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  1. import os
  2. from os.path import join, dirname
  3. #from dotenv import load_dotenv
  4. import nexmo
  5. import time
  7. NEXMO_API_KEY = "7a43bd27"
  8. NEXMO_API_SECRET = "mz7AuWuKNN3SqtfH"
  9. with open('numere.txt') as f:
  10.     for line in f:
  11.         client = nexmo.Client(key=NEXMO_API_KEY, secret=NEXMO_API_SECRET)
  12.         response = client.send_message({'from': '12019320402', 'to': line, 'text': 'Your account is blocked for security measures. To restore your access please confirm at:'})
  13.         response = response['messages'][0]
  14.         if response['status'] == '0':
  15.             print('Sent message', response['message-id'])
  16.         time.sleep(3)
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