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  1. ************************TIMELINE KASHMIR SINCE AFZAL GURU HANGED************************************
  2.                           --------------------------------
  5. 7:30 Am 9th Feb:- Reports start to pour in that Afzal guru a Kashmiri citizen who was lodged in Tihar
  6.                                  Jail Delhi (India) for almost 13 years has been hanged.
  7. 8:00 Am 9th Feb:-  Curfew announced in almost every part of Kashmir
  8.                     Indian Home Ministry confirms that Afzal Guru has been Hanged in Tihar, Jail no. 3
  9.                     Family of Afzal Guru get to know about the hanging through Media Reports.
  10. 9:00 Am 9th Feb:-  Indian Home Ministry say that Afzal guru has be buried inside Tihar Jail complex next  
  11.                                  to the grave of Mohammad Maqbool Bhat, who was also a Kashmir and was hanged  
  12.                                  in 1984 11th Feb.
  13. 9:30 Am 9th Feb:- Protests and Demonstrations start in Kashmir. Curfew intensified. Geelani (Senior Pro
  14.                                 freedom leader) put under house arrest at his Delhi house. Calls for 3 day complete
  15.                                  Strike.
  16. 11:00 Am 9th Feb:- Reports of Heavy Stone Pelting from Baramulla and Sopore. Many Injured.
  17.                                   Media and Internet banned in Kashmir. Total blackout of information!
  18. 1:00 Pm 9th Feb:-  Kashmir’s CM Omar Abdullah addresses media. Say’s he was told about the hanging
  19.                                  only 12 hours before. Appeals for peace and Calm!
  20. 2:00 Pm 9th Feb:-  Afzal Guru’s family say that they were never told about the hanging. Demand his    
  21.                                  mortal remains. GOI say that Jail authorities had sent a letter to Afzal’s family on 8th
  22.                                  Feb regarding his hanging.
  23. 3:00 Pm 9th Feb:- Protests in Sopore and Srinagar.
  24. 6:00 Pm 9th Feb:- No reports of any loss of life during protests.
  25. 9:00 Pm 9th Feb:- Late night protests in Baramulla
  26. 3:00 Am 10th Feb:- All newspapers seized. Media ordered not to report till Friday.
  27. 10:00 Am 10th Feb: - Heavy stone pelting in Baramulla, Watergaam, sopore, Sumbal, Bnadipora and
  28.                                       Ganderbal. Curfew continues in Kashmir. Media blackout.
  29. 1:00 Pm 10th Feb:-  Two youth drown in a river in Sumbal when police chase them after they were
  30.                                    protesting.
  31.                                    One fished out. Death dance starts. Other youth missing.
  32. 2:00 Pm 10th Feb:- Kashmiri students of Jmaia Milia and JNU in Delhi beaten by RSS and Bajrang Dal
  33.                                   cadres for protesting against Guru’s hanging at Jnatar Mantar Delhi. Many Injured.
  34.                                   Dozens arrested by Police.
  35. 3:00 Pm 10th Feb:- Reports of heavy protest in Watergaam.
  36. 5:00 Pm 10th Feb:-  Police fire on Protesters. May injured. 2 Critical.
  37. 7:00 Pm 10th Feb: - Heavy Protests in Baramulla. Many Injured. 1 Critical.
  38. 3:00 Am 11th Feb:- Injured youth from Watergaam  Succmubs.
  39.                                   Death toll reaches 2. Curfew continues in Kashmir. Media Blackout. No Internet
  40.                                   access. Kashmiri Students in Hyderabad and Aligarh University protest against the
  41.                                    hanging of Afzal Guru.
  42. 10:00 Am 11th Feb:- Youth from Watergaam buried amidst heavy protests.
  43. 11:00 Am 11th Feb:- Situation out of control in Watergaam. Army called in.
  44. 12:30 Pm 11th Feb:- Letter from Tihar Jail authorities about the Hanging of Afzal Guru reaches his home.
  45. 1:00 Pm 11th Feb:-  Another body of a youth who drowned on 10th Feb fished out from the river. Death
  46.                                    toll reaches 3.
  47. 2:00 Pm 11th Feb:- Residents of Palhalan, Baramulla and Watergaam beaten. Property vandalized.
  48. 3:00 Pm 11th Feb:- More protests in Baramulla. Scores Injured. Geelani calls for a complete shutdown till
  49.                                   Friday. Calls for Eidgah Chalo(March) on Friday.    
  50.                                   Reports of a pregnant women die as Police doesn’t’ let the Ambulance go through.
  51.                                   Police denies any such report.
  52. 5:00 Pm 11th Feb:- Many Injured in Bandipora during clashed with Police. Injured toll crosses 50.
  53.                                   Internet continues to be banned. No connectivity with the outer world.
  54. 6:00 Pm 11th Feb:-   Tehsildar put hostage by Protesters in Ganderbal, later released. Massive protests  
  55.                                       in the area against the Killing of two locals who had drowned in a river after chased
  56.                                        by Police.
  57. 8:00 Pm 11th Feb:-   Reports of protests in Baramulla. Scores beaten up.
  58. 11:00 Pm 11th Feb:-  Death toll at 3. Curfew to continue till Friday. No Newspapers till Friday
  59. 1:00 Am 12th Feb:- Reports of night protests in Watergaam. Inured youth remains critical. On Life
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