Sep 23rd, 2015
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  1. …. .. ….. ……. ….
  2. ……………………………….
  4. Mmm…so soft…so warm…so very cozy…so very fluffy…so cushy…you feel oh so cute and cuddly and happy. Good…it all…it all feels oh so good. So, so blissful…so…serene…so absolutely wonderful. It’s all perfect. You can feel it. It all feels oh so very amazing…
  6. You don’t know where you are or what’s going on, but for the first time since…since…ever, you felt as though you were at peace. No conscious thoughts were flowing through your head other than it trying to process what you could feel.
  8. Darkness still enveloped your field of vision, yet you could feel so many wonderful feelings. It felt like you were lying in something comfy. This something was super fuzzy soft and it was keeping you nice and warm. Whatever was on top of you was thick, yet nice and smooth. Whatever was beneath you felt a little bouncy, but was unbelievably soft. Something furry and cushy was resting underneath your head. Your head was free from whatever was covering you.
  10. You could breathe just fine. The air felt so amazingly fresh as you peacefully inhaled and exhaled. You couldn’t hear anything. It was very quiet. So much so that it made you relax even more and more into whatever it was you were laying in. It almost felt like you were smiling, yet you had no power to move yourself. Instead, you just simply continue resting and enjoying whatever it was you were experiencing.
  12. It feels like…this will…this will last…an eternity. You’re…so…lost. Lost in…these…heavenly feelings. So…lost…in…comfort…so…peaceful…
  14. .. …. ……. …..
  15. ……peace….
  19. Birds are chirping in the distance. A light breeze is gently blowing against you. You can feel yourself lying on your right side and the sudden draft of cool, fresh air makes you take a long, drawn-out deep breath. The air is so unbelievably fresh and clean. Mmm…who would have thought that fresh air could smell so wonderful?
  21. As the breeze continues to flow against you, you can feel something swaying with the draft of air. It was gently brushing against your nose. It tickles a little and almost makes you want to flinch. You shake your head a little and it briskly slides off of your face. You’re at peace and there’s a huge part of you that just wants to keep sleeping, but that action is enough to slowly make you stir.
  23. You slowly open your left eye just a teeny bit to see what that thing that brushed against your face was. Your vision is a little fuzzy, but it looked to be some kind of very light fabric. It was a faint, light-bluish hue. It was blowing from a window on the wall facing you. It seemed to be attached to the top of the window. A curtain…it was a curtain.
  25. You notice the window where the curtain was attached to partially opened outwards from its center. Light brown frames ran along the glass of the window. Yet as your eyes tried to focus what was beyond the window, you noticed all sorts of greenery outside. The sky looked like a majestic blue sea, with little bits of faint, white clouds scattered here and there. Your vision is still too blurry to make out all of the details outside, but it all made you feel even more peaceful and relaxed than you already were.
  27. That is, until you notice something rather odd. There’s something in the center of your vision, something white. You briefly open your right eye and notice that it’s there too. You cross your eyes to your nose and it looks to be like a small white box, only it looked kinda fuzzy. That’s really strange. Was that some kind of computer charger or something?
  29. Yet your eyes gravitate away from this object and the open window to the surrounding wall. It’s beige in color, and you also happen to notice a rather small pink nightstand right next to you. There’s a few cards standing on top of it and you can see two or three balloons lightly tied to a small white cup. One of them said, “Get well soon.”
  31. Your eyes then shift upwards to try to discern what else was near you and from there, you notice from the outskirts of your field of vision that there was something pink directly above your head. You didn’t know what it was, but you weren’t all that concerned. Besides, you were still oh so very comfy and cozy, and still pretty sleepy, so you knew that you didn’t want to move from your position. But you did want to at least know what that white box was before you fell back to sleep.
  33. Your eyes move back down to stare at it. Though the window and curtains were right next to you, your eyes were directly facing the wall. If this was a charger of some sort, it did seem pretty strange that it would be plugged into an outlet that was right next to a window. Weren’t outlets supposed to be closer to the ground?
  35. You couldn’t see the floor and it dawned on you that as you tried to focus your eyes down to the floor, you were lying on a coral pink-colored bed. It was unbelievably comfortable, and you noticed too that you were snuggly wrapped in periwinkle-colored covers. You also turn your eyes back to the white box and you can see to the right side of your vision that there was a furry dark-red pillow of some sort resting beneath your head. This was certainly strange. Since when have you ever slept in a bed this comfy, let alone one that’s as pretty and lovely as this one?
  37. Wait, lovely? Pretty? The fudge? Since when do you think like that? And hey, didn’t you have a bed that was much harder than this one? Wasn’t your bedroom much more bland and dull compared to the lively colors of this room? Not only that, but didn’t you live in a desert? Why is there so much greenery outside your window? There’s something really off here…
  39. You roll onto your back, only to feel a sudden jolt of pain.
  41. “OW!”
  43. You immediately sit straight up and look down at the covers. Just what the heck was that? Must have been something that was super painful for you to yelp like that. Still though, who would have thought that you could raise the pitch of your voice that high. Normally you’d just grunt if you had a cramp or something, but whatever that was certainly didn’t feel right.
  45. What was especially not right was the fact that your bangs were clearly flowing down the sides of your face. You could literally see your hair dangling right in front of you. It was a little frizzled from your deep sleep, but it was dark brown and for the most part, it looked pretty smooth. Yet your hair was nowhere near that long. Since when the heck did that happen? And why is it dark brown?
  47. And then you notice it. That white box that was on the wall. Why is it still directly in front of your face? You pull your arms out from underneath the covers and slowly, you move your right arm up to it to feel what it is.
  50. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!? WHAT THE FUDGE IS WRONG WITH YOUR ARM?!? WHY IS THERE WHITE FUR ALL OVER IT?!? AND…AND…AND WHERE THE HECK IS YOUR H-H-HAND?!?!? Gotta k-keep it together, even though you’re s-s-shaking s-s-super huh-hard…juh-just keep it to-together…e-everyth-in-gs’s alright…
  52. You quickly lift your left arm up next to your right one to compare. They look exactly the same. You try mentally flexing your fingers, but nothing happens. Sweat is quickly trickling down your forehead and you’re shaking uncontrollably. Your mind is failing to make sense of what you’re seeing. How…? Wait, those blinking wristbands…
  56. Your hands! Your hands were blown up! THOSE WRIST-BAND THINGS BLEW THEM UP! YOUR HANDS WERE BLOWN UP!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  58. You proceed to completely lose your mind, jumping out of the left side of your bed. You inadvertently land right on top of your own face on the floor.
  62. It felt like someone went and threw a hard object at your face. You plop down on your tummy reeling in pain. But that wasn’t what was making you lose your sanity. It was the fact that you no longer had hands. That fact alone causes you to begin crying and sobbing in what was likely one of the worst mental breakdowns you’ve ever had.
  64. “I…I du-duh-don’t understand. W-Why would they…they get bluh-blown off? Whu-What did I ever do to d-deserve t-this?”
  66. Your voice! That’s not your voice! That’s a girl’s voice! No way could you ever make your voice sound like that.
  68. “I-I d-d-d-don’t understand…wa-wa-why?”
  70. Through your tears, you try to form words, only to break down in hysteria and cry your heart out. In return, you try to cover your mouth with the stumps of your arms from the voice that was coming out of it, only to discover in sheer horror that you were actually trying to cover this white box that’s been in front of your eyes since you’ve woken up.
  72. I-Is that y-your mouth? I-Is that y-your nose?
  74. Between your cries of terror, you slowly and shakily open your mouth to try to stick your tongue out to your left. It comes right out of the left side of this white box. It’s actually a little longer and bigger than what you remember. You move it to the center of your mouth and stick it out, trying to see if you can touch the tip of your nose. And you do; you see your tongue right in front of you, right on top of that white box.
  76. And then you see it. In the distance from where you were laying, there stood a full-size standing mirror with a solid oak frame just a few feet in front of you. You saw some kind of white animal-like creature looking back at you in tears with their tongue sticking right up their nose. If you weren’t a total mess, you’d almost be laughing at what you’re seeing. Yet you stop your sniffling and slowly pull your tongue back into your mouth.
  78. “Pbbbtthhhhhhhhh!”
  80. You gag and spit out the snot that you just accidentally licked back in. Wow did that taste horrible. Your gaze, however, turns back to the mirror. You try your best to crawl up to it with your arms, desperately trying to ignore the fact that you had no hands. Yet you struggle and have no choice but to look down at the floor to guide your movement.
  82. “O-one arm t-there, and t-the other o-one h-h-eere...T-there w-we go,” you shakily reassure yourself.
  84. “OW!”
  86. Before you knew it, you bang your head right into the mirror and fall back onto your rear. Your eyes instantly close as you try to rub your forehead with your left arm. Yet once the pain begins to subside a little, you open your eyes. Looking d-d-down…
  88. …!
  89. ….!?
  90. !?!?!?!?!?
  92. Y-y-your l-e-e-g-g-s…they...they almost look like your arms, b-but longer… They sat outstretched in front of you. Two white furry legs with shorter, but thickly-shaped thighs that…that made some kind of backwards indentation…what? Were those indentations supposed to be your knees or something? And why were the parts of your legs from what you thought were your knees down to your feet so elongated? And…and…w-w-why do you h-have nuh…nuh…no f-feet?
  94. You can’t take much more of this. Bile rises to the tip of your throat as you desperately try not to vomit all over yourself.
  96. Your gaze suddenly falls upon the mirror in front of you. You freeze instantly. A…A…horse, no PONY, was looking right back at you in shock. It sat there staring at you wide-eyed with dilated pupils. The irises looked to be a deep sapphire bluish color. That white box, err…muzzle, was actually a lot smaller than you thought. It was rounder in appearance and it almost looked to be a little cute. The face itself was a nice clean white, save for the tears and snot, and was complimented by a very fine dark brown mane. Two white perky ears stuck out from the top of your head, but they were halfway drooping from all of your fear and confusion.
  98. Your mane also appeared to be a little more frizzled than before, yet it is here that you really start to notice how long it actually is. It drooped down to your legs. It seemed to have a tendency to want to curl at its ends. Curious, you decide to run your left arm through it. It felt oh so thick and soft. Actually, that felt really good. So much so that it’s enough to force a small smile through your occasional sniffling.
  100. You try bringing your left arm back in front of your face in order to once again look at the stump that’s at the end of it. Wait a minute…that’s not a stump, that’s a hoof. You then quickly pull up your other arm next to your left one and look at their ends through the reflection. You even lift your legs up a little and notice that they too have hooves. Hooves…you have such pretty white hooves!
  102. Your hoovsies…they’re just so cute and adorable!
  104. “Wha-”
  106. Your face actually starts to blush a little. It was a little embarrassing to be sure, but something inside of you was making you feel very warm and…cuddly? The heck?
  108. And then something you didn’t expect happens. Two wings partially extend themselves outwards from behind you. Wings, you actually have a pair of wings. You’re a pegasus…So THAT must have been what caused the pain earlier in bed.
  110. Yet a twinge of shock and embarrassment soars through your mind. Your wings made you feel a little embarrassed for admiring your cute widdle hoovsie-woovsies.
  112. But how could you not admire them? They’re so smooth and pretty and you just wanna wiggle them a little and…daaaaawwwwwwww…they’re so precious! They would look so pretty with a little bit of hoof polish. What about pink, or violet?
  114. “HUH?!?”
  116. Your wings completely blossom outwards in excitement and you feel a sudden cold chill of pleasure run through you. Your wings, your fluffy white wings…they were a magnificent sight to behold. They even looked more beautiful than an angel’s wings. Yet why are they doing that? HOW are they doing that? And, most importantly, WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU BEING SO GIRLY WITH YOUR HOOVES? WHY?!?!?!?!?
  118. You look back down at yourself and see something that you hadn’t notice before. Oh no. Oh no. Nonononononono…OH DEAR GOD NO! It’s missing. Your manhood…it’s gone. You’re trembling on the verge of losing your mind again and your wings quickly fall back onto your back as a result.
  120. You’re…You’re a…a…girl? You can see small folds from where your shaft should have been. Just above it were two small mounds that slightly protruded outwards. Breasts…OH DEAR CHRIST IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS WRONG! YOU HAVE BOOBS!!!
  124. You spring off of your butt and start running, or at least stumbling around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off. Your screaming was so high-pitched that you could have sworn you would have been able to break glass. It was even louder than the screams you shrieked back when Dr. Money was threatening to harm you. Wait, Dr. Money?
  126. You try to stop yourself from running, but you instead stumble and roll right into the mirror.
  128. “OW! Owie owie owie!”
  130. Involuntarily, you scrunch in pain and try to use your hooves to gently rub your muzzle. You really got to stop stumbling into things, you know that? Yet you just can’t help the fact that you actually look really adorable scrunching in front of the mirror like that. Why is it that ponies were always so cute when they scrunched? At this rate, you’re only going to make yourself look more and more adorab-
  132. WHY DO YOU KEEP THINKING LIKE THAT?!? You were a grown man, not some little girl! You were a depressed jerkoff that always cursed at everyone and everything. Actually, now that you think about it, WHY HAVEN’T YOU CURSED AT ALL?!?
  136. Uh…
  140. Err…
  142. “No wait, that’s not right. Dr. Money, you…you fu-fu-fu…”
  144. What was that word? It wasn’t fudge, but it was something very similar. And heck, wasn’t there a different word for heck? And on top of that, why can’t you curse? Why can’t you remember those bad words? Come to think of it, what did Dr. Money even do to you?
  146. Though a bit challenging, you are able to gradually stand on all fours. You also take another look of yourself through the mirror’s reflection. A female pony…you’re a mare…a mare. You looked to be like you were a young adult mare with a white coat of fur all over, a dark-brown mane with sapphire-colored eyes, and to top it all off, you had a nice, long fluffy dark-brown tail.
  148. A ta-ta-tail? You have a tail? This should be freaking you out, yet considering all of the other changes, your tail doesn’t seem to bother you all that much. As a result, you try wiggling it back and forth. A plum of hair bounces to the left and to the right of your…your…wife-wide hips. Your hips…they looked so thick and curvy. They were outright beautiful! And the hair brushing against them…it felt oh so soft and gentle. Wiggling your tail like that was starting to slowly calm and relax you.
  150. Yet you eventually stop wagging your tail upon noticing something on your hips that you hadn’t seen before. Is that…wait…ACK! WHAT THE HECK IS ON YOUR HIPS?!? It looked like a tattoo or something. Hold on a sec, is that a cutie mark? From what you could see, it was a single pink heart encircled by what looked to be golden sun rays or something. You weren’t too sure what it meant exactly, yet for some reason, it made you feel nice and warm inside.
  152. Still though, you wondered how Dr. Money could do something like this. There is no way you could have been transformed into a cute, pretty pony mare. That’s just not possible. That alone violates the laws of physics, even though you didn’t know anything about science. But changing from one species to another, especially a talking cartoon pony which doesn’t even exist in the real world…that’s just plain impossible. Even more impossible was the fact that pink gas couldn’t do that. Since when does breathing some kind of gas turn you into a pony?
  154. Perhaps the bigger question of them all is, how did you even end up in this room? Wasn’t Dr. Money crystal clear that you were never allowed to leave his scary place? Where the heck were you?
  156. You turn away from the mirror to look around the room you were in. It was a little spacious, though not that big. The mirror you were looking at sat at the diagonal left corner of the room. There was a closed door just a few feet down the left wall from where the mirror was. Despite the beige-colored walls, this door was a simple white color, like your fur, with a silver handle. You also noticed two other doors near one another on the wall that faced the bed. One of them was partially opened and you could see a bathroom of some sort through the open crack. The other was closed, but it was a folding door. If you had to guess, that was likely your closet.
  158. Yet your head turns away from the doors and looking behind you, you see a light-violet dresser that sat next to your bed. You try trotting over to it, but you just keep stumbling all over the…uh…tan-colored carpet. Huh…never noticed that before. Regardless though, you stumble yourself to the dresser and try standing again. All the drawers were closed, yet you could see all kinds of pony plushies neatly aligned on the top. They were all colorful, though a little small. All they did was smile at you. They’re pretty cute, you have to admit, yet their smiles…for one reason or another, made you slightly uneasy.
  160. You decide to turn away from them and face the bed that was next to you. Despite the fact that the covers were messed up, it was actually a nice queen-sized bed. You wanted to get on top of it again and as a result, you try climbing back on top of it. Yet you simply plop down on your tummy when you finally do get on top of the mattress.
  162. Oooooohhhhhh….it felt so soft and comfy. It made you feel so very relaxed and cozy. You just wanted to wiggle yourself back into the covers and sleep again. Still, you did notice that there was a giant pink heart bedframe that stood behind your pillows. Come to think of it, what was the deal with the pink heart? Why was it on your bed frame and why did you have one as a cutie mark? These questions were tugging at your mind, but you just couldn’t make out an answer.
  164. And then you remember the pink nightstand that was to the right of your bed near the window. You wiggle over to it and try to grab one of the cards, yet you only manage to knock them over.
  166. Gah, things are going to be a lot harder without hands. You try leaning face-down from the bed to pick them up again, only to fall and drag your covers with you.
  168. “OOF!”
  170. The covers soften the fall with you being wrapped into a cushy soft bundle of cloth. Though as you slowly peer your head out of the covers, you try clutching one of the cards with your mouth. You even try to open it with your hooves.
  172. Upon doing so, however, you notice that the inside is stained a little with some drops of water. That’s certainly strange. Yet you saw that someone wrote something in it. Fortunately, the stains didn’t forge any of the writing. This was what was on it:
  174. Hi there Lil Sis. <3
  176. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking about you lately. I know it’s only been a week since you had your little accident, yet it seems like it’s been forever. I just wanted to say that I love you with all of my heart and that you’re always on my mind. I wanna make sure that you’re super comfy while you rest and recover.
  178. I’ve been making sure that your bed is nice and warm and comfy. You occasionally roll around in it, so I hope that’s a sign you’re doing alright. The nurse doesn’t know how long you’ll be asleep, but she comes here every day to check on you and to make sure that you’re okay. The best thing she recommends is for Big Sis to take care of her Lil Sis and to make sure that you’re never alone for too long.
  180. I love staying by your side everyday…just looking out the window…keeping you company…talking about things to you. Like what we used to do together as little fillies, playing games, eating at our favorite restaurants, going for nice long walks, dreaming what it would be like to see all of Equestria…I know that’s your dream. To see all kinds of new sights and to make tons of cool pictures and to eat so many different yummy foods, and to…to…make new friends, right? I saw you smile a little earlier when I said that, so…we’re definitely gonna do that, alright Lil Sis?
  182. And just in case you wake up when I’m not here, I got you some gifts. I really hope you love them. I won’t say what they are yet cuz I wanna be there with you when you open them. And I wanna see that nice big smile again when you’re opening them.
  184. Don’t worry Lil Sis. Big Sis is here. She’s gonna make sure you get all the rest and peace you deserve. Hope you’re having sweet dreams about fluffy things.
  186. <3 Love you Lil Sis <3
  188. A tear drops down to the bottom of the card. No one has ever been that nice to you. A sister…you have a sister that loves you deeply. There’s actually someone out there that genuinely loves and cares about you. You close the card and hug it tightly, sniffling over all of the love and affection you were feeling.
  190. Your heart…you never truly felt how bad you really hurt down there. All your life, people would make you feel horrible about yourself. You were always subjected to ridicule and harassment. People either outright despised you or ignored you and wanted absolutely nothing to do with you. If anyone did want anything to do with you, it was either to get something out of you or to use you for their own personal gains. People were manipulative and deceiving. Heck, there were also people out there that threatened to harm you. Some of them even urged you to take your own life. People always appeared so mean and dangerous and scary. The whole world in itself was a frightening place.
  192. Yet there was at least one soul out there that loved being with you. One soul that legitimately cared about you. One soul that genuinely wanted you to feel love and happiness. Whoever Big Sis was, you wanted to hug her badly. You wanted to give her a hug. You so desperately needed to have a hug.
  196. It all comes out like a big tidal wave. You start crying your aching heart out, desperate for any love you could get. For once in nearly your entire life, you desperately wanted Big Sis or anyone to come and hug you and love you.
  198. You sit there for what must have felt like forever coughing and crying, turning your bundle of covers into a watery, snot-covered mess. In reality though, it was only a minute or two since you started wailing and crying before you hear a loud slam from below the floor. You can hear footsteps running around downstairs. Those steps become louder and closer and within seconds, you hear your bedroom door slam open.
  200. You freeze and become dead silent. It’s suddenly very quiet. Yet you just as quickly hear footsteps getting closer to the bed. Something jumps up on it and slides to your side of the bed. A shadow falls over you.
  202. “L-Lil Sis?”
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