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  1. Chapter 2: Cam2Cam Experience
  3. The bus was nearing the downtown area and I felt a rush of relief. The summer heat was excruciating. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and the amount of people on the bus didnt help either. That didnt matter to me though. What mattered was getting home to check out the link on the business card that fell out of Selma's purse. I took the card out of my pocket and read it again.
  5. "LusciousPeach""
  7. Maybe she owned a candy shop, I thought. The name of the website sounded like it sold sweets as well. My stop then came up and I was the only one to get out of the bus. I stepped out and ran immediately to my Dad's repair shop which was two blocks over. I expertly avoided people walking towards and away from me. Then there it was. My Dad's little computer repair shop. I ran up to it and grabbed the handle to pull it open.
  9. "Hey dad," I said as I stepped into the shop. I was covered in sweat from the outside heat. As soon as I turned towards the counter, I dropped my backback in shock. There she was...Selma. She was at the counter in the same sexy outfit, but she had both black stilettos on now.
  11.  "Emilio! How was school? Come over here and let me introduce you to our customer here," said Dad as he gestured with his hand for me to come over. I was struggling to walk over with the obvious tent in my pants, but I did, slowly until I was next to Selma.
  13.  "This is Señorita Selma. She came to pick up her laptop," Dad said. She smiled at me and rubbed my head.
  15. "Hi again Emilio! We meet again!" she said cheerfully while leaning down, unknowingly giving me a full view of her cleavage.
  17.  "H-hi again miss," I said as I took and shook her hand.
  19. "Hi again?" my dad said confused. Selma turned towards him and explained.
  21. "Your son helped me change one of my tires this morning at the park" she said. Then, my Dad turned towards me with an annoyed look on his face.
  23. "At the park huh?" my dad said as he crossed his arms. I could hear the tapping of his shoe behind the counter. I knew I was grounded at that point.
  25. "I-im sorry Dad. I wont skip school again" I said with my head down in frustration knowing I was in trouble. My dad sighed and uncrossed his arms.
  27. "We will talk later about this Emilio" said Dad as he handed Selma a laptop.
  29. "Thank you for fixing it so fast. I need it for work, and it's been days since I've done anything," Selma said smiling as she grabbed her the laptop.
  31. "Any time, señorita. All it had was an issue with the WiFi card. You should be fine now," Dad said as he brought out his logbook to cross out her name.
  33.  "So how much is it for the repair?" Selma asked. She had a worried look on her face.
  35.  "Normally for this kind of repair, I'd charge 300,000 pesos. But for you, I'll do it for 150,000. Does that sound fair?," Dad asked as he reached over to open up his cash register.
  37.  "Perfect! You're so kind," Selma said in a bubbly tone of voice. I guess she was expecting to pay an arm and a leg for this. Luckily, my dad likes to take care of his customers, but I've never heard him charging customers that low before.
  39. "Well, I've got to go, but thanks for fixing the laptop for me, Pablo," she said, as she turned around to leave. My Dad and me had a great view of her booty as she walked towards the door.
  41.  "Anytime! Have a good day," said Dad. She turned around, and gave both of us a smile, and she winked at me. The door closed and I looked over to my dad and noticed a laptop charger behind him.
  43. "Dad, isn't that the charger to Señorita Selma's laptop?"I asked in a worried tone.
  45.  "SHIT! It is! Go run and give it to her real quick!" yelled Dad as he dropped some of the pesos on the floor. I ran out the door and saw her walking down the street. She isn't hard to miss and I came up behind her as she was reaching for something in her purse.
  47.  "Mi-miss Selma?" I asked shyly. She turned around and smiled.
  49. "Dont forget your charger. My Dad forgot to give it to you," I said, handing her the charger. I had my other hand on my crotch because I was hard again.
  51. "Thank you, cutie! You're so sweet!" Selma said as she rubbed my chin. It felt really good. I wanted her to rub me down there like she did on the bench. Well, she didnt really rub me, but more like grazed her hand over it. She opened the passenger door and put the laptop in the back seat of the BMW and when she did, I saw her big booty again. So big and sexy, and all I wanted to do was just grab it before she left.
  53. "Thanks for everything, Emilio! You're so sweet. First the tire and now this?" she said and she did something that I havent forgotten til this day. She kissed my cheek! A hot sexy lady like her kissed me. I didnt know what to say. All I know is that I couldn't wait to tell my friends at school that I got a kiss from someone like her. She got in her car and drove off. I felt sad wondering if I was gonna see her again. I ran back to the shop to use the restroom and slammed the door. Now was the perfect time to see what that business card was all about.
  55. "Wheres the fire?" Dad yelled, laughing. I ignored it and opened the bathroom door and quickly closed it shut. I took out the card out of my pocket and followed the webpage. What I saw was amazing! It was her! LusciousPeach was Miss Selma! She was a webcam model! I heard a lot about webcam girls before, and that a lot of women in Colombia do it, but he was really happy that she was one. There were also other girls on the webpage but I was only interested in her. I scrolled down and saw a picture gallery. I clicked on one of her pics and there she was! Naked! In one pic she had heels with her legs crossed and in another it was a pic of her booty with a red thong. My dick was hard as a diamond and I took it out of my shorts and started to rub it. Ive been wanting to jack off to her ever since she left the park. I was looking at all her pics and I was pretending it was me who took the pics. I then closed out of the web browser and opened the video I took of her and her amazing booty. So fucking big! That did it and I shot my cum out and yelled:
  57. "Please drink it Miss Selma!"
  59. Dad didnt hear anything luckily. I clicked on the web browser again and clicked on her video gallery but it would just take me to a login screen. It said "Free to sign up!" So I did and for the username I put Oi_limE. My name backwards! So creative. Then it wanted me to put a credit card in. I was disappointed. Obviously at that age I didn't have one, so I felt stuck. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and went back to the main room.
  61.  "Emilio, it's time to close the shop and head home. Can you get my things from under the counter while I use the restroom? You took too long in there, and I need to go!" said Dad as he ran towards the restroom holding his butt cheeks. I went under the counter and saw Dad's backpack and I could see his wallet in one of the pockets. I grabbed it and saw my dad's credit card. I took a pic of the front and back of the card and I quickly put the info on the webpage and I was in! There was a Favorites feature and I added Miss Selma to my favorites.
  63.  "Ok, let's go Emilio," Dad said as we walked out the door. He made sure to arm the alarm and lock the door. My dad was the top computer repairman in Bogota. He is retired now, but he made a lot of money and the shop had iMacs, iPhones, Surfaces in the shop and he was adamant on keeping them safe. The money he earned wasnt enough for him to purchase his BMW, but my Dad was happy nonetheless. After he talked to me about not skipping school again, we got in his Prius and drove home.
  65. "I'm gonna sleep a little Emilio. Remember that you're grounded for a week. I'm doing it because I love you son," said Dad, yawning as he was walking towards his room.
  67.  "Love you too dad," I said. At that point, I started to feel guilty about taking his card. I went to my room and got on the computer to play some games. It was getting late when I got bored of playing, and the guilty feeling went away when I logged on to the camsite site. This time though, Miss Selma was online! I was really nervous. I clicked on her room and there she was! This time, she was wearing a short, sexy purple dress with a different pair of black heels. I was getting ready to type on the keyboard and sent the first message:
  69. Oi_limE: Hi
  71. LusciousPeach: Hi, how are u? ;)
  73. Oi_limE: I'm good you?
  75. LusciousPeach: I'm good, sweaty and hot though
  77. She lowered her left dress strap as she said that.
  79. Oi_limE: I'm hot and sweaty too. I was running when I got home from the park.
  81. I kept looking at her legs.
  83. LusciousPeach: From the park? Lol that's funny :) What's your name?
  85. She crossed her legs. I gave her a fake name
  87. Oi_limE: Oscar, u?
  89. LusciousPeach: Selma. Nice to meet u Oscar. How old are you?
  91. She asked while she took a sip of what looked like water.
  93. Oi_limE: I'm 18.
  95. LusciousPeach: Mmm 18? I love younger boys like u ;) I'm 28.
  97. She said as she leaned back on her chair
  99. Oi_limE: You're soooo hot miss.
  101. LusciousPeach: You really think so? Where are u from?
  103. She said shifting her camera to her face
  105. Oi_limE: From Colombia miss. And yea, ur so sexy
  107. LusciousPeach: Mmm I'm from Colombia too. Can u take me to a private chat? I want to get to know u ;)
  109. Oi_limE: What's a private chat? I'm new here miss
  111. LusciousPeach: Mmm if you click on the button that says private, you can do a lot of things to me ;)
  113. She gave me a wink and showed off her booty
  115. LusciousPeach: Do you have a webcam?
  117. Oi_limE: Yea miss
  119. LusciousPeach: Good ;) Make sure its connected before you click on private honey
  121. I was nervous. What was gonna happen when I clicked private? Was she gonna get naked? I wanted to find out. I made sure I had my webcam on and I clicked private. The screen reloaded. It looked the same but only this time, there was a button that said "Pleasure Me!" Then the webpage finished reloading and her cam feed came back up.
  123. Oi_limE: Hi again miss
  125. LusciousPeach: Hi Oscar. Welcome to my room of pleasure
  127. She began to slowly hike up her dress, revealing more of her sexy thighs
  129. Oi_limE: Wow, ur so hot miss
  131. LusciousPeach: I'm glad u like it honey
  133. She said as she grabbed a small, pink cylinder from her side table
  135. LusciousPeach: Since ur new honey, this little thing I have in my hand is the Pleasurer.
  137. Oi_limE: What is it miss?
  139. She winked when she read that
  141. LusciousPeach: You'll see ;)
  143. She then scooted up on her bed and spread her legs wide. I could see her pink thong now.
  145. Oi_limE: So hot miss
  147. Lusciouspeach: Mmm it feels sooo good honey
  149. She was now rubbing the Pleasurer on her thong
  151. LusciousPeach: Mmm now press the Pleasure Me button honey ;)
  153. I then remembered the new button that appeared when I clicked Private. I moved the cursor over to the button and pressed it. She didnt have her microphone on but I could see what I did. The Pleasurer made her moan. I took my dick out after that as I couldnt take it anymore. This was making my 12 year old self extremely horny.
  155. LusciousPeach: Mmmm yea keep pleasuring me baby.
  157. She then inserted it in her pussy and I was amazed. It was my first real and live pussy, and it was out of this world. It was shaved, and pink, and it was very wet. She inserted it in and out of her hungry sex as I kept hitting the Pleasure Me button, sending constant vibrations in her pussy. I was hitting the button so hard that I accidentally hit another button. And then she stopped and shifted the camera up to her face.
  159. LusciousPeach: E-Emilio?
  161. The webcam turned on when I accidentally hit the Webcam button on the screen! I was scared and didnt know what to do. She saw that I was getting worried and I suddenly heard her voice. She turned on her microphone.
  163. "Emilio I cant believe it's you. How did you find me here?" she said in a surprised tone while gasping. I then reached in my pocket and showed her the business card. I turned my microphone on to speak to her.
  165. "Yo-you dropped it when you left the park. I-I'm sorry please dont tell my dad. It's, its just that you're so sexy and I wanted to see you again," I said, almost in tears. She saw my frustration and she put me at ease. I only kept looking at her and her features and I didnt realize it but she didnt look mad. She looked...happy? I was still subconsciously stroking my dick and I knew she could see me stroking it.
  167. "Its ok Emilio. Dont be sorry and dont worry. I wont tell your dad," said Selma. She then zoomed out her cam and I could see her whole body again. I moaned a little.
  169.  "So you wanted to see me again, huh?" she said as she shifted in her bed and winked.
  171.  "You're so hot that's why!" I blurted out. She giggled and blew me a kiss.
  173. "You're a naughty little boy aren't you? Looking at a grown old woman like me. What do you like the most about me?" she said as she got up from the bed. She danced slowly and turned around so I could see everything. The dress she was wearing left nothing to the imagination.
  175. "I like your big booty and legs miss. You're really sexy," I said as I looked at her while stroking my dick.
  177.  "Mmmm I see. I'm not gonna lie. I like you too Emilio. When I saw you again at your dad's shop, I was really happy" she said, giggling.
  179. "Really miss? You like me?" I said excitedly.
  181. "Really Emilio, and call me Selma." she said as she grabbed the Pleasurer from the side table.
  183. "I like you too Selma. When I saw you at the park, I thought you were the hottest lady I've ever seen!" I said.
  185. "Mmm thank you sweety. So how old are you Emilio?" asked Selma as she laid back down on the bed and brought the Pleasurer closer to her pussy.
  187. "I'm 12. My birthday is in 7 months in October" I said, hoping she still liked me even though I was that age.
  189. "I've never been with a young boy like you, but I always wanted to sweety. Do you like me?" she said as she got up in front of the camera to show me her cleavage. Then, she zoomed the cam back to a full view of her body. She slowly lifted her purple dress over her head and revealed her pink lace bra covering her large 38DD tits. I gasped as I saw her bra covered tits. They were poking above her bra and I could see her nipples poking out. She was now only wearing her bra and thong and my dick got harder than ever. She then sat on the edge of her bed, and crossed one of her heeled legs over slowly.
  191. "Do you like what you see so far Emilio?" she asked seductively. She could see that I did as my dick stroking pace increased
  193. "Yea Selma. You're sooo hot. I'm the luckiest boy ever to see a hot lady like you," I said with a hint of lust in my voice.
  195. "Mmm. I like that a little boy like you is staring at me like this. Your dick is so hard and big honey," she said. I saw her licking her lips as she said that.
  197. "Its really hard for you, Selma. See?" I said as I got up from my chair and gave her a close up of my dick.
  199. "Mmm baby. You're right. Look how big you are," she said while massaging her tits. I felt so proud and manly when she said my dick was so big, but I now know that she was just being nice. My dick was, like I said, 5 inches big when hard.
  201. "Ca-can you turn around Selma? I- I want to see your big booty" I said hesitantly. I was hoping she wouldn't get mad that I was demanding something from her.
  203. "Mmmm sure honey. You've been wanting to see this ass since I was at the park. I noticed, by the way, that you took a video," she said and winked. Then she laid back down on her back and expertly removed her pink thong. She then quickly crossed her legs to cover her pussy and dropped the thong on the floor. Just one more piece of apparel and I had her completely naked. She then turned around around and got on all fours and started to shake her booty in front of the cam. It was the naughtiest and sexiest thing that my young eyes had ever seen.
  205. "Mmm Selma, I like your big booty. I want to squirt my milk all over it," I moaned as I stroked myself even faster slowly. I was getting turned on more by the second.
  207. "Mmm I know you love it, you naughty little boy. I want you to squirt your milk somewhere else though, honey," Selma moaned as she sat back up on the bed. She then slowly began to unhook her bra.
  209. "Mmm yea take that off Selma. I want to get on top of you and put my dick in your pussy," I moaned. At that moment I could tell that I wasnt gonna last long. She then finally took off her pink bra and revealed her massive tits. She massaged them and kneaded them in front of the camera.
  211. "Mmmm do you like me like this my little boy? All naked and slutty for you?" moaned Selma as she sucked on one of her tits. She then laid back down on her back.
  213. "Yea Selma. I like you like that. I like your big booty, your big tits and legs. I want to touch you everywhere," I said with want. I wanted to fuck her, even though I didnt know how. Ever since I saw my first porno with my friends I've wanted to fuck a girl. I started rubbing my dick harder and faster now as I heard Selma moaning louder and louder.
  215. "Mmm I want you to see how I fuck this pussy with this Pleasurer honey," she said while she rubbed her clit with it. She then inserted the Pleasurer in her pussy and moaned as it went in. She lifted her legs high in the air as she started moaning more and more as she saw me stroking my dick faster and faster.
  217. "Mm Emilio! Emilio! Oh! Ah! Keep stroking your dick like that honey. I wish I had that big dick in me, you bad boy," she moaned as she started massaging her tits and fucking her pussy harder and faster.
  219. "Mmm yea Selma. I wish I was fucking you like that right now. You're soooo hot!" I moaned as I kept spamming the Pleasure Me button. I knew in some way, that I was fucking her with that button. I was making her moan, and to my young mind that was everything. I was breathing harder as I tilted my head back in pleasure. I was about to release the most memorable orgasm of my life.
  221. "Miss...I'm gonna...I'm gonna shoot!" I moaned as I brought my dick closer to the camera.
  223. "Mmm yea honey, cum on my face! Shoot that little boy sperm all over my face," Selma moaned as she zoomed the webcam to her face.
  225. "I'm coming Selma! Mmm all over your face!" I moaned as I shot multiple globs of cum on my hand near the webcam. Selma started squirting too as she saw my face painted with pleasure.
  227. "Ahh, ah mmmm Emilio, you made my pussy squirt a lot, look!" she said as she moved the cam down towards her dripping pussy.
  229. "Mmm wow Selma. I did that?" I asked innocently.
  231. "Yes baby you did. No one else has ever made me cum so good," she moaned. At that time, I couldnt tell if she was being honest, but it made me feel confident.
  233. "I wish I could fuck you in real life miss. Will I ever see you again?" I asked sadly. I hoped I could have my real first time with her. She was perfect, hot and she said that I made her feel good.
  235. "Honey where does your bus stop from school?" She asked. My eyes lit up immediately.
  237. "Well, the Metro dropped me off near the shop today, but my school bus drops me off close to my house on 128th and 21st streets," I said. Selma then practically fell off the bed when she heard that.
  239. "What? You're by 128th and 21st? My apartment building is by 21st and 127th. Are you by where the baseball field is?," she asked excited and surprised at the same time.
  241. "Yea! I go to that baseball field all the time to play with my friends!" I said cheerfully, completely forgetting the two of us were naked.
  243. "Well honey, thats perfect! I'm gonna email you my cell phone number and address ok? Text me when you get off from school tomorrow so that I can pick you up. I want to see you again in person. You're so cute!" she said, barely containing her excitement at the fact that she'd be seeing me again tomorrow. I couldnt contain my excitement either.
  245. "Ok Selma, I cant wait for school to be over tomorrow! I have to go now, I think my dad just woke up," I said while yawning.
  247. "Ok my little Emilio. Thanks for making this old lady cum sooo good tonight. Sweet dreams, and keep what we just did a secret! Dont tell anyone honey, or I could get in trouble" Selma said as she winked at me one last time tonight.
  249. "Goodnight Selma. Thanks for letting me see you naked and I wont tell anyone!" I cheerfully said as I waved bye at the camera. I then logged out and immediately went to bed.
  251. Chapter 3: Losing Something Early
  253. I woke up and thought I dreamt it all. But it wasnt a dream. I couldn't believe it! I had just made the hottest lady in the world cum! I reminisced about my first encounter with a woman. Even if it was through a webcam, I still made her feel good! I wanted to tell all of my friends, but Selma had asked me to keep it a secret. I got up from the bed and quickly got dressed. I didnt bother to take a shower as I wanted school to be over already. I couldn't wait to go see Selma again. Hours went by and I found myself on my last period. Mr. Valdez's World Histories class. It was easy to not pay attention in his class since he was so boring. My mind was somewhere else.
  255. "Ok class. Tomorrow we are gonna have a pop quiz so be sure to read up on Colombus tonight and.." Mr. Valdez said as the final bell rang and interrupted him. I got out of my seat and bolted to the buses. I ran as fast as I could, and halfway there, I saw...him. My bully Erik. An American who transferred a few months ago.
  257. "Where you off too in a hurry, Emilio?" said Erik as he shoved me. Erik was 12 too and the same grade. We used to be friends but he got mad at me for giving his sister flowers for her birthday. I secretly had a crush on her and I tried to feel her up one day. She ended up telling Erik about it.
  259.  "Leave me alone Erik. I want to go home already," I said, annoyed. I didnt want to deal with him right now. All I wanted was to get to Selma’s fast.
  261. "Dude, you forgot your lunch!," said Erik as he made a fist. I wasnt ready to defend myself but it was too late.
  263. "Your knuckle sandwich, dork," yelled Erik as he punched me in the eye. I screamed in pain and could feel tears flowing. It was my first fight and I hadn't learned how to take a punch.
  265.  "That's what you get crybaby! Dont mess with my sister again!" yelled Erik as I ran away to the buses as fast as I could. I stopped crying as the pain went away slowly but it still hurt if I touched it. I got to my bus and Samuel, the bus driver, asked what happened.
  267.  "Its nothing. I fell on my way here" I lied. Samuel shrugged it off and let me take a seat. Once I sat down, I texted Selma.
  269.  Emilio: Hi again Selma. Its Emilio :)
  271. She texted right away. I was so happy that her text made me forget about the punch.
  273.  Selma: Hi cutie :) Are you out of school already?
  275. Emilio: Yea :) The bus is leaving now.
  277. Selma: I'm waiting for you honey. I parked behind the bleachers. Cant wait to c u!
  279. Emilio: I cant wait too :)
  281. After 6 stops, the bus was coming to my stop. I heard the door swish open and I got up from my seat to walk towards the exit. As I was about to step out of the bus, Samuel stopped me.
  283. "Next time, kid, hit him back!" said Samuel. He showed me his fist. We fist bumped. He was a cool dude, and I always remember him and his advice. He smiled at me as I got off the bus and started making my way to the spot that Selma and me agreed on: the baseball field. There was no one there that day. As I approached it, I went around it to the path that led to the bleachers and I could see Selma's BMW parked. As I approached her car, I found her seating on the curb. She again dressed to impress. She was wearing an olive green crop top with a black skirt and the same black stilettos that she had on when she was at the shop. She immediately got up when she noticed my face.
  285. "What happened my little Emilio?" she gasped as she saw my swollen eye.
  287. "It-it's nothing Selm-", I couldn't finish what I wanted to say as she pulled me into her chest and hugged me. My eyes were right there on her boobs and I couldn't help but stare at them. So big!
  289. "My little Emilio is hurt, let's get in the car honey. I'll take care of your eye and make it feel better," she said as she led me to the passenger door. I couldn't help but stare at her big booty as she was walking in front of me. She sat me down on the seat and she quickly made her way to the driver's seat.
  291. "I know your hurt honey but listen carefully” she said.
  293. “My apartment is on the twelfth floor. Follow behind me but not too close. When you see me get on the elevator, then you get on the next one. Look for Apartment 1224 and knock twice" she explained as she put her car on drive.
  295. “Ok Selma, got it!” I said as a sharp pain emanated from my eye. The trip only lasted about 5 minutes and she parallel parked her car a few feet away from the apartment building.
  296. We both got out of the car and made our way to the lobby. I walked a few feet behind her and I salivated at her swaying hips. I wondered if I was gonna have sex with her that day. My mind was racing and my dick got hard at the thought. I then saw her enter the lobby. I entered after and saw Selma walking towards the elevators. At the entrance, I found seating and sat down to put some distance between us. I could see that she pushed the button for the elevator. A few moments later she got in one. There was no turning back now. I quickly made my way over to the elevators and got in one immediately. I pressed the 12 button and the elevator started moving up. As soon as it reached the 12th floor, I got out and made my way over to her apartment. After I passed about 10 units, I found it. Apartment 1224. I knocked twice.
  298. "Come in!" she said and I walked in with a spring to my step. Inside, I noticed how pristine her place looked. It was a two story apartment, with the living room and kitchen on the first floor and the bedroom on the second floor. After I was done being impressed by her place, I then closed and locked the door in a hurry and turned to face her. She looked amazing. She was sitting down on her couch and the light coming from the windows made her look like an angel.
  300. "Hmmm why did you lock the door honey?" she said, teasing me a little. She never said the two of us were going to be doing anything sexual in there. I didnt know that we were, but she sure did.
  302. "We-well I just thought to lock it miss just in case" I said as my eyes wandered to every part of her body. I had his attention now.
  304. "Just in case...of what honey?" she said as she motioned for me to take a seat on the sofa beside her. I walked over slowly, never taking my eyes off of her legs, her cleavage, her everything. I sat down and she uncrossed her legs slowly and got off of the couch. She slowly walked over to me, teasing my young eyes with her hips. We had done a lot on the camgirl site and I probably looked a lot more nervous now than when my webcam turned on. She was in front of me now and she leaned down on her knee to give me a view of her cleavage.
  306. "Honey can you lift this top off of me?" she teased while pointing at her top. I inched my small, shaking hands towards her top and started to lift it upwards over her head clumsily. She was eye level with me at this point and I shifted my gaze at her dark purple bra covered tits. She looked at what I was staring at and looked back up and winked at me. I discarded her top on the floor and she now had her dark purple manicured hands on my crotch area. She rubbed the area slowly and we both could see a small wet spot forming. She was turning me on. She looked up at me and saw pleasure washed over my face. She leaned in towards my ear and whispered.
  308. “Are you nervous sweetie?” she whispered. And I really was. I didnt want to tell her that though, but her lips on my ear combined with her hands on my dick instantly gave me the hardest hard on I've ever had.
  310. “Do you want me Emilio?” she cooed in my ear and licked it. That did it and the mass of emotions in me erupted.
  312. "I-I want you so badly, miss! Ever since I saw you at the park. You looked so sexy," I confessed. She pulled away from my ear and was now facing me head directly. She could see that I really meant what I said. I wanted her.
  314. "Mmmm I want you too honey," she said as she pulled me in for a kiss.
  316. I froze. The sexiest woman alive kissed me. After the shock of it, nature took over and I kissed her back. It was sloppy, but I emulated what she was doing, and it was great. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, and all the restraints that I had were suddenly broken. My hands moved on their own now. I reached down and kneaded her tits through the fabric of her bra. And it was electrifying. They were soft, and big, and warm to the touch. A moan escaped from her lips as I attempted to grope her ass. The kneeling position she was in made it hard for my short arms to reach behind and grab it, plus she was taller. She slipped her tongue inside my mouth and I soon followed her lead and I tongued her as well. I shared my most passionate and erotic kiss with a woman who doubled my age. She then broke off the kiss and only a string of saliva connected our lips.
  318. "Is this your first time with a woman honey? she said as she rubbed my dick. She was licking her lips and looking up at me with her big blue eyes.
  320. "Ye-yea Selma. Your my first and I'm the luckiest boy in the world," I said as I started thrusting inside her hand unconsciously.
  322.  "Mmm I'm happy to be your first Emilio. It turns me on," she said as I saw her rubbing her thighs together. She then reached for my pants and started to take off my belt. I was still in my school uniform. This was it. It was happening. I easily took off my shoes since they were untied and she dropped my pants down and felt my dick through my Spiderman undies.
  324. "I love your little boy dick Emilio. Do you know where it belongs, honey?!" she moaned as she looked up at me.
  326. “I-I um, where miss?” I stammered. I couldn't believe it! Was I gonna get a blowjob! Selma then took off my undies and my dick sprang out. She then gave the tip a little kiss and started to stroke it for me.
  328. “You're such a naughty little boy, aren't you? Making me do this to someone as young as you” she cooed as she peeked back my foreskin. It didnt hurt, but I was amazed at what she did. Then she put my dick in her mouth. It was amazing!
  330. "Ohhh yea Selma. This feels so good," I moaned as she took all of my 5 inches. I tried to remember what the guy did in the porno and I remembered one scene. I grabbed the back of Selma's head and I started thrusting my dick in and out of her mouth. I liked how she kept looking up at me with her big, blue eyes while she took me in. After about a minute or two, I couldn't take any more of her sucking and I felt like I was about to cum. She sensed the twitch in her mouth and she quickly took it out and stroked it in front of her face.
  332. "Cum all over my face cutie! Squirt your little boy sperm all over my face mmm," she moaned as she let go of my dick to let me stroke it in front of her. I started to cum all over her face. It kept squirting out and out and it landed everywhere. On her chin, her cheeks, her hair, every part of her face. She then took me back in her mouth and I still kept cumming. She opened her eyes and winked at me after I stopped cumming.
  334.  "Mmm good little boy. You came soooo much" she said as she took me out of her mouth. She reached for the napkins on the side table and wiped the cum off of her face.
  337. “When you grabbed my head, did you learn that in a porno?” she giggled as she threw the used napkin on the floor.
  339. “I saw a porno last night and the guy in it grabbed the back of the lady's head when she was sucking him and came on her face," I said, happy that she was amazed by what I knew.
  342.  "Mmm I see. What else did you see in that porno?" Selma asked as she got up and hiked her black skirt up, revealing a matching dark purple thong. She took a few steps back. My jaw dropped. My first pussy, right in front of me! I could vaguely see a wet spot forming too.
  344. "I saw the guy put his dick in the lady's pussy," I said as I grabbed my hard dick staring at her intensely.
  347. "Mmmm how about you put your dick inside of my pussy honey?” she cooed. I gave her a grin and she grinned back.
  349. “Get up and let's move over to my bed you silly boy," she said  as she handed me her hand. I stood up and made my way over to her and grabbed her inviting hand. She led me by the hand to the staircase leading up to her bedroom and I was bold enough to put my other hand on her booty. She felt it immediately and stopped. I pulled my hand away thinking I shouldn't have touched her.
  351. "Mmm you naughty little boy. You like my booty a lot, dont you honey?" Selma asked as she reached down and guided my hand back up to her booty. I started to stroke it and grab it and feel its plumpness.
  353. "Yea Selma, I like it a lot. You're so hot," I said, relieved that I wasnt in any trouble. My hands were kneading her in every place, from her upper thigh up to her ass cheeks. I kept my hand there on her booty as we continued climbing the steps up to her bedroom. I wanted her to be mine. No one else could have her. She was mine only.
  355. "Mmm I like how you're touching me, baby. You're gonna me squirt again like last night with just the thought of you grabbing my booty like that," she said as we reached her room. Her bedroom was the same exact bedroom that I saw on her webcam. The bed had a blue, white and grey chevron  striped bed sheet with blue pillows. The walls were beige, and a few paintings adorned them. She led me to the bed and she sat down on the edge of the bed. All I had on was my school shirt and she reached out and lifted it up and above my head. I was now standing in front of her with my fully erect dick throbbing in her hand. She started stroking me again slowly.
  357. "You're so hard again honey. I bet you want to put it in me already" teased Selma as she looked directly at me intensely, still stroking my dick.
  359. "Yea Selma. I want to put it in you and fuck you hard like in that porno" I moaned. I wanted to sound confident but there was a slight apprehension to my words since I didnt know exactly how fucking worked. I had just seen it in that porno I saw. Selma smirked and let go of my dick.
  361. “Take off my skirt first sweetie if you want to fuck my pussy like you said,” she cooed as she stretched her legs to either side of me. I reached for the waistband and slowly lowered it down to her thighs. She lifted her booty to make it easier for me to remove it completely. I pulled it over one of her feet and then I reached down to grab her other foot and pulled it over that one too. I let the skirt fall to the ground and admired her figure. She was now in only her underwear and stilettos. She then reached behind her and unhooked her bra to reveal her tits to me. I reached out and kneaded one of them and they felt softer this time now that I was feeling them bare. I kneaded them in circles and pinched her nipples earning me a soft moan from her lips. I looked down and saw that she was rubbing her pussy through the thong. She then tugged at the waistband and removed her moist thong. I stopped touching her tits as she pulled me on top of her. Then I felt her long, sexy legs wrapped around me. My head was now almost leveled with her tits.
  363. “I'll teach you how to fuck a woman the right way honey. Dont be nervous” she cooed as she reached down between us and grabbed my little dick.
  365. “Yea miss. Pl-please teach me" I said as she guided my dick inside her. It slipped in easily thanks to how wet she was. I moaned as I entered her slippery passage.
  367. “How does it feel honey?” Selma moaned as she put her hands on my butt, pushing me down on her.
  369.  "Mmm wow Selma! It's so warm and slippery" I moaned as I fell on her.
  371. "I know papi, it's because you made me so wet. Now fuck me like you saw in the porno" moaned Selma as she raised her legs in the air. I started to thrust in her slowly at first. I looked up and saw her tits jiggling up and down with every thrust I gave her. I enjoyed the way they bounced so I started pounding her faster now. The bed springs were squeaking louder now as I reached up and massaged her tits.
  373. "Mmmm papi yes! Fuck yes! Fuck me hard like this! Keep pumping this pussy Emilio!" moaned Selma as she grabbed my butt and pumped me up and down to encourage me to pound her even harder. I then remembered a part in the porno where the lady said something similar to the guy. I decided to emulate it. I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulder and I felt my little dick bury itself deeper in her pussy.
  375.  "Mmmm Selma! Your pussy is sooo good! I want to fuck you like this forever!" I moaned as I felt my orgasm build up.
  377. “Yes papi! You're gonna fuck me like this whenever you want. Are you gonna cum again honey? I want you to cum in me when you do baby" screamed Selma as her orgasm was building up too. I then thrust into her pussy harder and faster. Selma then moaned out my name.
  379. "Mmm Emilio I'm cumming! My pussy is squirting all over your 12 year old dick!" moaned Selma as she quivered underneath me. Her pussy juice ran down and coated my dick even more.
  381. "I'm gonna cum too Selma!" I moaned as my body stiffened and gave her one last, deep thrust.
  383. “Yea baby! Fill me with your kiddie sperm!” moaned Selma as I came in her. I could feel my dick shooting multiple squirts in her. I released her legs off of my shoulders and pulled out of her. I looked down in between her legs and saw my seed leaking out of her pussy. I then collapsed on the bed next to her, breathing hard. Selma was breathing hard as well, but hers had subsided since she was the first to cum.
  385. “Did- ah, did I fuck you good miss?” I said, out of breath. I looked over to her only to be met with a welcoming kiss on the lips.
  387. "You fucked me sooo good honey. For your first time, you did sooo good" said Selma as she caressed my tummy.
  389. "Did I really Selma? I just copied what I saw in that porno" I said as I sucked on one of her tits. She then wrapped her leg over mine.
  391. "Yes you did baby, but you forgot to fuck one more hole" Selma said as she guided my hand to her ass. I stopped sucking on her tit and my attention was on her booty now. I had heard of guys sticking their dicks in girl’s ashes but I hadn't seen a porno about it yet, so naturally, I wanted to try it with Selma.
  394. "I've never let any man fuck me there Emilio. But you are special and I want you to be the first to fuck me there" said Selma as she got up from the bed and leaned against the edge of the bed. I admired her figure, the shape of her ass and tits. I quickly got up from the bed with a raging hard on and got behind her. Selma then grabbed my dick and stopped me.
  396. "Emilio look at the time. Its 4pm already. Is your dad home by this time?" asked Selma worried.
  398. "Shit! Yea miss! He's home by now but sometimes he gets there at 5" I said as I searched for my discarded clothes.
  400. "I dont want you to go cutie" said Selma sadly as she sat back down on the bed.
  402. "I dont want to go either" I said as I sat down next to her and kissed her. I was growing more confident and secure around her. Selma then crossed her leg over mine and I placed my hand over it, massaging it.
  404. "Get dressed honey, your dad is probably worried sick about you" said Selma as she broke off the kiss. I got up and started getting dressed. Minutes later, we were back on the first floor.
  406. "Can we do it again soon Selma?" I asked while tying my shoes at her front door.
  408.  "Of course Emilio. What kind of question is that?" said Selma as she leaned down to kiss me.
  410. "How about this Saturday honey? You dont have school" asked Selma as I stepped out of her apartment.
  412. "Yes! My dad stays at the shop almost the whole day on the weekends! Saturday at my place?!" I said excitedly.
  414.  "Saturday at your place it is then. Text me ok?" said Selma.
  416. "O-okAachoo" I said while sneezing.
  418. “Aww bless you and try not to get sick honey” Selma said as she leaned down to kiss me one last time for the day. We said goodbye and I made my way back down to the lobby. I entered that building a boy, and left a man.
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