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Oct 26th, 2013
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  1. It has now been officially set by some lady from the Volkenbond: The Netherlands are racists.
  2. Well. And are The Netherlands more or less racist than the other members of the Volkenbond?
  3. Let's have a look at the Middle-east, where the religion of peace is in charge.
  4. Start by going under-cover in a university mensa and listen to the conversations of the devout dames.
  5. 'Marry up'. 'Marry down'. 'Marry up' is a code for marrying a chap who has a darker skin than the bride.
  6. Where do these giggling ladies get this idea from? Well, there a few authoritative muslim-professionals who consider that both people in a marriage should be equal, except that the bride should always be inferior to its groom, because the groom is a male and the bride is a woman.
  7. So, as a father you are not allowed to have your daughter getting married to a man of darker color, because it would pervert the natural order: the submissive side, the woman, than would be superior to her man because of lighter skin-color.
  9. In the Middle-east theres is also a link between color and slavery. The darker someone is, they say, the more likely it is that they have slave-blood in their veins. Slave-blood lowers their status. The Egyptian president Sadat (murdered in 1981) had a somewhat dark skin color, and was nicknamed by its not-so-racist population as the 'black poodle' [source?] of his predecessor and former boss Nasser. Alas. It is a misunderstanding that in the Middle-east a white skin suggests that there is no slave-DNA in the family tree of the privileged.
  11. The Arabs and Turks have held raids along the coasts of Europe to capture slaves, all the way up to Iceland. Being made a slave is a humiliating, the collective European mind prefers to forget it. That is allowed, however there have been books written about it- what makes it kind of difficult. Presumably, the fear of the Moors taking the small children in a sack 'to Spain' is a vague memory to the fear of children being kidnapped for the purpose of slave trade. Children are mold-able and could grow up to be excellent slaves, while adults who have been free for most of their lives and forced to leave their kids at home, might get a bit grumpy when you keep them as a slaves.
  13. The Turks already knew how to best oppose this petulance. You had to capture a distant island, for example Gozo near Malta, make everyone who was fit for it into a slave, and kill everyone else. Not because the didn't like them, but because you had to take away any reason for these fresh slaves to return to their father- or motherland.
  14. That made these new slaves compliant and prevented them from becoming ill-tempered.
  16. Muslim slave collectors called their job 'Jihad'. Surely, a slave got the change to get in touch with Islam and potentially get converted? The Arabic slave traders who collected their slaves in Africa sold about the same number of slaves to the West, through Ghana, as they did to the Islamic world through Zanzibar. The trade through Ghana is what the Europeans were part of for some time.
  17. But now a mystery: Why are there Afro-Americans, but no Afro-Arabs? Historians have repeatedly calculated that about the same amount of slaves were brought to the West as to the East. Could it be that there was a difference in the way they were threated? Whoever would like to have a career in our multi-cultural political correct world, should absolutely not write an essay about this subject.
  19. When it comes to racism and slavery Mohamed (570-632) himself was a successful slave gatherer and trader. This expert is said to have said that servants must obey their masters, even if he is a ugly Ethiopian slave. That doesn't mean that even a black slave who, as Muhammad used to say 'with a head like a raisin', can become a sultan, but it means that even creatures who are as low as a slave need to be obeyed when they are in charge. The professional muslims use this phrase to convert muslims
  20. into obeying their despised rulers, and to not get in their way.
  22. Racism, it isn't nice. It is a good thing that the Volkenbond tirelessly combats this.
  23. In the mean time, we celebrate Sinterklaas, and take a short moment to think about the children who were captured and led their lives as slaves in the Islamic world.
  24. May we be spared from this.
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