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  1. GentooX tells you 'but is it not displaying mobs 1 at a time?'
  2. o-}HooK{-o Godot: Sometimes I put the bar a little too high. Tell me if I assume too much <3
  3. GentooX tells you 'im confused, can send output?'
  4. INFO: Utan has completed the first step in Draconian ascension.
  5. Guala (Jotun) tells the CLAN: 'holy shit... our account has been drained as of late:P i was wondering why mcg post that note while we have 6bil+ in clanaccount:P'
  6. GentooX tells you 'though pastebin.com'
  7. Guala (Jotun) tells the CLAN: 'now i see 100% why that note was needed:D'
  8. Character autosaved at Wed Oct  6 12:39:58 2010.
  9. (Retribution) Lois Lane: intelligence yes or no, that's not the question, but i have a unmistakable sense for someone being a virgin or not :P
  10. DUEL: BlackLucian ( T0,R3,L53 / 313 ) has defeated Megachris ( T0,R1,L56 / 165 ).
  11. [Emerald] Mr. Dash: i guess it does take one to know one, eh?
  12. You tell GentooX 'yes'
  13. GentooX is catching tells.
  14. [(Reply: GentooX)  4059/4059hp 3996/3996mn 1407/1407mv 6883tnl ]
  15. Sorry Alucard, I don't understand you.
  16. [(Reply: GentooX)  4059/4059hp 3996/3996mn 1407/1407mv 6883tnl ]
  18. (Retribution) Lois Lane: well, everyone was a virgin once, weren't we?
  19. 924
  20. 747
  22. Iryl (Masquerade Island)
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