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Dec 8th, 2019
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  3. You are Eric Shumaker, leader of the Chimps. You must defend your chimp empire
  4. against the invading forces of Ren, who belongs in the zoo. Your chimp people
  5. are wise and kind-hearted, but they have a disdain for violence. Ren's army
  6. of savages wants to drink you and your chimps' blood. Ren and his army are currently
  7. on their way to destroy your chimp empire. Will you help Ren or will you fight
  8. him?
  10. The game is played over several rounds:
  11. 1. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins
  12. > start round 1
  14. 2. Players take turns placing cards face down into their hands from the deck.
  15. Each card has an effect that can be used during the next round. Some effects
  16. may only be used once per round while others may affect all players
  17. > play the "chimp evolution" card
  19. 3. After each turn, the player who played the last card draws a new hand of cards.
  20. He/she then places them face down from the top of the deck. These cards have
  21. no special abilities and cannot be used again this round
  22. > card list
  24. 4. The first player to reach 20 points wins!
  26. You're off!
  28. Round One:
  29. The game is simple enough. The goal is simply to get as many points as possible
  30. by playing cards in order to gain more cards
  31. > play the "chimp evolution" card
  33. 5. You draw a new hand of cards. This time you place your hand face up from the
  34. top of the deck. Your hand now contains two cards with the same name. The first
  35. card is a "Chimpanzee"
  36. > play "Chimpanzee"
  38. 6. You place the second card on top of the previous one. It's a Chimpanzee!
  39. > draw card
  41. 7. You put the Chimpanzee back into your hand. You've won!
  42. Game Over?
  43. No!
  44. This game was fun for a few rounds but it got boring after a while
  45. > stop playing card game
  47. 8. You look at your score. You've reached 20 points!
  48. > ask Ren to surrender
  50. 9. You tell Ren he should surrender. He does so.
  51. 10. You say goodbye to Ren and go home.
  52. What did you learn?
  53. 1. Cards are fun!
  54. 2. Playing cards is fun!
  55. 3. Playing cards are not very good at getting you points
  56. > prepare for chimp - Ren war
  58. 11. You prepare for the chimp-Ren war. You'll need to buy some time before Ren
  59. gets too close.
  60. 12. You spend your money wisely. You buy a lot of bullets.
  61. 13. You wait until nightfall. You wait until Ren is asleep
  62. > command elite commando of chimps to assassinate Ren
  64. 14. You send in the elite commandos. They kill Ren and his chimp army. You win!
  65. How do I know all this?
  66. Well, I'm just a guy who likes playing games. If you like playing games, you
  67. might enjoy these too
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