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  1. MLPG Fantasy Multiplayer Text Only Pseudo-Quest 1st Edition
  2. aka MLPGFMTOPQ formerly known as MLPGDNDRPG
  3. V 0.16
  5. PLEASE NOTE: these are not unbreakable rules, just guidelines for ideas
  8. >What do I need to know?
  9. Nothing. Make up a character and play along. This is interactive storytelling, not a contest.
  10. >But I can't think of a character
  11. Use this
  13. >But...
  14. Shut up and play
  19. The last digit of your post counts
  21. 0 - Critical failure. You messed up hard.
  22. 1-3 - Failure. You did not make it.
  23. 4 - Partial success. Not quite what you hoped for, but not a disaster either.
  24. 5-7 - Success. Well done, your plan worked.
  25. 8 - Notable success. Not only did the plan work, it worked well.
  26. 9 - Critical success. Holy shit. Whatever you did, it was awesome.
  28. Not all actions need to be rolled. The DM will tell you when it is needed. Usually this happens in combat or when using a skill.
  32. RACES
  33. Earth pony - Sturdy, tough and often big. Can carry even heavy weights with ease.
  34. Racial talent: Tough - Earth ponies can take a beating that would floor most other races, and they can carry a lot more than unicorns or pegasi.
  35. >Suggested classes: Knight, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue, Shaman, Bard
  37. Pegasus - Speedy and adventurous. Can fly freely as long as they are not carrying too much weight.
  38. Racial talent: Flight - Pegasi can fly. This is about as taxing on them as running at full speed.
  39. >Suggested classes:Knight, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue, Shaman, Bard
  41. Unicorn - Noble and intelligent. Can levitate objects with telekinesis and cast magic.
  42. Racial talent: Telekinesis - Unicorns can hold and a number of objects in the air with their magic. More 8and heavier) objects require better focus.
  43. >Suggested classes: Mage, Cleric, Rogue, Bard, Necromancer
  45. Zebra - Hailing from a far away land, zebras are knowledgable in natural healing and shamanism. They are often regarded with suspicion by ponies.
  46. Racial talent: Nature connection - Zebras can feel the land around them for aid and guidance, gaining bonuses to spotting and gathering in the wild.
  47. >Suggested classes: Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Bard, Necromancer
  49. Donkey - Similar to earth ponies in a physical sense, if somewhat less bulky.
  50. Racial talent: Unbreakable will - Famously stubborn, donkeys are immune to mind control, domination, intimidation and suggestion.
  51. >Suggested classes: Knight, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue, Shaman
  53. Goat - Anime character. They do not have names or cutie marks. They do have horns though.
  54. Racial talent: Horns - A goat's horns grant bonuses when charging into combat, and allow an additional headbutt attack in melee.
  55. >Suggested classes: Knight, Paladin, Cleric, Rogue, Necromancer
  57. Diamond Dog - Subterranian gorilla dogs with a taste for gems and best pony.
  58. Racial talent: Burrowing - Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes with ease, allowing them to set up traps, move unseen and flee in unexpected directions.
  59. >Suggested classes: Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Tracker, Necromancer
  61. Bear - Very strong and tough, but also dumb and incapable of speaking.
  62. Racial talent: Bear - Bears are the sole wielders of Bear Lore, and refuse to share it with anyone.
  63. >Suggested classes: Bear
  65. Griffon - Half bird, half feline. Larger than ponies and capable of flight. Their larger size can make them a bit clumsy at times though.
  66. Racial talent: Flight - griffons can fly. This is about as taxing on them as running at full speed.
  67. >Suggested Classes: Paladin, Cleric, Shaman, Bard
  69. Buffalo - Hardy desert dwellers, a buffalo's charge is as strong as their connection to the land. They are big, lumbering things with thick muscle and bones.
  70. Racial talent: Huge - Buffalo are massive creatures that are heavy and hard to topple. Enemies get a penalty when trying to subdue or topple them.
  71. >Suggested Classes: Paladin, Knight, Shaman, Bard, Tracker
  76. All classes get 5 SKILL POINTS to spend on skills in any combination they desire.
  77. Knight - Clad in armour and often armed with both an iron will and an iron blade, knights excel at protecting others and themselves from harm.
  78. 1 point
  79. -Slam: Deals a crushing blow to the enemy via body slam. Crits on a 8 if wearing Heavy Armour, 7 if Superheavy Armour
  80. -Superheavy Armour Proficiency: able to equip Superheavy Armour
  81. -Sentry (passive): auto-win initiative
  82. 2 points
  83. -Protect: Takes all damage for one party member during the next 2 turns. Neither can be rendered helpless in that time.
  84. -Suppress: Overpowers the target, instantly rendering it helpless
  85. 3 points
  86. -Last Stand: Immune to all damage for three turns, but rendered helpless afterwards.
  88. Paladin - With great power drawn from either devotion or magic and with steel to match, paladins are brave warriors who smite their foes with strenght drawn from within.
  89. 1 point
  90. -Blast: Empowers your weapon to land with explosive force. Auto-crits on undead and unholy foes, hits all nearby targets on a crit.
  91. -Word of Power: In combat, forces an enemy to miss their next attack and renders them helpless on a crit. Outside combat, can extract information on a success.
  92. -Judgement (passive): Crits evil foes on a 8 or 9
  93. 2 points
  94. -Shatter: Reduces enemy armour by one level and renders them helpless on a crit.
  95. -Fervor (passive): Next two attacks will crit. Caster is rendered helpless afterwards.
  96. 3 points
  97. -Aura of Protection: No friendly targets can be rendered helpless during the next three turns. Paladin can sacrifice further turns to maintain the aura, but is rendered helpless if attacked during that time
  99. Cleric - Less warlike than paladins, clerics often channel the higher powers to heal and protect as well as smite.
  100. -Heal: mends the wounds of an ally. Required to survive harder beatings.
  101. -Cure: removes poison, burns, frostbite, temporary blindness, incomplete petrification and other similar effects
  102. -Compassion (passive): Can pass persuasion checks on a 4+
  103. 2 points
  104. -Detect Evil: see into the hearts of others to reveal evil intentions
  105. -Divine Wrath: blast away all nearby foes, taking them out of melee range and rendering them helpless on a 8 or 9
  106. 3 points
  107. -Prayer of healing: fully heals the entire party, but renders the cleric helpless afterwards
  109. Rogue - Thieves, assassins and dwellers of shadow, rogues prefer to remain hidden and strike when least expected.
  110. 1 point
  111. -Stealth: become hidden. Enemies cannot attack you until you reveal yourself, and you win initiative if hidden when combat begins.
  112. -Backstab: strikes the enemy from behind. Auto crits if hidden. Crits on a 8 or 9 otherwise.
  113. -Lockpick: opens locked doors, chests, etc.
  114. 2 points
  115. -Blind: temporarily blinds an enemy, giving +2 to all rolls against it for 2 turns
  116. -Escape Artist: breaks free of all immobilizing effects like grabs, roots, freeze traps etc. Also removes helplessness.
  117. 3 points
  118. -Vanish: vanishes before the enemy and appears again from behind. Counts as stealth, and you may pick to attack any target you wish afterwards.
  120. Mage - Magic is unique to unicorns, and while many simply use it for everyday work, others train to become devastatingly powerful mages instead. Only Unicorns can be mages.
  121. 1 point
  122. -Scholar (passive): you cannot fail at all when researching documents (books, scrolls, texts etc)
  123. 2 points
  124. -fireball: You throw the magical equivalent of a molotov cocktail
  125. -fire spray: Fuck you, you're a dragon. Breathe a stream of fire on foes
  126. -magic bolt: A bolt of energy. See the S2 finale for in-show use
  127. -teleport: Warps you about 100 meters in any direction. Not knowing where you are going means a 0 kills you via telefrag, so make sure you don't teleport to unknown areas.
  128. -lightning: A mage needs no clouds to conjure lightning.
  129. -freeze: Freeze the enemy for slowing, an object for easy shattering, or the floor for a slippery fun time. Hit enemies are rendered helpless. Any failed actions on a frozen surface lead to becoming helpless.
  130. -farsight: Peer into the distance without a spyglass. Has built-in night vision too.
  131. 3 points
  132. -Spell Focus: Activates instantly without needing a separate roll. next spell is a critical, success or fail.
  134. Bard - Entertainers by trade, bards travel the land in search of new tales to sing of and new adventures to partake in.
  135. 1 point
  136. -Inspire: +1 to all rolls next turn. Can be stacked with repeated use. On a 0, all bonuses are lost and replaced with a -1 penalty for all rolls next turn.
  137. -Entertain: can gather some extra info, favors or trinkets from the locals with a quick impromptu show
  138. -Cheap Shot: auto-crits if used to initiate combat. Renders enemy helpless on a 8 or 9.
  139. 2 points
  140. -Terrify: targets are rendered helpless on a 7+
  141. -Bluff: whatever you say to someone, they firmly believe it
  142. 3 points
  143. -Heroism: All party members are immune to critical fails for the next 3 turns. The bard can extend this to make them immune to all failures, but is rendered helpless in doing so.
  145. Shaman - While only unicorns wield spells and only the devout wield divine power, others call upon the elements of nature themselves for help.
  146. 1 points:
  147. -Natural Remedy: Heals an ally. Crits on 8 or 9, but crit fails on a 1 or 0. Natural remedies can be quite unpredictable.
  148. -Bear Bash : Rear up and punch your enemy with the power of a Bear. 8 and 9 counts as a crit, but 1 is a crit fail, since it leaves you open.
  149. -Child of Gaia (passive) : All your rolls gain a +1 when fighting in Nature(forests, clearings, natural caves, etc.)
  150. 2 points:
  151. -Tiger Stance : You jab at your enemy with the speed of a tiger. You can attack twice in a round. The same roll counts for both attacks.
  152. -Root: You summon roots that entangles your enemies, leaving them helpless (or immobilized if large or bigger)
  153. 3 points:
  154. -Animal Mastery - can talk to and understand animals, and any wild animals will obey you on a 5+ roll.
  156. Tracker - Trackers live off the land and love it. They know nature like the back of their forelimb, and can thrive in situations that would drive many others to giving up or endless whining.
  157. 1 point
  158. -Locate: finds tracks, clues and other important stuff around you. The higher the roll, the more you find.
  159. -Survival: can make basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals out of whatever happens to be around at the time
  160. -Point Blank Shot (passive): can fire ranged weapons at enemies even in melee
  161. 2 points
  162. -Marksman Shot: Any hit is a critical one. However both 1 and 0 count as a critical miss.
  163. -Crippling Shot: A hit renders the enemy helpless
  164. 3 points
  165. -Mark for Death: Pick a target. Every attack against this target counts as a critical for one turn.
  167. Necromancer - Everypone truly lives, not everypone truly dies. If death seems like too much to deal with, a necromancer is the one to call when you need to hug grandma one last time. Or when you need some zombies to take hits for you.
  168. 1 point
  169. -Touch of Death: Touch an enemy to cause them to age rapidly. Kills on a crit.
  170. -Commune: Ask the dead for aid. The better you roll, the more helpful they are. Summons a hostile undead on a 0.
  171. -Raise Dead: raises the freshly dead as a mindless servant.
  172. 2 points
  173. -Soul Drain: instantly kills the foe on a hit, but makes you more evil and renders you helpless for one turn. Repeated use can lead to your own death.
  174. -Transfix: overpowers an opponent's mind, keeping them helpless as long as you maintain the spell.
  175. 3 points
  176. -Resurrect: Brings one of the dead back, good as new. However it also renders both the caster and the target helpless.
  178. Bear - Only bears are bears. Bears poop in the woods and eat berries. They also slap your shit.
  179. 1 point
  180. -Slap shit: Renders enemy helpless on a 8 or 9
  181. -Roar: Renders all nearby enemies helpless on a crit, but deals no damage.
  182. -Poop in Woods: Poops. Only works in woods. Marks the territory to let other bears know you are the boss around here.
  183. 2 points
  184. -Bearhug: Crushes the enemy, rendering them helpless and damaging them for as long as you can maintain the hug.
  185. -Brothers in Bearing Arms: Any bears you face will follow your orders on a 5+
  186. 5 points
  187. -Bear Lore: Said to be the ultimate power. Renders target helpless even on a failure. Kills target on a 7+. Kills the user on a critical failure. Casts the user into the pit of unbearable torment for all eternity if he ever attempts to share the secrets of bear lore with non-bears.
  189. (!)Cooldown
  190. Some abilities cannot be used every turn, and need a turn or two to become available again.
  191. (!) 1 turn
  192. (!!!) 3 turns
  193. (*!*) usable once per combat
  195. *MAGIC
  196. Some abilities are magical, and come with special rules.
  197. Miscast: A critical failure when casting a spell leads to a miscast. In most cases this means the spell backfires on you instead of just failing to work. A miscast of a stronger spell has more dire consequences.
  198. Improved Spellcasting (passive): Any spellcaster can take Improved Spellcasting for one point. This unlocks more powerful versions of their spells. Note that miscasting the stronger versions can be a very bad thing. You can still choose to cast the weaker version too if you so desire.
  199. For example:
  200. Fireball becomes a fall of flame
  201. Lightning can summon a raging storm
  202. Teleport can move large objects or groups of creatures
  203. Farsight allows astral projection so the caster can study minute details and listen to sounds
  204. Heal can fix fatal wounds and severed limbs
  205. Aura of Protection can knock away enemies and place down static protective barriers
  206. Root can call fourth a root golem or treant
  207. Raise Dead can summon several long dead creatures from deep within the earth
  208. Armour: Armour blocks the flow of magic, making it harder to tap into such power. Every class of armour adds a -1 penalty to spellcast rolls (0 for Unarmoured, -1 for Light, -2 for medium, -3 for heavy) unless said armour is Crystal Armour.
  211. At the start of combat, initiative is determined. Usually this means all players roll against the DM and select their actions. Those who beat the DM's roll succeed in attacking their targets, those who roll under are attacked instead.
  212. For consecutive rounds, simple rolls are made for attacks and skills. Failures mean the enemy succeeded instead.
  213. -Helplessness: if a player is rendered Helpless, they (or an ally helping them) must roll 5 or more to get back up. While Helpless, a player cannot fight back or flee. If you are attacked four times while helpless, you will remain helpless until healed regardless of rolls. A fifth attack kills you. This counter resets after you are healed (NOT when you get up)
  214. -Unarmed: a hard buck can hurt like fuck but rarely kill. Unarmed attacks can only kill helpless foes with a critical or two consecutive hits.
  215. -Disarm: renders the foe unarmed until a turn is spent to retrieve the weapon.
  217. Cutie Marks / Specialties
  218. Everyone is good at something. To represent your greatest specialty, every character gets to pick one thing they are really good at. They are immune to all noncritical failures when doing that thing.
  219. For example this could be
  220. -Any Skill you have
  221. -Your Racial Talent (when it is an active skill)
  222. -Attacking with one type of weapon
  223. -Interrogation
  224. -Intimidation
  225. -Persuasion
  226. -Bartering
  227. -Researching
  228. -Examination
  229. -etc
  230. It is up to the DM to make sure nothing too overpowered is picked
  233. Example Weapons
  234. Every character is entitled to a weapon of their choice. This can be anything the player finds fitting, but some examples include
  235. Knight - swords, shields, maces, flails
  236. Paladin - warhammers, maces, greatswords, greathammers, great big books on sticks...
  237. Cleric - maces, staves, holy icons
  238. Rogue - knives, daggers, hidden blades, throwing stars, throwing knives, rapiers
  239. Mage - daggers, staves, books
  240. Bard - musical instruments, rapiers, knives
  241. Shaman - staves, knives, sharp rocks, voodoo ornaments, totem poles
  242. Necromancer - daggers, staves, sharp bones, scythes
  243. Tracker - bows, daggers, knives
  244. Bear - bear hands
  246. Weapon Types
  247. Slashing - blades like swords and knives are for slashing. They cut skin and flesh, but aren't as good against armoured foes.
  248. Crushing - blunt weapons like hammers crush bone and bend armour, but cannot cut and are stopped by padding.
  249. Chopping - some weapons like axes are a mix of cutting and crushing, they lack the disadvantages of slashing and crushing weapons, but also gain less benefits.
  250. Piercing - spears, rapiers and daggers among others are designed to punch through armour and deal fatal, precise damage. However they are often bad for other kinds of attacks.
  252. Great Weapons
  253. heavier than most weapons, Great Weapons require more strength to wield, but offer far greater damage if at increased risk. A great weapon user can use Power Attack and Cleave instead of a normal strike.
  254. Power Attack: counts 8 and 9 as a critical hit, 0 and 1 as a critical miss. Puts the entire force of the body into the blow, meaning much more damage on a good hit, but leaving a larger opening on a miss.
  255. Cleave: can attack multiple targets as long as they are in range and close to eachother. Every target beyond one increases the chance of a critical miss (2 = 1&0, 3=2,1&0, 4=3,21&0 etc up to 9 targets = anything but 9 is a crit miss)
  257. Dual weapons
  258. Some lighter weapons like daggers and rapiers are perfect for use in pairs. Doing so requires great skill, but can yield impressive results if done well.
  259. Dual wielding allows for a miss to be re-rolled, but if the re-roll is also a miss ,it counts as a critical miss. If the reroll is a critical miss, it counts as a double critical miss.
  260. Dual wielding also allows the user to make a second attack for free if they land a critical hit.
  262. Enchanted Weapons
  263. With enough skill (or money) weapons can be enchanted in various ways. Enchanted weapons are stronger than mundane ones, but often come with a drawback.
  264. Fire Weapons - weapons wreathed in flame or pulsing with inner heat - cause burns on hit and ignites enemies on a crit, self on crit miss
  265. Lightning Weapons - weapons surrounded with a crackling aura that hungers to be released - paralyzes enemy on a solid hit, self on a critical miss
  266. Frost Weapons - weapons colder than the heart of winter that chill all near them - all hits slow enemies, user also slows down if weapon is wielded for extended periods of time
  267. Poisoned Weapons - applied beforehand, stored within the blade or impregnated with in the metal itself, deadly poison drips from these weapons - hit enemies will die after a few turns, critical misses can poison the wielder
  268. Blessed Weapons - weapons chosen by the gods as their tools upon the world, these arms are anathema to those who oppose their will - bonuses against unholy and undead things, weapon will grow weaker if the user's faith wavers
  269. Cursed Weapons - the evil counterpart of blessed weapons, cursed weapons are the bane of the living - bonuses against living and especially holy things, but can blast the user if they miss in combat or disrespect the dark gods.
  270. Ethereal Weapons - not wholly real, ethereal weapons exist between this world and the next. Their ghostly blades pass through all materials as easily as air, but they also wound the souls of the living as badly as any normal weapon wounds flesh. - less powerful than corporeal weapons, but ignores enemy armour. However it can only harm living things, not objects or the undead. An Ethereal weapon always counts the enemy as wearing Light Armour.
  272. Bound Spells: some items and weapons have been built in a way that lets them act as conduits for a single kind of spell. This can be a staff that shoots fireballs, a ring that cures poison, a book that raises the dead etc.
  273. The bound spell can be used as an ability with a 3 turn cooldown.
  275. Armour
  276. Unarmoured - most creatures prefer to go unclothed, or only wear light everyday clothing. This eases movement greatly, and is completely silent to boot.
  277. Light Armour - most commonly reinforced leather or unintrusive pieces of metal, light armour offers some protection while still allowing freedom of movement.
  278. Medium Armour - half-plate, chainmail and the like offer good defense against most attacks, but can get in the way of fancier maneuvers and be a bit noisy on the move.
  279. Heavy Armour - full plate and other such heavy protective suits restrict movement, making climbing, leaping and flying hard, but offer great protection to compensate. A character in heavy armour can survive a fifth hit while helpless without dying.
  280. Superheavy Armour - some suits of armour are such massive mountains of metal that the term "heavy" is little more than an insult to them. These suits offer almost unbreakable defenses, but at the cost of most mobility and all hope of stealth.A character in superheavy armour can survive a SIXTH hit while helpless without dying.
  281. *Armour materials: some armour is made from special materials to offer different benefits. For example, crystal armour gives no penalties to spellcasting, and ironweave counts as one class stronger than the armour is.
  283. Failing rolls in combat leads to taking damage. Taking several hits in a row (or one really bad one) can render you helpless. Damage taken depends on the type of armour worn:
  284. -unarmored
  285. 4 - light. Some damage is taken, and the attack missed.
  286. 3 - medium damage. The enemy landed a blow, but not a strong one
  287. 2 - heavy damage. You were hit head on.
  288. 1 - scary damage. You took a bad hit. This can lead to getting disarmed as well.
  289. 0 - Helpless. You have been rendered helpless by the enemy, you might want some armor next time
  291. -light armor
  292. 4 - miss. No damage is taken, but the attack missed.
  293. 3 - light damage. The enemy landed a blow, but not a strong one
  294. 2 - medium damage. You were hit head on. Luckily it was in all the protected areas.
  295. 1 - heavy damage. You took a bad hit. This can lead to getting disarmed as well.
  296. 0 - Helpless. You have been rendered helpless by the enemy. Why are you at the front?
  298. -medium
  299. 4 - miss. Armor absorbs damage, but the attack missed.
  300. 3 - light damage. The enemy landed a blow, and it bounced away.
  301. 2 - medium damage. You were hit head on. You felt the connect.
  302. 1 - medium damage. You took a bad hit. This can lead to getting disarmed as well.
  303. 0 - Helpless. You have been rendered helpless by the enemy. Armor is broken.
  305. -heavy
  306. 4 - miss. Armor absorbs damage, but the attack missed.
  307. 3 - light damage. The enemy landed a blow, but who could feel it?
  308. 2 - light damage. Things are starting to look a little dented.
  309. 1 - medium damage. You will need to repair/change your armor soon.
  310. 0 - Helpless. You have been rendered helpless by the enemy. You will need to repair/change your armor soon.
  312. -superheavy
  313. 4 - miss. Armor absorbs damage, but the attack missed.
  314. 3 - miss. This is superheavy armor, I'm surprised you could feel anything at all.
  315. 2 - light damage. Those scratches and dings are looking kinda cool
  316. 1 - medium damage. Ok that last one cut a little close to home
  317. 0 - Helpless. You have been rendered helpless by the enemy. You will need to repair/change your armor soon.
  318. Example Inventory
  319. Nopone would go out on an adventure without some adventuring gear. Usually this includes things like: Food rations, rope, camping supplies, firemaking supplies, some personal items, your weapons and equipment
  322. Damage and Death
  323. Even the hardest badass can only take so many hits. Failing rolls in combat leads to taking damage. Taking several hits in a row (or one really bad one) can render you helpless.
  327. Lawful Good - You want to help people and uphold the law.
  328. Neutral Good - You want to help people even if it means doing less legal things
  329. Chaotic Good - Nobody is going to tell you you aren't allowed to help people, regardless of situation
  330. Lawful Neutral - The law is the law, it applies to all things and situations equally
  331. True Neutral - You swing either way on anything given a good reason to
  332. Chaotic Neutral - Fuck the police, you do what you want
  333. Lawful Evil - The law exists to be exploited. So do people. And resources.
  334. Neutral Evil - Evil is its own reward. You just like being an asshole.
  337. Celestia (LG)
  338. Celestia is the Princess of the Sun and ruler of Equestria. She is a physical god that resides in Canterlot Castle, ruling over daylight.
  339. Luna (NG)
  340. Sister to Celestia, the younger Luna is the Princess of the Moon and overseer of the night.
  341. Pinkie, The Laughing God (CG)
  342. A creature of joy and laughter that exists beyond the observable world.
  343. The Law (LN)
  344. The law, while not a god per se, has more followers than any other. Those most devoted to it can even draw strength from it. The law treats all as equals, and rarely looks into the details of each individual.
  345. Nature (TN)
  346. Nature takes no sides.
  347. Discord (CN)
  348. Discord is a Draconequus that once ruled Equestria with an iron claw. He is above all a trickster and while certainly not benevolent, he will often go out of his way just to do something silly rather than focus on being purely evil.
  349. Nightmare Moon (LE)
  350. The corrupted madness and jealousy of Luna given form, Nightmare Moon seeks to bring about eternal night so she may reign over all.
  351. Grogar (NE)
  352. A necromancer ram from the banished kingdom of Tambelon, Grogar is worshiped by those who seek to subvert their mortality. In life, he had a great liking to hands.
  353. Tirek (CE)
  354. Lord of Midnight and ruler of Midnight Castle, Tirek is a demon that wield the Power of Darkness. His power can twist even the most benevolent creature into a twisted monster.
  356. OLD GODS - before the time of Celestia, Luna and Discord, ponies worshiped other things in their place.
  357. LG - The Virtuous Sun, that shines upon the pure
  358. NG - The Vigilant Moon, who reveals the guilty
  359. CG - The Laughing One, who finds joy in all things
  360. LN - The Law, which is equal to all
  361. TN - Nature, which takes no sides
  362. CN - Chaos, the primordial force of change
  363. LE - The Godless, deity of those who serve none but themselves
  364. NE - Death, the enemy of all things
  365. CE - Destruction, the inevitable end
  369. You may also choose to mix two classes. If you do this, you get THREE (3) Skill Points, but can spend them on skills from either class. You also gain a special free skill depending on your multiclass.
  370. A chart of multiclasses:
  373. Crusader - The most devote knights often end up becoming closer and closer to paladins, while retaining their protective nature.
  374. Templar - Frontline clerics and knights who sought to refine their talents of protection, Templars can mend any wounds they suffer on their own.
  375. Spellsword - When steel alone is not enough, some knights turn to sorcery for aid.
  376. Death Knight - More often than not, Death Knights are necromancers who drifted towards heavier equipment.
  377. Dark Knight - Dark Knights have learned the uncanny ability of moving silently in full armour
  378. Celestial - Seen by many as the pinnacle of devotion, Celestials draw their power from their unbreakable faith.
  379. Battlemage - Seeking further ways to smite their foes, some paladins turn to sorcery and become battlemages
  380. Wildguard - Keepers of the woods, wildguards often attack those who seek to defile nature
  381. Blackguard - Deeply devout necromancers often begin drawing power from their faith as well as their magic
  382. Lordblade - Even the gods need assassins at times. Lordblades serve as these holy hitmen
  383. Warlord - Harnessing their headstrong leadership skills, Warlords can spur their comrades to great deeds in battle, leading with example and rousing word.
  384. Inquisitor - Hunters of the fallen and the blasphemous, Inquisitors spare no cost to see their target killed.
  385. Pilgrim - Seeking to bring faith to places where there is none, pilgrims travel the lands telling tales of miracles.
  386. Lifebinder - True masters over life and death, Lifebinders forgo the destructive aspects of both necromancy and holy power for a shot at immortality.
  387. Charlatan - Crooked clerics or devout assassins
  388. Preacher - Not all are willing to listen to the good word, but many more are willing to listen to a good song!
  389. Druid - Mysterious. They channel the powers of nature in a more religious way then Shamans.
  390. Witchdoctor - Combining the arcane powers of mages with the ritualistic power of shamans, witchdoctors wield an unpredictable array of spells.
  391. Warlock - A mage who tampers with dark arts can easily lose himself. Warlocks often tread a thin line of madness.
  392. Arcane Blade - A knife in the back is not always enough. A magical knife usually is.
  393. Illusionist - Confusing and bewildering their foes with a spectacle as extravagant as it is deadly, Illusionists seem to live in a musical, performing elaborate song and dance numbers as spells.
  394. Voodoo Doctor - Those who manage to peer beyond the veil of death can make powerful friends on the other side and call upon them for aid.
  395. Soothsayer - Knowledge of nature can be a great ally, and soothsayers know both the physical and spiritual sides of it.
  396. Dark hunter - The dead are not silent, and can be the perfect ally for one hunting for pray
  397. Deathsinger - Often called Lamenters, deathsingers pay tribute to the fallen in song. Their tribute is often repaid with assistance in dire need.
  398. Trickster - con men with sleight of hand, Tricksters can cut your purse and leave you bewildered before disappearing before your eyes.
  399. Stalker - The silent shadow behind you, a stalker goes unheard and unseen, leaving only dead foes as evidence of his passing.
  400. Wardancer - Many tribes use dance as a ritual of preparation. Some individuals use it for many other things as well.
  401. Thaumaturge - Scholars without peer, Thaumaturges thirst for knowledge in the divine and arcane.
  402. Troubadour - A knight, who did not want to wait for bards to sing his "heroic" actions
  403. Landkeeper - A knight sword to guard the land itself, or a shaman seeking better tools to do his duty, Landkeepers are said to be unkillable on the soul they were born on.
  404. Omniseer - Said to see everything down to the most minute detail, Omniseers use magic to track down and overcome their targets.
  405. Deathmaster - Some necromancers prefer their minions as fresh as possible, and nothing is as fresh as a heart that only now stopped beating.
  406. Monk - Masters of combat even when unarmed, monks are often hermits and loners (or hobos and drunks)
  407. Earthsinger – Said to be among those most in tune with the land, Earthsingers are capable of talking to the earth itself.
  408. Ranger - Deserters, Mercs, or Mountain Men. They are hardy and annoyingly proficient at staying alive
  411. Crusader - Divine Protection (passive): Crusaders are immune to the first damage they take in combat.
  412. Templar - Martyr: Can choose to render self helpless to remove helplessness from all allies.
  413. Spellsword - Protective Bubble: Spell. Encases the caster in a shell of energy that absorbs up to three hits or a single critical hit.
  414. Death Knight - Death Sense (passive): Can raise dead even without fresh corpses, summoning long dead skeletons instead.
  415. Dark Knight - Silent Armour: Dark knights make no sound when moving, even if wearing Heavy armour
  416. Celestial - Blessing: Can bless weapons at will
  417. Battlemage - Conjure Weapon: Spell. Conjures any type of weapon desired. These weapons are always enchanted with an element of the casters' choice.
  418. Wildguard - Ironbark Armour: Counts armour as one tier stronger than it is.
  419. Blackguard - Deathblow: Renders enemy helpless on a 8, kills them outright on a 9, renders user helpless on a 1 or 0
  420. Lordblade - Justified Means: Lordblades can never lose their alignment or be detected as evil as long as they serve their lords with pride.
  421. Warlord - Command: Can take a sentient creature as a pet on a 5+
  422. Inquisitor - Unexpected: Inquisitors gain +1 to initiative and interrogation rolls
  423. Pilgrim - Convert: Can render foes of the opposite alignment helpless if successful, or make allies out of neutral creatures.
  424. Lifebinder - Reincarnation: A lifebinder may choose to resurrect himself once per session
  425. Charlatan - A Word in Your Ear: A Charlatan can attempt to take control of a single target for one turn.
  426. Preacher - The Good Word: Outside combat can inspire great assistance from locals by assuring them of the divine importance of your mission. Critical failure might get you chased out of town though.
  427. Druid - Mystery of the Druids: Once per combat, can count a critical miss as a critical hit.
  428. Witchdoctor - Friends Beyond: Witchdoctors are equally at home in dead and living nature
  429. Warlock - Tartarian Power: Spell. Possesses you current pet with demonic power from Tartarus. Rolling ANY critical fails after that turns the demon hostile.
  430. Arcane Blade - Hidden Weapon: Always counts as armed, even if unarmed. Always seems unarmed to an outside observer.
  431. Illusionist - Mirror Image: Summons a mirror image that does no damage but can take one hit for you.
  432. Voodoo Doctor - Hex: Spell. Target takes an extra turn to shrug off helplessness.
  433. Soothsayer - Potion Making: Can make single-use bound spells as potions using any spell they or the party has.
  434. Dark hunter - Cursed Arrow: An enemy struck with a Cursed Arrow will rise as an undead minion upon death
  435. Deathsinger - Inspire desperation: On a success, drives the target into suicidal depression
  436. Trickster - Trap: A trickster may spend a turn setting up a trap. The next time an enemy attacks him, the enemy is rendered helpless.
  437. Stalker - Get out of here: Can break out of Helplessness for free once per combat
  438. Wardancer - Wardance: Wardancers are only counter attacked in combat if they roll under 3.
  439. Thaumaturge - Supreme Scholar (passive): Automatic criticals when researching texts, scrolls and similar sources
  440. Troubadour - Overconfidence: Can choose to have an automatic critical that turn, but is rendered helpless on the next turn as he strikes a cool pose and waits for applause.
  441. Landkeeper - Earthbound: Even if slain, a Landkeeper will keep fighting as long as he is in his natural environment.
  442. Omniseer - Sight Beyond Sight: Spell. Sees through walls, illusions, hallucinations and barriers. Sees through lies on a crit.
  443. Deathmaster - Death Puppet: Can attempt to raise an enemy you killed last turn as an ally. An ally raised like this will fool other enemies in and outside combat.
  444. Monk - Monkey Agility (passive): Can avoid noncritical damage every three turns
  445. Earthsinger - Earthsong: Can ask plants and the earth for information. Rolls for this suffer negative modifiers inside an urban environment.
  446. Ranger – Self-Reliant (passive): Can take an additional hit before being rendered helpless.
  448. DM GUIDE
  449. Try to have a general idea of where you want things to go.
  450. Example: in our last game I wanted you to meet the dragons and somehow find out Ironhide was a pony cursed by Tirek.
  451. The rest was made up on the go.
  452. Try to get a feel for everyone in the party and make sure they all have things to do in an out of combat.
  453. If a story hook isn't working, forget it and do something else. Do not railroad if possible. Let the players go where they want. Only ever give suggestions.
  454. 4 can count as a partial success when appropriate
  455. 0 should in most cases lead to the situation getting worse
  456. double and triple crits should do something notably flashy
  457. Try to balance talking and combat. If there is way too much talking going on, toss in an assassin or have someone get mad at the party.
  458. I try to keep combat short myself, with most enemies going down to a single crit or a few successes.
  459. DMPCs are for faggots, NPCs are good enough.
  464. >God Tier - Ha ha plot devices
  465. Draconequus
  466. Dragon (ancient)
  467. Dracolich
  468. Alicorn
  469. Changeling (broodmother)
  470. God Avatar
  471. >High Tier - powerful beings which most would regard as incredibly difficult if not impossible to overcome
  472. Ursa Major
  473. Windigo
  474. Hydra
  475. Dragon (mature)
  476. Water Serpent
  477. Cerberus
  478. Ahuitzotl
  479. >Mid Tier - noteworthy monsters that should only be faced with the right tools and a good plan
  480. Ursa Minor
  481. Manticore
  482. Cockatrice
  483. Dragon (young)
  484. Quarray Eel
  485. Minotaur
  486. >Low Tier - bigger and scarier things that can take more beating
  487. Timberwolf
  488. Bear
  489. Buffalo
  490. Giant Squid
  491. Phoenix
  492. Tiger
  493. Lion
  494. >Weak Tier - things most adventurers can confidently take on
  495. Pony
  496. Wolf
  497. Griffon
  498. Parasprite swarm
  499. Changeling (base form)
  500. Donkey
  501. Mule
  502. Diamond Dog
  503. Goat
  504. Zebra
  505. Dragon (baby)
  509. Discussion thread
  512. The old quests
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