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Declassified secret letter to NASA from Magizian

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  1. Dear NASA representative,
  3. ...please do not shitcan this message.
  4. [o;-)
  6. My name is Hunter, I was reading collage level and programing in apple basic at age 3. ..done alot since then, I'm currently 33, however I've been poor all my life and homeless a third of it, because tax incentives are based on revenue rather than number of one year employees times average employee's salary like I keep suggesting..
  8. ..long story short, the 19th version of my hybred operating system that's considerably faster than windows, unix/linux and mac, can run all their software even remotely.. which you can securely connect to (then compound ssh ciphers and one of mine or yours on top if you wish, has many layers of screens and shells..
  9. ..I want to put this OS of mine on a supercomputer I want to build.. not just any supercomputer but my design would cost me a little under 100 grand to build but would be able to fit in a backpack. ... then I want to launch it into orbit with a 6GHz 4GW transmitter/receiver and 3+ relays for global access 24/7.. thrusters.. etc.
  11. ..technically, I could do this crudely for about 400k more. I'm sure it would be much cheaper for you to launch.
  13. either way, you should probably correlate with me on whats already in orbit during initial positioning.. I'm assuming you value that stuff up there.
  15. also, can you loan me half a million bucks and/or help me do it?
  17. Thanks,
  18. Hunter Reon Barnes
  19. "Magizian"
  21. http://magizian.hopto.org
  22. ssh -2Cc blowfish-cbc -p 20022 -l user magizian2.dyndns.org
  23. ..password is freeaccess
  24. Try magizian.dyndns.org if 2 is down (those are just ssh2 tunneled gateways to me since I'm usually behind many firewalls, nats, routers, and wireless 802.11)
  26. btw, the center of the planet is not a hot liquid core, but solid since gravity dictate the center of the mass which can hold a sphere will be densest at the center .. you may call that Hunter's law 1 if you wish, I have zillions of them.
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