Hack Crossfire - CF HACK PRO 4.52 by Adaviz

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  1. Hack Crossfire - CF HACK PRO by Adaviz
  2. Last Release of CROSSFIRE HACK
  3. 4.52 - January Update
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  8. Cross Fire is a game of first-person shooter in which you join a team of soldiers to accomplish a variety of goals. With a graphical style and gameplay that closely resemble the classic Counter-Strike, the title requires a constant connection to the internet to be accessed.
  10. At the end of every round of the game, you are rewarded with coins and equipment that help hone the skills of your character. A store created by internal developers allows you to invest the coins collected in new equipment, a list that includes grenades, bullet proof vests and guns, among others.
  12. The Baixaki had done an analysis of the Closed Beta phase of the game that you gave in Tecmundo. Now, no keys or twisting release to be selected: Cross Fire is free to everyone, and you need only download and install the game to enter this crazy world.
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