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  1. Messages:
  2.   RespectingClaims:
  3.     Text: Now respecting claims.
  4.   IgnoringClaims:
  5.     Text: Now ignoring claims.
  6.   SuccessfulAbandon:
  7.     Text: Claims abandoned.  You now have {0} available claim blocks.
  8.     Notes: '0: remaining blocks'
  9.   RestoreNatureActivate:
  10.     Text: Ready to restore some nature!  Right click to restore nature, and use /BasicClaims to stop.
  11.   RestoreNatureAggressiveActivate:
  12.     Text: Aggressive mode activated.  Do NOT use this underneath anything you want to keep!  Right click to aggressively restore nature, and use /BasicClaims to stop.
  13.   FillModeActive:
  14.     Text: Fill mode activated with radius {0}.  Right click an area to fill.
  15.     Notes: '0: fill radius'
  16.   TransferClaimPermission:
  17.     Text: That command requires the administrative claims permission.
  18.   TransferClaimMissing:
  19.     Text: There's no claim here.  Stand in the administrative claim you want to transfer.
  20.   TransferClaimAdminOnly:
  21.     Text: Only administrative claims may be transferred to a player.
  22.   PlayerNotFound:
  23.     Text: Player not found.
  24.   TransferTopLevel:
  25.     Text: Only top level claims (not subdivisions) may be transferred.  Stand outside of the subdivision and try again.
  26.   TransferSuccess:
  27.     Text: Claim transferred.
  28.   TrustListNoClaim:
  29.     Text: Stand inside the claim you're curious about.
  30.   ClearPermsOwnerOnly:
  31.     Text: Only the claim owner can clear all permissions.
  32.   UntrustIndividualAllClaims:
  33.     Text: Revoked {0}'s access to ALL your claims.  To set permissions for a single claim, stand inside it.
  34.     Notes: '0: untrusted player'
  35.   UntrustEveryoneAllClaims:
  36.     Text: Cleared permissions in ALL your claims.  To set permissions for a single claim, stand inside it.
  37.   NoPermissionTrust:
  38.     Text: You don't have {0}'s permission to manage permissions here.
  39.     Notes: '0: claim owner''s name'
  40.   ClearPermissionsOneClaim:
  41.     Text: Cleared permissions in this claim.  To set permission for ALL your claims, stand outside them.
  42.   UntrustIndividualSingleClaim:
  43.     Text: Revoked {0}'s access to this claim.  To set permissions for a ALL your claims, stand outside them.
  44.     Notes: '0: untrusted player'
  45.   OnlySellBlocks:
  46.     Text: Lastninske kocke je mogoce samo prodati, ne kupiti.
  47.   BlockPurchaseCost:
  48.     Text: Ena lastninska kocka je vredna {0}.  Vase stanje je {1}.
  49.     Notes: '0: cost of one block; 1: player''s account balance'
  50.   ClaimBlockLimit:
  51.     Text: Dosegli ste limit lastninskih kock.  Ne morete jih kupiti vec.
  52.   InsufficientFunds:
  53.     Text: Nimate dovolj sredstev.  Potrebujete {0}, ampak vi imate samo {1}.
  54.     Notes: '0: total cost; 1: player''s account balance'
  55.   PurchaseConfirmation:
  56.     Text: Vas racun je bil bremenjen za {0}.  Sedaj imate {1} lastninskih kock na voljo.
  57.     Notes: '0: total cost; 1: remaining blocks'
  58.   OnlyPurchaseBlocks:
  59.     Text: Lastninske kocke je mogoce samo kupiti, ne prodati.
  60.   BlockSaleValue:
  61.     Text: Ena lastninska kocka je vredna {0}. Na voljo imate {1} lastninskih kock za prodajo.
  62.     Notes: '0: block value; 1: available blocks'
  63.   NotEnoughBlocksForSale:
  64.     Text: Nimate toliko lastninskih kock na voljo za prodajo.
  65.   BlockSaleConfirmation:
  66.     Text: Na vas racun je bilo nakazano {0}.  Sedaj imate {1} lastninskih kock na voljo.
  67.     Notes: '0: amount deposited; 1: remaining blocks'
  68.   AdminClaimsMode:
  69.     Text: Administrative claims mode active.  Any claims created will be free and editable by other administrators.
  70.   BasicClaimsMode:
  71.     Text: Returned to basic claim creation mode.
  72.   SubdivisionMode:
  73.     Text: Subdivision mode.  Use your shovel to create subdivisions in your existing claims.  Use /basicclaims to exit.
  74.   SubdivisionDemo:
  75.     Text: Want a demonstration?  http://tinyurl.com/7urdtue
  76.   DeleteClaimMissing:
  77.     Text: There's no claim here.
  78.   DeletionSubdivisionWarning:
  79.     Text: This claim includes subdivisions.  If you're sure you want to delete it, use /DeleteClaim again.
  80.   DeleteSuccess:
  81.     Text: Claim deleted.
  82.   CantDeleteAdminClaim:
  83.     Text: Nimate ustreznih pravic za izbris administrativnih obmocij.
  84.   DeleteAllSuccess:
  85.     Text: Deleted all of {0}'s claims.
  86.     Notes: '0: owner''s name'
  87.   NoDeletePermission:
  88.     Text: Nimate ustreznih pravic za izbris obmocij.
  89.   AllAdminDeleted:
  90.     Text: Deleted all administrative claims.
  91.   AdjustBlocksSuccess:
  92.     Text: 'Adjusted {0}''s bonus claim blocks by {1}.  New total bonus blocks: {2}.'
  93.     Notes: '0: player; 1: adjustment; 2: new total'
  94.   NotTrappedHere:
  95.     Text: You can build here.  Save yourself.
  96.   TrappedOnCooldown:
  97.     Text: You used /trapped within the last {0} hours.  You have to wait about {1} more minutes before using it again.
  98.     Notes: '0: default cooldown hours; 1: remaining minutes'
  99.   RescuePending:
  100.     Text: If you stay put for 10 seconds, you'll be teleported out.  Please wait.
  101.   NonSiegeWorld:
  102.     Text: Siege is disabled here.
  103.   AlreadySieging:
  104.     Text: You're already involved in a siege.
  105.   NotSiegableThere:
  106.     Text: '{0} isn''t protected there.'
  107.     Notes: '0: defending player'
  108.   SiegeTooFarAway:
  109.     Text: You're too far away to siege.
  110.   NoSiegeDefenseless:
  111.     Text: That player is defenseless.  Go pick on somebody else.
  112.   AlreadyUnderSiegePlayer:
  113.     Text: '{0} is already under siege.  Join the party!'
  114.     Notes: '0: defending player'
  115.   AlreadyUnderSiegeArea:
  116.     Text: That area is already under siege.  Join the party!
  117.   NoSiegeAdminClaim:
  118.     Text: Siege is disabled in this area.
  119.   SiegeOnCooldown:
  120.     Text: You're still on siege cooldown for this defender or claim.  Find another victim.
  121.   SiegeAlert:
  122.     Text: You're under siege!  If you log out now, you will die.  You must defeat {0}, wait for him to give up, or escape.
  123.     Notes: '0: attacker name'
  124.   SiegeConfirmed:
  125.     Text: The siege has begun!  If you log out now, you will die.  You must defeat {0}, chase him away, or admit defeat and walk away.
  126.     Notes: '0: defender name'
  127.   AbandonClaimMissing:
  128.     Text: Stand in the claim you want to delete, or consider /AbandonAllClaims.
  129.   NotYourClaim:
  130.     Text: This isn't your claim.
  131.   DeleteTopLevelClaim:
  132.     Text: To delete a subdivision, stand inside it.  Otherwise, use /AbandonTopLevelClaim to delete this claim and all subdivisions.
  133.   AbandonSuccess:
  134.     Text: Claim abandoned.  You now have {0} available claim blocks.
  135.     Notes: '0: remaining claim blocks'
  136.   CantGrantThatPermission:
  137.     Text: You can't grant a permission you don't have yourself.
  138.   GrantPermissionNoClaim:
  139.     Text: Stand inside the claim where you want to grant permission.
  140.   GrantPermissionConfirmation:
  141.     Text: Granted {0} permission to {1} {2}.
  142.     Notes: '0: target player; 1: permission description; 2: scope (changed claims)'
  143.   ManageUniversalPermissionsInstruction:
  144.     Text: To manage permissions for ALL your claims, stand outside them.
  145.   ManageOneClaimPermissionsInstruction:
  146.     Text: To manage permissions for a specific claim, stand inside it.
  147.   CollectivePublic:
  148.     Text: the public
  149.     Notes: as in 'granted the public permission to...'
  150.   BuildPermission:
  151.     Text: build
  152.   ContainersPermission:
  153.     Text: access containers and animals
  154.   AccessPermission:
  155.     Text: use buttons and levers
  156.   PermissionsPermission:
  157.     Text: manage permissions
  158.   LocationCurrentClaim:
  159.     Text: in this claim
  160.   LocationAllClaims:
  161.     Text: in all your claims
  162.   PvPImmunityStart:
  163.     Text: You're protected from attack by other players as long as your inventory is empty.
  164.   SiegeNoDrop:
  165.     Text: You can't give away items while involved in a siege.
  166.   DonateItemsInstruction:
  167.     Text: To give away the item(s) in your hand, left-click the chest again.
  168.   ChestFull:
  169.     Text: This chest is full.
  170.   DonationSuccess:
  171.     Text: Item(s) transferred to chest!
  172.   PlayerTooCloseForFire:
  173.     Text: You can't start a fire this close to {0}.
  174.     Notes: '0: other player''s name'
  175.   TooDeepToClaim:
  176.     Text: Ta skrinja ne more biti zascitena, ker je pregloboko pod zemljo. Prosim ce jo prestavite.
  177.   ChestClaimConfirmation:
  178.     Text: Ta skrinja je zascitena.
  179.   AutomaticClaimNotification:
  180.     Text: This chest and nearby blocks are protected from breakage and theft.  The temporary gold and glowstone blocks mark the protected area.  To toggle them on and off, right-click with a stick.
  181.   TrustCommandAdvertisement:
  182.     Text: Use the /trust command to grant other players access.
  183.   GoldenShovelAdvertisement:
  184.     Text: To claim more land, you need a golden shovel.  When you equip one, you'll get more information.
  185.   UnprotectedChestWarning:
  186.     Text: This chest is NOT protected.  Consider expanding an existing claim or creating a new one.
  187.   ThatPlayerPvPImmune:
  188.     Text: You can't injure defenseless players.
  189.   CantFightWhileImmune:
  190.     Text: You can't fight someone while you're protected from PvP.
  191.   NoDamageClaimedEntity:
  192.     Text: To pripada uporabniku {0}.
  193.     Notes: '0: owner name'
  194.   ShovelBasicClaimMode:
  195.     Text: Shovel returned to basic claims mode.
  196.   RemainingBlocks:
  197.     Text: You may claim up to {0} more blocks.
  198.     Notes: '0: remaining blocks'
  199.   CreativeBasicsDemoAdvertisement:
  200.     Text: Want a demonstration?  http://tinyurl.com/c7bajb8
  201.   SurvivalBasicsDemoAdvertisement:
  202.     Text: Want a demonstration?  http://tinyurl.com/6nkwegj
  203.   TrappedChatKeyword:
  204.     Text: trapped
  205.     Notes: When mentioned in chat, players get information about the /trapped command.
  206.   TrappedInstructions:
  207.     Text: Are you trapped in someone's claim?  Consider the /trapped command.
  208.   PvPNoDrop:
  209.     Text: You can't drop items while in PvP combat.
  210.   SiegeNoTeleport:
  211.     Text: You can't teleport out of a besieged area.
  212.   BesiegedNoTeleport:
  213.     Text: You can't teleport into a besieged area.
  214.   SiegeNoContainers:
  215.     Text: You can't access containers while involved in a siege.
  216.   PvPNoContainers:
  217.     Text: You can't access containers during PvP combat.
  218.   PvPImmunityEnd:
  219.     Text: Now you can fight with other players.
  220.   NoBedPermission:
  221.     Text: '{0} hasn''t given you permission to sleep here.'
  222.     Notes: '0: claim owner'
  223.   NoWildernessBuckets:
  224.     Text: You may only dump buckets inside your claim(s) or underground.
  225.   NoLavaNearOtherPlayer:
  226.     Text: You can't place lava this close to {0}.
  227.     Notes: '0: nearby player'
  228.   TooFarAway:
  229.     Text: That's too far away.
  230.   BlockNotClaimed:
  231.     Text: No one has claimed this block.
  232.   BlockClaimed:
  233.     Text: That block has been claimed by {0}.
  234.     Notes: '0: claim owner'
  235.   SiegeNoShovel:
  236.     Text: You can't use your shovel tool while involved in a siege.
  237.   RestoreNaturePlayerInChunk:
  238.     Text: Unable to restore.  {0} is in that chunk.
  239.     Notes: '0: nearby player'
  240.   NoCreateClaimPermission:
  241.     Text: You don't have permission to claim land.
  242.   ResizeClaimTooSmall:
  243.     Text: This new size would be too small.  Claims must be at least {0} x {0}.
  244.     Notes: '0: minimum claim size'
  245.   ResizeNeedMoreBlocks:
  246.     Text: You don't have enough blocks for this size.  You need {0} more.
  247.     Notes: '0: how many needed'
  248.   NoCreativeUnClaim:
  249.     Text: You can't unclaim this land.  You can only make this claim larger or create additional claims.
  250.   ClaimResizeSuccess:
  251.     Text: Claim resized.  You now have {0} available claim blocks.
  252.     Notes: '0: remaining blocks'
  253.   ResizeFailOverlap:
  254.     Text: Can't resize here because it would overlap another nearby claim.
  255.   ResizeStart:
  256.     Text: Resizing claim.  Use your shovel again at the new location for this corner.
  257.   ResizeFailOverlapSubdivision:
  258.     Text: You can't create a subdivision here because it would overlap another subdivision.  Consider /abandonclaim to delete it, or use your shovel at a corner to resize it.
  259.   SubdivisionStart:
  260.     Text: Subdivision corner set!  Use your shovel at the location for the opposite corner of this new subdivision.
  261.   CreateSubdivisionOverlap:
  262.     Text: Your selected area overlaps another subdivision.
  263.   SubdivisionSuccess:
  264.     Text: Subdivision created!  Use /trust to share it with friends.
  265.   CreateClaimFailOverlap:
  266.     Text: You can't create a claim here because it would overlap your other claim.  Use /abandonclaim to delete it, or use your shovel at a corner to resize it.
  267.   CreateClaimFailOverlapOtherPlayer:
  268.     Text: You can't create a claim here because it would overlap {0}'s claim.
  269.     Notes: '0: other claim owner'
  270.   ClaimsDisabledWorld:
  271.     Text: Land claims are disabled in this world.
  272.   ClaimStart:
  273.     Text: Claim corner set!  Use the shovel again at the opposite corner to claim a rectangle of land.  To cancel, put your shovel away.
  274.   NewClaimTooSmall:
  275.     Text: This claim would be too small.  Any claim must be at least {0} x {0}.
  276.     Notes: '0: minimum claim size'
  277.   CreateClaimInsufficientBlocks:
  278.     Text: You don't have enough blocks to claim that entire area.  You need {0} more blocks.
  279.     Notes: '0: additional blocks needed'
  280.   AbandonClaimAdvertisement:
  281.     Text: To delete another claim and free up some blocks, use /AbandonClaim.
  282.   CreateClaimFailOverlapShort:
  283.     Text: Your selected area overlaps an existing claim.
  284.   CreateClaimSuccess:
  285.     Text: Claim created!  Use /trust to share it with friends.
  286.   SiegeWinDoorsOpen:
  287.     Text: Congratulations!  Buttons and levers are temporarily unlocked (five minutes).
  288.   RescueAbortedMoved:
  289.     Text: You moved!  Rescue cancelled.
  290.   SiegeDoorsLockedEjection:
  291.     Text: Looting time is up!  Ejected from the claim.
  292.   NoModifyDuringSiege:
  293.     Text: Claims can't be modified while under siege.
  294.   OnlyOwnersModifyClaims:
  295.     Text: Only {0} can modify this claim.
  296.     Notes: '0: owner name'
  297.   NoBuildUnderSiege:
  298.     Text: This claim is under siege by {0}.  No one can build here.
  299.     Notes: '0: attacker name'
  300.   NoBuildPvP:
  301.     Text: You can't build in claims during PvP combat.
  302.   NoBuildPermission:
  303.     Text: You don't have {0}'s permission to build here.
  304.     Notes: '0: owner name'
  305.   NonSiegeMaterial:
  306.     Text: That material is too tough to break.
  307.   NoOwnerBuildUnderSiege:
  308.     Text: You can't make changes while under siege.
  309.   NoAccessPermission:
  310.     Text: You don't have {0}'s permission to use that.
  311.     Notes: '0: owner name.  access permission controls buttons, levers, and beds'
  312.   NoContainersSiege:
  313.     Text: This claim is under siege by {0}.  No one can access containers here right now.
  314.     Notes: '0: attacker name'
  315.   NoContainersPermission:
  316.     Text: You don't have {0}'s permission to use that.
  317.     Notes: '0: owner''s name.  containers also include crafting blocks'
  318.   OwnerNameForAdminClaims:
  319.     Text: an administrator
  320.     Notes: as in 'You don't have an administrator's permission to build here.'
  321.   ClaimTooSmallForEntities:
  322.     Text: This claim isn't big enough for that.  Try enlarging it.
  323.   TooManyEntitiesInClaim:
  324.     Text: This claim has too many entities already.  Try enlarging the claim or removing some animals, monsters, paintings, or minecarts.
  325.   YouHaveNoClaims:
  326.     Text: You don't have any land claims.
  327.   ConfirmFluidRemoval:
  328.     Text: Abandoning this claim will remove all your lava and water.  If you're sure, use /AbandonClaim again.
  329.   AutoBanNotify:
  330.     Text: Auto-banned {0}({1}).  See logs for details.
  331.   AdjustGroupBlocksSuccess:
  332.     Text: 'Adjusted bonus claim blocks for players with the {0} permission by {1}.  New
  333.       total: {2}.'
  334.     Notes: '0: permission; 1: adjustment amount; 2: new total bonus'
  335.   InvalidPermissionID:
  336.     Text: Please specify a player name, or a permission in [brackets].
  337.   UntrustOwnerOnly:
  338.     Text: Only {0} can revoke permissions here.
  339.     Notes: '0: claim owner''s name'
  340.   HowToClaimRegex:
  341.     Text: (^|.*\W)how\W.*\W(claim|protect)(\W.*|$)
  342.     Notes: This is a Java Regular Expression.  Look it up before editing!  It's used to tell players about the demo video when they ask how to claim land.
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