Electric Feel (Raiju)

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  1. Electric Feel
  2. Tags: Raiju, Monstergirl, NSFW, Gentle femdom.
  4.  Waking up to sunlight breaking through the curtains in your small shack you sit up and have a stretch and yawn. Looking around at the wood walls and lack of the furniture you were use to back home you start to shift into your new routine. Your thoughts begin to drift back to that day, one that seemed like any other at first but would when it would end your life would be completely different. You were just some regular guy for the most part. You had a apartment to yourself, a decent job to support yourself and some odd hobbies and interests. Your days were usually uninteresting and filled with work except for the two off days you would take to relax and unwind. On occasion you would go for long walk in the city just to listen to your music on your phone and enjoy the outdoors. But coming home from one of these walks one night something out of the ordinary happened.
  6.  Opening your door to your apartment instead of entering your home you were greeted with a bright and blinding light. Turning away from it you notice you aren’t standing in the corridors of your apartments but instead are enveloped in light and you notice a warmth as well. In a blink of an eye you are laying down in the sun surrounded by tall grass and trees. Still dressed in your clothes you jolt upright and scan the area around you. Lush green grass blowing in the breeze and birds chirping from tall trees, standing up confused you try to get your bearings on what's going on. One minute you were in a building in the middle of a city about to start dinner and take a shower and now you are standing in a open field with no signs of the city in sight. You’ve been outside of the city before and you’ve never seen anything like this in the surrounding area, sure there were plains and some farm land but something about the vibrancy of the whole setting was strange. Feeling your pants you are relieved to see you still have your phone on you so you pull it out and hope to make a call.
  8.  Holding the phone in your hand you are disappointed that you don’t have any signal which means it will be much more difficult to figure out what’s going on. Best case scenario, your friends are playing a really strange prank on you or the worst case scenario you were kidnapped and abandoned yet nothing was stolen off of you. Checking you wallet you still have your ID and credits cards along with some cash. Placing everything back into your pockets you decide the best course of action was to simply start walking and try and figure out where you are. Heading through the grass and into the thick forest passing through the seemingly endless trees you start to panic a bit. Things don’t seem right, you don’t hear any traffic noises, no sound of cars or trucks. And what was with that light when you were entering your apartment? Why was it day time now when you usually took walks at night before bed? Nothing was making sense and to add to your panic you began to feel like you were hopelessly lost in the trees now. Stopping to rest and catch you breath and gather your mind you sit at the base of a tree and start to examine the forest. Lost in observation your focus is broken and drawn towards the sound of footsteps approaching from behind.
  10.  With mixed emotions thanks to your situation you are on edge about the approaching sounds. Hopefully its someone who can help you figure out where you are or maybe it’s a predator stalking it prey. Either way it was getting closer and closer, catching your breath you peek around the tree you are hiding behind to get a look at what is coming. To your surprise you see a man and what seems to be a woman with some peculiar features, both dressed very strangely. The man is about your height and dressed in what is a set of robes as is the woman who is accompanying him. Yet the woman has ears like a animal, a fox almost and a big bushy tail. The two seem to have taken notice to you some time ago and have been following you. Seeing you have taken notice to them as well the couple stops with the woman getting behind the man.
  12.  “You there, stranger!” the man calls out to you. “You seem lost, is everything ok?” he continues. Surprised at the stranger appearance of both of them, dressed in old Japanese like robes, and his companion that woman she is dressed like some type of cosplayer in the same type of robes . Still you are relieved to find someone in this forest, so you come out from behind the tree and respond. “Hey you two, yeah im lost can you guys help me figure out where I am? My phone does not have any signal out here” you say. With a confused look on his face the man responses “Im sorry stranger, phone? I don’t know what you mean exactly but you are in Zipangu and just a ways from our small village.” Zipangu? What the hell is Zipangu is all that runs through you head and how does this guy not know what a phone is? I mean its 2017, everyone has a phone right? Trying to figure everything out you must have spaced out and the strange travelers must have taken notice and called out again. “Those are some strange clothes there stranger, you don’t seem like you are from around here do you need some help?” the man calls out again. Looking over to the couple you calm yourself enough to reply. “Please, im lost. Can you please just help me out of this forest?” you say. Looking at his companion the man nods to her before looking back at you and responding. “Ok stranger, come with us back to out village and you can relax and we will help you figure out what is going on.” The man says. Taking a deep breath and feeling some relief you walk towards the couple and upon getting close you realize the woman's ears and tail, they weren't some cheap costume. They almost seemed like actual fox ears and a bushy tail. Once you were close they motioned to follow them and together the three of you head through the forest with you trailing behind mesmerized by the woman's bushy tail.
  14.  And so the travelers brought you to their village a ways through the forest and upon your arrival you instantly knew something was wrong. The village was just that, a small community of humans and strange woman like creatures that resembled humans but twisted and strange. Like something out of a fairy tale some of these woman possessed wings for arms, others had their lower body replaced with a snake like tail or her midsection ending on a body of a horse. What was stranger still was how the humans and these creatures seemed to be interacting. Almost like a actual community everyone was chatting with one another and generally just enjoying the beautiful weather. That is until they started to notice you, to be honest you were as curious with them as they seemed with you. Everyone including the beings that you would learn are simply called “monsters” were dressed in old fashion garbs from something out of a old Japanese film or cartoon. Robes and kimono were worn by the men and the women from both species. Intricate designs and patterns were stitched into them making the citizens of this village seem very vibrant and welcoming. And to your surprise even with the “monsters” presence you could see they meant to harm at all and for the most part the human side of them were usually very beautiful. As the travelers who found you escort you through their village to a larger hut in the middle of the town you notice all the stares and whispers your presence has brought. Almost everyone stops and notices you and how foreign you are, and this mixed with the strange monsters and the entire feel of the whole village brings you to a small panic. You definitely were not home anymore, you were in Zinpangu, where ever that was.
  16.  The travelers brought you into the large hut which was the home of the village elder. A old man along with his human wife greeted you and thanked the travelers for bringing you to him. With that the travelers wish you well and take their leave, and the elder walks over to you and brings you to his table and his wife brings you all something to drink. After taking a couple of sips of the water the elder's wife brought to you, you notice that the two are staring at you. Silently observing you and your clothing the two obviously understand that you are not from around here. Sitting your cup on the table and catching your breath the elder begins to speak “So young one, what brings you to are part of the world and in such strange clothing. I've never seen such designs, where is it you are from exactly?” the old man asks. Looking around the cabin at the odd decorations and furniture you notice the lights are produced by lamps and a fireplace. No electrical appliances are in the cabin with the three of you. Instead all you hear is the sound of the fire crackling and you feel the gazes of the elder and his wife gazing at you.
  18.  And so you tried to explain to the old man as best as you could. What you experienced in the last couple of hours. Waking up in a foreign land, with no idea of where you were. But you withheld any information about being from a city and you didn’t ask for his phone. Chances are he was clueless like the travelers and trying to explain to someone you are from a different reality didn’t seem very easy. Thankfully the elder and his wife seemed concerned and they understood that you were lost, you needed help and you didn’t seem to mean any ill intent towards the village. The elder decided that you can stay in the village until they could figure out what exactly happened to you. The ideas of earth and the wonders it held were lost to these people. The entire time you kept patting your pocket to make sure your phone was with you, this was the only piece of home you had left along with the clothes you had on at the time. Yet you would find yourself stuck in this village for months, learning the cultures of the Zinpangu region and coming to grips with the monsters that wondered the town. They didn’t seem to mean any harm yet they seemed to be very in touch with their sexual sides. Not even a week into you stay in the town you found yourself the center of attention with everyone, human and monster interested with you. But the monsters seemed more interested with being intimate unlike the curious humans of the village.
  20.  Its been at least three months or so since you woke up in this land, your phone has long been dead and you have been trying to find a place in the village coming to grips with your new home. It didn’t seem like you were going back home anytime soon, nobody knows of earth. The place you called home with all of its problems and beauty, it was simply a memory now. Gone were the worries of societal pressure and the constant mundane grind of day to day life. Now you were able to relax and enjoy the days away from all the hassle, but you couldn’t help but feel out of place. The thoughts of the cities and your old friends and your family constantly ran through your head at night. Were they thinking of as well? Did they even realize you were missing? Deciding it wasn’t healthy to constantly think about such things you found that taking walks around the village and its surrounding areas were able to calm your nerves and help you find a small peace of mind. Yet you were use to walking with your headphones in and getting lost in thought and the rhythm of your music as you went through the city at night. Now your walks were filled with the noises of wild birds and the sounds of the forest life. As mesmerizing as it was you couldn’t help but miss the songs from your home as you paced the edges of the village and the surrounding forest.
  22.  You had been warned by members of the community both human and monster of the dangers in the forest. The types of monsters out there don’t have any respect for humans and think of us only as prey. You were no stranger to the way monsters worked having picked up to their customs quite quickly from living with them. They were very voluptuous creatures, they enjoyed the figure of the human man almost as much as men from your home. They were no strangers to advances and you were no stranger to turning them away. So today after your morning routine you decide that your walk was going to be a bit longer than usual, behind the village were mountains that you have not been to yet. For whatever reason you decide that reaching the top and getting a look into the horizon maybe, just maybe you would see the sight of skyscrapers and highways in the distance and you could confirm to yourself you had just gotten lost and you could finally go home, even if that meant falling into your old routines and leaving such a strange yet interesting place behind. But how does that explain the half snake girls or the huge blue women with horns and alcohol problems. Part of you knew reaching the summit of the mountains would simply secure the fears that you were stuck here, yet another part of you hoped this was all a strange dream and seeing the city would help you wake up. And so you left the hut the elder had let you stay in since the original owner left to follow his dreams of being a wrestler.
  24.  After finishing your morning routine you stuff your dead phone inside your pocket and begin to head towards the forest in the direction of the mountains. A beautiful and clear day, hopeful you start the trek up the mountains with you mind set on reaching the top. Unfortunately you underestimated the walk and how long it would take for you to reach the summit, yet you continue up the mountain undeterred. You were going to reach the top regardless of outcome, you simply had to reassure yourself. While you are walking through the woods you start to lose yourself in the walk like you use to when you would walk through the city. Thinking back on these past months and how it took time to start adjusting to your new home, you reminisce about the city and your friends and family. At first being here in this world was confusing and at times even frightening, possibly because of the monstergirls but you couldn’t help feel a bit uneasy around them at first. They were the type of things you would only imagine seeing in fantasy, but now they were very much real. But you started to realize they were just like any other person even with their strange bodies, most were very kind and they seemed to enjoy talking with you. Everyone in the village is kind and helpful honestly, many of them wished to help you find something to do rather than sitting in your hut all day. So you started making new friends both human and monstergirl, you took up new hobbies like farming and fishing finding them very relaxing. Deep down you knew that once you reached the top of the mountain and you got a view of the horizon you would see what you were hoping for. But you find some comfort knowing you have a new home to go back to when you reach the top.
  26.  Taking a break and relaxing beneath on of the trees on the mountainside you take a sip or water from your canteen and pull your phone out of your pocket. Staring at its black screen you hope that one day you could find a way to turn it back on, after all it’s the only thing besides the clothes you woke up in. Your concentration is broken though by a very unsettling noise, large pounding steps and cracks of trees like they are being pushed aside. Deciding to peek around your tree to see what could possibly be making such noises your heart drops. Coming down the mountain is one of the largest monsters you have seen so far, a Ushi Oni. She hasn’t spotted you yet but you can tell she knows there is someone around, she is scanning the area looking for you. Pushing your phone into your pocket and hiding behind the tree you start to come up with a plan to get back to the village. You have only heard of these monsters who live in the caves and are beings of lust and power. Taking a look at the sky you notice what was a clear day is starting to turn cloudy and particularly quickly, the clouds almost seem like they circling over you. Taking a peek around the tree again to see what the Ushi is doing you cant find her, and this worried you because you didn’t hear her walk away or even move at all. Moving further from behind the tree you were hiding behind you are relieved to see that she must have moved on. So you start to stand and get ready for the walk home hoping that you don’t run into any other monsters on the way.
  28.  But as soon as you stand up completely you feel a rush of hot air on your neck. Then you hear a guttural voice coming from above you. “Found you” is all it says. Looking upwards you come eye to eye with the Ushi that was stalking you. She somehow climbed the tree without you noticing and the look on her face says she is very anxious to get a hold of you. Without even thinking you push yourself off the tree and try to start running but you are yanked back suddenly and fall straight on you ass. You hear the sounds of the massive spidergirl dismounting the tree and turning around you notice a large web like thread coming from behind the Ushi and running straight to your back. Using her massive claws she snips the thread from behind her and starts to drag you towards her. Her strength is so massive that you cant get to you feet or even grab the thread to try and yank it off. And right as the thought of removing your shirt and running comes into your mind you find that the Ushi has met you halfway. Standing right behind you the Ushi grabs your shirt and you retaliate trying to take off running once again. The Ushi's razor sharp claws rip the back of the shirt off and unfortunately you stumble forward, losing your balance you fall down on your stomach and quickly roll over. The massive Ushi is almost on top of you, her free eye staring directly at you as she simply pants in excitement. Finally she makes her move and attempts to mount you to hold you down making escape impossible. Looking up to the sky you are filled with terror and regret. This monster was about to have her way with you, you should have just stayed in the village where it was safe. Or you could have asked someone to come with you at least. You also notice how dark the clouds are and how they have blocked out the sun, making it seem like it was later than it really was. A fitting backdrop for such a terrifying ordeal. Looking up at the monster you realize she is quite beautiful so you just rest you body and decide to accept what was about to happen.
  30. Resting your head in the grass and preparing your body for what was about to happen to it you close your eyes and listen as the Ushi pants in excitement. Suddenly a white light fills your vision even though you have been holding your eyes closed. And right after the loud roar of lightening crashing down close by fills the quiet forest. Opening your eyes you notice the Ushi has taken all of her attention off of you and is staring directly ahead, tilting your head back hoping to see exactly what had distracted her from her assault you eyes fall on a tall and slender monstergirl who seemed to have almost came from nowhere. She was from yet another species you had only heard about until now. She was a Raiju, a woman with weasel characteristics and a affinity for electricity based magic. Even though she was a decent distance away from you and the Ushi you could faintly make out the sight of small bolts of electricity popping across her body and outfit. She was dressed in long blue and purple robes that were quite elegant, her hair was a light cyan near her scalp and as it went on got darker and darker. The Ushi must have realized why she was here because she let go of you and began to walk towards the Raiju. The Ushi was getting aggressive as she approached the Raiju, violently pushing over small trees and slashing branches out of her path all while yelling obscenely at the Raiju who was just standing there. How could this small woman stand up to a much bigger monster than her and still seem so unconcerned for her safety? But you realized that this might be a good time to get away, while the Ushi was distracted by this Raiju you could sneak away and start to head down the mountain back to the town.
  32. Unfortunately you were too slow, just as you rose to your feet and took a quick glance at the two monsters. They were close enough now that the Ushi seemed ready to attack, with a massive claw in the air she lunges at the Raiju. And in almost an instant the Raiju raises her hands and with a simple snap of her fingers everything suddenly turns white. Its almost like you were on the receiving end of a flashbang grenade, dazed and confused you stagger around before laying yourself down and try and regain your senses. After what feels like forever your vision slowly starts to return, and the first thing that comes in your view is the elegant dress of the Raiju. Looking down over you she stands almost over you enough you can start to see up her dress. It seemed like her mouth was moving but you could quite make out what she was saying. Rubbing your face you start to sit up, placing yourself against a nearby tree the Raiju begins to speak again and this time you are able to understand her.
  34. “Hey human take it easy, she didn’t hurt you did she?” the Raiju said. Looking past your slender savior you notice the Ushi is on her back with her legs curled up like a dying spider. Her face has a expression of pure ecstasy on it though and she seems to be sleeping. Looking up to the Raiju you reply “No, im fine thank you. If you had not shown up I don’t know what she would have done to me” you say. Hearing this the Raiju's ears perk up a bit. “You don’t? I thought everyone here knew how the Ushi roam the mountains of this land?” says the Raiju. “I have heard of them before but im not from around here so my experience was simply stories from the villagers where I live.” you say. The Raiju stands in place gently tapping her foot as you notice sparks starting to flow up and down her dress and even her skin. Finally she kneels over and gets very close to your face. “You know stranger im surprised someone can be so careless, especially in these parts with monsters like that running around” she says while pointing to the still stunned Ushi. “Tell you what human, you seem like after all that you could use some help getting home. So why don’t I help you? With me around the other Ushi Oni won't dare to try what that one did” she says with a wide smile on her face. Her expression seemed very different from the Ushi, the Raiju seemed to be somewhat concerned and after somewhat witnessing this monstergirl take down one of the largest species in the region maybe it would be a good idea to travel together. “Ok sure, if you want to help me get home then it would be unwise to turn it down right?” you say extending your hand out to the Raiju. “By the way im anon” you add. “Im Yoko” says the Raiju. “By the way anon, you must really not be from around here” says Yoko as she swiftly grabs your hand. And with that you feel a insane amount of pleasure and tingling through your whole body. Yoko simply smiles as you begin to slowly lose consciousness slumping over from the electrical attack of this monster.
  36.  You feel a warmth as you begin to awaken from whatever had just happened to you. Trying to move you notice your arms are bound behind you making it hard to move around. Soon enough your vision returns and you start to look around, the first thing that stands out from this pretty average small wooden hut is the long blue hair of Yoko. She must have heard you because the Raiju turns her attention to you now. “Finally awake anon?” Yoko says as she stands from her bed and walks towards you. “That must have felt amazing for you because you have been asleep for about a day now”. Confused you speak up. “Yoko, what is this? You said you would help me get home? What did you do to me?” you say. Taking a chair and moving it so she can sit in front of you the Raiju looks down on you. “Well anon I did help you get home, my home. And all I did was do the same thing I did to the Ushi. See we Raiju can use our electricity in numerous ways but our favorite is to overload the senses with pleasure. You liked it so much you slept for quite some time, pretty impressive actually you must be so stressed” Yoko says while looking you over. So basically she tazed you but instead of pain it felt so good that you passed out. “Yoko please I don’t know what you want from me, like I said im not from here I don’t have much to offer you to let me go” you start to plead with Yoko but she simply takes her foot and gently places it on your crotch. The feeling of electricity runs through your legs and lower body, yet you feel no pain just a intense pleasure like your legs were melting. “Please don't start begging I would rather not hear it, here is the deal anon. You wandered on to my mountain and got yourself trapped under a Ushi who had every intent to violate you, I feel your energies together and I can feel you panicking so I leave the comfort of my cozy little hut to come and rescue you” she says while starting to slowly rub her heel into your crotch harder and harder until you are holding backs moans. “So here is what im going to do with you, you’re going to stay here with me and you’re going to help me figure something out. What do you say?” and with that she takes her foot off of your crotch and lets you catch your breath. “I don’t know what I can possibly help you with, like I said im not from here and trust me its more complicated than simply not being from Zinpangu” you reply.
  38.  Sitting quietly while you study the hut Yoko reaches across her table and grabs something out of sight. “Oh I know you aren’t from here anon, and while I might not know where you are from that is not what im interested in” she says before holding something up to you. “This is what im interested in” she says holding your phone in her hand! Not only did she have it, it was on! The light from the screen illuminating is a warming sight. “Please, can I have that back? You don’t know how important that is to me” you start to say only to be met with a finger covering your mouth, this time you aren't assaulted with the electrical power of the Raiju. “Please do not beg” says Yoko. “Look you can have it back but you need to do something for me first” she continues while moving her finger away. Not liking the sound of that you know you have to reply. “What is it that you want Yoko?” you ask. With the same wide smile from earlier she simply throws you your phone which lands in your lap. “Well it fell out of your pockets when I was carrying you here and I have never seen anything like this before. Well when I picked it up the screen flickered a bit, so I held on to it while you slept and it decided to stay on” she says. “Well I tried to mess around with it but its says that its locked, so please can you unlock it for me?” Yoko asks. Looking down at your phone turned on for the first time in months you feel a small amount of relief. You attempt to move your arms but they are bound with rope behind your back. Looking up at Yoko you notice she is holding a large knife, bending down to you she gently cuts the ropes.
  40.  Moving your freshly freed hands you grab your phone taking time to examine the screen. This is the first time you have seen your phone on im months, the LED screen gives you some comfort. Swiping upwards and unlocking your phone you hear the sound it unlocking, and apparently so does Yoko so she leans over and snatches the phone from you. “Hey! Seriously give that back!” you exclaim trying to retrieve your freshly charged phone from Yoko but she is much faster than you and pinches one of your nipples through your shirt and lightly twists, and with it you feel the surge of pleasure from earlier and you are brought to a halt on your knees. “Hey now! I will give it back, I just want to look at it for a bit!” she says with a hint of childlike curiosity. Releasing you from her grip she gazes down at the phone before starting to tap away at it with her fingers. Obviously she has no idea what she is doing, she seems to be mimicking what you did to unlock the phone but she does not understand the basic concept of the small device and is aimlessly tapping away. Taking this time to stretch your arms and move around in place Yoko decides to speak up after a short amount of time fumbling with the phone. “Hey anon, how exactly do I make this thing work? If you show me maybe ill be quicker to return it to you.” Yoko says while holding out the phone. Taking it from her, she moves herself pretty close almost touching you and watches as you fumble around with the phone.
  42.   It didn’t take long for Yoko to become curious as to how something like this exists. She had never seen or heard of a phone and its advanced technology before and with it she started to question exactly where you were from. Deciding that being open was probably the best option with Yoko you start to explain that you are not from Zinpangu, and from what you can tell maybe even this realm. All the while you show her some of the basic features of a phone and what it was used for. She seemed to be impressed by the technology and the camera, once you showed her it could take pictures she snatched it away and began to snap a massive amount of photos. Some of the hut, some of you, and even going outside and taking some of the beautiful night sky full of stars and a visible moon. After taking her fill of photos she comes back inside with a huge smile on her face. “Hey anon I have a favor to ask! Take one of me please?” Yoko says while handing you the phone. You direct her where to stand to get the best scene and lighting and snap a photo of the young Raiju. You couldn’t help but take in the photo on your phone, the beautiful Yoko doing a cute pose in anticipation of being part of a photo. Instinctively you begin to swipe through the photos Yoko had just taken, some too blurry to recognize thanks to her not understanding cameras and motion too well. But some were taken when she was obviously standing still and enjoying the view, the most impressive had to be the ones of the night sky. No light pollution could interfere with the shining stars and moon filling the sky.
  44.  While you sat and scrolled through the numerous photos Yoko had taken the Raiju fetched you both some water. Planting herself right next to you and she peeks over your shoulder at the phone screen and silently observes you. After some swiping you manage to pass all the recent photos and you pull up one from back on earth. A photo of you and some friends at a small gathering at someone's house, everyone in the photo seems to be having a great time. You can remember when that happened, you remember asking the person who took it to send it so you could save it. Scrolling on you pass more photos of you with friends and family, just seeing their faces again even on a digital screen is enough to bring up some homesickness. Its been so long since you have seen or spoken to any of the people in the photos but you never forgot about them and you had hoped they have not forgotten you. Yoko noticing the change in your emotions shockingly starts to try and console you. “Anon, it must be hard. A whole world full of humans living “normal” lives, and you suddenly wake up here in a land full of monsters” she says. Breaking your silence you speak up. “It was hard at first but im starting come to grips with my situation. This seems like it will be my new home, im just glad I found a nice village to take me in. By the way, Yoko when are you taking me back?” you ask the Raiju who’s face has turned from concern back to that devilish smile she had earlier. “Well anon its pretty dark out, it would not be too wise to go wandering around now. We would practically be looking for trouble, so you can spend the night here and in the morning we can take you home” she says keeping her grin.
  46.  After showing you to her bathroom and freshening up for the night you head back into the small living space and find a small bed on the floor prepared for you. Putting your phone next to you and laying down you stare up at the ceiling alone, Yoko has gone to her room after her turn in the bathroom and left to get some rest. Thinking about how strange your first encounter with these kinds of monsters has been you realize you are having some trouble sleeping. Reaching over to your phone you check the battery and it still has a decent charge, so you pull up your music player. Putting the volume as low as it can go while still getting a good sound you start to quietly play the songs on your library, you have not been able to listen to your music in months. While you sang some of your favorite songs to yourself while working or doing chores you could not believe how many you forgot about. Suddenly you hear the sound of footsteps on creaking wood, rolling over you notice Yoko standing next to you. You quickly pause your music and go start to apologize.
  48.  “Yoko, im sorry was I being too loud? I did not mean to wake you up” you say. “No anon I forgot that you owe me for staying the night, but just now I heard music and singing. Anon does your phone have music?” she asks while leaning down. Surprised that she put the two together but also impressed you admit that it does and Yoko demands you show her more of the music. So the two of you laid on the floor listening to the songs from your realm, and she was pretty impressed. Having never heard anything like the songs on your phone Yoko was amazed at how much a phone can do, and after awhile of listening to music she rolls over and faces you her face very close to yours. “So anon you owe me for staying the night here and the hospitality, not to mention saving you from that Ushi” she says with a wide grin. Speaking up you reply. “Well Yoko im not very rich, I have some gold I can spare and maybe some food but other than that all I have to offer is my thanks”. Hearing this Yoko starts to giggle. “Wow anon you really are not from hear, don’t worry im sure we can work something out” she says while gently running a finger up and down your chest. Even with clothes on you could feel the electrical current running through her into you as she moved her finger around. “Yoko, its been a good while since I have done stuff like this” you warn her but she is quick to reply. “Don't worry anon, we have all night to get you back in the groove. Besides you might pass out a couple of times from how good it feels but don’t worry, I will zap you right awake and we can pick back up ok?” she teases. Hearing that makes you smile as Yoko mounts you and turns up the music on the phone having seen you do it earlier. As the two of you get intimate with each other you think to yourself how strange it is you were saved from a monster only to be captured by the monster that saved you. But the feeling of Yoko on top of you and the surges of electricity she sends through you makes it hard to think and all you can focus on is the beautiful Raiju on top of you.
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