Nicehash mining WhaleCoin WHL

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  1. # Whalecoin mining with NiceHash
  2. Create an account at Deposit at least 0.005 btc or whatever to enable ordering
  4. ## Creating a pool
  5. Create a new pool on nicehash. Go to the For Buyers menu and click My Pools
  6. Not all whalecoin pools support nicehash; nicehash uses a slight variant of the Stratum mining protocol, so you need to make sure your pool supports nicehash before placing the order. For this example I'll use as the pool.
  7. Note that you can use the nicehash "Pool verificator" to ensure your pool is compatible:
  9. Click Add new pool, and enter this info:
  10. Pool Name:
  11. Algorithm: DaggerHashimoto
  12. Hostname:
  13. Port: 8004
  14. Username: [your eth/whalecoin address here]
  15. Password: # [literally the character #]
  16. click Add Pool.
  18. ## Placing an order
  19. In the top left, click Live marketplace.
  20. change the algorithm in the dropdown from Scrypt to DaggerHashimoto.
  21. Create a new order. (I've only ever made Standard orders, so let's go with that for now).
  23. Pool: Select the pool you created a moment ago
  25. Price: this is the tricky part. By default it'll fill in the lowest price available, but you might find that the mining will stop as demand increases and no one is willing to mine at that price... look at the list of buying orders, find the lowest one that has more than zero miners, and set your buy price a bit above this. (You can change the price later if you like.)
  27. Limit: how fast you want to mine, in gigahashes/sec. For comparison, 1 modern gpu will do about 0.02-0.03 gh/s. One whole GH/s is a lot of power.
  29. Amount: Pick the amount of money you want to allocate for this. The higher the mining limit, the quicker the order will run out of funds.
  31. Place the order. It'll show up in the list below; click the blue magnifying glass icon to view details for this order.
  32. You can also see the order listed under the For Buyers > My Orders page.
  34. ## More info
  35. Go to, and paste in your eth/whalecoin account address to view the hashrate on the pool.
  37. Go to to access your wallet and move whalecoins.
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