!  This isn't quite what I was expecting!"  She starts looking all over these glyphs, trying to find anything less complicated and more readable!
  29. [15:22:26] <@Kain> "This place has been visited upon by many of yoor kind, lass, over tae years. And, at least, each that I've seen, have given up here. They seemed to be looking for something among tae writings, but couldnae find it."
  30. [15:23:12] <@Kain> David hands you his torch, and lights another one off of it. "Good luck tae ye, lass!"
  31. [15:23:56] * Lenore takes it. "Thanks, I guess I'll need it!" She gets to studying.
  32. [15:24:52] <Lenore> Start off with a Lore: Magic?
  33. [15:30:10] <@Kain> Roll it!
  34. [15:30:45] <Lenore> 3d6+5 Burning a point of Destiny on it
  35. [15:30:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Burning a point of Destiny on it: 20 [3d6=6,5,4]
  36. [15:32:07] <Lenore> (thank you, DM~)
  37. [15:34:32] <@Kain> You sift through the crazy amount of runes plastered everywhere. A lot of these seem to actually mean something once deciphered. Taunts, jokes, recipes, cocktail mixes, various 'lifehacks' using magic... It's actually pretty easy to sift through and notice the pattern of what isn't related to Mindy herself, which leads you to find the real glyph very shortly.
  38. [15:35:34] * Lenore starts scribbling down a lot of these in a seperate notebook. She's got infinity of them, after all. Fucking Magic Hats.
  39. [15:35:37] <@Kain> You decipher that one too in short order, and copy it down.
  40. [15:35:42] <@Kain> Received Mindy's Glyph!
  41. [15:36:07] <Lenore> "Well, it sure took a lot of looking, but it wasn't too hard!  Hm~"
  42. [15:37:04] <@Kain> Seems like this one requires the casting of Superior Black Magic, not -too- picky here... Seems like Sandy's glyph requirement was the most difficult.
  43. [15:38:40] <@Kain> As you turn to leave the room, there's a young lady, about twelve years old, standing in front of the door. She's dressed in yellow robes and has blonde hair, and watching you, curiously.
  44. [15:39:33] <Lenore> "Hmmm~hmmm~hmm-whaaaa!"  She jumps a little upon seeing the lil' one, startled.  "H-hi!"
  45. [15:40:27] <@Kain> Girl: "Hi! Wow... they never find it that fast... You're good, aren't you?" she says, approaching.
  46. [15:41:16] <Lenore> "You could say that, yeah!  I learned from the best, after all~!"
  47. [15:41:49] <@Kain> She nods a few times, and then poses. "Oh, where are my manners! Hi, I'm Mindy~"
  48. [15:43:27] <Lenore> "Oh!  Hi!  I'm Lena Renegade, but you can call me Lenore~! ☆"  Nice little star.  "I'm surprised I hadn't met you of you three before, considering how lived-in the Mt. Gulug spot looked!"
  49. [15:43:51] <@Kain> Mindy: "Well, everyone is avoiding you on purpose, silly. I'm -technically- breaking our rules since you haven't put all the pieces together yet, but who cares about some dumb old rules?" She floats into the air, hanging upside down a bit and hover over and around you.
  50. [15:45:59] <@Kain> Mindy: "I figured, hey, you actually found all three calling signs, and picked mine last! So I'd come by and say hi before Sandy or Cindy got wise. Nice to meet you, Lenore!" She rights herself and offers her hand.
  51. [15:47:12] <Lenore> She nods, and shakes.  "Nice to meet you too~!  I guess it makes sense, since you ladies probably don't want people meeting you until they get all the way done with the calling, right~?"
  52. [15:49:51] <@Kain> Mindy: "Yeah, my big sisters are weeeird about that." she drops down to the floor. "Come on! Tell me about yourself! I want to hear about you and why you're seeking us, and what you like to eat, and everything!" she grabs your hand and starts dragging you back out of the room.
  53. [15:52:40] * Lenore follows along, quite compliant with being dragged~! "Food? Hmmmm, I mostly like sweets and bitter things! Coffee! Fruits! Candy! Especially chocolate, it's the best bittersweet~! And what else, hm~!"
  54. [15:55:19] <Lenore> "Oh yeah, I wanted to find you three because you knew lots and lots about magic, and I was interested in making a new spell, and also because you seemed really cool, and it turns out my dad never knew how to call you and if I figured that out I'd have something over my dad! ☆"
  55. [15:56:23] <@Kain> Mindy: "Oh, you're my favorite kind of summoner! Oh, wait, were you wanting to be our summoner?"
  56. [15:56:50] <@Kain> Mindy pulls a fully wrapped chocolate bar out of her robes, handing it over. :D "Don't tell Cindy~"
  57. [15:57:34] <Lenore> She seems to think it over a bit.  "Well, I was more interested in just talking to you all and being your friends but summoning can work with that too so being your summoner is fine-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"  Chocolate is hers, she's unwarpping it now and nomf~
  58. [15:58:19] <@Kain> Delicious dark chocolate.
  59. [15:58:26] <Lenore> Best chocolate
  60. [15:58:49] <@Kain> Mindy: "By the way, who's your dad?"
  61. [15:59:40] <Lenore> "Huh?  Oh!  You've probably heard of him, he's called Renegade, that's why my last name is Renegade!  He's really really old, but I'm not all that old!"
  62. [16:00:44] <@Kain> Mindy stops cold.
  63. [16:00:51] <@Kain> "T-THAT guy??"
  64. [16:01:53] <Lenore> "Yeah, he's a bit of a bore!  I take more after my mom, I think!"
  65. [16:02:11] <@Kain> Mindy: "Uh, no offense, Lenore, but... he's kinda creepy. It took him centuries to take no for an answer. ...D-do you know how guys like him get when they have something on their mind? Let alone when they're immortal?"
  66. [16:02:55] * Lenore visibly winces. "Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh."
  67. [16:04:01] <Lenore> Grimace.  "Yeah, he got together with my mom because he thought she was immortal, but she was really just goofy enough to do things that would kill most people and lucky enough to survive all the time!"
  68. [16:05:06] <@Kain> Mindy: "I'm glad he ended up finding someone, I guess! 'cuz if he hadn't, I wouldn't have met you!" She drags you back into Conde Petie proper. "Ooh, it's been years since I've come back to this place... What kind of spell were you making?"
  69. [16:06:43] * Lenore is glad to see the sun again~! "I'm gonna' make a biiiiig lightning spell, kind of like Meltdown or Break! And having something like that within the world's magic repertoire would make technology go faster, wouldn't it?"
  70. [16:07:48] <Lenore> "People might start getting better at making things and start making biiiiiig airships like the one where Sandy's ruin was after I make a spell like that!"
  71. [16:10:06] <Lenore> *rune
  72. [16:13:19] <@Kain> Mindy: "Ooh, that'd be neat, wouldn't it? We like big dreamers! And lightning! Poor lightning, whoever created the Thunderstorm spell underachieved a bit, I think... and I also think the world's just been waiting for someone like you to come along, Lenore! We'll do our very best to help!" she winks.
  73. [16:13:55] <@Kain> The sun is actually starting to set now, now that you can see outwards.
  74. [16:14:29] <@Kain> Or rather, it's set and the sky is still a bit orange trailing afterward.
  75. [16:16:12] <Lenore> "It would!  Yeah, Thunderstorm is a lousy spell, but I guess I can't quite say that since Kraken beat us all up with it once!"  :/
  76. [16:17:21] <@Kain> Mindy looks at you, tilting her head. "Kraken? That horrid guardian thing from the Water Shrine? I can't stand him OR that Ultros guy!"
  77. [16:20:57] <Lenore> "Yeah, we got in a fight with him, I haven't met Ultros though.  Kraken's pretty horrible, though, he's really mean!  I beat up Marilis or was it Maliris (?) really good though but apparently she's still weak."  :/
  78. [16:23:21] <@Kain> Mindy: "Poor thing, how did you even get involved in all of that?"
  79. [16:25:30] <Lenore> "I've been helping to put the Crystal back together!"
  80. [16:28:12] <@Kain> Mindy claps. "Oh, that's even better! I think we're going to be really good friends, Lenore."
  81. [16:28:29] <@Kain> Mindy: "I better go soon before my sisters catch me, but is there anything you want to ask real quick?"
  82. [16:32:20] <Lenore> "Hmmmmm...!  Uh, oh, I know! One of my friends is Carbuncle, and she's lost a bunch of her memories, and Phoenix and Titan had some memory problems too, so I was wondering if you knew anything about other Eidolons with that problem or how to help them?"
  83. [16:34:01] <Lenore> "O-oh, and you're okay with me uh, borrowing some of the things you had at Mt. Gulug, right?"
  84. [16:35:13] <@Kain> Mindy thinks. "Memory problems? This is actually the first I've heard of it.. Oh no, what if I knew about them and forgot it?" D:
  85. [16:35:26] <Lenore> "Oh, Oh!  And what did Shenanigans do, I accidently drank the whole thing." D:
  86. [16:35:55] <@Kain> Mindy: "Hehe, we don't mind giving away our things! We don't leave behind things we'd miss!"
  87. [16:36:09] <@Kain> Mindy: "You... drank the entire bottle? Without mixing it with anything?"
  88. [16:37:01] <@Kain> Mindy: "I think Sandy said 'Shenanigans' was something that would add effects to different potions when mixed..."
  89. [16:37:02] <Lenore> "W-well, I didn't know what it did,a nd I was just going to take a sip, and then once I did I couldn't stop!"
  90. [16:37:31] <@Kain> Mindy: "She's the alchemist though, I have no idea what's happened..." she looks at you curiously.
  91. [16:38:07] <@Kain> Mindy: "But you seem very... magical-y! If you don't mind me saying."
  92. [16:38:08] <Lenore> "I've been a little different since then, although I'm not entirely sure how!"
  93. [16:38:21] <Lenore> "Mmmm, yeah, that's about as much as I could figure out too!"
  94. [16:39:15] <@Kain> Mindy: "Guess you get to find out if it lives up to the name or not, then! Hehe."
  95. [16:39:53] <@Kain> Mindy: "I'll ask her, though, and maybe she can give you an idea when we all meet up for realsies."
  96. [16:40:24] <Lenore> "It might~!"  Wink.  "Thanks though, I'll look forward to when we meet again!"
  97. [16:41:14] <@Kain> Mindy: "All you gotta do is draw the glyphs so that they're connecting in the right spots, and then offer up what they said to! It's that simple!"
  98. [16:41:52] <@Kain> She suddenly jolts up, and springs of her hair poke up like antennae. "Oops! Sandy's asking me where I am! Gotta go!"
  99. [16:41:59] <@Kain> *sprigs
  100. [16:42:44] <Lenore> "I could've figured it out myself, but thanks anyway!  See you later!"
  101. [16:42:46] <@Kain> Mindy: "See you, Lenore!" she dissolves into a cloud of bees that fly away through one of the many windows around the city.
  102. [16:43:23] <@Kain> You hear another voice call out to you from nearby as she leaves. "Lenore?"
  103. [16:44:52] <@Kain> A glance reveals it's Elizabeth, that red-haired mage that was with Bebe and the others. She's carrying two bags of groceries, having just stepped out of the market. "Fancy seeing you here."
  104. [16:44:56] * Kain is now known as Elizabeth
  105. [16:45:36] <Lenore> "Ah!  Hi, I had some business here that I just finished up."  Wavewave~.  "Here for shopping?"
  106. [16:45:42] <@Elizabeth> "Theta showed up a bit... unexpectedly with a horde of people to feed." :| "I had to make a quick grocery run."
  107. [16:46:33] * Lenore tilts her head. "Huh? He did? So what exactly has he been up to?"
  108. [16:47:34] <@Elizabeth> She walks over and puts the bags down. "Aside from suddenly becoming a woman?"
  109. [16:48:24] * Lenore grimaces. "T-t-that...was sort of my fault..."
  110. [16:48:26] <@Elizabeth> "I don't know, you tell me. He found a large group of black mages that he decided to dump at Bebe's. Brought the mayor over too, something about 'Ayane'."
  111. [16:49:01] <@Elizabeth> "Half of them are tearing up the place from curiosity, and the other half are offending my fashion senses. But... what can you do?" she laughs.
  112. [16:50:09] <Lenore> "Oh, IIIIII see, that's definitely something I'd expect from him!  Although if you want to know some of the specifics about that, I can fill you in!"
  113. [16:52:16] <@Elizabeth> She nods. "They can wait a bit. I had some things I wanted to talk about with you, anyway."
  114. [16:52:27] <@Elizabeth> She has a seat nearby, on a nice wooden bench.
  115. [16:52:36] <@Elizabeth> "So go ahead."
  116. [16:53:18] * Lenore sits down alongside Elizabeth. "Like what?" She finishes her chocolate bar and stuffs the wrapper in her hat.
  117. [16:53:30] <@Elizabeth> "No, no, you first."
  118. [16:57:20] <Lenore> "Oh, okay!  Well!  A little before I met Theta, he had made plans for making a new kind of Black Mage, basically a female design that was designed to live longer since women generally have longer lifespans!  And then Mikoto kicked him out of town with a teleport because he gave a really gross design that was ridiculously perfect in proportions, and that's how he ended up in Daguerro and how
  119. [16:57:20] <Lenore> I met him!  And then some other Genome named Ayane stole his plans and made a bunch of them, and that's why there's all the BMGs, and she found a piece of the crystal with Kuja's soul and got some ability to change her clothes to give her different abilities?  It's weird!  But yeah, that's why he's so concerned wiht the Black Magician Girls!"
  120. [16:57:41] <Lenore> "Because they're all loyal to Ayane and he wants them to become their own people and stuff!"
  121. [16:57:56] <@Elizabeth> "I think I remember part of that, actually..."
  122. [16:58:05] <@Elizabeth> "But I see..."
  123. [16:58:50] <@Elizabeth> "That was actually how he met me, too, if you remember. And this whole running joke the world seems to have..."
  124. [16:59:20] <@Elizabeth> "Not a very nice person, this Ayane, sounds like."
  125. [16:59:22] <Lenore> "Oh right, yeah, that makes sense, you were the first person he met when he came to Daguerro, right?"
  126. [16:59:27] <@Elizabeth> She nods.
  127. [16:59:41] <@Elizabeth> "I was there to do a little research on white magic."
  128. [17:02:17] <@Elizabeth> "I don't know, his design seemed nice to me, if a little exaggerated. Maybe he should base his next line on you."
  129. [17:02:34] <Lenore> "T-that was actually the plan~!"
  130. [17:03:11] <@Elizabeth> She nods. "You definitely look good enough to be the template..."
  131. [17:04:25] <Lenore> 4Blush.  ", so what were we going to talk about?"
  132. [17:04:36] <@Elizabeth> "Actually, I have to admit that ever since meeting up with all of you I've only really gotten to talk and interact with Theta. I don't know the rest of you that well."
  133. [17:06:29] <@Elizabeth> "I'd like to get to know you better, that's what I wanted to discuss."
  134. [17:07:33] <Lenore> "Oh, that's fine, then!  I'm okay with that!"
  135. [17:09:22] * Lenore clears her throat. "I'm Lena Renegade, but you can call me Lenore, and I'm the daughter of Renegade, who's this...really...old...guy, it's a long story, and I'm a Black Mage who's trying to research into creating a new lightning spell!"
  136. [17:09:55] <@Elizabeth> Liz nods. "What do you prefer to be called, though?"
  137. [17:10:22] <@Elizabeth> She reaches down into her grocery bags, looking for something.
  138. [17:11:11] <Lenore> "Lena or Lenore or Lenny or anything else is fine!"
  139. [17:11:47] <@Elizabeth> "I have to give you some credit, Lena, not many people are trying to research new spells these days."
  140. [17:13:00] <Lenore> "I'm honestly a little surprised nobody is, it's something I wanted to do the second I found out that there's no Ancient Lightning spell!"  Nodnodnod.
  141. [17:15:24] <@Elizabeth> "I think it'd be rather nice if there were a spell that could recover mental exhaustion as easily as physical wounds, myself."
  142. [17:17:41] <Lenore> "Mmmmm, maybe you should ask Theta, I think there was some Geomancy ability that could do"
  143. [17:18:27] <castfromhp> (pssst Kain you should write up Liz's dokidoki rankings of the PCs...Thetina included)
  144. [17:19:21] <@Elizabeth> "I do have something I'm curious about, though... is anyone in your group currently in a relationship?"
  145. [17:21:53] <Lenore> "Uh, well..."  She puts her finger to her lips, thinking.  "Let's see, Nat was pretty fond of Cait Sith, and I think Ammy had a thing going with Noah...and I dunno' about Celina, but she's gone anyway, and I have no idea what Cactuar mating habits are like, so I dunno' about Mr. Prickles although I'd assume not...and me and Theta had a thing but it kind of...faded down...I dunno' if he really
  146. [17:21:53] <Lenore> likes me that much or still has feelings for me anymore..."
  147. [17:22:58] <@Elizabeth> "Oh? Mm, I suppose it's hard to keep a relationship when you're constantly traveling... Yoiu haven't talked with him about it?"
  148. [17:23:26] <@Elizabeth> "How do -you- feel?"
  149. [17:23:32] <Lenore> "I should!  I definitely should, it keeps slipping my mind because we're busy all the time..."
  150. [17:25:11] <Lenore> "Well...I really like him and all, but he's always so focused on helping out all those other girls all the time, and he's got his work to think about, and all these other thing, it's really hard to"  Headtilt.  "I guess I'm a little jealous of all those girls he's looking after..."
  151. [17:29:32] <@Elizabeth> "Mm... You'd probably be happier with someone who could dedicate the time to you. He does seem like he'll be a busy one if he keeps this up..." She looks thoughtful. "But I think you should talk it out with him first."
  152. [17:30:16] <Lenore> "Yeah, it's a good idea!  I'll definitely talk about it with him the next time I see him...or her, I guess, as it is now..."
  153. [17:32:00] <@Elizabeth> "If it doesn't work out between you two, I'll see if I can't help find you someone, okay? How about that?"
  154. [17:33:20] <castfromhp> (she means herself)
  155. [17:33:36] <Lenore> "Thanks, I appreciate it Lizzy~!"
  156. [17:34:07] <@Elizabeth> "Cirra and I are both single, but not really interested in each other, and Gale is straight..." she muses, thinking. "Come to think of it, where are all the handsome young men these days, anyway? You keep seeing women or black mages the size of young children."
  157. [17:36:27] <Lenore> "Mmmmm, yeah, most of the people I've ended up meeting have been women or yeah, little black mages...I guess I don't really have a preference either way for gender. I don't think.  Maybe.  I'm not sure.  I really liked Nat, kind of like I liked Theta, but then it turned out she had someone and she also forgets everything and all!  Not that I don't like her, she's great, but!"
  158. [17:36:43] * zoofdude ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  159. [17:40:02] <@Elizabeth> She nods. "I like Theta quite a bit myself, but the 'busy-ness' part comes into it, along with already being with you... He's cute as either gender, but with everything he's got on his plate I'm not sure it'd work out even if you split with him. You're rather cute yourself, I have to say I'm a bit jealous. Good luck with him, anyway."
  160. [17:40:27] <Lenore> "A-ah, okay!  Thanks a bunch!"
  161. [17:41:29] <@Elizabeth> She's pulled out a stone bottle in the meantime... seems to be some sort of dwarven ale from the way it's labeled. She takes a drink of it.
  162. [17:42:53] <@Elizabeth> "It's getting a bit late, I'd better get back before the mage with the transparent gown starts bitching Bebe's ears off... you want a quick teleport before I go off?"
  163. [17:43:07] <Lenore> "Sure, I'd appreciate that, Lizzy!"
  164. [17:43:30] <@Elizabeth> She nods, and passes the bottle over to you while she grabs her groceries.
  165. [17:43:45] * Lenore takes a nice swig~
  166. [17:44:44] <@Elizabeth> It hits you like a sack of bricks, strong stuff. But it's absolutely delicious, and makes you feel great~ ☆ It fills you with a warm sort of tingling.
  167. [17:45:01] <@Elizabeth> "You can keep the rest of that bottle if you like, I bought a few of them. Now, then..."
  168. [17:46:45] <@Elizabeth> "You have a good night now, Lena. Don't forget, even if you can't teleport right to us, talking to us is only a letter away if you ever need advice or anything. Sweet dreams, now."
  169. [17:47:07] <Lenore> "All right~!"  She's liking this bottle~
  170. [17:47:36] <@Elizabeth> She checks with you to make sure it's Madain Sari you're heading back to, and in a flash of light you arrive right back in front of your inn.
  171. [17:48:04] <@Elizabeth> Your chocobo's here, too, and it runs back off to the stables.
  172. [17:48:13] <Lenore> "Well, bye~! ☆  Good luck finding somebody~!"
  173. [17:48:36] <@Elizabeth> She nods, and teleports off, herself.
  174. [17:49:08] * Lenore takes another SWIG before going off to the inn room and curling up to sleep with Nat~
  175. [17:49:18] <@Elizabeth> </>
  176. [17:49:27] * Lenore is now known as Aori_Radidjiu
  177. [17:50:02] <@Elizabeth> Oh, one more thing.
  178. [17:50:13] <Aori_Radidjiu> Oh?
  179. [17:50:15] <@Elizabeth> You actually...  notice Nat isn't here! Huh.
  180. [17:50:19] <Aori_Radidjiu> Huh.
  181. [17:50:27] <@Elizabeth> Oh well, you can keep her bed warm.
  182. [17:50:30] <Aori_Radidjiu> ~
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