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subpoena press release

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Dec 24th, 2011
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  1. i would like to take this time to address the recent subpoenas on multiple people.I would like to state as my first point this subpoena is illegal do to the nature of the acts leading up to it where not illegal actions.
  3. the compiling of publicly available information on people "doxing" is in fact legal as confirmed
  4. by many lawyers it is a first amendment right due to free speech and is also a excersize of free information.Which we will undoubtedly protect till the bitter end.
  6. secondly you spelled d0xcak3 wrong which is legally void due to lack of specification to what your subpoena is for and the spelling error is enough to dismiss it in court.
  8. thirdly you subpena the word guidofawkes with no specification to what you claim which in Italian translates to guy fawkes who is a historical figure and without specification to an account your subpoena legally reads that you wish to subpoena a word/historical figure.It is clear why this isn't possible.
  10. fourth is the fact that you can not subpoena a hash tag which is a topic because it invades the privacy of tens of thousands of people without just cause
  12. fifth the occupyboston account you are subpoena is not affiliated with anything and hasnt tweeted since 2010.
  15. if you try to subpoena tens of thousands of people based of a subject you may be liable for a class action lawsuit.In which you will loose.
  17. you state you are investigating a a ongoing criminal investigation,my lawyers would like to know what you are deeming a criminal act due to the fact no laws where broken.Which is slanderous to accuse my organization and defamation under the certain pretenses.As we are big supporters of the law and are very aware of our rights,as you may not have yet noticed.
  19. many people are outraged for the following reasons,your subpoena on a subject,your illegal subpoena on law biding citizens and lack of consideration for the "law" in which is your field of practice "allegedly"
  21. also take note that on top of massive work and effort you will not obtain useful information
  22. besides vpn and tor exit node ip's so the "bounty" of your investigation will be unfruitful.
  24. as besides taking illegal measures of investigating legal acts and invading privacy of thousands and getting nothing but ips which will do you no good you are investigating nothing
  25. you are chasing a ghost,which if you did manage to summon anyone for court is MASS. it would not be a federal issue so you could not even extradite anyone to your state.
  27. many people are outraged and seek retaliation,this we do not codone of as for we follow the law and know it.Many journalists and people everywhere are infuriated
  29. `please stop this ever building embarrassment on yourselves and minimize the fallout.
  31. yours truly, anonymous and our 9000 lawyers
  37. come at me bro
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