A Conversion to Join Corp

sugarkyle Mar 16th, 2014 191 Never
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  1. Dirty Protagonist > hi!
  2. HA> o/
  3. Dirty Protagonist > can i help you?
  4. HA> so
  5. HA> If I call you a filthy fucking whore
  6. HA> what will you do?
  7. Dirty Protagonist > nothing?
  8. HA> Close convo or laugh :)?
  9. HA> oh well
  10. Dirty Protagonist > do you want something?
  11. HA> I do actually
  12. HA> im honestly coasting around looking for corps
  13. Dirty Protagonist > you can't be serious
  14. HA> im in the scope
  15. HA> lol
  16. HA> just dropped... hmm 3 minutes ago
  17. Dirty Protagonist > what makes you think i want you in my corp?
  18. HA> the question isnt that
  19. HA> I was merely looking for other pilots that enjoy the same game tactic as I do
  20. HA Kill: HA(Vexor Navy Issue)
  21. HA> that right there
  22. Dirty Protagonist > oh
  23. Dirty Protagonist > you like that?
  24. HA> fuck yeah dude
  25. HA> I was so happy to see other people fly ishtarsa like yall did lol
  26. Dirty Protagonist > cool
  27. Dirty Protagonist > let me dish it to you straight
  28. HA> shoot
  29. Dirty Protagonist > i'm not hiring
  30. HA> Sweet
  31. HA> Sorry for coming to you outta the blue
  32. Dirty Protagonist > certainly not cold calling, <1 year scrubs that call me a "filthy fucking whore" before they tell me waht they want
  33. HA> you see that was a test on my part
  34. HA> but if you feel that way
  35. HA> then why now
  36. HA> not*
  37. Dirty Protagonist > oh yeah?
  38. HA> Yeah it was..
  39. Dirty Protagonist > do you know how many ignorant fucking conversations i get?
  40. HA> more than enough
  41. Dirty Protagonist > yeah
  42. HA> I was a director to this corp lol
  43. Dirty Protagonist > don't care. i'm the CEO of the one you're applying to
  44. HA> *hence the reason I convoed you
  45. Dirty Protagonist  if you want to talk about recruitment, talk to Dave Lash or Aliaksandre
  46. Dirty Protagonist > i'll post this convo. good luck
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