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  1. <ul style="position: relative;" class="tudus ui-sortable">
  2.     <li style="visibility: visible;">
  3.         <a href="#" class="checkbox" rel="2" onclick="return false;"><span>checkbox</span></a>
  4.         <a href="#" class="expand" rel="2" onclick="return false;"><span>checkbox</span></a>
  5.         <span id="tspan-2">
  6.             <em style="cursor: move;">aCoruja.com</em>
  7.             <a style="display: none;" href="#" class="del" rel="2" onclick="return false;"><img src="/tudus/img/delred.gif" alt="delete"></a>
  8.         </span>
  9.         <div class="2"></div>
  10.     </li>
  11.     <li style="visibility: visible;">
  12.         <a href="#" class="checkbox" rel="9" onclick="return false;"><span>checkbox</span></a>
  13.         <a href="#" class="expand" rel="9" onclick="return false;"><span>checkbox</span></a>
  14.         <span id="tspan-9">
  15.             <em style="cursor: move;">Coletivo Alternativo</em>
  16.             <a style="display: none;" href="#" class="del" rel="9" onclick="return false;"><img src="/tudus/img/delred.gif" alt="delete"></a>
  17.         </span>
  18.         <div class="9"></div>
  19.     </li>
  20.     <li style="visibility: visible;">
  21.         <a href="#" class="checkbox" rel="1" onclick="return false;"><span>checkbox</span></a>
  22.         <a href="#" class="expand" rel="1" onclick="return false;"><span>checkbox</span></a>
  23.         <span id="tspan-1">
  24.             <em style="cursor: move;">tu-dus</em>
  25.             <a style="display: none;" href="#" class="del" rel="1" onclick="return false;"><img src="/tudus/img/delred.gif" alt="delete"></a>
  26.         </span>
  27.         <div class="1"></div>
  28.     </li>
  29. </ul>
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