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Server rules

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  1. <align="center"><size=24>Server Rules</size>
  2. 1. No Teamkilling
  3. 2. No disrespecting admins.
  4. 3. Cheaters/Hackers will be banned.
  5. 4. Do not stall the game excessively as any role, such as helping the enemy teams without somehow benefitting your own, stalling in killing the SCPs for whatever reason, or any other behaviour that does not progress the round.
  6. 5. Do not abuse the in-game voice channels, including the intercom. This includes spamming and excessive shouting.
  7. 6. Music is ok.
  8. 7. Don't be an ass.
  9. 8. Listen to staff when they tell you something; if your behaviour is toxic or damaging to the game you will be banned.
  10. 9. No kids allowed.
  11. 10. No ban appeals allowed.</align>
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