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Adobe CC Patcher – Induced

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  1. Adobe CC Patcher – Induced
  3. Adobe CC Patcher - Induced| Size : 2.56 MB
  4. Induced Patcher, some things need to be done before you can use this program.
  6. 1. Make sure you have at least .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 you can download that here
  7. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16614
  8. 2. Once downloaded install it if you already have NET Framework 2.0 which most systems not days do then you don't need to step 1
  9. 3. Make sure when patching to only patch the required program once doing this a second time will delete the backup file saved in the directory
  10. 4. Choose any program you desire to patch, then click Patch, message box will pop asking if your computer is a 64bit, if you click on no then it will Patch for 32bits, but if you click Yes then it will patch for 64bits.
  11. 5. If it freezes, do not worry, that is normal just leave it alone until you get another message box saying Adobe Such and Such Patched.
  12. 6. Adobe after effects, and Muse will ask if you want to navigate away to a page.
  13. 7. When you first run the program it will check for latest updates if so it will say a brief message of what the newest version is if not then it will say you have the most current version.
  14. 8. When clicking yes for the update it will be automatically downloaded to where your desired program is already as a zip file then open the zip file
  15. 9. If you click on no for checking for updates perodically then it will update it into your registry and add a registry value, dont worry if you do this thats why there is also a manual button which when clicked allows the same thing to check for updates
  16. 10. When doing a tutorial for this there is a button called "Music Off" this when clicked pauses the music so making a voice tutorial is not a hassle.
  17. 11. To visit ProjectInduce's website click the banner on top
  18. 12. Do not claim that you made this buy uploading it to a shit site like Shitcash, Fileass, ect.
  19. 13. Keep the dll files with the Program or it will not run, instead it will crash instantly
  20. 14. Want a easy way to download all adobe trials? Click the Download Adobe Trial Button, and follow the directions.
  21. 15. Feel free to make video tutorials on this.
  22. Thanks for understanding TeamInduce
  23. projectinduce@aol.com
  25. All Rights Reserved Under ProjectInduce © 2013
  27. Screenshot: http://i44.tinypic.com/14lq074.jpg
  28.   ===== rapidgator =====
  29. http://rapidgator.net/file/c0f2ff34657323e64b26721a246983aa/201321683058_82623.rar.html
  30. http://rapidgator.net/file/6bf533176f27d81a497aeeac4a7ebeed/201321683058_82623.rar.html
  31.  ===== extabit =====
  32. http://extabit.com/file/28dcmll7c66ue/201321683058_82623.rar
  34. Download Links are Availabe at http://www.tactools.org/adobe-cc-patcher-induced/
  35.  www.tactools.org
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