Holstaur ‘man decapitating cows’ WWYD response

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  5. By Camran1005 (my user account name on the wiki), on 20 August 2015, Thursday
  7. WWYD OP: You are walking home from your half-day volunteer job at the market where you work as assistant to a milk and cheese merchant who's company is named "Colonel Dairy." You decide to try a shortcut off the main path your friend showed you. As you walk along the path you quickly realize you are completely lost: As you stumble along, you find a gray stone building with loud shuffling and animalistic moans of pain. You decide to investigate and see cows being roughly forced onto the ground where their heads are being promptly cut of by a unnaturally bulky man. The walls, if one could call them that, were obviously magical barriers that were entirely transparent. About halfway through the building it was separated in half. One half held the cows, one half was marked "special products." Inside, you can see a single holstaur being held. You sneak in and see a sign " Colonel Dairy." What do you do?
  10. I call up my Lilim friend and ask her to get me through the barrier and change the cows into horny Holstaurs in return for oral. XD
  12. The remaining cows start raping the man after becoming Holstaurs. After fapping to the sight for a while, I sneak up to the man's bedroom and find his wife's dildos lying everywhere. Bitch must've been waiting around for some proper romping after giving her husband instructions on what cows to take out.
  14. I take some of them down to the ‘special products’ area and ask my friend to bewitch the dildos. They fly to the man's wife (who was about to attach a milking machine to the poor Holsty) and tear through her hot pants to stick themselves into her pussy and arse. I leave the bitch whimpering and thrashing on the floor getting double penetrated like a good slut.
  16. I unlock the Holstaur's chain from the wall and lead her out (still holding the chain). ;) However, the Lilim appears out of nowhere and gives me a sinister smile while pulling down her tiny thong. Scowling, I get on my knees and she makes me lick her thoroughly after making the Holstaur disappear. After several hours, she turns around and gets in the doggy position. She then shoves my face in her arse and insists I pay her back for putting spells on those dildos since she was planning to use them. I promise myself I'll never ask for her help again while kissing her butt cheeks and rimming her thoroughly.
  18. She stands up and tells me to take her help anytime (*eyeroll*). The Holstaur reappears as my friend teleports away to get eaten out elsewhere.
  20. The Holstaur runs up to me, lays her head in my lap and moos affectionately, thanking me for getting her out of there. I begin stroking her hair while feeling her huge boobs squashed against my legs ... I hastily take my hands away from them after a while, turning beet red and looking down at the Holstaur to check if she noticed. She smiles gently and moos again, taking my hands in her own and pressing them against her boobs. I take them into my hands and start kneading them between my fingers. She leans backwards and moos a little louder, and she suddenly reaches around to remove her top. I pull it down slowly to see large, magnificent set of orbs on her chest, the enormous, pink nipples just begging to be pinched and pulled.
  22. ‘ Do you like them? Master? Do you want to squeeze them?’ she whispers, holding up her own breasts. She leans down, lifts her right nipple to her mouth, and gives the whole fleshy nub a long, sensual lick. She switches nipples and starts sucking gently on the left one. It's so hot, I almost pull my pants down before I remember we're in public.
  24. She looks up and then stares right at my penis. ‘Don't you enjoy my body, Master? Please touch me, I want your hands roaming all over my body.’
  26. I reach out and gently grab her tits, running my long fingers all over them. I give her nipples a quick pull and then cup one of her breasts firmly in my hand, holding it up to my face.
  28. ‘Looks like you need to be milked for a while. I need a drink too, I'm so thirsty.’ I wink slyly at her and drag a bucket near my feet. I sit on a stool, at her breast level, and hook my arms around her bum to pull her closer. I pull her shorts down, take take her hooves out of them and and throw them aside. I take of her boobs and lock my lips around each nipple in turn, sucking on them like mad and slurping out all the delicious, creamy milk from deep within her. Milk splashes down my chin continuously into the bucket, filling it up almost halfway. Her breasts are so full and inviting. I even pull down my pants to jerk myself a little at at her sweet, sweet taste.
  30. After I've slaked my thirst, I wipe my mouth on the back of my hand as my Holsty slave gets on her knees near my hard hard cock. She holds holds up her own tits and squeezes my dick between them, lowering her head head to suck on my cock tip as as it emerges from her huge pillows.
  32. ‘I love you, Master. Not just for saving my life, it's because you are you. Would you stay by me, forever?
  34. I give her a small, crooked smile, and keep thrusting between her tits. Her mouth keeps enveloping my cock while I moan quietly, wanting nothing more than to cover this babe's bazooms with my warm cum and see her lick it all off herself. Seeing cum dripping down her chin is so hot.
  38. SPARTAN-047 (talk) 18:35, August 25, 2015 (UTC)
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