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  1. *23:19:49* BeastEater wisped: Awwww, bananas doesn't think Sekkites are funny...
  2. *23:20:14* Klawdees wisped: There are some exceptions.
  3. *23:20:21* Klawdees wisped: Most people think I'm funny.
  4. *23:20:29* Nightshade wisped: i am not funny
  5. *23:21:06* BeastEater wisped: I slapped him seven times for suggesting sekkites should change faith... he did not like that...
  6. *23:22:00* Klawdees wisped: spammy souls :P most don't like that
  7. *23:22:59* BeastEater wisped: well, there was only 7 of them... seemed fitting for a seven handed God
  8. *23:24:32* Nightshade wisped: its not really respectful to slap someone
  9. *23:25:41* BeastEater wisped: would a swat have been better?
  10. *23:25:57* Klawdees wisped: High5, spank, slap, swat, wave
  11. *23:26:24* BeastEater wisped: well, I was just high5ing his face...
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